i turned my kitchen into a fast food restaurant

thanks for coming to my drive-in restaurant..i'll bill you
shouts out to my best friend will for the awesome idea, he streams and is super chill
will's twitch:
also i realize many people have done this before (especially in recent times), so i wanted to link one of my favorites
andrew applepie - 'all about money', 'losing', 'dull knife', 'peripheral vision'
watsky - 'mean ass drunk'
chillhop music:
i'm live on twitch like every day (i also do live cooking on fridays):
biz email:
twitter: juliensolomita
instagram: juliensolomita
byte: @julen
my prints:
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  1. Sega Lyra

    Sega Lyra

    10 dagen geleden

    Who’s here in 2020?

  2. Rudy Gnzlz

    Rudy Gnzlz

    17 dagen geleden

    Jennas “are you ok?” Still kills me 🥺 I miss her in your videos/streams

  3. Danielle Hamrick

    Danielle Hamrick

    23 dagen geleden


  4. Black Forest Wood Co.

    Black Forest Wood Co.

    26 dagen geleden

    Hey Julian, I (finally) just got the Sony ZV-1 because of this video and I absolutely love it, thank you so much for sharing it! Also love this video! Our first video using the new camera will be up tomorrow and I'm so excited for everyone to see the difference between the quality of our old videos compared to our new vlog tomorrow! Thanks again Julian, hope you and Jenna are doing well!!

  5. ALifeInTransition


    Maand geleden

    I like your manager. Julien: He says you guys have to leave. Marbles is way too cute! : )

  6. Katelyn Edelson

    Katelyn Edelson

    Maand geleden

    I really like the b roll shots

  7. Rosemary Bruce

    Rosemary Bruce

    Maand geleden

    marbles really said 👁️👄👅👁️

  8. pinky1068


    Maand geleden


  9. Andrea Rupe

    Andrea Rupe

    Maand geleden

    11:59 lmao bunny's ass

  10. assmaster


    Maand geleden

    jenna :(

  11. holly stirewalt

    holly stirewalt

    2 maanden geleden

    I love julien and his hard work but danggggg he doin all that painting for a one day thing

  12. Vanessa Garcia

    Vanessa Garcia

    2 maanden geleden


  13. Ross Kay

    Ross Kay

    2 maanden geleden

    “open one day a year” that doesn’t mean annually, so any given day in one calendar year it’s open, you have a 1 in 365 chance of eating there g o o d l u c k

  14. Isha Bansal

    Isha Bansal

    2 maanden geleden

    I miss Jenna so much. She's so cute in this video 10:40

  15. Brooke Wink

    Brooke Wink

    2 maanden geleden

    i really missed the vlog style type vids :)

  16. Bob Rogers

    Bob Rogers

    2 maanden geleden

    I agree that Aries Kitchen should be once a year and you should slowly bring more and mroe guests over time with more and more foods

  17. Britt M

    Britt M

    2 maanden geleden

    We miss you Jenna 🥺

  18. Maison Lee

    Maison Lee

    2 maanden geleden

    *jenna being precious with her precious smile and her precious baby voice for 15-20 minutes*

  19. Maddy E

    Maddy E

    2 maanden geleden

    This is like playing make pretend as a kid with toys, but it's real! I love it!

  20. KareBare31


    2 maanden geleden

    Hi. Is it illegal to say that I'm a capricorn?

  21. Ma So

    Ma So

    2 maanden geleden

    The manager's kinda cute, ngl

  22. Kayla Valdés

    Kayla Valdés

    2 maanden geleden


  23. electric_guitar 898

    electric_guitar 898

    2 maanden geleden

    i want someone to look at me the way Julien looks at jenna

  24. Ly Ly

    Ly Ly

    2 maanden geleden

    rewatched this and almost started to cry whenever jenna was filmed, I miss her so much. But whatever makes her happy i will support, and if thats not being on socials then so be it.

  25. Namy


    2 maanden geleden

    Jenna he so much sadder without you in the video... Me too

  26. Louise _890

    Louise _890

    2 maanden geleden

    it's just such a blast watching your videos! you're a genuinely nice guy and down to earth, your camera work and editing is soo good too. i can tell you love what you're doing and i'm happy people support you!

  27. Jennette


    3 maanden geleden

    Love itt

  28. Laurien Dakota Allmon

    Laurien Dakota Allmon

    3 maanden geleden

    Did you use the sony zv1 camera the whole time or go back to your normal cameras? Did you like using the Sony Zv1 camera?

