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  1. Claudine Paul

    Claudine Paul

    6 dagen geleden

    Think you lorie,wore\\\\\\\🦋

  2. Richard Rivera

    Richard Rivera

    8 dagen geleden

    Much ❤Love

  3. Creative Expressionist

    Creative Expressionist

    8 dagen geleden

    Question....I have been sharing videos on my fb page of truths that resonate with me. I say very little. Mostly, “FYI, if you’re interested “ kind of thing. Is this not doing it right? Am I causing more division by this? The things I’m sharing, about the truths of election fraud, vaccines, sex trafficking, etc, I’m doing it with the intention of educating. I feel no anger, frustration, hate towards anyone, even when people post hateful things on my page. I feel I just want to give people, who truly want to be educated, the opportunity to hear it. Until I get thrown off of fb!😁. Needing critical advice here from other light workers. Should I not share this controversial educational information?

  4. Amanda K

    Amanda K

    9 dagen geleden

    Wow this is solid teaching right here! Might have to listen to this regularly to help keep this guidance in my awareness! 🌈💞💫 thank you!

  5. CosmicHeartSpace


    9 dagen geleden

    Living in the now! 💖🙏🤩

  6. Sofia Sof

    Sofia Sof

    10 dagen geleden

    Beautiful REMINDER. Bless you Lorie 🌟💫💙🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙

  7. Phil Christophers

    Phil Christophers

    10 dagen geleden

    funny thing the day after you dropped this video the K index went to four which is the yellow zone . the k index is the geomagnetic activity on our planet earth

  8. Diana


    10 dagen geleden

    Love you mama ❤

  9. PaintingVideos


    10 dagen geleden

    You are great. Thanks for pulling us out of doubt

  10. Sabina


    10 dagen geleden

    Yes, it is important to feel the charges in the body. The external will activate past life traumas, even lifetimes from other places than earth. Use the external to cleanse.

  11. Jane Wilson

    Jane Wilson

    10 dagen geleden

    Have the faith !

  12. Jewels Maloney

    Jewels Maloney

    10 dagen geleden

    The flip side of anxiety is Excitement! We can choose to focus on or name it anxiety rather than excitement. So check in with "What is this feeling of excitement?"

  13. Ktrn Schrtr

    Ktrn Schrtr

    10 dagen geleden

    Love this message. Thank you so much ❤️

  14. Chrizelle Gill

    Chrizelle Gill

    10 dagen geleden

    Thank YOU for being here! Exciting times ☺️☺️☺️

  15. Claudine Paul

    Claudine Paul

    10 dagen geleden

    You are so right,wat is going right now I am not part of it,so please you gy

  16. 4th I Trancendance

    4th I Trancendance

    10 dagen geleden

    Great advice!

  17. lauren fay

    lauren fay

    10 dagen geleden

    The way I see the current evolving energies on the planet is : There are millions of lightworkers that have already awakened or are in the process of awakening, we are all scattered around the globe and all dealing with tons of opposing energies all around us in our everyday lives. We all have free will. We all have had to suffer through the clearing out of lots of trauma stored in our bodies, which involved horrible emotional pain and discomfort. All of our traumas look different, feel different, have come in many many different forms, but as we are all part of the same collective we all share that experience. We all feel very battle scarred and naturally want to put up our defenses to those who try to cut us down or make us feel disempowered, not because we hate the people who disagree with us, but because we are all SICK AND TIRED of feeling disempowered by others!! I feel the strong need for our focus to be not on the people who oppose our truths, but instead our focus (energy) be on offering our support and encouragement to those who hold a truth that is very similar to our truth, even if it looks a little different for each and every one of us. Also, instead of focusing (using our energy) on what is breaking down, the old ways that are triggering and painful to us, we could be focusing our energy on what could be a NEW way, and start thinking of solutions which would naturally align us energetically to the other people on the planet that hold a similar truth as us, and could be the connecting piece in the puzzle that will eventually bring the whole puzzle together in union ( the 5D Earth) I like to think of it as literally putting together a puzzle. The more pieces we put together, the easier it becomes to find where the other pieces fit. So why get frustrated that the pieces that are currently all around you dont fit or connect with your specific piece. Trying to force the pieces to fit will never work. If we all wake up to a larger perspective and see our piece as just as valuable as every other piece in the whole entire puzzle, then if we can find the courage to move towards the pieces that are more of a match to our piece, we will get closer to connecting to the pieces that specifically resonate with us. When each piece connects with those pieces that surround it in the puzzle, more and more of the other pieces will be able to find where they belong, and that will bring us closer and closer to the point at which the entire puzzle is solved, which is the ultimate goal of the 5D earth becoming fully restored. We are the WAY-showers, that means our purpose on this planet at this time of urgent need, is to take full responsibility for showing the way for others to follow, not cutting down those that don't agree with us. The only way to perpetuate peace on this planet is to move towards peace ourselves!! Even in the “spiritually awakened” circles we still see people lashing out at others if they disagree or do not resonate with their specific truth. That way of thinking or acting is only perpetuating more war not peace. We can still be sovereign in our thoughts and actions, without disempowering ANYBODY else. A huge part of individual sovereignty is taking full responsibility for our own actions or thoughts towards ourselves and others. WE are ALL equal. So if you cut down someone else in speaking your truth, you are not in alignment to YOUR specific purpose, therefore you will not be in alignment to YOUR heaven on earth reality.

