Bruce Springsteen - Ghosts (Lyric Video)

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Director - Thom Zimny
Producer - Adrienne Gerard
Editor - Thom Zimny
Cinematography by - Joe Desalvo, Charles Libin, Antonio Rossi
Photography by - Rob DeMartin


I hear the sound of your guitar
Comin’ in from the mystic far
The stone and the gravel in your voice
Come in my dreams and I rejoice

It’s just your ghost
Moving through the night
Your spirit filled with light
I need, need you by my side
Your love and I’m alive

I’m alive and I can feel the blood shiver in my bones
I’m alive and I’m out here on my own
I’m alive and I’m coming’ home
Yeah I’m comin’ home

The old buckskin jacket you always wore
Hangs on the back of my bedroom door
The boots and the spurs you used to ride
Click down the hall but never arrive

It’s just your ghost
Moving through the night
Your spirit filled with light
I need, need you by my side
Your love and I’m alive

I’m alive, I can feel the blood shiver in my bones
I’m alive and I’m out here on my own
I’m alive and I’m coming’ home

Your old Fender Twin from Johnny’s Music downtown
Still set on 10 to burn this house down
Count the band in then kick into overdrive
By the end of the set we leave no one alive

Ghosts runnin’ through the night
Our spirits filled with light

I need
Need you by my side
Your love and I’m alive

I shoulder your Les Paul and finger the fretboard
I make my vows to those who’ve come before
I turn up the volume, let the spirits be my guide
Meet you brother and sister on the other side

I’m alive
I can feel the blood shiver in my bones
I’m alive and I’m out here on my own
I’m alive and I’m comin’ home
Yeah I’m comin’ home

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  1. Claudio Zulian

    Claudio Zulian

    22 minuten geleden

    3.59 San Siro, Italy ;-)

  2. 123Jokkmokk123


    44 minuten geleden

    I can't wait to hear this Live!

  3. Petra Theiss

    Petra Theiss

    49 minuten geleden

    Ich bin im 7. Musikhimmel. Wir sehen uns im Stadion...danke bruce, danke e street band..

  4. Dimitri Dignola

    Dimitri Dignola

    Uur geleden

    I love this song, the best of the new album!!!❤️💪🤟

  5. giobabi


    Uur geleden


  6. Hugh Michael McNeil

    Hugh Michael McNeil

    2 uur geleden

    What's up with the DOWN votes?

  7. Leslie Chandler

    Leslie Chandler

    2 uur geleden

    You got that right!

  8. AlfromFL


    2 uur geleden

    Close your eyes and imagine, that when this is all over, going to that first show on the E Street Tour. Opening with this, then right into Badlands. What a cathartic moment that will be. This old man will have tears in his eyes. I pray that we are all still here.

  9. Marty Bartek

    Marty Bartek

    4 uur geleden

    Had hopes this would good, but disappointed. For some reason they just haven’t been able to make good music in 25-30 years.

  10. jerizwien j

    jerizwien j

    4 uur geleden

    The tour is gonna be FIREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. John Wikfors

    John Wikfors

    4 uur geleden

    So great. Wonderful song. Makes my really happy.

  12. neus ruizdinares

    neus ruizdinares

    7 uur geleden

    com sempre ple de vida i energia . espero que les noves generacions no l ovliden mai .la cultura dl rock al poder

  13. Diana C. Peñaloza

    Diana C. Peñaloza

    7 uur geleden


  14. Steve Schock

    Steve Schock

    7 uur geleden

    Yawn, re-hash

  15. seritoga


    7 uur geleden

    Please don't ever retire....What will the real music world do?????

  16. Nano Bernardi

    Nano Bernardi

    9 uur geleden

    Master Piece for the soul !.greetings from Argentina 🇭🇳 Bruce!

  17. Johan Sterk

    Johan Sterk

    10 uur geleden

    Completely overrated worthless songs, in my humble opinion!!! The man is long past his prime.

