The decision I didn't want to make. Vlog 372

Farming can have really good days, but wow... it can have really hard days. This was one.
I've worked pretty hard after feeling very guilty in missing a ewe with mastitis. I thought she was making progress, but more and more I've been internally struggling with her well-being.
Today I had to make a decision I was praying I wouldn't have to make.
Thankful for my family, and the rest of my farm to cheer me up.
Lots to catch up on as we finally finished harvest this week.
#sheep #management #farming

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  1. Lae


    Dag geleden

    I love cooking in the instant pots! Chickensoup is really wonderful. Cooking with beef and potatoes and garlic, etc etc. We love it

  2. Lae


    Dag geleden

    You are such a lovely, warm hearted person and I feel for you! You did the right thing!!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. jak smith

    jak smith

    Dag geleden

    what did you do with the ewe after putting it down ?

  4. jak smith

    jak smith

    Dag geleden

    ah Canadians

  5. Mehdi Hassan

    Mehdi Hassan

    5 dagen geleden

    Good w🇵🇰🌹

  6. The Weapon Collection

    The Weapon Collection

    5 dagen geleden

    The right decisions aren't always the easy decisions... But it is part of the farm life, my dad always used to tell us when we were kids "we have to deal with deaths but we also get to see alot of beautiful births"!

  7. TheMr9fingers


    7 dagen geleden

    If the choice was easy everyone would be a farmer

  8. sharon bale

    sharon bale

    8 dagen geleden

    I think of it as honouring her contribution and giving her permission to go. She fought her fight and you allowed her to rest. Well done

  9. Marilyn Bridges

    Marilyn Bridges

    8 dagen geleden

    I like my Instant Pot, but I don't use it every day. Your seasonings are important, especially garlic and onion. If you are cooking foods together that need different cooking times, start the longest item by itself through one cycle , then add the rest of the ingredients and cycle again. Don't give up, it is a great kitchen tool.

  10. DollarMoMma


    9 dagen geleden

    I love my instant pot! Pasta and meatballs are my kids favorite! Sauce and meatballs one cup of water pressure 10 then add pasta add water till top of pasta pressure again 9 mins for penne!

  11. lily Housend

    lily Housend

    10 dagen geleden

    I had gangrene mastitis on my favorite dairy goat. After fighting for 7 months and almost healing the one side we finally made the call to end it. It sucks but your fought for her as long as she was fighting. It was the right call as hard as it is she told you its time

  12. matt rauch

    matt rauch

    10 dagen geleden

    sandi the instant pot are amazing. ever have questions let me know i use mine everyday

  13. Haley Sedoris

    Haley Sedoris

    10 dagen geleden

    I'm so sorry Sandi. I've had many different animals all my life and their deaths were always hard.

  14. maemoon246


    11 dagen geleden

    Ok so real talk....I ❤️ your show and on today's episode you made dinner! and because you used your instapot the way you did, you encouraged me to do the same. I never imagined using my instapot for anything other than beans & soups. I'm totally ordering me some accessories for my instapot thanks to you. 😆 💗

  15. David Gaylord

    David Gaylord

    11 dagen geleden

    look @ those Canadians hoarding all those paper towels hahahahahaha

  16. Hidayet Gitmez

    Hidayet Gitmez

    11 dagen geleden

    what is this sheep breed.

  17. Laura Uzan

    Laura Uzan

    12 dagen geleden

    I still haven’t mastered my InstaPot either

  18. mad max

    mad max

    12 dagen geleden

    İs that the food No no no

  19. Vivian Winford

    Vivian Winford

    12 dagen geleden

    No, not a good look. Ears back, head down. Depressed look. Wide stance , not a right looking walk. Are her eyes depressed into her head or full and round? Not looking good to me Sandi.

  20. Janis Blair

    Janis Blair

    12 dagen geleden

    Frozen meatballs, a jar of your favorite sauce and fill that jar with water and dump with a box of pasta. It’s ready in 8 minutes. Super easy and the best for us moms on the go.

  21. recon14nepa


    12 dagen geleden

    My wife always makes me do the deed because even though she knows it must sometimes be done, she can't do it. I hate this part of keeping livestock.

