Belle Delphine actually kept her promise to the internet

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  1. 13ootydoo


    12 uur geleden

    I like that you have to ask people to sub when they keep watching your videos. For a long time. Bruhs, just hit the button.

  2. jimmy hoffa

    jimmy hoffa

    14 uur geleden

    Jeannie looks like my sister

  3. bob craig

    bob craig

    22 uur geleden

    OMG, Usually I find Jeannie cute as a button. I had to stop watching this video as I began having "unpure thoughts". Seriously though. Very cute in a completely respectful, non creepy old guy way!

  4. Dylan Press

    Dylan Press

    Dag geleden

    Us Germans make the best beer

  5. Just Jordan

    Just Jordan

    Dag geleden

    13:40 OMG you should totally listen to Indian Esports commentators they are very funny in deed :)

  6. doug maurer

    doug maurer

    Dag geleden

    Sounds like you guys need an electrician. Too much draw on the breakers probably from the built ins and the outlets being on undersized wire or under rated breakers

  7. SIEGE


    Dag geleden

    I was so sad about that pornhub thing I had just reached 9,000 views then the next day everything was gone 🤧

  8. Eshelion


    Dag geleden

    The PH thing's biggest BS is, that they are being cut off from income by card providers, but according to 3rd party organization Internet Watch Foundation, they had 118 reported child abuse videos in last 3 years, while during same period Facebook had 84 MILLION instances of such incidents. Now let's talk about hypocrisy and prudishness...

  9. Background Noise

    Background Noise

    Dag geleden

    I would pay to see that version of home alone

  10. Aidan Nicholas Ko

    Aidan Nicholas Ko

    Dag geleden

    pls dont dislike this vid let it stay in 666

  11. Alex ahrens

    Alex ahrens

    Dag geleden

    Nice Cosplay of B2

  12. Toby Fiske

    Toby Fiske

    Dag geleden


  13. Troy Stutsman

    Troy Stutsman

    Dag geleden

    That will teach him to not wear a cup...!

  14. Danny Tourigny

    Danny Tourigny

    2 dagen geleden

    12:44 In my defence your honour, she said she was 15. lol

  15. Jay Nigma

    Jay Nigma

    2 dagen geleden

    the "Porn Hub perge" was Porn Hub having all the unverified accounts deleted because a lot of those accounts had underage girls in them, and in some they were actually being raped. The only people who would be upset by this change is rapist pedophiles.

  16. Donny C

    Donny C

    2 dagen geleden

    Hey J is you gettin larger

  17. The Tactical Sparrows

    The Tactical Sparrows

    2 dagen geleden

    10/10 2b cosplay

  18. Henry Jonah Tudela J.r

    Henry Jonah Tudela J.r

    2 dagen geleden

    1:25. What is this comic?

  19. Dustin Jenkins

    Dustin Jenkins

    2 dagen geleden

    Hand twist gluck gluck 3000 has nothing on the gawck gawck double hand twisty with the eye contact

  20. Titanium Spear

    Titanium Spear

    2 dagen geleden

    12:54 For some reason I feel like Henry is Giorno about to drink Abbacchio's hot pee tea haha 😅 Plot Twist: Abbacchio is Jeannie

  21. Titanium Spear

    Titanium Spear

    2 dagen geleden

    9:26 Yooo that had me cracked hahahaha 😂😂😂

  22. Dagoose


    2 dagen geleden

    I think that was probably the best face swap of Henry

  23. yamary Marrero

    yamary Marrero

    3 dagen geleden

    What id jeanne corplaying

  24. Dinoking01 01

    Dinoking01 01

    3 dagen geleden

    When she hit you with that double hand twist gluck gluck 3000

  25. Olivia


    3 dagen geleden

    6:27 Henry could have been 9s and my fantasies would come true

  26. morph heavy

    morph heavy

    3 dagen geleden

    WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 How could they do this to us!!!!!????? :G So sad

  27. J M

    J M

    3 dagen geleden

    why is that lady talking like a baby

  28. André Niemand

    André Niemand

    3 dagen geleden

    And I did the Homer Simpson Scream at the Dio reveal. Didn't expect him.

  29. André Niemand

    André Niemand

    3 dagen geleden

    That kitten jump is so precious.

  30. André Niemand

    André Niemand

    3 dagen geleden


  31. KiddLogan


    3 dagen geleden

    17:10.... r/THISGIFISTOOSHORT BUT.....platinum wig makes for Asian EMMA STONE !

