Wandavision Episode 7 Marvel TOP 10 Breakdown and Ending Explained

Wandavision Episode 7 Marvel TOP 10. Ending Explained, Monica Rambeau Post Credit Scene, Agatha Harkness, Quicksilver & Wandavision Episode 8 Trailer ►
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Covering Full Wandavision Episode 7 TOP 10 Breakdown and Easter Eggs. Agatha Harkness Explained, Monica Rambeau Evan Peters Quicksilver Post Credit Scene Explained. Doctor Strange 2 Easter Eggs and Nightmare Breakdown. Scarlet Witch Nigthmare References and New Scenes. House of M, Evan Peters Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch vs Agnes Agatha Harkness. Monica Rambeau Powers Spectrum Photon and Captain Marvel 2. Wandavision Episode 7 Ending. What Happened to Vision Explained. Billy and Tommy Wiccan and Speed.
Wandavision Episode 8 Trailer, Avengers Infinty War and Avengers Endgame Wandavision References. Marvel Phase 4 Fantastic Four Foreshadowing. The Blue Marvel Character and Doctor Strange 2 Foreshadowing.
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More 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. I'll be doing Episode videos for everything. We'll get more Spider-Man 3 news. Venom 2 Trailer and more Morbius Trailer videos for all the bigger Spiderman Movies next year.
My Wandavision Episode 8 video coming next! New Episode videos will post every Friday. Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 1 starting after the Wandavision Episode 9 Finale too!

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  1. Emergency Awesome

    Emergency Awesome

    5 dagen geleden

    Here's my Full Wandavision Episode 7 video and Marvel Easter Eggs. Lots of big reveals finally. Post all your predictions in the comments! Here's my new Wandavision Nightmare Easter Eggs video too!

    • Frank Guerrero

      Frank Guerrero

      2 uur geleden

      Has anyone talked about the intro scene the calendar has a Friday the 10th in a heart. The next Friday the 10th is on September. Is anything happening that day this year?

    • Elaine Etheridge

      Elaine Etheridge

      23 uur geleden

      I dont think they were trying to remake Vision, I think they were trying to remake Ultron. James Spader is listed as the voice of Ultron in the cast. Just my 2 cents

    • GIJOE


      Dag geleden

      Really? You actually think Major is the engineer? She delivered it, she’s not the engineer.

    • John Moghabghab

      John Moghabghab

      Dag geleden

      @englandmp152 That's my theory but it is possible it's just her familiar too

    • RocLobster


      Dag geleden

      There was a detail I noticed that I need a second opinion on. In the scene where it shows Agatha and the directors chair, in the background if you look at Wanda she seems to be possibly Frozen similar to how some of the people in Westview are at certain times or she's just sitting there staring at the mic above her head and not actually frozen but I can't entirely tell which it is

  2. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    11 minuten geleden

    Surprised you didn’t mention the “super hero landing” that Monica did a few times in the episode.

  3. Rushery AikKO

    Rushery AikKO

    38 minuten geleden

    "And I killed sparky too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭"

    • nieooj gotoy

      nieooj gotoy

      11 minuten geleden

      the Hex itself for whatever she plans to do next. The colour of the magic surrounding Agatha's book seems to be an orange/red colour - which makes me think that only Wand

  4. Bill Hudson

    Bill Hudson

    2 uur geleden

    The darkhold is back from Shield Lol Hopefully they explain how she got it

  5. Jonas Pamperl

    Jonas Pamperl

    2 uur geleden

    hasnt anybody saw the statue from agents of shield which reminds coulsen of thahiti

  6. Im Michael

    Im Michael

    5 uur geleden

    I think Sam raimi is the perfect person the direct Dr strange 2, he's known for making great superhero movies and horror movies

  7. Anthony Vigliotti

    Anthony Vigliotti

    6 uur geleden

    Though presented as a villain, I think Agatha has actually been helping Wanda with her mental health and anxieties. Being a good wife, fitting in with society, being a good mother, dealing with the death of her brother and family, dealing with the death of vision. These have been the themes of the episodes. I don’t think she is the antagonist, but actually Wanda’s friend

  8. JPK Clutch

    JPK Clutch

    9 uur geleden

    I knew that wasn’t the real quicksilver.It just did not add up but he is definitely important.My theory is that he is Agathas son Nick scratch. Agatha and Nick are probably working under Nightmare and that is what will lead to Dr Strange appearing in the series finale bc Nightmare becomes too influential.