  22. JessSayin 55

    JessSayin 55

    13 dagen geleden

    Oh Sandi! It took me 3 days to watch this whole video cause I just knew when I read the title what you were referencing. I have never forgotten any of the dogs, cats, or horses we had to euthanize as I was growing up! 💔. The horses were the hardest - the barn was always so deathly quiet for a few days afterward- it can be so traumatic - probably one of the biggest reasons I decided not to become a Vet - animals suffering is so hard for me. God Bless you - you did the right thing.

  23. Noel Martin

    Noel Martin

    13 dagen geleden

    Good call Sandy. I have had to make that call many times. Ask Jess if she would rather be a dancer! She seems a natural as she weaves and waves around when on camera! LOL.

  24. happyjuicegirl


    13 dagen geleden

    That gut feeling is always right. You did everything and making the decision to stop was right. Doesn't make it any easier though. Hugs x

  25. Tammy Bushnell

    Tammy Bushnell

    13 dagen geleden

    For your Instant Pot, check out Take 5 and Create’s amazing flan recipe! So easy but don’t multitask. IP: Traditional Flan

  26. Edwin Leach

    Edwin Leach

    13 dagen geleden

    It is part of the farm life. Even with the best care and love sometimes it just isn't enough and the animal has to be put down. Don't feel bad. You did a great job in trying.

  27. Aimee Miller

    Aimee Miller

    13 dagen geleden

    I'm so sorry that your sick ewe needed to be put down. I know how difficult this decision was for you... sending

  28. Sarah Warner

    Sarah Warner

    13 dagen geleden

    You did the right thing with the ewe xxxxxx

  29. codiejo13


    14 dagen geleden

    Sometimes we have to do what’s best, Even if it’s really hard. I need that white hoodie! Do you sell them?

  30. Dana Mama

    Dana Mama

    14 dagen geleden

    Hugs and luv. Was the best decision. And I have a question. I am so fascinated by that little machine that logs all the sheeps and lambs data. Do you have it backed up into another computer if it breaks? I don't know why that came to my mind tonight.....

  31. roger goodland

    roger goodland

    14 dagen geleden Sandi that is a link that talks about how Farmers Corn crops produce 40% more oxygen back into the atmosphere than the Amazon Rain forest!!

  32. Timothy Bryant

    Timothy Bryant

    14 dagen geleden

    The ewe situation really sucks, but your daughter is brilliant, funny and very self confident!

  33. Pat w

    Pat w

    14 dagen geleden

    Just think of when you ship off a bunch of lambs to market. It kills me knowing what their future is. This ewe is suffering and you made the right choice for her.

    • MobyDicksWife


      13 dagen geleden

      The thing is, they don't know their future. They ride on the truck, well they have done that before and it took them to the weaning barn with their friends and lots of food. They are put in an unfamiliar pen, again, that has happen to them before. They are not afraid because they have never been mistreated. Then they walk up a ramp, and between one breath and the next they are dead. If you have ever eaten meat, you have been part of the process.

  34. Sarah


    14 dagen geleden

    Just heard about your merchandise website. I’m so excited!!!! I would love to see some merchandise with your adorable intro/ cartoon character with Kenzie and Billy. 🥰

  35. Tony Burelle

    Tony Burelle

    14 dagen geleden

    I agree you did everything you could, you're to be supported for making the never easy decision

  36. AllenFarm


    14 dagen geleden

    The fact that it makes you a little upset means you care about her enough to know what is best. It would be selfish to keep her alive when she isn't wanting to try. And you don't just jump into euthanasia if you think she has a chance. You are a good sheep farmer. You are an inspiration to other animal farmers showing these animals are loved dearly no matter their purpose.

  37. Cynthia Nations

    Cynthia Nations

    14 dagen geleden

    It's always hard to make decisions like that. You made the best decision for the ewe. I love our instant pot. It takes a bit to figure out but once you do it's great.

  38. Silly Pet Farm

    Silly Pet Farm

    14 dagen geleden

    You have the biggest heart 💜 you made the right call, don't be too hard on yourself.

  39. Bonnie Isabelle

    Bonnie Isabelle

    14 dagen geleden

    I can’t imagine having to put down your own animal. It is hard enough just making the decision. I can understand that you get upset

  40. Ann Harcourt

    Ann Harcourt

    14 dagen geleden

    Tough decisions. You love your animals. Good call.

  41. SDRail Fan

    SDRail Fan

    14 dagen geleden

    Doing what is best for an animal is not always the easiest thing to do. Proud of you not letting her to continue to suffer .

