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Using a Touchscreen on a MacBook Pro! - espresso display

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The espresso display claims to be the world's thinnest touchscreen and it can even make your MacBook a touchscreen... kind of. Let's see what Riley thinks.
Check out the Espresso Touchscreen Display at lmg.gg/EUkUY
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  1. ShortCircuit


    8 dagen geleden

    Thanks to Notion for sponsoring this video! Sign up for Notion at bit.ly/shortcircuitnotion

  2. xtreamchance


    Dag geleden

    Wait, where was the whole part where you showed it as a touch screen?!? Not just that wee bit at the front? Now, I'm confused!

  3. Jahyr Alvarado

    Jahyr Alvarado

    3 dagen geleden

    what if, you tried to adapt that display into a real imac, so it is a “touch imac” ?? just saying

  4. Aleksander Janeczek

    Aleksander Janeczek

    3 dagen geleden

    Love this T-shirt! Saw it in multiple colours on Riley. Any chance that some of you guys know where to buy it?

  5. Денис Давыдюк

    Денис Давыдюк

    3 dagen geleden

    Объективно жаль, что только Самсунг сейчас Форсит тему с подключением своих устройств к различным док станциям. Для работы с 90% потребительских задач такая связка была бы очень удобна: браузер, стриминг, работа с документами. А относительно этого монитора, для графики и монтажа он навряд ли подходит, только для работы с таблицами и текстом. Но пока развернешь всю свою переносную рабочую станцию в какой нибудь кофешке, твой эспрессо ужа давно остынет.

  6. A Z

    A Z

    3 dagen geleden

    BEFORE it even starts I can see that magnet mount for touch screens seems like a LOT of FUN...

  7. BartholomewJS


    4 dagen geleden

    Why not mention the annoying wobbling when actually using the whole point of the display - the touchscreen ability?

  8. Mr.J


    4 dagen geleden

    I’m just using the iPad sidecar

  9. William Reeves

    William Reeves

    4 dagen geleden

    So, in the title, they sell the video as being about a touchscreen for Mac, Linus teases it at the very beginning ... but then the review mentions nothing about it whatsoever. Anyone else feeling slightly betrayed right now?

  10. Connor Josleyn

    Connor Josleyn

    5 dagen geleden

    For the current 357 of you that dislike this video, why?

  11. Blizzard4242


    5 dagen geleden

    Meanwhile Mac Users: Laughing in Sidecar

  12. Paulo Franca

    Paulo Franca

    5 dagen geleden

    I'm a simple man, I see Riley I upvote...

  13. Akhil Krishna UK

    Akhil Krishna UK

    5 dagen geleden

    "it scares me a little bit just because the only way that its mounted on is with a magnet" Pro Display XDR: First time?

  14. Ace Wing

    Ace Wing

    5 dagen geleden

    "if you have a Windows PC you don't deserve this!" My MacBook Pro running Windows just so it can run ThrottleStop is very angry right now.

  15. Raymundo S

    Raymundo S

    6 dagen geleden

    what pc laptop are you using? ... I couldn't see the brand

  16. Jacob Wonder

    Jacob Wonder

    6 dagen geleden

    Whyyyy would they make a touch screen monitor with that sh*ty of a stand?

  17. Renju V Devan

    Renju V Devan

    6 dagen geleden

    “If you use a windows PC, you don’t deserve this”😂

  18. DMonZ1988


    6 dagen geleden

    so thin but bezel on bezel.

  19. Nicky550 Ecoboost

    Nicky550 Ecoboost

    6 dagen geleden

    Neat, I would love a wireless monitor for pc to just browse the net or watch movies. Distance wouldn’t need to be very much.

  20. Max


    6 dagen geleden

    tried to order one, they took my money but I did not receive any confirmation mail... that does not feel good

    • espresso


      3 dagen geleden

      Hey Max, we're really sorry this happened. Please shoot us an email at support@espres.so

  21. Johnny Bananas

    Johnny Bananas

    6 dagen geleden

    honestly was amazed by this until the stand. A touch screen monitor cant be wobbly the only way that much wobble would be acceptable is if it wasn't being touched to be used.

