Today I tested out Football / Soccer products that have been made by world famous brands. Do they live up to their ridiculous price tag?
Balenciaga video:
Louis vuitton, ferrari, versace, yeezy, bape, off white and Conor mcgregor products tested!
Kieran Brown.


  1. Rachel Martin

    Rachel Martin

    7 uur geleden

    keiren: i cant show you it becuase it said somthing bad 1 second before : shows it

  2. Bonez 3rdWorld

    Bonez 3rdWorld

    8 uur geleden

    I think those balls are either ornaments or souvenir.

  3. Bonez 3rdWorld

    Bonez 3rdWorld

    8 uur geleden

    I think those balls are either ornaments or souvenir.

  4. Music Zacharczuk

    Music Zacharczuk

    2 dagen geleden

    Piccolo on the wall

  5. Akutet Barac

    Akutet Barac

    2 dagen geleden


  6. Game-wiz1


    2 dagen geleden

    I think you are one of the only people I’ve met with my name!

  7. Ninos Kapetanos

    Ninos Kapetanos

    3 dagen geleden

    2:08 Picolo🙌🙌



    4 dagen geleden

    LV ball is probably street ball.

  9. Rux Grindz

    Rux Grindz

    4 dagen geleden

    But why 😂 good video tho

  10. skav 01

    skav 01

    4 dagen geleden

    the boots are for americn football

  11. priangshu sen

    priangshu sen

    4 dagen geleden

    is that hard. then try an indian nivia ball. u will get it. damn

  12. flashfire157


    4 dagen geleden

    Howdy from Texas! 😃 great video

  13. rafa livingstone

    rafa livingstone

    5 dagen geleden

    dude, you need to open physic book someday

  14. YT LOVER S


    5 dagen geleden

    My ball is scuderia ferrari

  15. Oregano Jelly

    Oregano Jelly

    5 dagen geleden


  16. XENO


    6 dagen geleden

    The Ferrari ball should have had yellow/gold stitching around the pentagons

  17. iMrlucas


    6 dagen geleden

    fifa 21 3:52

  18. Owen Kile

    Owen Kile

    6 dagen geleden

    Those are soccer balls not footballs I think you made a mistake

  19. Hieup 77

    Hieup 77

    7 dagen geleden


  20. Sam Richardson

    Sam Richardson

    7 dagen geleden

    So 5$ ASIAN STREET FOOTBALL,BOOTs ..? Sells for 100$ to 4000$ pounds in UK???

  21. Luiz Vinicius Ribeiro

    Luiz Vinicius Ribeiro

    7 dagen geleden

    so no Brazilians are better because we learned to play soft on the asphalt with a bubble in the foot in pain and the Europeans wear football boots that cost another 2000 stories in Brazil then they ask which and the secret I revealed

  22. Fahd Abdullah

    Fahd Abdullah

    7 dagen geleden

    Why are his legs so skinny for a football player

    • Sam Richardson

      Sam Richardson

      7 dagen geleden


  23. Best Game

    Best Game

    7 dagen geleden

    Omg bro you pay 1000$ for 1 video wow bro i like this video

  24. Shadow FF

    Shadow FF

    8 dagen geleden


  25. Capalot_GOAT


    8 dagen geleden

    LV Ball look's ugly

  26. k19


    8 dagen geleden

    I have the Ferrari ball but it is black

  27. giovanni Libonati

    giovanni Libonati

    8 dagen geleden

    Those adidas boots are American football boots

  28. CJ talks F1

    CJ talks F1

    8 dagen geleden

    The Ferrari football is probably more aerodynamic then their 2020 F1 car

  29. Brandy Llewellyn

    Brandy Llewellyn

    8 dagen geleden

    He kept saying football and I live in America so we call that soccer and I was confused until I realized

  30. Abhishek gaming ff

    Abhishek gaming ff

    9 dagen geleden

    Bro can you buy me a football...i love to play this game.

  31. Midhun Pradeep

    Midhun Pradeep

    9 dagen geleden

    I have the ferrari football😎😎

  32. Shahbaz Ali

    Shahbaz Ali

    9 dagen geleden

    While we are sleeping or doing something this guy is busy producing some creative things to make us happy.

