Monday Morning Chores & Selling Cows

Milking, bedding, giving vaccinations, and selling a few cows.


  1. Susan Niman

    Susan Niman

    6 dagen geleden

    Love watching your videos!!! Also love how you care for your cows!!!!

  2. Born Hunter

    Born Hunter

    8 dagen geleden

    This is an old video!!!

  3. Judy


    8 dagen geleden

    WON'T ACCOMPLISH? you left me back with the utters,lol Farmers are the BEST🐾❤🐾❤🐾❤🐾❤🇺🇸☘☘

  4. IchabodCraneMD


    10 dagen geleden

    I think the part I enjoy the most about your videos is the detail you give explaining everything you and everyone else at the farm are doing. I have absolutely no experience and yet some days after watching 30-40 videos of yours I feel like I could jump right in and help! So good. Keep them coming.

  5. IchabodCraneMD


    10 dagen geleden

    Do you have your vet take care of the hoof work? Do you do that work yourself?

  6. Michael Emanuele

    Michael Emanuele

    11 dagen geleden

    Do cows return to the same pens?

  7. Edmonton Vegan Outreach

    Edmonton Vegan Outreach

    12 dagen geleden

    Honest question, have you ever considered the ethics of raising and slaughtering animals for a product? You sound like someone with an interesting perspective.

  8. Md. Sagir Hossain

    Md. Sagir Hossain

    12 dagen geleden

    how many milking cow in your farm?

  9. Paul McGrogan

    Paul McGrogan

    13 dagen geleden

    thanks for this. great vid. 👍

  10. Steven Kathan

    Steven Kathan

    14 dagen geleden

    Nice job thanks for the video appreciate watching appreciate what you do thanks for the milk live here close to you in Connecticut appreciate you doing all the hard work you doing for those animals

  11. gregory chumley

    gregory chumley

    15 dagen geleden

    what happens to the cows u sell do you use them for meat too?

  12. C.savvYPN VEVO

    C.savvYPN VEVO

    15 dagen geleden

    your channel is cool your are 3 hours away from me i might get a job at your farm keep up the good work man one love

  13. The Formal cucumber

    The Formal cucumber

    16 dagen geleden

    Why don’t you mix the bedding in the bedding spreader?

  14. Riley McGrew

    Riley McGrew

    16 dagen geleden

    There's a song by Jonny cash called, Sunday morning coming down. And I thought of a parody, monday morning selling cows.

  15. Oh! Dannyboy

    Oh! Dannyboy

    17 dagen geleden

    As someone that grew up on a very small farm, (30 ish sheep), i am amazed at how much work you do

  16. deziking


    17 dagen geleden

    how come the cows dont get a shower?

  17. Farming in Connecticut

    Farming in Connecticut

    17 dagen geleden

    Your are the best and you incurraged me to start my own channel (do you think you can sub yo me pls)

  18. Chad Miller

    Chad Miller

    17 dagen geleden

    is sell synonymous with hamburger?

  19. shelley Cail

    shelley Cail

    17 dagen geleden

    You need one of those wheeled restaurant waiter carts for giving your shots. It would hold your supplies, and the papers you keep notes on. You can wheel it when you need to. Your knees would thank you. 🙂

  20. Adamz Abdul

    Adamz Abdul

    17 dagen geleden

    Who are these people that dislike Eric's Videos? 🤔

  21. Rick


    17 dagen geleden

    O love youre videos eric!!!

  22. Diarmuid


    17 dagen geleden

    How come American cattle trailers don’t have a ramp? Never seen them without ramps anywhere else...

  23. Try Thinking

    Try Thinking

    17 dagen geleden

    I kinda miss working at a dairy. 2am and 2pm. Not much sleep doing that.

  24. Sean Murray

    Sean Murray

    18 dagen geleden

    Anyone else watching this at like 3 in the morning in there cozy bed saying to there self danm i would hate to be at that at like 5 or 6

  25. captain tackberry

    captain tackberry

    18 dagen geleden

    What sold bull calf and how breeding your female cows?