  32. adrew gruetzman

    adrew gruetzman

    3 dagen geleden

    Her little tiny voice makes me cringe no offense though

  33. hello helloington

    hello helloington

    3 dagen geleden

    konosuba is just horny anime that pretends to be a hentai but isn't

  34. Nick 0utd00rs

    Nick 0utd00rs

    3 dagen geleden


  35. RR Lynx

    RR Lynx

    3 dagen geleden

    THat game meme ... where is it from? for a friend

  36. Zachariah Bryant

    Zachariah Bryant

    3 dagen geleden

    I give the 2b cosplay a 10/10! I love neir: automata

  37. Leide Keine Dummköpfe

    Leide Keine Dummköpfe

    4 dagen geleden

    This dude's gf acts like an old lady.

  38. reno relapse

    reno relapse

    4 dagen geleden

    Horny panda/10 for the 2B cosplay

  39. Bigid lagger

    Bigid lagger

    4 dagen geleden

    1:30 that happens to me sometimes and I dont mind it.

  40. Chiplex


    4 dagen geleden

    1:30 source?

  41. Fan Comments

    Fan Comments

    4 dagen geleden

    Facts with Fan Comments: Boners only happen when you get turned on or randomly like "morning wood" which is actually a thing. So guys you can always use some nice excuses and for girls it should be a compliment when you trigger guys boner hahaha

  42. Fan Comments

    Fan Comments

    4 dagen geleden

    White hair 😍 should have been long to fit her better in my opinion? But this is already amazing 👏

  43. Aggle Thorpe

    Aggle Thorpe

    4 dagen geleden

    motherless didnt purge shit

  44. Majestic IDK

    Majestic IDK

    4 dagen geleden

    me realizing one day theyll stop creating vids

  45. Soyum Apple

    Soyum Apple

    4 dagen geleden

    6:35 really took a turn

  46. that one guy

    that one guy

    4 dagen geleden

    5:15 the line between light and dark is so very thin

  47. Sans


    4 dagen geleden

    Hey how you doing I'm fine I lied I'm dying inside

  48. Pablo Chavez jr

    Pablo Chavez jr

    4 dagen geleden


  49. Felix Rodriguez Alicea

    Felix Rodriguez Alicea

    4 dagen geleden

    15:55 finally I know what the song says .-. Lol

  50. SkyGamer 23

    SkyGamer 23

    5 dagen geleden

    Anyone who doesn’t wait till the end just to hear dig a tunnel is a false profit...I have spoken

  51. Dakota Trokey

    Dakota Trokey

    5 dagen geleden

    waiting for a special day? is he finally going to pop the question?

  52. Outdated Leon

    Outdated Leon

    5 dagen geleden

    9:33 Henry missed an opportunity there. Could have gone this way: Henry: We're way pass that. Jeannie: You don't like me? Henry: No, I don't like you. I love you.

  53. Ema Pelchat

    Ema Pelchat

    5 dagen geleden

    anyone else get weard look from your brother cause you started singing the polka song?

  54. Dino Simp

    Dino Simp

    5 dagen geleden

    This is what xvideos is for, all porn there is unprofessional, I know because of my Twitter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  55. stephen sjurset

    stephen sjurset

    5 dagen geleden

    You two are pretty freakin funny.

  56. Dao Elda

    Dao Elda

    5 dagen geleden

    I had Covid... Fucker didn't dare touch my lungs. Tried to cosplay a migraine instead... Well played

  57. The Attack Gerbil

    The Attack Gerbil

    5 dagen geleden

    SILENCE, WENCH! My most genuine laugh so far in 2021

  58. thebiglight bulb

    thebiglight bulb

    5 dagen geleden

    Just saw 3 of these videos you're really trying to keep it clean but offcamera your dirty humour is definitely out of control

  59. Prince Dhanak

    Prince Dhanak

    5 dagen geleden

    You see the meme on 3:13 I made that meme

  60. Ruben Reyes

    Ruben Reyes

    5 dagen geleden


  61. Loveseeker


    5 dagen geleden

    Imagine having sent someone you cared about something very personal and intimate. Now imagine that you broke up with them and for revenge they posted that thing online to a porn site. THATS why they purged it.

  62. Henry lam

    Henry lam

    5 dagen geleden

    What's the song it's 16:00

  63. BFD98


    5 dagen geleden

    I swear I've written the most solid drum beat to go with Jeannie's intro

  64. NTshiyosa 922

    NTshiyosa 922

    5 dagen geleden

    Damnnit Guys!! You made me remember 2b again and her death. *Sobs*

  65. Harmen Westerhof

    Harmen Westerhof

    5 dagen geleden

    6:10 "I'm so proud of how hard you've been, even if no one sees it."