  9. CJ


    10 uur geleden

    I think book is the darkhold and it could lead to nightmare or someone else.

  10. Adora of Eternia

    Adora of Eternia

    12 uur geleden

    I think the scape artist darcy is a refference to the fact that she was handcuffed to a car and could not escape the hex when wanda made it grow at the end of the previous episode.... not "to her literally trying to escape once vision wakes her up". Eyes on the pillow? Cmon

  11. Tat Bat

    Tat Bat

    12 uur geleden

    OMG! I loved it! Here's a some pop culture easter egg that no one seems to have noticed, Aggie's house exterior is the same one used for Sam and Darrin's house (or an outstanding re-creation) in Bewitched. The original side door was swapped out for the basement door but that's the same exterior. Also, Aggie's theme song was heavily Munster-ish.

  12. IDK David Kim

    IDK David Kim

    13 uur geleden

    Upvote this cause I want Charlie to talk about it what if the meddling with visions Dead body brings back ultron!

  13. fastgav


    14 uur geleden

    I'm thinking the book could be the necronomicon or something like that. I really am hoping for Mephisto and not a cosmic villain, but purple power to me = Galactus, which I know doesn't make sense for this setting...but he is the most purple galactic villain I can think of

  14. Jus call me vell

    Jus call me vell

    14 uur geleden

    Probably her kid nick

  15. battlethebollocks Rodgers

    battlethebollocks Rodgers

    15 uur geleden

    Coven of witches going mainstream/lame stream...forgive us father, narcissistic and shallow.

  16. Kc P

    Kc P

    15 uur geleden

    Wanda doesn’t control anything underground. The agent didn’t change to the beekeeper until he came out of the sewer. She had no clue what was going on in Agatha’s basement. The question is, is Agatha stronger underground than up in the hex?

  17. Denis Boss

    Denis Boss

    15 uur geleden

    Quicksilver is gonna wake up out of agatha her magic and he"s gonna be like "who is pietro & where is Charles??"

  18. Alex Rodrigo

    Alex Rodrigo

    16 uur geleden

    FYI. It’s going to be mister sinister. Hear me out. The closed caption said sinister music. Sinister, like in the comics, wants to unlock mutants. He also has purple color scheme. Lol. Their is a lot more if you read the comics and you can connect so many dots. But I’m to lazy. I’m sure you can see them.

  19. Kc P

    Kc P

    16 uur geleden

    Was Agatha’s car in the mid credit scene a perfect color match to iron man?!

  20. Gabriel Anderson

    Gabriel Anderson

    16 uur geleden

    I reckon Vision can't leave the Hex cause Wanda is drawing power from the mind stone subconsciously to make the hex, and Agatha's magic tree roots are drawing power from the Hex itself for whatever she plans to do next. The colour of the magic surrounding Agatha's book seems to be an orange/red colour - which makes me think that only Wanda or Billy (assuming Billy's superpower colour is orange) can open the book which I'm guessing Agatha needs to bring back the missing kid on the milk carton from the start of this episode?

  21. Lee'sa Lee

    Lee'sa Lee

    16 uur geleden

    The Dr.Darcy was chained to metal, in the Hex she became strong -breaking thru the chains with ease and punched the man with metal punch sound. She got some powers, mutant....possibility

  22. plague0vSOULS


    17 uur geleden

    Question: Did the brooch Agatha was wearing towards the end have any significance? It looks like an logo/sigil of 3 sisters? Or something. Thanks in advance.

