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  1. julien solomita

    julien solomita

    2 jaar geleden

    recipes added to the description -soiboi

    • Dastardly Quaf

      Dastardly Quaf

      Jaar geleden

      The Nashville Hot Tofu is 💣.com, especially with the frozen tofu method. Wowowowowowowoeowi Thanks for sharing, this really stomped out my craving for buffalo chicken fingers.

    • BeckaBug83


      Jaar geleden

      If I had known, watching your videos back then, that I would be plant based now, I would have paid more attention! Unfortunately, the bacon recipe is no longer active, and that makes me sad. However, This looks great, thanks!

    • robinsss


      Jaar geleden

      there is a plant based alternative to bacon...…………………………………………………………………………………………………'s mushrooms……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..saute sliced mushrooms in butter until they are limp then leave them on the heat in just a little oil or butter until they turn brown………………………………………………………………………………………………...i use white button and they taste just like bacon

    • Sarah Vansickle

      Sarah Vansickle

      Jaar geleden

      Never stop doing Aries kitchen! 😍😍😍

    • Sarah Vansickle

      Sarah Vansickle

      Jaar geleden

      Julien, Watching Aries kitchen makes me feel like im high on drugs and forgot to turn the stove off at home and now im just out in the woods poking bugs with sticks. Just a complete feeling of cluster fuck. Lol love you though.

  2. doozy woozy

    doozy woozy

    4 dagen geleden

    thank you ulien! as a new vegetarian your videos help a lot!

  3. ZeroSizzle


    6 dagen geleden

    Soooo.....Now where can we get the recipes...? I recommended this to one if my superiors for the bacon!

  4. Ash’s Kitchen

    Ash’s Kitchen

    13 dagen geleden

    The little sweater on the bottle

  5. Blair Harper

    Blair Harper

    Maand geleden

    I need like a series of all easy cheap

  6. Brittney Collier

    Brittney Collier

    Maand geleden

    Y no tofu press link

  7. Madison


    2 maanden geleden

    We need more funny cooking channels on NLcameras Bc sometimes they be boring

  8. Dash Rubberbear

    Dash Rubberbear

    2 maanden geleden

    kai? 💖

  9. Pinissima


    2 maanden geleden


  10. Sam P

    Sam P

    2 maanden geleden

    I find it funny how there's just immediate panic that Bunny's gonna drink the pool water outside and Jenna does that "mom with an infant who's about to do something they shouldn't" run

  11. Pock Pock

    Pock Pock

    2 maanden geleden

    tofu dosnt really absorb oil well since its still full of water. but yea, i also add oil for some reason

  12. Reagan M

    Reagan M

    3 maanden geleden

    The best part about this is that it’s all lactose free. I have gallbladder disease and dairy makes it go BRRRR

  13. ethan turgeon

    ethan turgeon

    4 maanden geleden

    im just hungry nowww

  14. m_ari_e02


    4 maanden geleden

    I have celiac and recently went vegan. I appreciate this so much :)

  15. peachyqueen


    4 maanden geleden

    u know i had tofu it to em

  16. user36able


    5 maanden geleden

    Thank you so much for this.

  17. Nadia Hedayati

    Nadia Hedayati

    5 maanden geleden

    food network where ya at

  18. Gaurav Jawla

    Gaurav Jawla

    6 maanden geleden

    wait Julien and Jenna are a couple? OwO

  19. Sleepy Enby

    Sleepy Enby

    6 maanden geleden


  20. Sterre


    6 maanden geleden

    I wish i could taste what you make

  21. Lauren Utley

    Lauren Utley

    7 maanden geleden

    I’m making all of these. Ty julien

  22. OranJJeTofu


    7 maanden geleden

    Omg I actually have most of the ingredients including the sichuan pepper corns wooo I"m so excited to try these, thanks Julien!

  23. Paula Goñi

    Paula Goñi

    7 maanden geleden

    I just bought tofu for the first time and returned to warch this for guidance. Thank you!

