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Man vs Machines | Ashville Weekly ep026

This week at Ashville there seems to be a rise of the machines but hopefully the Road Sweeper returns and the Volvo Skip Lorry will be resurrected!
00:00:00​ intro
00:57​ MONDAY
» 01:23​ MON | Car | Lorry parks on pavement
» 03:32​ MON | Yard | Cleaning the road
» 04:30​ MON | Yard | Loading shovel maintenance
» 05:37​ MON | Yard | Ashville Desk update
» 07:42​ MON | Basement Salvage | Plaster Board, Ventilation System, Fuse Board
» 08:43​ MON | Castle Charalambous | Block and Beam, Insulation, Plaster Board
» 15:21​ MON | Yard | Ashville Desk reinforcement
» 16:14​ MON | Yard | Volvo Skip Lorry ignition
» 16:53​ MON | Yard | Space in the train yard
18:34​ TUESDAY
» 21:29​ TUE | Yard | Train Line Stretcher bars and Points alignment issues
» 24:42​ TUE | Yard | Volvo Skip Lorry tests, first-drive with new engine
» 26:19​ TUE | Yard | Ashville Desk reinforced with Steel Braces
» 28:16​ WED | Yard | Daniels monitor arm arrives
» 29:25​ WED | Yard | Daniel tests new GYM squat kit
» 30:55​ WED | Yard | Repairing Tyre punctures
» 37:50​ THU | Yard | Daniel gives up on Ashville
» 39:48​ THU | Yard | Michael O'Donovan listens to Daniels Lorry issues
» 42:20​ THU | Yard | Tipper takes a slap from the shovel, new Slack Adjuster and Heating Valve
» 44:04​ THU | MP MORAN | Loading the grab with breeze blocks
» 49:35​ THU | Yard | STS deliver Ashville Road Sweeper
» 50:27​ THU | Yard | Liebherr 566 Shovel new cutting edge
51:55​ FRIDAY
» 52:54​ FRI | Yard | Ashville Desk support frame
» 53:26​ FRI | Yard | Liebherr LH60 breaks down, Terry and Mark fight it out
» 00:59:45​ SAT | Yard | Liebherr 926 breaks down
» 01:03:13​ SAT | Yard | The new LH60 bucket gets installed
01:06:48​ outro
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  1. Tim Harvey

    Tim Harvey

    4 uur geleden

    I enjoyed this episode. Very interesting. You need to buy the land next to your pile of rocks. But I know you’ve already thought of that.

  2. Jay jay

    Jay jay

    23 uur geleden

    its 2 am i am in the yard

  3. Spase Ristov

    Spase Ristov

    Dag geleden

    At 48:46 - 18 seconds is Daniel's time to beat for putting the high vis vest on 😄

  4. H Ben

    H Ben

    2 dagen geleden

    eating a bag for your lunch must be so bad for you

  5. mark lonergan

    mark lonergan

    3 dagen geleden

    buy soled tyrers you should noy have that many punshers

  6. iZorroh F/A

    iZorroh F/A

    3 dagen geleden

    39:58 😂

  7. Butt ibrahim tabasum ejaz

    Butt ibrahim tabasum ejaz

    3 dagen geleden

    37:20 😂😂

  8. Lewis Tyszyk

    Lewis Tyszyk

    3 dagen geleden


  9. Josh DeVries

    Josh DeVries

    3 dagen geleden

    Man that crack could have been fixed right up without swapping buckets out! That is crazy to swap em out but I respect the hustle🤏🏻🤏🏻

  10. Josh DeVries

    Josh DeVries

    3 dagen geleden

    Terry and Mark fight it out in Tesco🤣

  11. Ahmed Mohamed

    Ahmed Mohamed

    4 dagen geleden

    Bro wtf why was that LH60 part so emotional, like I actually almost dropped a tear

  12. John Peplow

    John Peplow

    4 dagen geleden

    Credit where it’s due Daniel your a grafter and deserve to succeed.

  13. alexa


    4 dagen geleden

    Daniel drive your rolls

  14. carpcatcher89


    4 dagen geleden

    Been here watching since day and my man wouldn't deliver to mk ,disappointed 😒

  15. Liam Towner

    Liam Towner

    4 dagen geleden

    When are you getting more Asheville umbrellas

  16. T Z2020

    T Z2020

    5 dagen geleden


  17. Chad Harris

    Chad Harris

    5 dagen geleden

    Def is literally the worst thing ever made. Keeps breaking everything every where.