  23. Paulsicles


    18 uur geleden

    I like the Tonka Tough easter egg commercial that was Rambeau's DUMP TRUCK 😳

  24. Sean Kramer

    Sean Kramer

    19 uur geleden

    I would much rather have Evan Peter's playing the new quicksilver over any other role

  25. James Daniel Villanueva

    James Daniel Villanueva

    19 uur geleden

    Maybe Major Goodner is Soren, Talos' daughter???

  26. random black guy

    random black guy

    19 uur geleden

    Fortnite had a season called "nexus wars" with a bunch of marvel characters And the final boss was galaxus I think that should also be considered🤔

  27. Anonomous


    19 uur geleden

    I don’t get how if scarlet witch has all that power she can’t repair vision

  28. SpookMrsSpooky


    21 uur geleden

    When I saw him in the mid credit scene, I thought he was in the process of checking out Agatha's basement too. "Snooper's gonna snoop" I took to mean he was snooping too. I stopped reading comic books in the mid to late 60s (they went from 12 cents to 2.50. No thanks, I had bills by then), so I missed out on Agatha Harkness and all these other characters, so I'm probably wrong.

  29. Mel Jones

    Mel Jones

    21 uur geleden

    The engineer is the skrull daughter

  30. josh woerner

    josh woerner

    23 uur geleden

    Just rewatched Spider-Man Far from home... And i just realized, one of the teachers, reacting to the elementals, says "From a scientific standpoint, Witches" and i thought, thats so random, why would he say witches when he coulda said aliens. Could this really be a hint that long ago about Wanda vision? Just a thought.

  31. Brandi Stone

    Brandi Stone

    23 uur geleden

    Can't wait for more

  32. Loutzenheiser


    23 uur geleden

    Evan Peters plays Fox X-Men Universe Quicksilver, possessed or controlled by Agatha,.

  33. Isaiah Carrion

    Isaiah Carrion

    23 uur geleden

    I really hope it’s doctor strange

  34. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    Dag geleden

    I love how Wanda sniffs the cereal when she'd poured the milk. Who knows if the milk was still fresh after it had glitched so much.

  35. ceddy jj

    ceddy jj

    Dag geleden

    I see that Monica is wearing that fantastic four uniform, well it looks like it

    • bocoy noiu

      bocoy noiu

      Dag geleden

      I bet the pic of the kid on the milk is actually a real life pic of Elizabeth Olsen

  36. DJ Pharaoh

    DJ Pharaoh

    Dag geleden

    I think Pietro is Nicholas scratch

  37. Kelly Klapp

    Kelly Klapp

    Dag geleden

    I don't think quicksilver is a magic user at all. I think it's just he's a controlled person and Agatha gave him the ability through her to also capture others that intrude. She's just using him as her guard. Now Monica and him and both under her control.

  38. Keola Kaluhiokalani

    Keola Kaluhiokalani

    Dag geleden

    Was the book stolen from the sanctum after Strange was snaptured? 🤯

  39. Cheef Sosa

    Cheef Sosa

    Dag geleden

    So no more regular down to earth, punch and kick characters?

  40. MC Neil Pereira

    MC Neil Pereira

    Dag geleden

    The bill comes due. Always!KARL MORDO revealed in the final episode as the big baddie 👺



    Dag geleden

    I think Peter/Pietro/Quicksilver is the missing person on witness protection it's the only mysterious person left now, because it looks like Agnes was only controlling him just like any other person being mind controlled in the Hex

  42. Paul Chien

    Paul Chien

    Dag geleden

    Check the book’s energy! I froze the frame & upped the saturation- ITS ORANGE; neither red, purple or blue. To the left is a flower-less plant. Cut everbloom? These plants are similar

  43. Jayrhuss Rosal

    Jayrhuss Rosal

    Dag geleden

    The yo gabba gabba scene is missin the robot...means vision is out of the picture

  44. Abel Quintanar

    Abel Quintanar

    Dag geleden

    I'm pretty sure the kids are shards of the soul stone. Look again and you see it in one scene the of the soul stone. Maybe she barrow 2 or 3 peaces of the soul Stone to created life 🤔🤷

  45. Future Legend

    Future Legend

    Dag geleden

    If u watch Episode 7 the start, where Wanda wakes up and goes to get milk, put subtitles on Disney + and you'll see a person RJ who suddenly talks in between and mentioned "Good Morning, Westviewians, Thanks for tuning in to W.N.D.A" who is RJ?