  26. Mahadev Patil

    Mahadev Patil

    18 dagen geleden

    Hey brother I have experience in dairy farm. I'm interested in your dairy farm. If you have any positions for me please let me know.

  27. Stephen Steen

    Stephen Steen

    18 dagen geleden

    Nice video i wanna talk to Meagan

  28. Pocket Change

    Pocket Change

    18 dagen geleden


  29. Anthony Owens

    Anthony Owens

    19 dagen geleden

    Where in PA are out from cause I know a good bit of PA between Virginville and Harrisburg

  30. Heartshot Master

    Heartshot Master

    19 dagen geleden

    11:24 anyone else hear that jake brake

  31. randy kline

    randy kline

    19 dagen geleden

    Bull calves are saying,are you my momma?

  32. Greg Hamann

    Greg Hamann

    19 dagen geleden

    You have a well run farm with happy cows. I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin.

  33. WalkInTheLight


    19 dagen geleden

    What program does he use for vaccines and info on the cows? Also these are always the best videos! Easy to watch and very entertaining! Keep up the good work!

  34. spooky luke

    spooky luke

    19 dagen geleden

    Do you have any specific cows you like on your farm?

  35. komil choudhary

    komil choudhary

    19 dagen geleden

    Erik Bhai Aapke video bahut achi ha

  36. Charles Lynch

    Charles Lynch

    19 dagen geleden

    Love your videos keep up the great work

  37. Humphrey Bubbles

    Humphrey Bubbles

    19 dagen geleden

    who bought the cows, i hope it was a nice family that will take good care oF them❣️

  38. Ct Stromski

    Ct Stromski

    19 dagen geleden

    Here's what I've learned today. Eric has A LOT of lists run by his computer

  39. maeJoy B. withU

    maeJoy B. withU

    19 dagen geleden

    how about that 4 for 4 in theHoopZ there!

  40. Leisa A Wolf-Tolotta

    Leisa A Wolf-Tolotta

    19 dagen geleden

    It amazes me how calm dairy cows are to beef cattle!

  41. Ivan Zimmerman

    Ivan Zimmerman

    19 dagen geleden

    Just found your page I am from Pa as well, what county are you in

  42. Matthew Fitzpatrick

    Matthew Fitzpatrick

    19 dagen geleden

    I'm really impressed how clean you keep them cows You guys do a good job.

  43. Shane Kalcevic

    Shane Kalcevic

    19 dagen geleden

    What part of pa. I’m looking at buying some calf’s

  44. Garland Henry

    Garland Henry

    19 dagen geleden

    Your cows, holding barn and milk parlor are so clean. Some milk operations can’t say that

  45. CrazY peRson

    CrazY peRson

    19 dagen geleden

    This dairy is yours.

  46. Bill Hooker

    Bill Hooker

    19 dagen geleden


  47. t troy

    t troy

    19 dagen geleden

    I gotta ask. Dumb question. Ive been noticing, your dad has on insulated bibs, heavy hoodies, you, t-shirt an jeans. so Is he cold blooded or you got on long johns?

    • 10th Generation Dairyman

      10th Generation Dairyman

      19 dagen geleden

      I wear long johns. I find the bibs too bulky unless it is really cold.

  48. Gerald Roth

    Gerald Roth

    19 dagen geleden


  49. Calum Nicholl

    Calum Nicholl

    19 dagen geleden

    Bale of

  50. Leigh Martin

    Leigh Martin

    20 dagen geleden

    Good Morning Eric and Happy New Year from Western New York

  51. J. Clarke

    J. Clarke

    20 dagen geleden

    Any chance of an update on the EasyFix cubicles and beds please?

  52. eddie smith

    eddie smith

    20 dagen geleden

    Hi Eric, I see you've moved your basketball hoop inside for the winter! I bet I can beat you shooting hoops????? I'm 3 times your age and will go easy on ya!! yay :) :) :)

  53. Charles Ruble

    Charles Ruble

    20 dagen geleden

    Always look forward to your videos. Was hoping you weren't getting burned out on making them; I'm sure it can become somewhat of a burden to always be filming and editing while trying to get all the work done. Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained.