  33. Kr0k


    9 dagen geleden

    Very nice video but ur legs are very small? Right 😅

  34. Paul Meyer

    Paul Meyer

    9 dagen geleden

    I have the Ferrari football from Ferrari themselves

  35. suhaib ahmed

    suhaib ahmed

    10 dagen geleden

    I have a ferrari ball it got ran over 2 times by a car and didnt blow up

  36. Talking Sneakers podcast

    Talking Sneakers podcast

    10 dagen geleden

    The Versace ball dropped at a different spot.

  37. ALPHA_tremor


    10 dagen geleden

    Guys have a good day and ur a legend if u see this message if not still ur a legend love u guys

  38. Mike Litoris

    Mike Litoris

    10 dagen geleden

    Мог бы ногти подстричь

  39. nena 007

    nena 007

    10 dagen geleden

    Where did you get the ferrari ball

  40. Human Being

    Human Being

    10 dagen geleden

    This is like a dream for many middle class footballer lovers😊🔥

  41. zizzy fan

    zizzy fan

    10 dagen geleden


  42. Gaming Gecko

    Gaming Gecko

    11 dagen geleden

    Sneaky cameo from my guy piccolo 2:03

  43. Jonathan Cantarero

    Jonathan Cantarero

    11 dagen geleden

    Y’all got some nice camera shots

  44. Ronaldinho Gaúcho Sósia

    Ronaldinho Gaúcho Sósia

    11 dagen geleden

  45. lily lord

    lily lord

    11 dagen geleden

    im lily and ive just started footy any tips

  46. Nyash


    11 dagen geleden

    some hypebeast somwhere is having a seizure rn cause kieran took the off-white ball out of the box

  47. Simona Nectarie

    Simona Nectarie

    11 dagen geleden


  48. Ashley P

    Ashley P

    11 dagen geleden

    The keeper is worst than a statue



    11 dagen geleden

    Cheapest football is the best haha!

  50. HungryYodaIs


    11 dagen geleden

    The ferrari ball: 0-Goal in 2.3 seconds

  51. Hardrock 96

    Hardrock 96

    11 dagen geleden

    I have the red one

  52. Will Knight

    Will Knight

    12 dagen geleden

    good vid

  53. Arron O'Brien

    Arron O'Brien

    12 dagen geleden

    Dod you say conir rigor??? If you don't know what the suit says, it says f you

  54. Hirstyboii


    12 dagen geleden

    Anyone know the song at 6:04

  55. Max Connolly8

    Max Connolly8

    12 dagen geleden


  56. A Cabsalt

    A Cabsalt

    12 dagen geleden

    none of that balls are actually "made" by those companies. they just slap their logo on it..

  57. Joe Kelly

    Joe Kelly

    12 dagen geleden

    I'm not sure but I think the yeezys are American football cleats. A lot of NFL players have worn that model in the past

  58. Raul Gonzalez

    Raul Gonzalez

    12 dagen geleden

    Who else noticed Piccolo from DBZ

  59. Stephen Galland

    Stephen Galland

    12 dagen geleden

    Good video. Can tell this guy is a freestyle guy because his shots are garbage lol. Looks like you're just learning how to kick.

  60. Schwanzus Longus

    Schwanzus Longus

    12 dagen geleden

    i think the ball will climb in value.. it was completely unused ...after 22years probably not many left :D.. wouldnt have use dat

  61. nuurbros


    12 dagen geleden

    2:08 who noticed picccolo

    • nuurbros


      8 dagen geleden


  62. Sandijs Moiks

    Sandijs Moiks

    12 dagen geleden

    Kieran is out here by 1000 pound football whilst I'm sure like half of us (Including me) use like old 2010 balls that we found and are like half inflated

  63. Dugald Poole

    Dugald Poole

    12 dagen geleden

    Versace should just stick to clothing

  64. Andrew DeLong

    Andrew DeLong

    12 dagen geleden

    Remember that fella that was so good at fashion that they had to shoot him?

  65. Muhammed Mahdi

    Muhammed Mahdi

    13 dagen geleden

    08:15 ok now that's enchanting 😳🔥❣️

  66. NearioNL


    13 dagen geleden

    Just get a match ball.. its the only actual football. the rest is fluff. mostly with a wrong weight as well ITs Nike, Adidas, Derbystar.... thats it. (derbystar being the best actually.. Do Nike and Adidas push more money and so are more used, are also lighter.. which is NOT a plus point though)

  67. 2115 Dziura

    2115 Dziura

    13 dagen geleden

    but shoes from bape are to football american m8

  68. Nima Scolari

    Nima Scolari

    13 dagen geleden

    Mitre premier leagues kicks all their asses.