  24. Amberli Simmons

    Amberli Simmons

    7 maanden geleden

    I have a really easy way I like tofu, I get the extra firm, wrap it in paper towels to get the moisture out, then cut it into slices, and the put Old Bay seasoning on both sides. And then I put it in the air fryer. It’s great

  25. thunderness B

    thunderness B

    7 maanden geleden

    In the UK there's a brand called THIS that has absolutely mastered vegan bacon

  26. Jenny Tokumei

    Jenny Tokumei

    8 maanden geleden

    julien: "this one legitimately looks like a piece of bacon" the "bacon": [looks like a strip of leather and not like bacon]

  27. javiera ace

    javiera ace

    8 maanden geleden

    smash bros ultimate

  28. Karinne Hiyama

    Karinne Hiyama

    8 maanden geleden

    the disrespect!! tofu is delicious

  29. Holly Bush

    Holly Bush

    8 maanden geleden

    am i the only one watching jenna appearences in julien vids bc i miss her?

  30. Fear Kitten

    Fear Kitten

    8 maanden geleden

    I am definitely trying these! But Julien, don’t feel bad about that sizzle and pop and other food noises, because I love cooking noises. Adds to the atmosphere.

  31. aznfangrl612


    9 maanden geleden

    I think you would love soondubu and mapo tofu

  32. CaroFreaky


    9 maanden geleden

    the link for the bacon does not work anymore. anyone knows where to get the recipe ?

  33. Nate Galindo Last

    Nate Galindo Last

    9 maanden geleden

    wonder woman 1984 trailer

  34. ash S

    ash S

    9 maanden geleden


  35. Rachel Morris

    Rachel Morris

    10 maanden geleden

    MORNING STAR BACON. It's the best.

  36. Olivia


    10 maanden geleden

    I’m rewatching old videos because I already miss Jenna too much. I’m rewatching hers too. I hope you’re both doing okay! Julien, make her a garbage plate again for comfort food lol. Love ya, Jenna ❤️

  37. Shrekabeast


    10 maanden geleden

    Kevin spilt chili

  38. doggos4presidentos


    10 maanden geleden

    i'm rewatching it over a year later and oh my god bunnyyyyyyyyyy

  39. I live on a tropical island

    I live on a tropical island

    10 maanden geleden

    Mapo Tofu is the shit

  40. Emilia Modrusan

    Emilia Modrusan

    10 maanden geleden

    Dang I thought you were actually gonna make tofu

  41. Goblins Unite

    Goblins Unite

    10 maanden geleden

    Nashville hot, the really really good kind, is mostly a seasoning. Best I’ve ever had was from a place called Jim and Nick’s.

  42. Adrita Guha

    Adrita Guha

    10 maanden geleden

    Kung pao is incomplete without fried cashew or peanut

  43. XR mighty

    XR mighty

    11 maanden geleden

    Holy shit then Jenna marbles just walks in that just blew my mind cause I never watched you before

  44. XR mighty

    XR mighty

    11 maanden geleden

    The sound of the bacon ain't annoying added to the setting 🥓 I can almost smell it

  45. OppaiPoison


    11 maanden geleden

    Bacon tofu? lol, thats ironic.

  46. Bābbūb H

    Bābbūb H

    11 maanden geleden

    Yt people r so fucking bold ! It comes off a racist

  47. Samuel Nilsson

    Samuel Nilsson

    11 maanden geleden

    Freezing and then thawing tofu makes squeezing the liquid out laughably easy and basically turns it into a very airy sponge.

  48. Claire McGowen

    Claire McGowen

    11 maanden geleden

    if u have an airfryer this is a really good recipe. cut (i like firm, but u can use extra-firm if u want) tofu into bite-sized pieces (the smaller the pieces are, the crisper they’ll be). marinade: 1tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp teriyaki sauce, 1tsp lemon juice, 1tsp red pepper flakes (for some people that might be a lot), and 1 clove garlic. marinade for 15 minutes. cook in the airfryer for 15 minutes at 400. you can eat it with rice, veggies, or it even goes well with fries. you could probably bake it or pan fry them, but i’ve never tried

  49. Isabel Kloberdanz

    Isabel Kloberdanz

    11 maanden geleden

    I made that Nashville hot tofu and it is sooo good. Thank you for this.