  54. Steve Neal

    Steve Neal

    20 dagen geleden

    Another great video and job Eric. Thank you

  55. Yosemite B

    Yosemite B

    20 dagen geleden


  56. merr


    20 dagen geleden

    Hello Eric and a happy new year , may I ask what treatment do you use for the synchronisation of the heat? Greetings from Greece

  57. alois silly

    alois silly

    20 dagen geleden

    Frage sind die liegeboxen Bügel nicht verkehrt herum montiert?

  58. German made

    German made

    20 dagen geleden

    Hi.. eric

  59. Julius Jonkus

    Julius Jonkus

    20 dagen geleden

    Vaccine to secure cows from corona :D Keep it going, nice videos !

  60. Einion Owen

    Einion Owen

    20 dagen geleden

    5K to go eric! Been here since the start😁still enjoying the videos!

  61. mark Galandauer

    mark Galandauer

    20 dagen geleden

    Are u going to do the bail challenge that pempaton farmer nominated u

  62. Damien Cronin

    Damien Cronin

    20 dagen geleden

    Hi Eric, Please excuse my ignorance but what happens to the cows after you sell them? Are they slaughtered?

  63. josh hubbard

    josh hubbard

    20 dagen geleden

    Eric Thats good eating your hauling off. Whats the average price on the lbs for old dairy stock up there?

  64. Gyan ganga

    Gyan ganga

    20 dagen geleden

    One video site polythin setting total detels

  65. zach 21

    zach 21

    20 dagen geleden

    450 is me 24/7.

  66. zach 21

    zach 21

    20 dagen geleden

    Could we get another qna for the new year??

  67. Gerald Richardson

    Gerald Richardson

    20 dagen geleden

    Do you every get kicked by the cows?

    • zach 21

      zach 21

      19 dagen geleden

      @Gerald Richardson ya definitely don't walk behind horses and I wouldn't walk behind donkeys either. But idk about cows. Honestly I just wouldn't walk behind cows either

    • Gerald Richardson

      Gerald Richardson

      20 dagen geleden

      @zach 21 Thanks for the reply I was raised a city boy and was ALWAYS told not to walk behind Cows or Horses

    • zach 21

      zach 21

      20 dagen geleden

      Cows don't really kick and especially dairy cows also they have know Eric there whole lives so there not threatened by him so even if they did kick they wouldn't kick Eric

  68. Steve Adams

    Steve Adams

    20 dagen geleden

    Another busy day and a great video. Thanks Eric!

  69. pa triot

    pa triot

    20 dagen geleden

    Nice job but you better be careful calling the cows "girls". I think the democrats outlawed that word because one may "self identify" as a bull.

  70. shop shop

    shop shop

    20 dagen geleden

    Our sixers could have used you tonight! Do the cows that don't get pregnant eat up on someone's dinner table?

  71. 宋茜


    20 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the great information.🌹

  72. Margaret Banda

    Margaret Banda

    20 dagen geleden

    Is it just me? Or am I the only one that looks forward to these videos every week? Not sure why I am so happy every time I watch one. Anyways happy New Year Eric & family!

  73. Jesus IsGod

    Jesus IsGod

    20 dagen geleden

    Eric, quick question, how long once the milking has begun, does it take to finish or complete the milking? Thank you for your videos!

    • Jesus IsGod

      Jesus IsGod

      20 dagen geleden

      I mean for 1 cow

  74. daniel gilbert

    daniel gilbert

    20 dagen geleden

    Hi Eric. I have been watching your video for short time, but I have in joyed seeing what you and your dad do on your farm, I hope one day we can see a cafe being born, and also see the company come out to pickup the milk, please keep up the great work, and I'll keep watching your video, thank you

  75. Ažbe Brejc

    Ažbe Brejc

    20 dagen geleden

    and you said you were a farmer from slovenia

  76. Wayne Bulson

    Wayne Bulson

    20 dagen geleden

    Nothing much new today Eric. But I enjoyed the whole tour and explanations. I feel like a graduate of your farm school! 😁 Thanks teach!!