  18. Richard Joaquin

    Richard Joaquin

    10 uur geleden


  19. willpfister


    10 uur geleden

    Still the future of Rock'n'roll.

  20. James Rodriguez Solana

    James Rodriguez Solana

    13 uur geleden

    This is not a masterpiece for sure but still better than 99% of music we listen these days.

  21. James LaMonica

    James LaMonica

    13 uur geleden

    Bruce, your music has always been great...just keep your politics to yourself

  22. Ana Salazar

    Ana Salazar

    13 uur geleden

    Definitivamente será una de mis favoritas .. su estilo único.. su voz... E Street Band la mejor.. y Bruce.... The BOSS FOREVER!!!

  23. Patricia Sánchez

    Patricia Sánchez

    14 uur geleden

    Bruce, I LOVE your music!! You manage to bring out all my emotions and forget the bad moments that life sometimes offers. Thank you!!

  24. Amelia Goulart

    Amelia Goulart

    14 uur geleden

    Isto sim é música! Rio

  25. Peter Thomsen

    Peter Thomsen

    14 uur geleden

    Best music this year

  26. Peter Thomsen

    Peter Thomsen

    15 uur geleden

    Unbelievable, thanks 🙏

  27. CaptainPeacock


    16 uur geleden

    71yrs old and still sounds as good as he did 35yrs ago.Love him,I’m addicted to this track!.xx

  28. John Oliver

    John Oliver

    17 uur geleden

    Grate song love his music

  29. Mike B

    Mike B

    17 uur geleden

    As good as this song is, now that I've listened to the whole album, it's not even the best song. So many fantastic songs on the album

  30. Peace 66

    Peace 66

    18 uur geleden

    The only good think about social media is I get more access to my hero. I'm sure many of you feel the same.

  31. Steve Foley

    Steve Foley

    18 uur geleden




    19 uur geleden

    Es que es escuchar esta canción y, me entran unas ganas locas de ver al Boss en directo. Por favor, regresa pronto a Bilbao que tenemos un estadio nuevo, San Mamés, precioso . I´m alive.....

  33. Maura Musy

    Maura Musy

    19 uur geleden

    BRUCE is the example great Artists win the Time passing❤

  34. william wood

    william wood

    20 uur geleden

    absolutely brilliant song, cant wait to hear it live.

  35. Jonas Reverte

    Jonas Reverte

    20 uur geleden

    Jefe eres el !mas grande! , la nostalgia galopa por esta letra profunda y sentida, gracias por llenar nuestras vidas de lírica y musica.

  36. Fabiano Giazzoli

    Fabiano Giazzoli

    20 uur geleden

    Minute 3.59 on the S.Siro Milan stadium. our love is real.

  37. Sara Amiens

    Sara Amiens

    21 uur geleden

    3:40 ... to those who've come before ... ta ta daaan ... ... ... One two ... One two three four!!!

  38. luis carrero

    luis carrero

    21 uur geleden

    La mejir canción de Bruce en muchísimos años....que buena......

  39. luis carrero

    luis carrero

    21 uur geleden

    la mejor canción de Bruce

  40. alberto gonzalez

    alberto gonzalez

    22 uur geleden

    Mi cancón favorita del disco

  41. jean paul Bellanger

    jean paul Bellanger

    22 uur geleden beautiful songs you will be the Boss for me congratulations for your new records take care God bless stay safe

  42. Tito Estupinan

    Tito Estupinan

    23 uur geleden

    The feeling of music and its spirituality flows from this track...great track, great Bruce!!!!

  43. Markinhos Batista

    Markinhos Batista

    23 uur geleden

    Baita som,voltou com Tudo Bruce👏❤️

  44. Sergi Martinez

    Sergi Martinez

    Dag geleden

    I can't imagine when this song plays in Barcelona, ​​it's going to be very exciting

  45. Bjeffert


    Dag geleden

    For just a small second i forgot about Trump. Was back to 84 in my childhood.