  22. John Doe

    John Doe

    6 dagen geleden

    If it weren't for the price and the specs this would be pretty interesting. I mean if this were in the $100-$150 range I'd actually consider it but for twice plus no thank you. I'm sure there's a market for this but it's a pretty small very niche one.

  23. Nathan Webb

    Nathan Webb

    6 dagen geleden

    "I'm going to the coffee shop to write my next screen play" .... and I'm bringing my own expresso.... monitor.

  24. awlabrador


    6 dagen geleden

    A solution in search of a problem. The whole point of laptops is portability, and sacrificing screen space is part of the deal. Adding a “portable monitor” adds screen space by sacrificing some portability, and if you need to do that, there are other solutions - bigger laptops, or return to your office or home and dock to your desktop setup. And if you’re a MacBook and iPad owner, you could just use Sidecar.

  25. jas wats

    jas wats

    7 dagen geleden

    Soy face = dislike.

  26. Ben K

    Ben K

    7 dagen geleden

    Did anyone else catch the unintentional potable pun

  27. Hammad Khan

    Hammad Khan

    7 dagen geleden

    THIS video deserves thumbnail of the year award 🤣🤣🤣

  28. a bit of Tech

    a bit of Tech

    7 dagen geleden


  29. KamOking


    7 dagen geleden

    Was expecting this to be really expensive but is reasently priced compared to other portable monitors £280 for the 15 inch

  30. Aryeh Yehudah Ajzenberg

    Aryeh Yehudah Ajzenberg

    7 dagen geleden

    Please do not make videos with this guy anymore ! He just ruined the product ! If was the CEO of the Expresso Company I would take this looser to Court ! Horrible video, I hated it and try doing something WAT BETTER than this one next time ! Where's Anthony ?!?!?!

  31. Kyle Wilde

    Kyle Wilde

    7 dagen geleden

    On order 👌🏼 will work wonders whilst on the go rather than scrolling between full screen pages continuously

  32. ODYS


    7 dagen geleden

    Wait, Macbook doesn't have touchscreen, for that price? Mmm, superior hardware.



    8 dagen geleden

    Ok Ned

  34. Benjamin Reigner

    Benjamin Reigner

    8 dagen geleden

    I think it would be nice if you did a video on which portable monitor someone should depending on their use (like you've already done with entire computer and stuff). I think that most people who would want a portable monitor would want it for basic desktop stuff but still some could want more color accurate ones, high refresh rates ones, etc...

  35. jp gri

    jp gri

    8 dagen geleden

    I wonder how this would work as a focus pulling monitor

  36. Liman K.

    Liman K.

    8 dagen geleden

    My mom uses a 40 inch tv for her MacBook lmao

  37. Isai Oswald

    Isai Oswald

    8 dagen geleden

    Wow as a Mac user this is actually something I really want.

  38. lapieuvreee


    8 dagen geleden

    “A touchscreen ; apple could figure it out” Well they did :) iPad can be used as second screen on a Mac using Sidecar! They even do that over wifi

  39. ThinkingBetter


    8 dagen geleden

    @4:26...let's make some dents in the aluminum surface of my MacBook...

  40. Infernus


    8 dagen geleden

    clunky af

  41. lolcopter


    8 dagen geleden

    Using touch screen on monitors is a shit experience. Other than that the monitor keeps wobbling around, your hands pains in just a few minutes. The ergonomics are shit. I kinda get why Apple does not want to give touchscreen and I am with them on this one.

  42. Nobo Jerry

    Nobo Jerry

    8 dagen geleden

    wao truly innovative

  43. Bryan S

    Bryan S

    8 dagen geleden


  44. Vader Thompson

    Vader Thompson

    8 dagen geleden

    6:24 Windows Laptop: notice me senpai

  45. Birdulon


    8 dagen geleden

    Probably the thinnest among mainstream brands sure, but I have a "4mm thick" portable 4k touchscreen from aliexpress (it's not if you measure it pessimistically, but neither is this thing going by the ports) that cost around the same asking price. I love these portable monitors but if anything the thinner ones make me uneasy, I have an ~11mm thick model as well and it's much more reassuring to interact with.

