How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY - Space Colonization 1

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Did you know that we could start building a Lunar Base today?
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How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY


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    • Kaung Htet

      Kaung Htet

      4 uur geleden


    • thanos is epic

      thanos is epic

      28 dagen geleden

      @BHARAT well idk what to do in their situation

    • LlamaBull


      28 dagen geleden

      man you became vsauce and killed the vibe by saying "or we?" that's Wiggity Wack yo

    • Steven Torres

      Steven Torres

      Maand geleden

      This makes me want to do run for president to this already!!!!

    • thanos is epic

      thanos is epic

      2 maanden geleden

      I like ur new app ;)

  2. Дмитрий Иванов

    Дмитрий Иванов

    15 uur geleden

    Размножение на луне....дегенераты...видео не более чем красивая фантазия

  3. Bessie Horton

    Bessie Horton

    15 uur geleden

    PLEASE can humans hurry up and make this happen, I swear if I die before we build a base on the moon i'm going to be so pissed

  4. unknown op

    unknown op

    17 uur geleden

    Lets strike for moon base,demand for moon base

  5. xin guan

    xin guan

    Dag geleden

    3.11: there is a Star Wars x wing pilot

    • xin guan

      xin guan

      Dag geleden


  6. Ryan Gonzalez

    Ryan Gonzalez

    Dag geleden

    Hey look,NASA is doing this

  7. Oyo !

    Oyo !

    Dag geleden

    Hell yeah

  8. Azneef Ahammed Chowdury

    Azneef Ahammed Chowdury

    Dag geleden

    Now we will have a flat moon society

  9. tiex gameplay

    tiex gameplay

    2 dagen geleden

    Yo creo que si nace un niño en la luna despues de un tiempo se va a querer ir a la tierra, digo la tierra es increible comparado con lo que tiene la luna

  10. Raditya Tri S

    Raditya Tri S

    2 dagen geleden

    space infrastructure is possible and easy, but stupid politics ruins them all and just make money for themself, they didn't even care about Earth.

  11. Wallow


    2 dagen geleden

    Please just let the first moonbase be Moonbase Alpha, and the second one Griffin Station.

  12. MuttonChops XL

    MuttonChops XL

    2 dagen geleden

    Things like this will never happen because all the world leaders are too greedy to do anything that wouldn't benefit themselves immediately (not only the world leaders but most people) 💰💰💰 As long as we dont start working together as a species stuff like this may never happen 😔

  13. Adrian Luhring

    Adrian Luhring

    2 dagen geleden

    imagine after (greedy as history has proven) corporate companies get involved and mine/remove more weight than gravity keeps it in orbit and the moon just orbits further and further away, while millions of ocean life species die and general tides turn our ocean waters into a stagnant mess...feels like Mars would be a much better trial run... doesn't directly destroy our existence.

  14. GAMBIT _

    GAMBIT _

    2 dagen geleden

    Finally we can go to moon with SPACE X!! ...Probably it will be 3~4 years later.

  15. Moe Lester

    Moe Lester

    2 dagen geleden

    If we had a race from the moon or mars they wouldn't be able to physically walk on earth as the low gs would mean weaker bones.

  16. Meyer Rosen

    Meyer Rosen

    2 dagen geleden

    Imagine putting moon at the end of your address

  17. Aaron Nyaletey

    Aaron Nyaletey

    2 dagen geleden

    No a jupiter base

  18. Purple Crewmate

    Purple Crewmate

    3 dagen geleden

    2 years later and the Artemis program started

  19. Racso Bob

    Racso Bob

    3 dagen geleden

    great destrying the moon in a decade who would of thought humans were so good at this

  20. Eufemia Arden

    Eufemia Arden

    3 dagen geleden

    Imagine looking up at the moon and seeing cities!

  21. Twigs 240

    Twigs 240

    3 dagen geleden

    If humanity does this, I most likely can see them with my telescope

  22. HelloImNotaBot


    3 dagen geleden

    If only Kurzgesagt was supreme World Leader and could just say "right. These are our problems. Here's howo we fix them. Now moon base. Now Mars. Now Dyson Sphere. Now BLACK HOLE BOMB

  23. kamalakshi nambiar

    kamalakshi nambiar

    4 dagen geleden

    Why isn't there a video on isro

  24. B o n k Time

    B o n k Time

    4 dagen geleden

    We need to live in the moon and leave valve so they can make half life 3,TF3 but we wait faster

  25. mohamed abdullahi

    mohamed abdullahi

    4 dagen geleden

    Only the og remember earth.

  26. Eso


    5 dagen geleden

    I loved how they used the moon kanji in 6.00 hehe



    5 dagen geleden

    If the moon actually declares independence, they would be the biggest country in the world.