  69. Yuki TheCuteNekoGamer

    Yuki TheCuteNekoGamer

    13 dagen geleden

    The green pickle man on the wall??

  70. lopezprieto


    13 dagen geleden

    Thx, now I want to buy the Ferrari ball.

  71. Piotr Sawicki

    Piotr Sawicki

    13 dagen geleden

    Imo all these designer products, especially the yeezy cleats, look absolutely disgusting. Oh, and they're shit.

  72. My name is

    My name is

    14 dagen geleden

    Am surprised they isn't an apple football

  73. cservenecz dan

    cservenecz dan

    14 dagen geleden

    Yeah, in the end this balls are good for nothing

  74. Charlie Terrell

    Charlie Terrell

    14 dagen geleden

    Why are these footballs round?

  75. ananya chatterjee

    ananya chatterjee

    14 dagen geleden

    Get a sponsor already plzz

  76. savage aztec

    savage aztec

    14 dagen geleden

    The fact he punts the world most expensive football is a lokey flex

  77. Rahul Garg

    Rahul Garg

    14 dagen geleden


  78. RISE


    14 dagen geleden

    1:54 ghost ea :)

  79. J H

    J H

    14 dagen geleden

    get a pair of proper leather boots and it wont hurt these new boots are wank all plastic shite

  80. Mamata Salvi

    Mamata Salvi

    14 dagen geleden

    Bro big fan

  81. LF Beverage

    LF Beverage

    15 dagen geleden

    Why do americans call it soccer?

  82. Bruno Gajdos

    Bruno Gajdos

    15 dagen geleden

    The versace bal its not for playing with it its more a showbal

  83. Videos without any reason Banana

    Videos without any reason Banana

    15 dagen geleden

    2:02 Pikkolo Check

  84. Borat Sagdiyev

    Borat Sagdiyev

    15 dagen geleden

    Why do all these amature footballers kick the ball like a puff? hahaha

  85. Sportd_ Key

    Sportd_ Key

    15 dagen geleden

    Всем Привет Друзья)Оцените видео буду очень Признателен)

  86. C. R.

    C. R.

    15 dagen geleden

    Versace is bullshit! And the LV one is not standard and too heavy, so you cannot play with it!

  87. I4anI green Guys

    I4anI green Guys

    15 dagen geleden


  88. Kamal Ahmad

    Kamal Ahmad

    16 dagen geleden

    3:20 difference made in Pakistan vs made in China

  89. Mats Hansen

    Mats Hansen

    16 dagen geleden

    to be fair to the LV ball, footballs used to be much heavier and harder back in the day.

  90. C1


    16 dagen geleden

    Que poronga la pelota de Versace, no duro un tiro de penales jajaja

  91. Reece Mullan

    Reece Mullan

    16 dagen geleden

    i gotta get myself that ferrari ball now

  92. Yodases


    16 dagen geleden

    Now I want to buy a soccer ball to kick around.

  93. armandotillero4


    17 dagen geleden

    the bape boots are for american football not football dude

  94. G O

    G O

    17 dagen geleden

    The Adidas x Bape boot is made for American Football. Yeezy 2.

  95. OverWatch gaming

    OverWatch gaming

    17 dagen geleden

    LV ball is made for futsal

  96. WTFrocks


    17 dagen geleden

    So, did RUN/DMC teach all Americans how to mispronounce Adidas?

  97. Viggo Larsen

    Viggo Larsen

    18 dagen geleden

    0:30 The name of the original version of this please?

  98. Filip Arnqvist

    Filip Arnqvist

    18 dagen geleden

    8:00 on... fkn... asphalt!!!???!!!!? Stuped

  99. Filip Arnqvist

    Filip Arnqvist

    18 dagen geleden

    Tf would u lie about the price about a clickbate. Now the vid is shit compared to the clickbate

  100. Filip Arnqvist

    Filip Arnqvist

    18 dagen geleden

    It preforms well. No fucking shiiit its a round objekt lmao just buy one from a gas store!?