  66. Sander Teunissen

    Sander Teunissen

    5 dagen geleden

    Konosuba is great anime :) lots of suggestive humor ^^

  67. Drissd Do Urden

    Drissd Do Urden

    5 dagen geleden

    "my face looks weird" thats called "beard" xD

  68. Brian S.

    Brian S.

    5 dagen geleden

    "Gluck Gluck" is a reference to "gagging because deepthroat".



    5 dagen geleden

    I would give 2

  70. Will Laraby

    Will Laraby

    5 dagen geleden

    Has anyone considered that if Jeanie's chair had a normal back on it, Henry wouldn't always look so awkward trying to hug her? (3:19)

  71. Natalie Gilleylen

    Natalie Gilleylen

    5 dagen geleden


  72. Beowolf wesley

    Beowolf wesley

    5 dagen geleden

    Why all of the click bait videos 🤨

  73. Robert Novack

    Robert Novack

    5 dagen geleden


  74. Iron Ash

    Iron Ash

    5 dagen geleden

    6:02 ... did they just miss a high five omg...

  75. TheNitroG1


    5 dagen geleden

    Herpes is better than covid...yeah they really need to reign in that propaganda on this virus...people are saying some dumb shit...yeah a virus that for your age group will have no long term effects 99% of the time...vs a virus that will have life long effects 100% of the time.

  76. Demon king Shadow

    Demon king Shadow

    5 dagen geleden

    FBI wants to know your location

  77. mr gaming panda

    mr gaming panda

    5 dagen geleden

    That hurts we also go cute cows with out vipers

  78. Jonathan Vince

    Jonathan Vince

    6 dagen geleden

    You two are fantastic. Huge up as we say in the UK.

  79. Xavilith Wolffe

    Xavilith Wolffe

    6 dagen geleden

    "She changed her hair" - scott pilgrim

  80. TsovLoj


    6 dagen geleden

    I just lost it when she started singing "in the arms of the angels" at the end there

  81. Patrick Adutwum

    Patrick Adutwum

    6 dagen geleden

    Just why I ask myself

  82. notreallyici


    6 dagen geleden

    actually I heard the p-hub purge was from secs trafficking videos and illegal secual activity of minors being on there :/

  83. Rubber Comxox

    Rubber Comxox

    6 dagen geleden


  84. Tsuku Bane

    Tsuku Bane

    6 dagen geleden

    I love it when Jeannie sings dig a tunnel. I hate it when I go on the reddit and I've already seen everything. I've already Reddit.

  85. EntertheDragonChild


    6 dagen geleden

    What are your thoughts on uncle Roger and the CCP controversy? Also 2-B cosplay is a 10/10

  86. Clint Carballo

    Clint Carballo

    6 dagen geleden

    13 out of 10

  87. Greg McKinney

    Greg McKinney

    6 dagen geleden

    If Jeannie ever tires of Henry she can give me a call.

  88. lprkon72


    6 dagen geleden

    Common knowledge Jeanie is a big ball of sexy hot and cute, but Henry bro you actually looked damn good in the feathered mane of grey w/ black roots

  89. No Use For A Name

    No Use For A Name

    6 dagen geleden

    That face Jeanie makes when she sees Henry's hand miss hers 👌 😆

  90. Disabled Prepper

    Disabled Prepper

    6 dagen geleden

    IPAs ... no thank you. Try Scottsdale Blonde, that's a good beer. And gigantic toots? I can't agree. Don't worry, you'll understand when you're older

  91. Cecil Hodges

    Cecil Hodges

    6 dagen geleden


  92. MegaHardminder


    6 dagen geleden

    10/10 for the cosplay

  93. Sean Davenport

    Sean Davenport

    6 dagen geleden

    Cosplay gets a 6 out of 10

  94. Senpai-kun


    6 dagen geleden

    how tf did they read that in sync and be like this is nothing!?

  95. [THE SWAGGS]


    6 dagen geleden

    Jeannie:you know you have long term damage to your lungs with covid Henry:i have long term damage to my penis with herpies Me:i havs long term damage to my brain with ligma

  96. Midnight


    6 dagen geleden

    Jeanie are you 2B?

  97. Karma


    6 dagen geleden

    It's bc of child porn and revenge porn and stuff like that...but there is an easy fix for that stuff...2 that i can think of off the top of my head... facial recognition software and approval b4 making them public... Use both intelligently and you don't have a problem. Wonder if they would though...

  98. Julius C.

    Julius C.

    6 dagen geleden


  99. MaxUser 77

    MaxUser 77

    6 dagen geleden

    7:20 so that means that every male could have an Harem of 142 females...

  100. Noid Discord

    Noid Discord

    6 dagen geleden

    10 outta 10 for sure