  42. The Fiber Circus

    The Fiber Circus

    14 dagen geleden

    We just had to put down the first sheep I ever got. It was the hardest seeing him go downhill and not want to eat. While I knew it was best for him, for my heart it was never going to be the right time...

  43. abobymous


    14 dagen geleden

    Sending support... Great job, managing the flock. :)

  44. Mikka Wißmann

    Mikka Wißmann

    14 dagen geleden

    Why become all of your sheeps 3 lambs

  45. Deerheart Studio Arts

    Deerheart Studio Arts

    14 dagen geleden

    Hi Sandi, Check out the channel, Further Takes of Northumberland with Robson Green, episode one has a segment showing a guy who has hundreds of combines and harvesters. He sells parts to all over the world.

  46. Heather DeWitt

    Heather DeWitt

    14 dagen geleden

    Hugs Sandi. It's never an easy decision. We love all our animals but we sometimes need to make those hard decisions. About your instant pot. It's an amazing appliance. I sent you some recipes through Sheepishly Me private messenger

  47. Mimi 2-3

    Mimi 2-3

    14 dagen geleden

    Check out six sisters instant pot. Super easy recipes!! You guys are an amazing burst of sunshine!!!

  48. Limerickman


    14 dagen geleden

    Hungry is always a great ingredient to make food taste good, especially when you put salt in it.

  49. Jai


    14 dagen geleden

    Peace to you ... she is ready to cross the rainbow bridge!

  50. shadi jayyab

    shadi jayyab

    14 dagen geleden

    Sandi I can help you. I am a farmer. Let us talk about it

  51. Paul Gradenwitz

    Paul Gradenwitz

    15 dagen geleden

    It is us, your customers, that ask you to do your job with the sheep. That includes the nice and the tough parts. So we also need to thank you for all.

  52. Sherry Williams

    Sherry Williams

    15 dagen geleden

    Say it with me.....Air Fryer!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Sandra Itnyre

    Sandra Itnyre

    15 dagen geleden

    Hey Sandi you should check out another NLcamerasr Catherine's plate. Her meals are simple easy and delicious. She does have instapot recipes. I have been watching for about a year and her recipes are good. You are so busy working that I think some of her recipes will be a big time saver for you. As for the ewe, it comes with the territory, sad but it is what it is. GOD bless you and your family for all that you do to help provide the food to feed us all.

  54. Debbie Bobadilla

    Debbie Bobadilla

    15 dagen geleden

    Sandi you dont lume to do it but you do cause you take resposibility and the animals wellbeing to heart.

  55. Kristin Reynolds

    Kristin Reynolds

    15 dagen geleden

    I’m so sorry that you had to put that ewe down! I lost both of my dogs within 10 days of each other. It was one of the most brutal things that i have ever gone through. I feel for you and I hope that everyone has been kind! On a better note, I love my Instant Pot! I want to know the recipe of what you made! It did look really good!!! So much love to you!!! Kristin from Oklahoma 💗💗💗

  56. hollandduck79


    15 dagen geleden


  57. Devonia Smith

    Devonia Smith

    15 dagen geleden

    You have to do what is right,we never let an animal suffer.

  58. Krista Price

    Krista Price

    15 dagen geleden

    Omg.. LOVE THIS... "unlike my (BRAT) child... So fricking funny! Only a parent...

  59. Krista Price

    Krista Price

    15 dagen geleden

    Oh my Lord Sandy... I love you! The best part, and what I'd love to see more of, is you in the kitchen cooking. Not cuz you're gourmet but cuz this is REAL life. Trying to fit in family, job, and responsibilities at the same time as working your sheep tail off. This is real life and beautiful. Btw... the Instapot is amazing! Just research tons of recipes. Cuz that machine is awesome, easy, and worth it!...

  60. Krista Price

    Krista Price

    15 dagen geleden

    Dang... those sheep lose weight so fast. The part where it showed that girl up and standing next to another ewe is crazy. In just a week she dropped to half the weight of the other ewes. They really are delicate creatures.

  61. Wolf Brittany

    Wolf Brittany

    15 dagen geleden

    A friend gave us her instant pot. We love it. We love doing chicken thighs in it. Also we love how soft the potatoes get. We have also done corn beef.