  18. susan e

    susan e

    10 dagen geleden

    if you need me you will find me in my peace bubble ✨💖✨

  19. Victoria Greenwood

    Victoria Greenwood

    10 dagen geleden

    This is just so helpful, Lorie. I am finding it so comforting at this time of intensity. Thank you!

  20. Mimi B

    Mimi B

    10 dagen geleden

    Ooooh I just had a thought what if when Jesus said stuff like "and the first shall be last", he was really talking about the balance of power flipflopping back from currupt lying people in service to ego self positions of power being switched To the common people who wish to share in compassionate service to others

  21. Annelie Franzén

    Annelie Franzén

    10 dagen geleden


  22. Berni Houk

    Berni Houk

    10 dagen geleden

    Thank you for a much needed beautiful reminder!!! Namaste

  23. Mr G Orwell

    Mr G Orwell

    10 dagen geleden

    @Lorie Ladd Thank you! I needed to hear this today. I had an interaction this morning with a stranger that did exactly what you described. She took my focus off my thoughts of collective consciousness and pulled me into her fear. I faltered and although didn't react with anger, I certainly could have dealt with it in a much more calm and centred way. But these are challenges sent to us for us to recognise I suppose. Thank you!

  24. HealingWithWords


    10 dagen geleden

    I've been a low-vibe mess since Jan 6th! Reactive, fearful, angry... yesterday I tried challenging masks to my well-meaning but sleepy neighbour who wants to wear a mask... caught myself afterwards and realised what I'd done... waste of energy and it only upset me. I realised rather humbly that she had done better than me, as she wasn't so attached to her position as I was to mine. Argh. Oops. So thank you for helpful reminder to bringing me back to my sovereign energy field and unconditional love. Love you, Lorie!

  25. Lisa Lisa

    Lisa Lisa

    10 dagen geleden

    All is well♥️ I am getting better at it...... 🙏i am grateful for this reminder. I want to embody this everyday all takes zoom out ability. ♥️focusing on me. X