  18. Greg Dudds

    Greg Dudds

    5 dagen geleden


  19. Claire Knight

    Claire Knight

    5 dagen geleden

    Can't you make some concrete kerbs to put next to the train track to stop material rolling near the track ? Thus also keeping a clearer walkway 😁 Loving all your vlogs x

  20. Dan AVFC

    Dan AVFC

    5 dagen geleden

    Sacking blokes for parking on the pavement is a bit harsh don’t you think

  21. Jeroen Wellens

    Jeroen Wellens

    5 dagen geleden

    Pls get a bigger high vis

  22. Zach Collins

    Zach Collins

    5 dagen geleden

    Do you still have the Rolls Royce

  23. stu mainwaring

    stu mainwaring

    5 dagen geleden

    Ballytherm insulation not seen that on a site for years.

  24. makumongo


    5 dagen geleden

    Says a lot that Daniel is in with us Irish. Says a lot indeed. Serious.

  25. Nigel Parry

    Nigel Parry

    6 dagen geleden

    Right, i think iv watched everyone of the weekly vlogs, the train gets cancelled quite alot, do they give you money if they cancel? If not how can they fine you if you do t umload it, hardly seems fair

  26. Ali Dgn

    Ali Dgn

    6 dagen geleden

    I prefer this than yanimize

  27. marksapollo


    6 dagen geleden

    I fucking hate it when people needlessly park on the pavement and block it!

  28. Asad Mahmud

    Asad Mahmud

    6 dagen geleden

    Great content as always 👍💪

  29. Ndegwa Muiruri

    Ndegwa Muiruri

    6 dagen geleden

    could u tell us about ur modelling days if u dont mind😞

  30. Fadi S

    Fadi S

    6 dagen geleden

    bro straight love from Australia Daniel is a serous guy and he’s never shook more importantly it’s a knowledge gaining video and you can’t put a price on the knowledge that daniel gives it’s a money maker

  31. Taabish Khan — Self-improvement & Effectiveness

    Taabish Khan — Self-improvement & Effectiveness

    6 dagen geleden

    *This man has taught me more about business than any of teachers could at school.* Have a great day! Love from a small NLcamerasr 💙

  32. Tom


    6 dagen geleden

    I swear it would be better for you just to employ 50 guys with shovels to unload the trains.

  33. ItZRossy


    6 dagen geleden

    Brilliant video as usual and Daniel! But one thing wrong I see I swear on the parapit wall on the extension one course of the brickwork wasn’t jointed up

  34. Asif Hayat

    Asif Hayat

    6 dagen geleden

    Great episode and a really cool ‘@‘ looking desk 😂😂

  35. Patrick Tierney

    Patrick Tierney

    6 dagen geleden

    Yes just seen one off your trucks going round the m25 towards dartford volumetric truck

  36. kevin paterson

    kevin paterson

    6 dagen geleden

    Why did you stop Ashville Storytime? You couldn't have run out of funny stories to tell us, Daniel.

  37. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson

    6 dagen geleden

    Definitely need a montage of Daniel’s hi-viz struggles! #serious

  38. Luxury Travel Aficionado

    Luxury Travel Aficionado

    7 dagen geleden

    Aw man, please put jackie o'donovan interview up, my wifes been waiting for it.

  39. Matthew Screen

    Matthew Screen

    7 dagen geleden

    The interview episode that came out wednesday 7th April at around 8:30 then went off after 20 mins

  40. Pepe Le Pew

    Pepe Le Pew

    7 dagen geleden

    Why you take down today’s blog?

  41. Alex Hall

    Alex Hall

    7 dagen geleden

    Could somebody estimate what the fine would have been please!?

  42. Hatim


    7 dagen geleden

    When watching 👀 Ashville weekly even 3 hours is not long

  43. Paddy Dunn

    Paddy Dunn

    7 dagen geleden

    Another brilliant video Daniel ! Was watching the interview with Jacqueline odonovan an it stopped an now it’s not visible

  44. Reuben Omega

    Reuben Omega

    7 dagen geleden

    Love the channel. It is like a CEO class with some entertaining breaks. Thanks for the great work.