  62. Angela Firman

    Angela Firman

    15 dagen geleden

    Unrelated to this video but I miss Belinda on IG. I'm sending her loves and hugs.

  63. Makayla Lustig

    Makayla Lustig

    15 dagen geleden

    I would either wait a week but try to empty out the barn

  64. Kathleen Green

    Kathleen Green

    15 dagen geleden

    You did what was necessary. If she was hurting it would have been cruel to keep her going❣️

  65. Walda Caulkins

    Walda Caulkins

    15 dagen geleden

    Sandy, nobody ever wants to lose an animal or have to make the most difficult of decisions, to put one down. But you said it yourself, you have spent a lot of money (and time), on meds that may bring her back enough to ship. If she wasn't eating, she was probably giving up. You did what was best for her, and if people can't understand that, then they shouldn't even comment. It's hard enough to do what has to be done, but to have people criticize you for it, is beyond comprehension. You care so much for your sheep, like they are family, but you are also running a business. Many people, (usually people who have never raised farm animals), can't understand that. The ewe is now out of pain and in greener Heavenly pastures, so don't let people get to you.

  66. Catherine Randall

    Catherine Randall

    15 dagen geleden

    Sandi, as a human that has vomiting on almost daily basis unable to eat a real diet and has long term pain. I almost wish that we had that choice as humans.

  67. Lulu


    15 dagen geleden

    Always love it!

  68. Estrogen Acres

    Estrogen Acres

    15 dagen geleden

    She didn't look good. You made the right call. I'm so sorry...

  69. ashley


    15 dagen geleden

    First of all I am sending you a huge hug! It is always hard having to put down an animal. At least she is not in pain anymore.

  70. The Urban Garden

    The Urban Garden

    15 dagen geleden

    I love your channel for the human nature you project. You have a farm yes sometimes you do need to make those decisions. They are never easy. Then you put up your instapot part. I laughed. I bought one too this year. They are brilliant but again “another experience”

  71. Leslie R

    Leslie R

    15 dagen geleden

    I can imagine how hard this was for you but you did the right thing. :)

  72. Jerry Kramer

    Jerry Kramer

    15 dagen geleden

    You made the right choice 👍. You did everything you could even the ending

  73. Westcoast Family

    Westcoast Family

    15 dagen geleden

    Just a comment on your instant pot comment about your chicken being dry, I've found it's important to not do a quick release until it's at for at least 5 to 10 minutes once the timer is done. Hope that helps

  74. Jean Beatty

    Jean Beatty

    15 dagen geleden

    Hugs Sandi ❤ I hope the nasty winds we just had did not affect you.

  75. Birgitta Karlsson

    Birgitta Karlsson

    15 dagen geleden

    This ewe with mastitis, you isolated her but left her lambs in the flock. They were pretty big now so maybe not a problem. I have the sad experience of lambs from ewes with mastitis starting to steal milk from other ewes and thus spreading the infection in the flock.

  76. Lynn Born

    Lynn Born

    15 dagen geleden

    hey! guelph! I am a second year at university of guelph!

  77. Don Morgan

    Don Morgan

    15 dagen geleden

    Sandi you are making good decisions and doing a great job. We enjoy your channel. 👍👍👍❤️

  78. Jodi Simpson

    Jodi Simpson

    15 dagen geleden

    you probably do more for your sheep than most would so don't get down because you have to do something that has to be done. You tried so hard to save her but she just did not want to be saved. You know that you have so many babies that will be there to take her place.

  79. Termite M

    Termite M

    15 dagen geleden

    From what I've seen in your video's you take good care of your sheep. Better then I've seen people where I live and video's I've seen. I think you done all you could sometimes the kindest thing you can do is put them down. God bless you and your family.

  80. James Gilmore

    James Gilmore

    15 dagen geleden

    Sandi, who knows best, but the ones who care the most! Keep doing what you are doing.

  81. Liberty Micro Farm

    Liberty Micro Farm

    15 dagen geleden

    So sorry honey. Euthanizing our animals is sometimes a necessary evil. And it’s never easy.

  82. Cricket 2731

    Cricket 2731

    15 dagen geleden

    RE: The sick ewe. You made the right call. There's days you have to balance sentiment with practicality. You done good--she's no longer in pain. You'll feel some for a few days tho. You're taking on her pain. We share it with you to lessen the heartache.