  28. ScabberDabber25


    5 dagen geleden

    5:15 capatitalism will propel humainty into the planetary age

  29. kubilusaurus2


    5 dagen geleden

    If even one moonling is Born moon Independence Day will happen in definitely

  30. Alex Romanov

    Alex Romanov

    5 dagen geleden

    What about the effect of the lower gravity on the colonists?

  31. Luis Cubillo

    Luis Cubillo

    6 dagen geleden

    I speak Spanish and I am learning English,I love your videos for this I see your videos how a opportunity to speak better English. I don’t know if I wrote the comment correctly but I try to make the comment good tanks to the 3 people who are going to see it

  32. grumpy_hedgehog


    6 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt: here's how we can colonize the Moon because we're good at hard stuff. Everyone: yaaaay, we can do it! Meanwhile on Earth.... Doctors: wear this 50c piece of cloth and social distance to help control a pandemic. Everyone: REEEEEeeeeeee!!!!

  33. markandjosie11111


    6 dagen geleden

    We already have one

  34. Kamanashis Kar

    Kamanashis Kar

    6 dagen geleden

    Imagine the colonists discovered some technology that would allow them to control whatever the moon does to Earth. Then they say we need to pay them a hefty price per week or else, they will stop whatever the moon does to Earth, including no more free moonlight for us in the night. Now wouldn't that be ridiculous!!! ;););)

  35. Adith Jose Augustine

    Adith Jose Augustine

    6 dagen geleden

    all of these plans are going to be spoilt because of covid 19

  36. Bikshu Vanam

    Bikshu Vanam

    6 dagen geleden

    Team face reveal please

  37. dennoux


    7 dagen geleden

    hope the moon will be communist lol

  38. Kamanashis Kar

    Kamanashis Kar

    7 dagen geleden

    But the real problem is which country (s) will own moon colonies. And also isn't colonialism bad. Colonialism is bad on earth, so wouldn't it be bad on the moon? Also what if those colonies declare independence, wouldn't it anger the parent country, which invested heavily in those colonies. So I say we figure this out before we move on. Anyway,I fully support expanding humanity to the moon! :):):)

  39. Nickolas blip

    Nickolas blip

    7 dagen geleden

    the children would have to go to earth to prevent loss of bones until there old enough to work out on a regular basis or if they had a spinning machine thing

  40. David Tekaat

    David Tekaat

    7 dagen geleden

    I have looked at a lot of videos about colonizing the moon. And I haven't found any with my same ideas. I think we should set up a moon colony on earth. We should have inflatable domes, which we cover with 3D printers with simulated moon mortar. The domes should be connected to each other by inflatable tunnels covered with simulated moon mortar. There should be living quarters, hydroponic green houses, gardens with garden soil for recreational gardening, a 5 acre pasture with one inch of garden soil and one inch of grass turf, a park with artificial turf and with small sections of real grass turf, and maybe even a very small zoo. All the domes will have plastic floors so no water is lost. Condensation forming on the ceilings will be drained into the water supply. All the domes will be blown up with compressed air from earth and will have a refresh system, which will refresh the air and maintain the air pressure. Humidity, Temperature will be maintained by humidifiers, heaters, fans and coolers. Light will be provided by multi-color LEDs, mostly white. Power will be supplied at first by solar power, and later by nuclear or fusion power. There will be a bull, a cow, two sheep, and two goats, two chickens, two turkeys, two fish, and two rabbits. There will also be pets, two dogs, two cats, two bunnies, etc. (and maybe a small zoo) All of this will be set up by astronauts and robots before the colonist arrive. The first colonist will be 5 fathers and 5 mothers, and 90 babies. The parents will be good parents, gardeners, farmers, zoo keepers, teachers, etc.. During the first two years an exact duplicate facility will be built on the moon. When the babies are two years old, they will move to the moon and live on the moon. Or if it is proven that they will be too young to travel to the moon than the facility on earth will be added to, to accommodate 10 more parents and 90 more babies. The two year olds would move into the new addition. Every two years the facility will be either added to, or 100 people will move to the moon. This plan will allow the kids to grow up in the isolation of the colony, and will make it easier for them to live in the isolation of the colony on the moon. And will allow them to grow up on the moon and be better able to adjust to the lower gravity on the moon, although some artificial gravity maybe eventually provided. This artificial gravity will especially be good for the parents. The kids will have everything in the facility to keep them occupied and entertained. Also they could have some books, movies, games, etc., especially adapted for them, being careful not give them anything that would make them feel isolated. After 20 years there could be 2000 people living on the moon, most of whom grew up on the moon. This program could be speeded up so in 20 years there could be 4000, 6000, or 8000 people living on the moon. This program could be simultaneously done to colonize Mars so we could have 2000 people on the Moon and Mars at the same time. For the moon we could send supplies every month, but for Mars we could only send supplies every 26 months. So I suggest we send 10, 20, or 30 rockets to Mars every 26 months all at the same time. We could have several refueling stations along the way to mars and orbiting mars so rockets could refuel along the way to mars and right before landing on mars so the empty rocket would have enough fuel to take off again, refuel in space and return to Earth. Eventually the moon and Mars could export minerals or small expensive items that were assembled on the moon or Mars, like jewelry, iphones, iwatches, etc. Or grown on the moon like caviar, marijuana, etc.

