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RICH PREGNANT VS BROKE PREGNANT || Funny Situations And Awesome Moments by 123 GO!

Congrats are in order! A baby is on the way!! But depending on how much green you have, pregnancy can look really different.

Well, for the most part.

If you were pregnant, would you rather be rich or broke? Not a tough choice, is it? Don’t forget to share this video with your friends if they could use a laugh!

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    I ❤️ Vicky

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    is Vicky really pregnant

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    We miss u vecky u got missing couse you are pregy



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    Omg vicky pregnancy 🤰🏻🤰🏻😲😍so sweet

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    Ameliah ruby

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    What vikings is in youtub

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    yey our vicky is back

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    Omg vicki is really pregnant

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    دموع الزينبيات

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    دموع الزينبيات

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      دموع الزينبيات

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    Sp funny😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Yeah yeah vicky is back we all missed you vicky but you pregnant wow aww 🥰

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    You have a good time at work today

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    Hazard ML

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    why does the rich one sound like a boy?

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    Sienna Sweetie

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    VICKY!! YOUR BACK!! You are amazing. We all missed you and are so proud that you are pregnant! I hope you have an amazing life and a sweetly- formed family♥️🌻🤧



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    omg!!!!! vikki is back she is my favourite

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    Its the scream for me



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    Betty is your riael name Marina i love your name its cute 🥰♥️💜

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    Is it just me or all the comments is all about vikie.. Anyways yaya vikie is back.😍😍

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    Alexis Gutierrez Mitrani

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    I love Betty and I don’t like Vicky and his boyfriend

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    Leela Gurung

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    Congratulations Vicky I can't wait to see your baby

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    vikki ant lana oh my goodenss they are back in hene

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    Hasitha Perera

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    When acting pregnant vedios are the girl pregnant in reall life ????

    • Tsholofelo Shabangu

      Tsholofelo Shabangu

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      Only Vicky

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    Lenka and Kayla Channel

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    Ini mana yang Indonesia

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    Yay 9.99 M subs

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    please make a new video

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    Awe!!!! Vicky is gonna be a real life mom! Congrats!

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    😂😍 mother’s Day but have a great time123go

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    We Stan Vick

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    even tho Vicky is acting is a poor mom she is still pretty 😍😍

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    I miss jess do you guys remember her 😁

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    Fun fact : Vicky is actually pregnant, check it out at her ig @vikkimila And welcome back Vicky we missed you so much

    • Zunairah Zafreen Zayaan

      Zunairah Zafreen Zayaan

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      @Allison Rodriguez yes !

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      Wait she is😳

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  76. Randhir kumar

    Randhir kumar

    2 dagen geleden

    O my god viky is back 😍😘😇and better😜🤧😠 is write😍

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    Andrea Nicol

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    Sorry I am late congratulations 🎊🎉 Vicky god bless your little baby 👶 I missed you I am happy for you hope you baby and you are healthy 🤗 you are going to be a wonderful mummy happy early Mother’s Day 💝 I am so happy there’s going to be a new member in the 123 go family ❤️❤️💝💝

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