  50. Katie B

    Katie B

    11 maanden geleden

    55 times, including when Jenna said tofu

  51. Anya Yeh

    Anya Yeh

    11 maanden geleden

    Can anyone tell me the name of the video where julien sharpens his knife on a whetstone? Or was that just a mandela effect

  52. Pam Poovey

    Pam Poovey

    Jaar geleden

    So in summary. To make tofu that doesn't suck, you have to add all the frickin' colours of the rainbow, plus booze. You ain't selling this very well Julien.

  53. Gabe Villareal

    Gabe Villareal

    Jaar geleden

    The second recipe was kinda hard it felt like it was missing steps and in bad English your video helped save my dinner thank you

  54. Dani Golightly

    Dani Golightly

    Jaar geleden

    I’m a weirdo that loves tofu. I’ll eat it raw and unseasoned.

  55. Ane Olivia Uri

    Ane Olivia Uri

    Jaar geleden

    oh god, i felt so bad for kevin

  56. ixchelssong


    Jaar geleden

    I searched for a while for good bacon alternatives to make a good blt with, and the best thing I've found to date is Bac'n Bits (or whatever they're called not real meat but taste right)!

  57. Megan Frost

    Megan Frost

    Jaar geleden

    peach at 15:30- “am headless chicken now.” 😂

  58. Elias Isola

    Elias Isola

    Jaar geleden

    *me watching this during quarantine bc I’m bored af* Julien: we can go grocery shopping anytime you want! me: uhh oh no you can’t

  59. Miles Sharman

    Miles Sharman

    Jaar geleden

    I'm lazy so I either just cook it in bbq sauce or cook it in sweet chili sauce and it's still really good

  60. Gabriana Rosario

    Gabriana Rosario

    Jaar geleden

    I watched 14:09 so many times, so cute

  61. Valeria Paz

    Valeria Paz

    Jaar geleden


  62. Phoebe Smith

    Phoebe Smith

    Jaar geleden

    I love these episodesss

  63. Meghan Elizabeth

    Meghan Elizabeth

    Jaar geleden

    You know he had tofu it to em

  64. Ms. Hunter

    Ms. Hunter

    Jaar geleden

    Its funny hearing him talk about how bland tofu is , my brother and i just tried it raw today and agreed it tasted like solid nothing

  65. MoPineappleMoFlow


    Jaar geleden

    Yesss one with the soy boy embracing my inner soy boyy

  66. Danielthesiberiancat


    Jaar geleden

    Well I like tofu fried tofu dipping in Soy sauce,adobong tokwa at baboy(tofu and pork) and ginisang ampalaya with egg and tofu

  67. Black Hawk

    Black Hawk

    Jaar geleden

    So what’s in tofu?

  68. lissersc


    Jaar geleden

    But what about marble? 🥺

  69. CraxedPripyat


    Jaar geleden

    Not gonna lie...the smile after Julien kissed Jenna’s cheek killed me. That was adorable.

  70. Jade Percival

    Jade Percival

    Jaar geleden

    julien: it seems like a lotta ppl don't know what to do with tofu east asians: *laughs in flavour*

  71. Gwen Whitman

    Gwen Whitman

    Jaar geleden

    Me before Aries kitchen trying to make tofu- WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!!!!!! Me after Aries kitchen- I NEED A TOFU PRESS (I did not know that there were different firmness or that you had to press it, I just thought it kinda just was)

  72. whatucallthat _

    whatucallthat _

    Jaar geleden

    Julien: uses half of the pepper because he’s a wus Me: Weakling, I’m using two whole ones.