  41. Jose Baez

    Jose Baez

    7 dagen geleden

    We are the aliens...

  42. Φ


    7 dagen geleden

    "How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY"--Kurzgesagt 2018 me in 2020: "I SAY IT FOR THE LAST TIME, THE EARTH IS A GLOBE!"

  43. MonkeyBoy32904


    7 dagen geleden

    *being able to explore the universe & live all over* the government: nah *military* the government: LET'S DO IT ALRIGHT

  44. Red's Gaming Lair

    Red's Gaming Lair

    7 dagen geleden

    kurzgat: has a good idea to save the wolrd Govermnt: nope. not ginna happen

  45. JohnIsPlaying


    8 dagen geleden

    aeiou aeiou aeiou john madden

  46. lisa bullock

    lisa bullock

    8 dagen geleden

    2040 and still no moon base



    8 dagen geleden

    I hope it is 10 years in the future mister Beast will love to make a video on the moon

  48. Mr Detective

    Mr Detective

    8 dagen geleden

    can wait till europe splits the moon into different parts and start ww3 lol

  49. Abdallah El amri

    Abdallah El amri

    8 dagen geleden

    Wow you lerninge me all day rellly

  50. Debbie Pretty

    Debbie Pretty

    8 dagen geleden

    Wishful thinking at this moment due to funding issues. In several decades hopefully

  51. basic freakywise

    basic freakywise

    9 dagen geleden

    Everyone should watch this channel. Instead of debating on politics

  52. Nat Kuhn

    Nat Kuhn

    9 dagen geleden

    You are telling me that the moon would be american territory? That’s sad

  53. Zevbutt


    9 dagen geleden

    5:17 i love the terrifying implications of Weyland-Yutani starting within our lifetimes

  54. TheRobloxian Aviator

    TheRobloxian Aviator

    9 dagen geleden

    they shouldve put a moon base on the moon in the intro

  55. Chili Cactus

    Chili Cactus

    9 dagen geleden

    Why does it have to cost money tho

  56. jose lopez

    jose lopez

    9 dagen geleden

    the moon has helium 3 a cheaper and more resourceful fuel. Mining this will pay 10 fold. I honestly don't understand why people are not jumping at that opportunity.

    • Abhay Prasad

      Abhay Prasad

      8 dagen geleden

      Because they think that they can still use fuel oil etc as a resource and only loves to do politics etc... They hate science you all know that how many fights happen between two or more religion people

  57. Morgan Hamilton

    Morgan Hamilton

    9 dagen geleden

    The real question I have is: Will there be internet on the moon? Because if I can't watch Kurzgesagt videos, I'm not going.

  58. Daniel Werner Petterson

    Daniel Werner Petterson

    9 dagen geleden

    Come on @joebiden

  59. • Jasa •

    • Jasa •

    9 dagen geleden

    Scientists: okay we need some money to do this, we could get platinum uranium... US: nahhh i rather buy another few hundreds of tanks Scientists: oh also we found lots of oil there US: take ittt, get there before cHinA or russia, fasttt

    • Abhay Prasad

      Abhay Prasad

      8 dagen geleden


  60. • Jasa •

    • Jasa •

    9 dagen geleden

    Ppl: omg imagine how cool that would be Me: aMonG uS In ReAlItY

  61. Emre İhsan Ermiş

    Emre İhsan Ermiş

    10 dagen geleden

    Did they edit the video? I remember that one of the guys preaparing their rifle at 8:30.

  62. Sake Sithole

    Sake Sithole

    10 dagen geleden

    That's great and all but what about the Gravity problem?

  63. xFadedxShadow


    10 dagen geleden

    This better be independent from all countries i hate what this world has become. Just please for once. This should just be a place to learn and understand.

  64. HBS


    11 dagen geleden

    It may actually start a war

  65. Joe Marks

    Joe Marks

    11 dagen geleden

    If something happens to Earth it's because we did it. We'd do the same thing to any other orbiting body in space.