  46. Quinteros, Matias

    Quinteros, Matias

    Dag geleden

    What if the people that helped monica were all skrulls like the little skrulls form the 90s

  47. JayRue Rue

    JayRue Rue

    Dag geleden

    The book looks like Stan Lee. Lol

  48. Zachary


    Dag geleden

    I still really want Evan Peters to be the XMen Quick Silver

  49. lilyhunter1015


    Dag geleden

    Did anyone watch with subtitles? During the scene when she's in the kitchen and the milk glitches, there were subtitles as if people were talking, but no one was talking. Easter egg of sorts?

  50. Dante Faust

    Dante Faust

    Dag geleden

    I might have missed something but how did Darcie know about the events of Infinity War with Wanda destroying the Mind Stone in Vision's head and Thanos rewinding time? And how did they know Wanda and Captain Marvel nearly killing Thanos in Endgame? Was there a news coverage where the events of Infinity War and Endgame presented to the public in detail?

  51. GM Gray

    GM Gray

    Dag geleden

    I bet the pic of the kid on the milk is actually a real life pic of Elizabeth Olsen

  52. R0GU3 P41NC3

    R0GU3 P41NC3

    Dag geleden

    Great breakdown. I think he's her Son/Señor Scratchy.

  53. Lee Jackson

    Lee Jackson

    Dag geleden

    Do you think there are some Hellstrom Easter eggs buried in Agatha's lair??

  54. Max Condie

    Max Condie

    Dag geleden

    Goodner will be Covid Smoulders of SWORD

  55. Mike Day

    Mike Day

    Dag geleden

    Surely the glitch is because the hex is much bigger and wanda now has less control. Hence agnes getting ready to pounce. Seems like its all part of agnes plan.

  56. Dani Xoul

    Dani Xoul

    Dag geleden

    That yo gabba gabba reach is reachy!!!!!

  57. Oliver Lombard

    Oliver Lombard

    Dag geleden

    That's wasn't the engineer, she said he, when saying she's going to ask her for help. Also when she went to get the vehicle the army captain said "we“. Hence we haven't met the engineer/s. Ps. That's was Agnus asking Wanda from behind the camera. They just lowered Catherines voice.

  58. Joe Fern

    Joe Fern

    Dag geleden

    Vision will become anti vision an evil vision from earth 616 and marvel will introduce THE GATHERERS into the universe with eternals movie which will introduce the kree.

  59. Rz Gomez

    Rz Gomez

    Dag geleden

    I think she is working for a more powerful character.

  60. Henning Kaiser

    Henning Kaiser

    Dag geleden

    It really bugs me when people use abbreviations that are as long or longer than the original word, like "on the DL". Also makes it very hard for non native speakers to understand imo.

  61. sintasm


    Dag geleden

    What's a hot second?

  62. apal4u


    Dag geleden

    You didn’t point out in the intro there’s a split second shot of text saying: “I know what you are doing Wanda” in those magazine cutout letters you usually see in ransom nights 😱

  63. Jeremy Kozlowski

    Jeremy Kozlowski

    Dag geleden

    No you dumas her powers were weakened because of the expansion, then Agatha had a way in wake tf up!

  64. Jeremy Kozlowski

    Jeremy Kozlowski

    Dag geleden

    What about firestar? Or sentry or strongman? In the circus🎪 C'mon bro!