  73. Ireland Hadley

    Ireland Hadley

    Jaar geleden

    bacon bits are vegan

  74. big tasty

    big tasty

    Jaar geleden

    our mans looking like a makeup brush in that pfp

  75. Sarah Dukeshire

    Sarah Dukeshire

    Jaar geleden

    I am neither gluten-free or vegan. Actually, I consider myself a carnivore because I can’t go a day without meat. But I love these kinds of cooking videos. Seeing people adapt to eating restrictions and choices is really cool to me

  76. Jena Musgrave

    Jena Musgrave

    Jaar geleden I like this recipe for Facon, we use it to put on to salads or baked potatoes 😋 I wouldn’t call it video worthy but it’s yummy

  77. evil goblin number 5

    evil goblin number 5

    Jaar geleden

    Bruh you're convincing me to finally leave meat behind, thank you

  78. Joanne Sabourin

    Joanne Sabourin

    Jaar geleden

    Please, more tofu recipes; I never liked tofu before, and you are so right, it's all in the prep. Anyway you converted me, please make more tofu recipes, spicy ones too!

  79. Davin


    Jaar geleden

    Tofu has been sucking for thousands of years and you think this guy figured out how to make it not suck in 2019? Listen, Tofu still sucks, finding a way to make it not suck is like trying to shovel the beach into the ocean.

  80. MJ


    Jaar geleden

    I’ve been vegan for about five years and I’ve watched this video at least three times 😅

  81. Cynthia M

    Cynthia M

    Jaar geleden

    Definitely gotta try that Nashville hot tofu!

  82. rane hill

    rane hill

    Jaar geleden

    This cooking video has its own energy compared to the rest

  83. Ava


    Jaar geleden

    Important question: can you press tofu 24 hrs before you’re gonna make it and then just refrigerate it???

  84. Naomi Tabares

    Naomi Tabares

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna's "Good Enough" shirt!! 💖

  85. Anew1008


    Jaar geleden

    The bacon recipe website not working! Can you list it?

  86. iLoganC


    Jaar geleden

    So do you make the Tofu at home or is it pre-bought and then you just press it?

  87. Hey Diddle Diddle Gal

    Hey Diddle Diddle Gal

    Jaar geleden

    My mother marinates tofu and fries it in balsamic vinegar, I don't know what it tastes like (allergic) but everyone raves about it :)

  88. twin


    Jaar geleden

    I wear gloves if Im chopping a pepper. LOL

  89. chan's laptop

    chan's laptop

    Jaar geleden

    pewdiepie (in the distance): SOYBOOOYYYY! SOYBOYY!

  90. Vanessa Karola Luna Lichtman

    Vanessa Karola Luna Lichtman

    Jaar geleden

    Love how julien says shimmering instead of simmering 😭❤️

    • Hey Diddle Diddle Gal

      Hey Diddle Diddle Gal

      Jaar geleden

      He's just adorable :3

  91. BearAxeBear


    Jaar geleden

    When you press all the water out of Tofu, we no longer call that tofu, we call it "dougan", the texture and taste are different.

  92. Lukas Sjögren

    Lukas Sjögren

    Jaar geleden

    Julien Listen man I got an old package of hot dogs and some spaghetti

  93. Toxxic Bunbun

    Toxxic Bunbun

    Jaar geleden

    Fry tofu and put it in non dairy ice cream for dessert❤️

  94. Ken R.

    Ken R.

    Jaar geleden

    does peach have a chef outfit yet ?

  95. India-Jazmine Saax

    India-Jazmine Saax

    Jaar geleden

    Julien, can I put the 7th Harry Potter book on my tofu instead? Please tell me.

  96. Mimi 78

    Mimi 78

    Jaar geleden

    Lmao fry it in bacon grease

  97. Drama queen 13

    Drama queen 13

    Jaar geleden

    My cousin is Vegan (and has a peanut allergy) so we watch juliens recipes in order to make meals that both of us can enjoy that arent just salad. The vegan pad thai is a favourite but I really want to try the kung pao tofu and nashville hot

  98. Lisa Nass

    Lisa Nass

    Jaar geleden

    Why does Jenna always have food-gasms XD

  99. Ana Lulić

    Ana Lulić

    Jaar geleden

    Nobady: Jenna: my turn my turn my turn my turn

  100. Sarah Stenske

    Sarah Stenske

    Jaar geleden

    Never stop referencing vines in your videos, we need vine humor to stand the test of time.