  46. Kamaji San

    Kamaji San

    Dag geleden

    His own Monument

  47. Patrick Joly

    Patrick Joly

    Dag geleden

    The boss, the best.. 😎😎👍

  48. cengeb


    Dag geleden

    The drums sound like crap, like they always do...

  49. cengeb


    Dag geleden

    Still can't sing, and sounds constipated, oy vey, HORRIBLE....same droning drums, horrible vocals, lousy guitar, BORING SWILL

  50. cengeb


    Dag geleden

    Oy vey, give it up, like that other tool bon Jovi!

  51. Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz

    Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz

    Dag geleden


  52. Marina Montes

    Marina Montes

    Dag geleden

  53. Pandoro Obsesión

    Pandoro Obsesión

    Dag geleden


  54. Richard Bergman

    Richard Bergman

    Dag geleden

    If only there were more great songs like this on his new album :( such a shame.

    • Mike B

      Mike B

      17 uur geleden

      This isn't even the best song on the album

  55. Amy Elinski

    Amy Elinski

    Dag geleden

    I genuinely don't know how I'm going to cope with hearing this one live. I lose it every time I listen to the recording. I'm going to bawl like a baby when I see the tributes to Danny and Clarence that end up in the live shows someday.

  56. formermpc10


    Dag geleden

    My favorite on the new album. In fact, the only song that I haven't skipped through yet.

  57. Brenda J. Bentley

    Brenda J. Bentley

    Dag geleden

    I feel you. 👻❤

  58. O.C.D. Exterior Clean

    O.C.D. Exterior Clean

    Dag geleden

    I can count my favorite real Americans on one hand. Bruce has always been one of the few. He keeps it real.

  59. Allan Bain

    Allan Bain

    Dag geleden

    Sure fire singalong at the big venues,such an emotional resonance with so many people once they hear it,a connection with a lost or loved one .thank you Bruce

  60. Alex Campbell

    Alex Campbell

    Dag geleden

    This can't be the man who wrote Backstreets and Night. These lyrics seem like they are out-takes from some Bryan Adams tribute band in high school.

    • The Funkloft

      The Funkloft

      3 uur geleden

      Exactly what I was thinking! :D

    • Glenn Rice

      Glenn Rice

      18 uur geleden

      yu gotta be kidding this Bruce and his brothers rocking the world when we never needed them more

  61. Joachim von Lützow

    Joachim von Lützow

    Dag geleden

    BRUUUUUUUCE ! Your sound and I´am alive !

  62. Stefano Orlandi

    Stefano Orlandi

    Dag geleden

    It's awesome as everything he made

  63. Manuela Spinelli

    Manuela Spinelli

    Dag geleden

    Bellissima ❤️❤️❤️

  64. dominique clément

    dominique clément

    Dag geleden

    Thanx Mon Maître !

  65. Stefano Bernardi

    Stefano Bernardi

    Dag geleden

    Immortali Bruce e la E street band❤️

  66. Jordi Aguilera

    Jordi Aguilera

    Dag geleden


  67. Fredrik Johansson

    Fredrik Johansson

    Dag geleden

    I am a big sucker for professor Bittan's piano so this is perfect 🙂 Great song, hope to see you back at Ullevi stadium for one last encore Mr. Springsteen 👏 Seen him 14 times so far 🙂 🎸

  68. Chris Service plus

    Chris Service plus

    Dag geleden

    Oh my God but did we need this song this year! Thanks Bruce and the band, brilliant song need to be played at full volume and it’ll put a smile back on your face.

  69. Henry Przepiorka

    Henry Przepiorka

    Dag geleden

    great guitar song

  70. Daniel Rebelo Fideli

    Daniel Rebelo Fideli

    2 dagen geleden

    Bruce needs to be the first concert after the pandemic is gone. Broadcasted to all over the world.