  66. Kaguyaa


    11 dagen geleden

    >New tech >Moon Colony wants independence MOON GUNS MOON GUNS

  67. Weezer Ati

    Weezer Ati

    11 dagen geleden

    And make the air breathable

  68. Weezer Ati

    Weezer Ati

    11 dagen geleden

    And have greens and trees and fish and cats and dogs and apple trees

  69. Weezer Ati

    Weezer Ati

    11 dagen geleden

    We can also use moon water to make the moon habitable

  70. unknown mindyourown

    unknown mindyourown

    11 dagen geleden

    Astroids can be brought into the moons orbit? Do you know how fast these things go? Try catching one of them in someway! Good way of destroying any type of machinery

  71. Chaos Convergent

    Chaos Convergent

    11 dagen geleden

    this is so fucking exciting

  72. legend blaster

    legend blaster

    11 dagen geleden

    Artemis is gonna be lit

  73. BinhTurtle


    11 dagen geleden

    One day, a kid on moon will look at the Earth and ask his mom what life here is like

  74. san


    11 dagen geleden

    i feel a bit insane after watching this

  75. The FSR Russiaball Mapping

    The FSR Russiaball Mapping

    12 dagen geleden

    Kurzesagt: *_shows this video_* *_The UK liked that_*

  76. Matthew Gauthier

    Matthew Gauthier

    12 dagen geleden

    Like DUDE. We can do it NOW. But an idea. What about colonizing the ocean?

  77. Vishakan venkat

    Vishakan venkat

    12 dagen geleden

    I don't think aliens is real we the humans are the choosen one from the god to give life to trillians and trillions of planet's that are waiting for humans to give life to those planets so this is the start of what God needed to expect from us

  78. TallDreamy_Daddy


    13 dagen geleden

    6:56 They will have the first extraterrestrial child, and that the child who gonna destroy the earth haha

  79. Get śmokeđ

    Get śmokeđ

    13 dagen geleden

    Nazi moon base

  80. Semonea Grant

    Semonea Grant

    13 dagen geleden

    the president of the moon haha

  81. Marlene Schmidt

    Marlene Schmidt

    13 dagen geleden

    “The Moon is hard, but we’re good at doing hard things” = We’re good at doing Moon Oh my.

  82. Isobella


    13 dagen geleden

    lmao i wish this was imagined without capitalism and corporations and nation states being involved

  83. Martin Quinn

    Martin Quinn

    13 dagen geleden

    Oop but phase 4 they declared idependence. What then?

  84. Thetacodude12


    13 dagen geleden

    now i want to be an astronout or astrologist

  85. Rishab .b

    Rishab .b

    13 dagen geleden

    If countries just took 10% of its military budget we'd see a settlement on the moon in our lifetime... no brainer

  86. Arsh Srivastava

    Arsh Srivastava

    13 dagen geleden

    NASA has realised the truth and they are under work of a mission called the "Artemis". This mission is NASA's intiative towards phase 2 of colonization.

  87. The The

    The The

    14 dagen geleden

    The only thing stopping this is politics

  88. Chickalo


    14 dagen geleden

    COVID-19: Haha, *no you're not*

  89. vffgd dhbvv

    vffgd dhbvv

    14 dagen geleden

    Mentioning of actual countries in futuristic videos gives me strong frustration.

  90. MeatyR


    14 dagen geleden

    Dear government, can we build a moon base already? Government: “Hmm...Nah.” Me: “there’s oil on the moon” Government: “You son of a gun, I’m in.”

  91. Jonathan Spence

    Jonathan Spence

    15 dagen geleden

    "United states of the moon" The states can't even keep their own country together, let alone one on the moon😂

  92. Rowen Aurora Mercier

    Rowen Aurora Mercier

    15 dagen geleden

    every person in the whole world should see this video.

  93. Younis Sfar

    Younis Sfar

    15 dagen geleden

    Scientists: Lets Build A moon base Gov: No Scientists: The moon has uranium which is good for nuclear power Gov: I change my mind sir

  94. Shengbin Zhang

    Shengbin Zhang

    15 dagen geleden

    What if we... gave NASA half of the Department of Defense's budget? (dammit bush why did you invade iraq)

  95. TheGamingPlus


    15 dagen geleden

    NASA: write that down! Write that down! People: yes! President: ugh, fine.

  96. A Random Atheist

    A Random Atheist

    16 dagen geleden

    Why send houses to the moon? If we can print houses at the moon

  97. Henry1324


    16 dagen geleden

    We love colonization because we like to kill other non human homo sapiens. Does moon have non human homo sapiens to murder? No? Nah let's just keep killing those on earth

  98. Aaron Nyaletey

    Aaron Nyaletey

    16 dagen geleden

    Can you make a kurzgesagt movie

  99. nflaming1


    16 dagen geleden

    Why don’t we do this with mars

  100. Enzo Panes

    Enzo Panes

    17 dagen geleden

    Why not send this to NASA???

    • Enzo Panes

      Enzo Panes

      12 dagen geleden

      @Player k ok

    • Player k

      Player k

      16 dagen geleden

      nasa said its possible but goverment cant fund