  29. Mikayla Cross

    Mikayla Cross

    3 maanden geleden

    I'm gonna make myself a beyond burger asap

  30. Adriane Orzechowski

    Adriane Orzechowski

    3 maanden geleden

    Being some what of an "at home chef" (gag) myself, julien is one of the few people I'd like to cook for me

  31. David Ortega

    David Ortega

    3 maanden geleden

    honestly i would drive in there! those fries look yum

  32. Andrea S

    Andrea S

    3 maanden geleden

    Watching this now I can't believe it was one of the last times we would see Jenna in Julien's videos. I'll always watch him on his own too..but I do miss them together. :(

  33. lillie peterson

    lillie peterson

    3 maanden geleden

    "prepared on accident" how aries of you

  34. Shannen Watson

    Shannen Watson

    3 maanden geleden

    MORE! of! THIS!

  35. Daniel DePrez

    Daniel DePrez

    3 maanden geleden

    Bro, you need to franchise. People from all over would eat there.

  36. Valeria Sobal

    Valeria Sobal

    3 maanden geleden

    I need my own Julen

  37. CoffeeFox2K


    3 maanden geleden

    Aries Food Truck with Marbles as the dangerous but surprisingly skilled driver, Weach as the potato peeler, Kermit as the meat boy, Bunny as the intern and Jullen as the master chef

  38. Divya Sasidharan

    Divya Sasidharan

    3 maanden geleden

    this cuteness brought tears to my eyes

  39. vindrew sander

    vindrew sander

    3 maanden geleden

    you should do this again but make food for the dogs

  40. Corey Sturgis

    Corey Sturgis

    3 maanden geleden

    Miss Jenna 🥺

  41. leberetframboise


    3 maanden geleden

    the fact that Julien did NO prep before Jenna ordered....... very ineffecient restaurant 2/10

  42. Leana Rudolph

    Leana Rudolph

    3 maanden geleden


  43. Jessica Shlager

    Jessica Shlager

    3 maanden geleden

    Since it is open one day a year (and I obviously missed this year) - I'm looking forward to next year when we can all drive through for a fabulous meal!

  44. nancy kirimi

    nancy kirimi

    3 maanden geleden


  45. Fogón Vegano

    Fogón Vegano

    3 maanden geleden

    This is the light in the dark times we're living ❤

  46. Kenriots


    3 maanden geleden

    Love your creations Julien, so glad you and Jenna found each other ❤️

  47. Cody Smith

    Cody Smith

    3 maanden geleden


  48. Tammy Maui

    Tammy Maui

    3 maanden geleden

    We miss you Jenna ❤️❤️

  49. Riley Draws

    Riley Draws

    3 maanden geleden

    The fact its been 2 months and we're still in quarantine says a lot about our country

  50. lisasbooklife -Lisa Hennessey

    lisasbooklife -Lisa Hennessey

    3 maanden geleden

    Julien makes the best videos and his editing skills are next level. I feel like he could make grass growing look beautiful and exciting!!

  51. Jordan Gray

    Jordan Gray

    3 maanden geleden

    Oooooh those time lapse shots tho

  52. Coral Jade

    Coral Jade

    3 maanden geleden

    Such good vibes! Wow

  53. Dulcinea Parker

    Dulcinea Parker

    4 maanden geleden

    Jenna is great

  54. Elyssae


    4 maanden geleden

    this is suuuch a fun and happy video omg

  55. Jasmine Roberts

    Jasmine Roberts

    4 maanden geleden

    Missing Jenna :(

  56. serena gilbert

    serena gilbert

    4 maanden geleden

    Loveeee this fun content :)

  57. Craftealady 06

    Craftealady 06

    4 maanden geleden

    Idk if this is just my brain but was the spray paint he used from Jenna’s croc hydro dip video 🤔

  58. Callie Andersen

    Callie Andersen

    4 maanden geleden

    This is the most Quarantine video I’ve seen on NLcameras

  59. Just trying To be me

    Just trying To be me

    4 maanden geleden

    Has anybody told you you’re a mean ass truck?

  60. lefty


    4 maanden geleden

    as much as i love the classic cooking videos! im excited for more, cooking “adventures” and such!!! i miss mukbangs too!

  61. alexandra potter

    alexandra potter

    4 maanden geleden

    Thank you for making these videos! :)

  62. Harleen Fields

    Harleen Fields

    4 maanden geleden

    Yoooooo the watsky song!!

  63. no thoughts head empty

    no thoughts head empty

    4 maanden geleden

    okay but your skin in this video is immaculate

  64. Юлия Торопова

    Юлия Торопова

    4 maanden geleden

    Please safe КамедиСтор

  65. Tara Alba

    Tara Alba

    4 maanden geleden

    Who gave Julien permission to be so damn talented?!