  65. Bryce Н

    Bryce Н

    Dag geleden

    Normally when the credits start rolling I dip outside for a cigarette but this episode idk why but I stayed and watched the credits for the first time I think just cause of how the reveal for Agatha happened I was pretty shocked by everything and was still processing the ending, and then I saw the post credits scene I was so glad I didn’t miss it lol

  66. Bryce Н

    Bryce Н

    Dag geleden

    Ok so hear me out... Agnes called herself Agatha Harkness this episode... she showed she has magic powers... there’s also a character named Agatha Harkness in the comics with magic powers... now don’t quote me on this but I THINK they may be the same character. That’s my working theory right now omg i just don’t know maybe I’m reaching. In all seriousness I cannot wait for the next two episodes this show is just as good as the mcu movies it’s so captivating and there’s so much universe building it doesn’t feel cut off or individual from the overall mcu universe it feels like it’s expanding it and adding so much to it and it’s future

  67. Sean Tisdale

    Sean Tisdale

    Dag geleden

    Is AL Pacino the big actor to play cameo?

  68. Nikko Tabiolo

    Nikko Tabiolo

    Dag geleden

    Eyyy, you know modern family😁

  69. mightyfp


    Dag geleden

    these breakdowns are as long as the actual episodes

  70. Morris Gavant

    Morris Gavant

    Dag geleden

    The last end credit music had a Saint Elsewhere feel to it. Like we’re all getting ready to head to a place which is not quite straight.

  71. bilij pdan

    bilij pdan

    Dag geleden

    Agatha: "I killed Sparky" John Wick:"So you've chosen death"

  72. Stephen Rizzo | Fitness | Training

    Stephen Rizzo | Fitness | Training

    Dag geleden

    This is the best RECAP channel - the Charley guy doesn't show you his geeky face, trying to sexy you up! :) Just the facts, ma'am! (thx man)

    • Emergency Awesome

      Emergency Awesome

      Dag geleden


    • bilij pdan

      bilij pdan

      Dag geleden

      radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker? 😂 I mean, she's a witch, so why not transform into a spider? 😂

  73. Allen Morris

    Allen Morris

    Dag geleden

    I have some thoughts a little bit about the powers and what the colors mean. Wanda's powers are red and that relates to the Reality Stone in the MCU as she can change reality. Agatha is purple which would then relate to the Power Stone in the MCU. and Monica has blue which would relate to the Space stone in the MCU which would make sense with her comic book powers. (also when billy used his power to stop tommy that was blue but I feel that is more related to the psychokinetic ability like Jean Grey and Professor X)

  74. woogha


    Dag geleden

    This is my theory. The "Luke Skywalker level" cameo will be Ralph. As played by Mark Hammil.

  75. EnteyLaser9000


    Dag geleden

    well now its monday so i guess we figure out in 4 days]

  76. Koro Wheke

    Koro Wheke

    Dag geleden

    Yup Agatha Harkness is so the Hero of Westview protecting the Nexus of Reality from Wanda:)

  77. William


    Dag geleden

    Its all actually just a TV show. Thats my theory

  78. Jeff Hardie

    Jeff Hardie

    Dag geleden

    My theory about Evan Peters character has changed but now I’m sure he is Senor Scratchy, aka Nicholas Scratch

  79. Mshina Sherman

    Mshina Sherman

    Dag geleden

    Agatha is really thor sister.

  80. Kieran mark

    Kieran mark

    Dag geleden

    Kathryn and Elizabeth need some sort of award? Amazing acting by the both Hell the whole cast have done amazingly I thought by the trailer before the show came out that it wasn't gonna be my cup of tea Dammnnnn was I wronggggg!

  81. Darkwolf523


    Dag geleden

    No. I did rewatch a second time with a friend. Didn’t expect anything during the credits like the previous episodes

  82. Alex deMartine

    Alex deMartine

    Dag geleden

    What if Agatha is actually from the fox universe and thats the version of pietro she remembers so that the form she gave him....

  83. P.A. Stewart

    P.A. Stewart

    Dag geleden

    Know it's been several days after the episode aired and the review came out, but the connection my brain was trying to make with Agatha's book and the greater Marvel universe hit me. Now don't quote me, I could be wrong and probably am, but that book isn't the leather bound Darkhold, but rather the iron clad book of Shuma-Gorath. Old Shuma is a Doctor Strange villian who hales from the Cancerverse. Two birds one easter-egg.