  46. SevenDeMagnus


    8 dagen geleden


  47. imicca


    8 dagen geleden

    Honestly nobody needs touchscreen on mac

  48. Opeyemi Sanusi

    Opeyemi Sanusi

    8 dagen geleden

    what's the point of a monitor the size of your laptop screen

  49. Tony Mu

    Tony Mu

    8 dagen geleden

    what about an iPad as a monitor contacted to Mac ?(wireless or pluged)

  50. Lewis Alexander

    Lewis Alexander

    8 dagen geleden

    This could be the device I'm searching for, due to MacOS support. Could you tell me if it supports gestures, etc please? I ask for a rather unique reason. I'm blind and use VoiceOver on the Mac. I'm searching for a touch screen to allow me to control particular software to provide me with an easier way of working, rather than routing to an iPad, etc, I'd rather a direct display. If you could advise me, I'd much appreciate it. Also, who's the manufacturer? this is so I can contact them directly to ask if they could provide a unit on trial in order to undertake R&D to particular accessibility software to encourage Apple to officially support touch environments within MacOS and VoiceOver. Why should the ipad have all the fun?

  51. Nurav Animations

    Nurav Animations

    8 dagen geleden

    Waiting for Jerry's bend test

  52. Jurre


    8 dagen geleden

    Me about to take a monitor to my school

  53. Umano Teodori

    Umano Teodori

    8 dagen geleden

    I crave for an external monitor with a battery and high brightness but it has to be at least 17"

  54. PacketLost


    8 dagen geleden

    if you make a product first for mac, in the words of Reggie, what's your problem ?

  55. Drop The Mic

    Drop The Mic

    8 dagen geleden

    Can you please do a video on Legion 5 pro 2021?

  56. Ben Korpella

    Ben Korpella

    8 dagen geleden

    Riley is awesome.

  57. Riley Coleman

    Riley Coleman

    8 dagen geleden

    Just buy an iPad at that point.

  58. Monster Saric

    Monster Saric

    8 dagen geleden

    Cut the mac in half and attach attach I tell u

  59. Aabir Kashif

    Aabir Kashif

    8 dagen geleden

    in hackintosh laptops we already do it :P

  60. Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    9 dagen geleden

    That box is a Wacom ripoff

  61. Raymond Chen

    Raymond Chen

    9 dagen geleden

    Running MacOS on a touch screen Apple: “Wait, that’s illegal”

  62. Peter Schumacher

    Peter Schumacher

    9 dagen geleden

    I just got the new intel ad with Mac guy 😂

  63. gregoriodia


    9 dagen geleden

    Can mac run 2 of those + built-in display at the same time?

    • espresso


      7 dagen geleden

      Hi! Thanks for the question. Yes, Mac can run 2 espresso Displays + built-in display at the same time! 😄

  64. Espresso


    9 dagen geleden

    my kind of monitor

  65. Hi-Fi Insider

    Hi-Fi Insider

    9 dagen geleden

    I've been saying I want a 15" iPad Pro.

  66. Arne Schröder

    Arne Schröder

    9 dagen geleden

    I mean, you could just use your iPad as a 2nd display...

  67. DCsProductions


    9 dagen geleden

    It has a cool stand, and touch screen is interesting, but I will stick with my $80 acer portable monitor

  68. Contour Nut

    Contour Nut

    9 dagen geleden

    "It's a potable monitor, you can drink it." So he has a kid now...

  69. Jason Brooks

    Jason Brooks

    9 dagen geleden

    3M has made these since the 80’s

  70. kuchesezik


    9 dagen geleden

    surprised i hadn't made that kevin lyttle connection before this 😂 thanks riley

  71. Ira Jacobs

    Ira Jacobs

    9 dagen geleden

    potable espresso :D Good writing.

  72. Mark Louie Adame

    Mark Louie Adame

    9 dagen geleden

    Touchscreen on windows is the biggest gimmick on laptop thats why apple did not implement touchscreen on macos

  73. ale T

    ale T

    9 dagen geleden

    The wobbliness is plain horrible. It is impossible to use this screen as touch screen with such movement. My HP laptop doesn't seem wobbly at all, but once i start poking fingers around, have to hold it still with another hand when i need accuracy.

  74. Nick Lofy

    Nick Lofy

    9 dagen geleden

    Could you use a pen and make it like a graphics tablet?