  71. Gisela Dos Santos

    Gisela Dos Santos

    2 dagen geleden

    Hola Bruce... mi nombre es Gisela ... admiro tu forma de cantar, tu historia de vida, tu prioridad sobre la vida hacia el amor a tu familia luego la música los amigos y lo que Dios quiera sea nuestro a fin de disfrutar un poco más de la vida con las bendiciones que el quiera sean sobre nuestros herederos; paz, amor y mucho cariño para poder estrechar nuestras manos en un futuro próximo. 💞😘🙏🏻

  72. Lisa Jones

    Lisa Jones

    2 dagen geleden

    This video made me cry. Danny, Clarence, then seeing Jake..., damn I love Bruce and my E street band!

  73. Russ Dye

    Russ Dye

    2 dagen geleden

    So I went to see my dad last thursday, and told him that my mother wouldnt want to see him being the way he is - not interested, not taking care of personal hygiene etc. I got in my car to come back home, and this song came on the radio - as it's a song about people who have left us too early it stunned me because my mother died six years ago. How spooky that this song played, because the next day I went down to check on him, and judging by how I found him I phoned the doctors for advice - after listening to my description they told me to ring for an ambulance cos it sounded like he had sepsis. He got took in with urinary sepsis and also covid 19, and he's in a bad way - one minute he can be fine then the next he's being angry with the nurses which is unlike dad. Tbh there is only one person that can sort him out, not me, the nurses, my wife - it's my mother. This song will always be with me for this reason.

  74. Evelyn Skognes

    Evelyn Skognes

    2 dagen geleden

    The Boss ! You are the best ❤

  75. Carlotita Bianchi

    Carlotita Bianchi

    2 dagen geleden

    Amazing ,I love Bruce!!!!!!

  76. Mark Soi

    Mark Soi

    2 dagen geleden

    With recent passing of EVH , the 80s have been running thru me . I was young , bout 5 or so , watching MTV . I remember VH , Police , MJackson , and I vividly remember Bruce and the E . Glory Days , Born USA , Dancing Dark . Round age 12 , I got my first guitar . Mexican Fender Tele , I would then truly discover Bruce and the E . Born to Run , Darkness , Nebraska . They became part of me , like a family I’ve never met . I grew up , Military , and now I’m in my 40s . I owe this band a debt of gratitude..

    • The Funkloft

      The Funkloft

      3 uur geleden

      Correct! And after Tunnel of Love all his albums were shite.

  77. Ytje Pool

    Ytje Pool

    2 dagen geleden

    Look at the crowds. Seems like ages.. were did it all went wrong bruce. Was it just because of the stars. Where is it written.😐.😘love the look.when you that serious 🙂thanx 💌

  78. Javier Miralles

    Javier Miralles

    2 dagen geleden


  79. Gaspar Enrique Escolar

    Gaspar Enrique Escolar

    2 dagen geleden

    En España decimos genio y figura hasta la sepultura ,este gran hombre y musico excepcional nos seguirá emocionando hasta el final.Gracias Bruce por existir.

  80. Antonio Scafuro

    Antonio Scafuro

    2 dagen geleden


  81. Kyle Blank

    Kyle Blank

    2 dagen geleden

    Wow this is so generic and bland... I hope whoever this guy is he moves really far away from my country....

    • Mike B

      Mike B

      Dag geleden

      LMFAO, bootlicker

  82. Kevin Lavelle

    Kevin Lavelle

    2 dagen geleden

    I love it.