  84. Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

    Dag geleden

    Nice to get the reveal of Agatha Harkness finally, and very much looking forward to the special cameo happening in the next couple of episodes!

  85. dshaynie


    Dag geleden

    Do you think quicksilver will be revealed as peter maximoff from fox if vision breaks free his mind like vision did for other characters

  86. J CMD

    J CMD

    Dag geleden

    Don’t know if it’s important but in the credits scene when Monica is in the drive way you can see a gold and red car parked just to the left that has a very Iron Man look to it.

  87. Reese upon a Star 🌟#reeseuponastar

    Reese upon a Star 🌟#reeseuponastar

    Dag geleden

    When the trailer comes on: oh well there is a new villain When the end comes: And I killed sparky to! Everyone: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  88. Know Play Sly Comb

    Know Play Sly Comb

    Dag geleden

    I just thought of something. Agness said she bit a kid and I was going through my mind of things biting kids and then I suddenly got a funny idea. What if Agness was the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker? 😂 I mean, she's a witch, so why not transform into a spider? 😂

  89. Brain Lock

    Brain Lock

    Dag geleden

    Strongman = Sentry? . Darcy - how does she know SO MUCH? She has to have an inside informant, possibly Thor drunk dialling her, confessing everything he knows about what happened in his guilt.

  90. Rupayan Mukherjee

    Rupayan Mukherjee

    Dag geleden

    You forgot the engineer was a he so it cannot be her, I guess he'll be either the big surprise in the last episode or at least be name dropped at the end scenes, still holding out for Blue Marvel though

  91. Loren Kovačević

    Loren Kovačević

    Dag geleden

    So who is actually the villain? Agatha Harkness? Grim Reaper, although I don't think he is, Mephisto or Nightmare more likely? Or maybe Immortus/Kang the Conqueror Which of them is the greatest villain for the further phase? Throw in the dark maybe Doctor Doom there were signs. Who knows?

  92. Zaptor-Fan99


    Dag geleden

    I think Evan Peters may be Nicholas Scratch. I can't believe I'm really saying this but he and the rabbit have never been seen at the same time.

    • Zaptor-Fan99


      Dag geleden

      If not, Mephisto

  93. Ayoutube user

    Ayoutube user

    Dag geleden

    Awesome video!!

  94. Jerry Firehammer

    Jerry Firehammer

    Dag geleden

    Do you think the nexus add is a reference to the nexus internet hub mentioned in Age of Ultron?

  95. Scott Beaubrun

    Scott Beaubrun

    Dag geleden


  96. Matthew Robinson

    Matthew Robinson

    Dag geleden

    Probably too much to hope for, esp. with only two episodes remaining, but I'd love there to be an opening for Man-Thing (guardian of the Nexus) to enter the MCU.

  97. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

    Dag geleden

    My question is where was Agatha going in episode 6? If you remember, Agatha was in her witch costume stopped at the intersection of Ellise road where Wanda told the twins not to go. Since we know that she was putting on an act with Vision from this latest episode that means that she most likely saw Vision coming towards her (either through the rear view mirror or the side mirror). She knew she had to act like she was "frozen" like everyone else. But that got me thinking, where was she even going in the first place? Why was she on the outskirts of town instead of being somewhat near Wanda? I don't believe Agatha is so powerful that she knows every step any of the characters are going to make. I don't think Agatha knew that Vision was going to fly off on his own. So...where was she going? Outside the Hex? But why? Just something I noticed

    • DivergentPuff


      3 uur geleden

      I was thinking the same thing. Maybe she was going to meet up with her master or something.

  98. josh s

    josh s

    Dag geleden

    Hey guys what if you at the movies and Charlie’s voice comes up like after the trailers.

  99. joseph ishkabibble

    joseph ishkabibble

    Dag geleden

    She had to use her teeth to contain the fast kid because the twin brother had her hands full.. too obvious and corny

  100. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei

    Dag geleden

    When wanda was saying that she had no answers to her children she she also says "zip zero nada" just like tony when he returned from space in endgame.....