  75. Aritra Adhurjya

    Aritra Adhurjya

    9 dagen geleden

    Series S and this monitor, baam portable gaming station.

  76. AZRubs


    9 dagen geleden

    Wait apple hasn’t gotten to touch screens yet 💀

  77. frezydynecy


    9 dagen geleden

    1:44 :(

  78. maruftim


    9 dagen geleden


  79. Jerry Goss

    Jerry Goss

    9 dagen geleden

    Nobody pulls out a touch screen to get work done, and who is gonna use the touch screen on that wobbly mess?

  80. Servius The Bear

    Servius The Bear

    9 dagen geleden

    Dude I want this but not to use with mac. So many ideas is runing through my mind right now!

  81. grapesofwrath1984


    9 dagen geleden

    The term is adsorption, not suction.

  82. doctor wings

    doctor wings

    9 dagen geleden

    and raspbery pi screens

  83. Allinson


    9 dagen geleden

    Was literally searching for a quality version of this last week to use as hands on DAW control. Thanks for the great content as usual

  84. Flip Flops

    Flip Flops

    9 dagen geleden

    Well to be honest you can actually use the iPad as the second monitor as a touch screen, it does the same thing!

  85. Computer Aided World

    Computer Aided World

    9 dagen geleden

    It's very weird that you changed a perfectly good video icon to a wonky looking Riley.

  86. Kyle Church

    Kyle Church

    9 dagen geleden

    This looks cool but I'm going to stick to sidecar and iPad until travel picks back up.

  87. Mahip Kalra

    Mahip Kalra

    9 dagen geleden

    Did you have to install a driver on your Mac to use this?

    • espresso


      7 dagen geleden

      Hey Mahip! If you want to use your Mac with an espresso Display, you don't need to install a driver. However, to take advantage of the touch feature on the Display with your Mac, you need to have our espresso Touch Software installed on your device. Hope this helps! 🙂

  88. A W

    A W

    9 dagen geleden

    Looks like what DIY perks will make if he has more time and fund

  89. Arav Ambaram

    Arav Ambaram

    9 dagen geleden

    Well you also have iPads

  90. CodyG Gaming And Tech

    CodyG Gaming And Tech

    9 dagen geleden

    thats illegal

  91. Very Loki

    Very Loki

    9 dagen geleden

    that would be sick, for travelling.

  92. Mauricio Giacomello

    Mauricio Giacomello

    9 dagen geleden

    Why not trying with a phone? :)

  93. Anton L

    Anton L

    9 dagen geleden

    Could you plug an IPad into it?

  94. Jakob


    9 dagen geleden

    That dude is annoying a f.... Gotta be a pretty close friend, or good at something else?? then "tech" since Linus stated he wanted to hire him. He got no info about the product, are not validating the claimed specs, and fx checking the brightness that often is highly overpromised and close to 200 then 300, he has spent no time actually examing the content and what could be interesting to show for the viewers, that you're afterall trying to sell this product too. all you doing is sitting like a bozo and fooling around with it and acting more stupider than I reckon you actually are.

  95. Matt Carlin

    Matt Carlin

    9 dagen geleden

    Espresso's logo is almost exactly the same as Zowie's lol. Only difference is that Espresso's is more angled/square.

  96. Monarch's Games

    Monarch's Games

    9 dagen geleden

    Notion or Monday :/

  97. dadlikeslaptops


    9 dagen geleden

    Riley might be my favorite person in the world.

  98. Vedant Mhaske

    Vedant Mhaske

    9 dagen geleden

    I'd not be surprised if I saw Riley at the coffee shop today with le ESPRESSO !

  99. Floris van Estrik

    Floris van Estrik

    9 dagen geleden

    As a MacBook user, I don’t see the benefit of this display compared to just using an iPad in sidecar mode. Sure, it is a little bigger but an iPad has Apple Pencil support and can be used the without the MacBook as well. It makes me wonder why this display targets MacBook owners in particular. They already have a great wireless solution for this problem.

  100. Koyaiba FRZV

    Koyaiba FRZV

    9 dagen geleden

    "Windows users don't deserve this!" *Laughs in playing osu! using touchscreen casually*