  77. Benna Snellman

    Benna Snellman

    20 dagen geleden

    Could you and your dad make a new QNA , keep up the good work:)

  78. LINDA Scott

    LINDA Scott

    20 dagen geleden

    Learning so much i guess I'll be working on a farm soon & at 73 it just a dream. Thanks for your good videos

  79. Jannie De Wet Barnard

    Jannie De Wet Barnard

    20 dagen geleden

    You must get yourself a trollie the same they use in the hospital,so that you can work in a clean environment and not on the floor....

  80. James Milos

    James Milos

    20 dagen geleden

    How do you train the cattle to all stand facing the right way in the parlor?

  81. J Olive

    J Olive

    20 dagen geleden

    What’s the status of 602? Have you sold her? Haven’t seen her in a while. She is usually first in line to be milked and first back to the barn. Great video and looking forward to part two. 🇺🇸💪

  82. Donald Wallace

    Donald Wallace

    20 dagen geleden

    Eric, Just curious.... I am guessing you have well water on the farm? Regardless, it takes a lot to keep things clean for the cows.

  83. Drayton Shiner

    Drayton Shiner

    20 dagen geleden

    Keep up the good work!! Almost at 300k subs!!!!

  84. за Русь !

    за Русь !

    20 dagen geleden


  85. Cristian Castillo

    Cristian Castillo

    20 dagen geleden

    Where is the bull?

  86. Corey


    20 dagen geleden

    Wait... Pennsylvania? I thought you were in Minnesota. Everything I know is a lie.

    • Steven H

      Steven H

      19 dagen geleden

      You can see how warm it is, no way is that MN :)

  87. Cristian Castillo

    Cristian Castillo

    20 dagen geleden

    One more year enjoying ur videos 🐄

  88. Mama C

    Mama C

    20 dagen geleden

    I remember bunk feeders!!! Back in the day every farm had bunk feeders. They’re almost a thing of the past now. I used to walk back and forth in them while the cows were eating the silage ☺️

  89. Logan Birchfield

    Logan Birchfield

    20 dagen geleden

    How often do you milk them a week not been subscribed very long sorry

  90. Tim Idema

    Tim Idema

    20 dagen geleden

    There's a lot to do in dairy industry. Thank you for the show and a opportunity to learn more about dairy cows.

  91. tim florek

    tim florek

    20 dagen geleden

    Why not pre mix the lime when you get the bedding, wouldn’t it be a lot easier

    • EFCasual


      18 dagen geleden

      It will get water in it and harden up.

  92. Gold Fire

    Gold Fire

    20 dagen geleden

    Good going your empty cows looked mighty fine bro hope ye got on well

  93. Yannick-TripleOcarina


    20 dagen geleden

    Make a video compilation of the cow jumping around when they have fresh bedding !

  94. Dan Wilson

    Dan Wilson

    20 dagen geleden

    Thank you for sharing the basics.

  95. Ken C

    Ken C

    20 dagen geleden

    Eric could you do a video about a cow timeline. From Calf to Cow. Different terms you use like calf, heifer, first calf heifer, dry cow, etc. When does a cow start producing milk and stop.

  96. rusnsc


    20 dagen geleden

    Excellent as always!

  97. David Hinson

    David Hinson

    20 dagen geleden

    Great job all! From NC keep milking.

  98. A. Ommundsen

    A. Ommundsen

    20 dagen geleden

    Do you ever get rid of all the shavings in the beds

  99. Pat Kelley

    Pat Kelley

    20 dagen geleden

    The cows seem very tame, beef cattle are less trustworthy.

  100. Tj


    20 dagen geleden

    I got my husband your sweat shirt for Christmas 🎄 and I bought one for myself too!! 😁 Great quality and we're enjoying sharing your channel with others!! LORD BLESS YOU... Your Friends from the ❤ of MO