  83. PureNomad


    2 dagen geleden

    Best material he's had since the 80's, great work Bruce a legitimate legend

  84. Anselmo Echeverria

    Anselmo Echeverria

    2 dagen geleden

    "Siempre me ha costado escribir un disco de rock and roll, conseguir ese poderío físico y la profundidad, pero también me ha parecido siempre lo más satisfactorio", estas palabras de Bruce Springsteen sirven para justificar su último trabajo que ha grabado junto a la E-Street Band seis años después de su último disco juntos. No es de extrañar por tanto que este álbum trate "sobre la música, sobre el rock and roll y sobre la alegría de estar en una banda", según las propias palabras del Boss, ni tampoco que lo grabara junto a los que han sido sus compañeros durante aproximadamente 40 años, reconoce que tenía ganas de juntarse de nuevo con todos ellos y también sabía que el público lo deseaba. La buena sintonía y las ganas de trabajar juntos ha permitido que el disco se grabara en pocos días, a una media de dos canciones por jornada convirtiéndose este en uno de los discos más rápidos de su carrera. En "Ghosts" homenajea a las bandas y a aquellos que se quedan por el camino. Música independiente novedades

  85. OndraMike


    2 dagen geleden

    Not many old musicians can say, that they doesn't sound like a cover band of themselves....Well Bruce....well done, you pulled this song of exactly like I remember and how I like it 😉👏

  86. eino1960


    2 dagen geleden

    Thank you for all the music you have given us Bruce!

  87. Mark Wojtowycz

    Mark Wojtowycz

    2 dagen geleden

    Brilliant Bruce at his best, brilliant song, just love this guy and E Street, just helps get through these torid times. Thanks B S!! 😃

  88. Fabio Letizia

    Fabio Letizia

    3 dagen geleden

    Sempre apprezzato tantissimo la carica delle sue canzoni, da 30 anni che ascolto il genere Bruce Springsteen non mi ha mai deluso. E ogni lavoro che pubblica è sempre con la stessa carica che davano anche i primi album. Grazie di esistere Boss ❤️

  89. Kevdog rudi

    Kevdog rudi

    3 dagen geleden

    The Boss. National Treasure

  90. Rob DePolo

    Rob DePolo

    3 dagen geleden




    3 dagen geleden

    A mio modestissimo parere una delle più belle canzoni del boss, un grandissimo.

  92. Cirley Alves

    Cirley Alves

    3 dagen geleden

    A geração que se apaixonou por você veio do passado está no presente e seguirá eternamente ✌️ grata Querido Bruce 👏👏👏👏👏 Deus abençoe sua vida sempre , e de toda sua família 🙏 ❤️

  93. Nicola Cassanelli

    Nicola Cassanelli

    3 dagen geleden

    🤩 A 😍 N 🤩 S 😍 I 🤩 A 😍



    3 dagen geleden


  95. Travel The Philippines Vlog

    Travel The Philippines Vlog

    3 dagen geleden

    Magic tune.

  96. Alan Poole

    Alan Poole

    3 dagen geleden

    I know he’s a big Trump supporter but I hope he doesn’t let Donald use this at rallies

    • Mike B

      Mike B

      3 dagen geleden

      LMAO, yeah Bruce hates trump like anyone else with a brain. Probably doesn't include you though

  97. Pasquale Dolce

    Pasquale Dolce

    3 dagen geleden

    Grazie Boss...tu che hai origini italiane.❤️🇮🇹

  98. Stephen Danov

    Stephen Danov

    3 dagen geleden

    Another feel good song by the master,you kept me alive since I was 16 years old,can't forget driving with you and the band over the snake pass in 89 ,memories of Danny and Kathlyn,God bless you all for the Music.

  99. Jesús Villanueva lázaro

    Jesús Villanueva lázaro

    3 dagen geleden

    Genio y figura con 71 años dando guerra con una sensibilidad única ala hora de componer sus melodías te abren el corazón y la mente todo un fiera por algo es el Boss todo un ejemplo de artista solo nos queda poderlo disfrutar muchos años

  100. Ana Salazar

    Ana Salazar

    3 dagen geleden

    71 años.. pero su musica lo mantiene joven. Y escribiendo mejor que nunca..🎵🎵🎤🎤