  45. French Onion

    French Onion

    7 dagen geleden

    You’re going above and beyond for the neighboring community, I commend you. In New York if someone doesn’t like something... Too fucking bad!!

  46. kurby 123 da boi

    kurby 123 da boi

    7 dagen geleden

    This guy makes 75k a day from ballast ya kna jheeze

  47. John Stubbs

    John Stubbs

    7 dagen geleden

    I would make the desk so both a for ashville face the right way and are diagonal to each other this would also give the support so no legs required

  48. Craigy 890

    Craigy 890

    7 dagen geleden

    hi it been great watching your Ashville weekly keep up the good work can not wait to see more

  49. David Dobson

    David Dobson

    7 dagen geleden

    I really enjoy the weekly episodes👍🏻 I think you should try Ashville plant and scaffolding plus buy a hot tub for the Ashville gym🤩

  50. Porqo


    7 dagen geleden

    LH60 seems like a letdown lol

  51. Man Don’t lie

    Man Don’t lie

    7 dagen geleden

    Looking forward to the finish article

  52. Robert Sanchez

    Robert Sanchez

    7 dagen geleden

    I enjoyed our date, and yes your definitely the best kisser I’ve had ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥😘😘

  53. derek o neill

    derek o neill

    7 dagen geleden

    I love watching this I thing it's real and Dan is so truthful and cool 👍👍👍

  54. SeánsonofMick


    7 dagen geleden

    I can't get enough Ashville Weekly content. When I saw this was just over an hour I actually shouted SERIOUS!

  55. Anusheel Prasad

    Anusheel Prasad

    7 dagen geleden

    Dan my guy, you always amaze me with your knowledge in your own firm. I understand that you have need to know it all to run it all.. you're a top bloke.

  56. FAT TURBO 76

    FAT TURBO 76

    7 dagen geleden

    Always seems very clean 🧽 work shy

  57. Hayden Johns

    Hayden Johns

    7 dagen geleden

    Been watching since first episode my friend and have noticed each vlog has gotten slightly better although might be me getting more into your story, very inspiring. Keep it up mate, love from Sydney Australia

  58. Handsome Dan

    Handsome Dan

    7 dagen geleden

    Man needs a bigger hi-vis 😂

  59. Name san man Name

    Name san man Name

    7 dagen geleden

    Good video, understand Daniel's fustration with the issue he gets from the local residents. When will this Witch hunt finish? We only see / hear from so called councillors when it's time to vote for them. I think the councillor should look at what small businesses does to survive and may be see what they can do to support them.

  60. Marcus KK

    Marcus KK

    7 dagen geleden

    Have you ever considered investing in Engcon tools?

  61. Charlie Dziubak

    Charlie Dziubak

    7 dagen geleden

    Pay a bunch of people not punch of people lol

  62. Richard cheeseman

    Richard cheeseman

    7 dagen geleden

    Question 🙋‍♂️ Daniel please could you explain the pros and cons of leasing plant and lorry’s please?

  63. J Mat

    J Mat

    7 dagen geleden

    I'm taking over my boss's Commercial vehicle workshop in the next year or so, your videos inspire me of what being a Boss is all about. Hats off to you and your team!

  64. Traymon Daniels

    Traymon Daniels

    8 dagen geleden

    Hey mate - can you set up a camera and do a time-lapse video of the yard / aggregate pile? I reckon that would make for an awesome vid. Cheers

  65. Raul Gomez

    Raul Gomez

    8 dagen geleden

    Hey I love the channel and how can I buy an Asheville umbrella

  66. Rondell Williams

    Rondell Williams

    8 dagen geleden

    Honestly you can't please everyone and you Daniel need to stop letting these small minded people make your live miserable.

  67. Sean Ginnelly

    Sean Ginnelly

    8 dagen geleden

    And..... breathe.... 👍😉

  68. Gary Kenny

    Gary Kenny

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  69. dommelkehh


    8 dagen geleden

    Might be a little to late to say it but isnt it an idea to try and unload atleast some carriages with the 26 tonne digger when the LH60 is acting up at some point in future? Just an idea to atleast get the fines for not unloading down a little bit, see foor yourself what works best but that will succeed i wouldnt doubt that. Nice videos tho and interesting and inspiring to watch keep up the spirit and good work!

  70. Juber Ahmed

    Juber Ahmed

    8 dagen geleden

    Your Liebherr Machine sounds like such a headache!