  66. Margarida Ferreira

    Margarida Ferreira

    4 maanden geleden

    I want a julien

  67. Sink


    4 maanden geleden

    julien in his own videos: normal human, cracks a couple jokes here and there, loves cooking and his girlfriend julien in jennas videos: pure chaotic goblin man child who has moments of nornality here and there who loves cooking and his girlfriend

  68. Kate _ AzOva

    Kate _ AzOva

    4 maanden geleden

    jenna please save камедистор

  69. - Jasmine_tea -

    - Jasmine_tea -

    4 maanden geleden

    I just wanna say something, Julien is really cool

  70. Sergey Esenin

    Sergey Esenin

    4 maanden geleden

    Jenna please save КамедиСтор

  71. Ася Рождественская

    Ася Рождественская

    4 maanden geleden

    Julien and Jenna please save КамедиСтор

  72. Daisy Black

    Daisy Black

    4 maanden geleden

    Julien and Jenna, please save КамедиСтор (ComediStore)

  73. Любовь Уварова

    Любовь Уварова

    4 maanden geleden

    Jenna, Julien, please save Камеди стор!

  74. Айганым Тегисова

    Айганым Тегисова

    4 maanden geleden

    #JennaPleaseSaveКамедиСтор Jenna please save Камеди Стор 🙏🏻😭🙏🏻 your ,translated into Russian, videos are going to be deleted 💔💔

  75. Closed M Aria

    Closed M Aria

    4 maanden geleden

    Julien please save КамедиСтор

  76. КоФеИнКа:3 NLAOD

    КоФеИнКа:3 NLAOD

    4 maanden geleden

    Julien, please save Камеди Стор

  77. Paulina Rivera

    Paulina Rivera

    4 maanden geleden

    This was such a great video and your sign looked amazing!! I was really trying to figure out where it was “sloppy” from

  78. RaveBunny


    4 maanden geleden

    Julie really did it to ‘em 👏👏👏

  79. RaveBunny


    4 maanden geleden

    I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this video. It makes me so happy 🥺❤️

  80. Buffy Summers

    Buffy Summers

    4 maanden geleden

    I genuinely would be completely stoked if you guys did this once a month with a new fast food theme each time

  81. Ayden Andersen

    Ayden Andersen

    4 maanden geleden

    okay, but who is waiting for Julien to open an actual restaurant????/

  82. Sarah Lamper

    Sarah Lamper

    4 maanden geleden

    I wish I could like this video more than once 😭😭

  83. Hanna Stocks

    Hanna Stocks

    4 maanden geleden

    You should do this again and invite all your friends when this is all over

  84. RaveBunny


    4 maanden geleden

    I miss them so much :’(

  85. Tess Cheng

    Tess Cheng

    4 maanden geleden

    can we just appreciate the transitions and different angles julien does in his video T-T they are beautiful

  86. Sergeant Turtle

    Sergeant Turtle

    4 maanden geleden

    diner: is called aries _drive-in_ jenna: _walks_ up to the window me: ... _wait -_

  87. Alice Chou

    Alice Chou

    4 maanden geleden

    Recipe links?

  88. Yesh


    4 maanden geleden

    feel bad for any Karen coming buy and asking for the manager XD

  89. G.S.


    4 maanden geleden

    17:00 ❤️

  90. Joy Empress

    Joy Empress

    4 maanden geleden

    me coming back to Julien's videos after some years:Julien went from a jock to Dad lol

  91. Larg04


    4 maanden geleden

    My little sisters were missing going to pizzeria so I put up fake pizzeria table on our patio, made fake pizzeria menu, set the table like in a restaurant to serve them homemade pizza on it. It was fun.

  92. L H

    L H

    4 maanden geleden

    Good job, Julien! We will be expecting this again next May 26th

  93. miniskiipperi


    4 maanden geleden

    Loved the music in this video! Aries Drive-in looks so much fun. 😂

  94. mikeysrose


    4 maanden geleden

    I love seeing Jenna happy.

  95. Itza J Rivera Torres

    Itza J Rivera Torres

    4 maanden geleden

    im loving the music

  96. Leila Gu

    Leila Gu

    5 maanden geleden

    Jenna ❤️❤️

  97. Stephanie Trevino

    Stephanie Trevino

    5 maanden geleden

    Hi id like to cuddl- uhhh talk to your manager please?

  98. Samantha Hogan

    Samantha Hogan

    5 maanden geleden

    6:04 He has the orange can but puts away the yellow

  99. Samantha Hogan

    Samantha Hogan

    5 maanden geleden

    julen take care of jenna

  100. Erika


    5 maanden geleden

    4:30 reminds me of that spongebob episode, when they make a drive through. just punch a hole in the wall:)