  83. KCAA TV


    15 dagen geleden

    You did what you had to do and I know from personal experience that it's never easy.

  84. Samantha Clarke

    Samantha Clarke

    15 dagen geleden

    Just had one of our ewe lambs die, she was my favourite as I bottle raised her. I completely understand the feelings of loss and if I had done “enough”. Hugs to you, Sandy.

  85. Ronald Waite

    Ronald Waite

    15 dagen geleden

    What area of Canada are you living

  86. Emily Poli

    Emily Poli

    15 dagen geleden

    I have had to put down sheep before and it is SOO HARD. You did the right thing, I'm so proud of you for pouring your heart into her while she was with you. ❤️

  87. Emma Potter

    Emma Potter

    15 dagen geleden

    An act kindness is often hard but necessary for the greater good. You did what you could and that is enough

  88. Jolt 62

    Jolt 62

    15 dagen geleden

    Always a joy to see how much you love your animals. Cute Family too by the way. Putting down an animal is always hard, but just remember, its better than letting them suffer. Love all your videos, I feel like you guys are our family friends and we have never even met in person, lol. Jess seems to be more comfortable being in the videos.

  89. Kim Critchley

    Kim Critchley

    15 dagen geleden

    You made the right choice. Now for your instapot, I love mine. They make a rack that sits in the bottom to put the chicken on, and you need to ad some liquid, water or chicken broth, beef broth, a little something to help create the steaming affect of the pressure cooker. Great for soups. Put all ingredients in, including spices and set low for 60 min or high for 20 min. Our favorite soup has fresh kale, spinich, celery, carrots, onions, frozen or fresh peas and green beans. Spices and vegetable broth. I lg can petite diced tomatoes 1med can tomatoe sauce. 30 min on hight and its ready

  90. Kristine Sautter

    Kristine Sautter

    15 dagen geleden

    Seeing you still struggle with the sheep through the chutes when will you try or have you tried the magnetic sheep butt signs? Maybe you have and I've missed their results. Sorry for your loss but some times it's for the best of both of you.

  91. MAGPIE


    15 dagen geleden

    Always a pleasure to find your videos. Sorry for the loss of one of your flock always a gut kick when these things happen, but happen they do unfortunately. She kindly left you two babies though.

  92. Tee Jantz

    Tee Jantz

    15 dagen geleden


  93. Chuck Strasbaugh

    Chuck Strasbaugh

    15 dagen geleden

    Sandi, God bless you. You did the right thing. I think that this too, is part of our contract with creation. So much respect for you and your family and your commitment to the land and the animals and the work. That said, your vlog gives me so much life. Really grateful.

  94. Erdal Aksoy

    Erdal Aksoy

    15 dagen geleden

    You do a very good job, your animals are great and you are a very hardworking family. What breed are your animals called? from Turkey

  95. Helen Hoge-croom

    Helen Hoge-croom

    15 dagen geleden

    if you haven't already...I'd wait to ship and take the whole pen like you were thinking....when that barn is empty it's easy to clean out so the weanlings can go straight over and logistically speaking saves you from having to unhook the trailer right away as it don't take long to clean that barn out then go sort. And if the group is not too big you could always put the boys on one side and the weanling on the other so you have MORE maneuvering room in the big barn for a while (next breeding group is in january right?) so you'd have an easy month or so with room for lamb pens or big pens as they go along. something to think about....although you'll have to take the grain bins out for the boys but they would be out to clean anyway right😉🤔 congrats to your neice!! that's quite the accomplishment!

  96. buffy5kt


    15 dagen geleden

    I'm sorry you had to make the difficult decision. You did the right thing. You have her such good care! I love your ❤.

  97. Doris Sheldon

    Doris Sheldon

    15 dagen geleden

    So sorry about that ewe I was pulling for her ,but you have to think of the animal💗

  98. Tana Pittsford

    Tana Pittsford

    15 dagen geleden

    I'm like you. I almost hope they due on their own. But I wait until the last minute before putting them down. But, we can always know we did our best for them. Sorry it didn't work out better for you.

  99. Laura Gaertner

    Laura Gaertner

    15 dagen geleden

    Sandi, please check on line for instant pot recipes. Sometimes there may not be enough liquid or cook time needs to be longer. Save the liquid, thicken and season, put on sauté and whisk to have a delicious gravy. I love the site The Salty Mushroom. Keep at it. Love your videos.