  71. Ya Duno

    Ya Duno

    8 dagen geleden

    You mentioned about tyres needing to be roughly the same, I work in a hgv garage and we’ve always done 4mm either way between both drive tyres. Anything over won’t pass mot

  72. Lee Boyle

    Lee Boyle

    8 dagen geleden


  73. Alistair Locking

    Alistair Locking

    8 dagen geleden

    Every company needs a Terry that guy is also serious 😂

  74. Alistair Locking

    Alistair Locking

    8 dagen geleden

    Just out of curiosity, if you didn’t have a spare bucket for the LH60 what would you have done? Would you have used the bucket because it wasn’t that bad or would you have sent the train back?

  75. Lee Boyle

    Lee Boyle

    8 dagen geleden

    Yes dan xx dan&veck 🤣🤣vanni😄RESPECT BRO'S

  76. Chopper Marc

    Chopper Marc

    8 dagen geleden

    Great video.

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    Khalid Fiyaz

    8 dagen geleden

    NGL you got me good @38:00 lol

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    Tony L 84

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  79. SouthEastCashew


    8 dagen geleden

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    Raj Nijjer

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    Ryan Woodward

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    Loving that Desk so serious!

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    Bhavdeep Jandu

    8 dagen geleden

    Do a video of detailing the LH60 like you did with the 926. Feel the LH60 needs a nice wash

  83. Scott Mckee

    Scott Mckee

    8 dagen geleden

    J would want to watch Dan try to unload a train

  84. Jake Dixon

    Jake Dixon

    8 dagen geleden

    Anyone see the workers clearing the rail tracks only to put the Material on the other side ,which they will probably have to then move it away again 1:00:00

  85. Mehmet Guner

    Mehmet Guner

    8 dagen geleden

    You know what I love about Daniel? He is honest, straight forward and listens to us viewers

  86. Yao Ching

    Yao Ching

    8 dagen geleden

    Longer episodes are awesome. Keep it up Daniel, no one else is doing what you're doing. Great content

  87. Samwel Zakaria

    Samwel Zakaria

    8 dagen geleden

    Debt collector : when are you going to pay your debt? Me : " today,tommorow or day after "

  88. Karol N

    Karol N

    8 dagen geleden

    More 1 hour episodes please very enjoyable

  89. Umair Rashid

    Umair Rashid

    8 dagen geleden

    Daniel I would also like it if you could give us a ride in one of your trucks every week

  90. Trebor


    8 dagen geleden

    You are the real deal Bruh you no your stuff man no wonder you have such a big company, I love watching your post Man keep em coming BIG UP ASHWORTH AGGREGATE 😉👍

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    Umair Rashid

    8 dagen geleden

    N’a I’ve had it Ashville should be on channel 4 or itv this guy never lets me down

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    Ben Ellis

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    J G

    8 dagen geleden

    Friend had a ppf wrap done from your mate 🤦they didn’t even polish the car 🚗 like other people do , and there were too many swirl marks under the wrap 🤦🤦 had to pay topaz to do the job again properly and professional 🙏🏽

  94. Mau Githendu

    Mau Githendu

    8 dagen geleden

    Kindly give me a job Am a Kenyan Plant Operator with a Diploma in Civil Engineering Experience in machinery operation

  95. kyle collymore

    kyle collymore

    8 dagen geleden

    I live in Iver heath and i’m in the community group chat. The people in this chat are a different breed of moaning people.

  96. The Dude

    The Dude

    8 dagen geleden

    Terry is a legend,u should give him a pay rise cheers

  97. Luke_115


    8 dagen geleden

    Great vid. Lots going on, also like it being an hour long!

  98. macdonaldsadler


    8 dagen geleden

    love your channel Daniel. Great to see your dedication to your company, you don't take time off, and expect that from your staff. RESPECT TO YOU. if there is an issue with anything your straight on it. it's also great to see how much you care about the area you work in, the thought you put in to building the company, and also the quality of work granted not everything can go swimmingly but you set a great example for many many other bosses and staff to follow. Have you ever thought of expanding to Scotland, so many cowboys, and companies that just do enough and no more. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

  99. Billel F

    Billel F

    8 dagen geleden

    Loving this longer episode!!!

  100. Mick Ness

    Mick Ness

    8 dagen geleden

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