  26. QChicana SD

    QChicana SD

    10 dagen geleden

    I was raised in a border town among many Latino activist who have successfully secured elected & executive positions in our hometown. Two years prior to covid I unknowingly entered the dark night of the soul realizing I was married to a psychologically abusive narc who took it up many noches after I told him I was filing for divorce, the fam court system is broken & a cancer in our society & allowed as well as perpetuated his continued litigation abuse 2017 - still in it. As an activist & a gangster & feminist I posted about my experiences often, with many mutual friends & families that grew up together, I became ostracized, I suffered finically emotionally psychologically n socially. My mom fell ill and my older sisters became resentful I was unable to help physically giving no consideration that I’m the youngest with 3 minors going throygh divorce working ft and in my masters and their children were adults. I also am closest to my parents & had been paying my dads cell & their groceries for years. They collaborated n made several efforts to exclude me and defame me placing my dad in emotional turnmoil too on top of my mom passing. I was VP for staff at a community college fighting the powers of the school with no help from the powers of the union and was ultimately Set up my my own union members along with our regional rep and when I reported bullying g the college and the union turned a blind eye. I had to move three times, spent over 12k on incompetent lawyers, my kids suffered along with me but no one cared no one had the balls to talk to him to stop. I was taken to mental hospital by police one evening based on a comment I made to my sister who called the police but u had only been in my house crying fir 20 hours. When covid hit amd I had the kids no money no friends no family and no idea what was going on I grew suicidal again and one evening after staring past the tv to the wall all day I heard cnn report Bill Gates agenda 21!-!: my spirit became usettled so I researched and found so many hidden truths and diff narratives. I began posting what i found and was met with more ridicule, dismissal, n rudeness, by friends and family. The angry sleepers vs lightworkers was getting heavy for me and the angry sleepers where I’m from hold elected offices, high govt and Corp jobs. 95% post anti Trump and make it clear they think I’m crazy m. I feel very judged n excluded but in reality 5d //fed res/ Saturn entities sounded great n made sense especially the good vs evil! I’ve been posting hints now full on info n invisible war status. I’m huge Q follower n Q tells us red pill as many as poisible, so it’s confusing. I’m also a master Starseed life path 11 learned during my awakening and what u believe my mission is is quite dangerous challenging fam court and other issues I want to address falls on deaf ears, same ears I need for any resources, speakers, info, data, support and I’m excluded n avoided! Plus I suffer from ptsd which no dv legs assess for or treat neither my health insurance Kaiser’s assess or treat others. I feel and study often increasing my knowledge and intuition. I’m ok much better after learning about Q n Trump and so much astrology, hidden wonders, universe but I am feel paralyzed n oppressed and I a def feel like I’m lagging or missing my chance for my soul purpose. It also makes me a lil nervous how so many people don’t see it (I mean Mayors, professors, military, -!i sometimes wonder if they are date soon

  27. Joanna Davberg

    Joanna Davberg

    10 dagen geleden

    Thank you 🥰 I am totally exhausted 😴

  28. hedda enger

    hedda enger

    10 dagen geleden

    Thank you. Needed this ❤️🙏🏼

  29. Rh negative Light worker

    Rh negative Light worker

    10 dagen geleden


  30. gigi v

    gigi v

    10 dagen geleden

    my friend in Malta has just messaged me, she is a travel agent and now Turkey has told its people that no one can even go outside on a now the Virus knows what day it is LOL she also says no lockdown for the rich as if you own or can hire a private plane you can go anywhere. so hope people wake up and SOON!!!!!!

  31. gigi v

    gigi v

    10 dagen geleden

    needed to hear this thanks Lorie xxxx

  32. ellen swaan

    ellen swaan

    10 dagen geleden


  33. Amy Italo

    Amy Italo

    11 dagen geleden

    I’m literally living for these videos. I am so grateful and happy I am not alone. So much cognitive dissonance right now. We’ve got this warriors 🙏

  34. Sandu Grecea

    Sandu Grecea

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you for your presence in this day to this planet. When I listen you words a vibration energy go through my body. I know in that time is divine voice and you’re here for me and others millions to give the right information at the right time. Gods blessings you

  35. Dave Peterson

    Dave Peterson

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you!❤️

  36. Adam Cline

    Adam Cline

    11 dagen geleden

    More focus on The brilliant Light that is me and in using this to encircling the world with this to shift of all. BRILLIANTLY WHITE with a hint Fluorescent Blue. Envelope the world becoming new😌

  37. April Woods

    April Woods

    11 dagen geleden

    I needed this. I was getting sucked into it.

  38. Adam Cline

    Adam Cline

    11 dagen geleden

    More care with how I express my thoughts and feeling and compassion then 🤔 okay. I understand and will endeavor to use more graceful communications with those whom I come into contact with.

  39. Jennie Nuriya

    Jennie Nuriya

    11 dagen geleden

    Wow! Thank you. So good to hear the outer chaos named. Your message is so powerful for spiritual embodiment. So grateful for your videos. Very supportive!

  40. V I V I A N A

    V I V I A N A

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you so much for this! The intencity of this energy is no joke! So excited for whats ahead! Blessings to you always!

  41. Angelina Williams

    Angelina Williams

    11 dagen geleden

    I needed to hear this right now. My truth is so focussed. I need to keep reminding myself to stay with my own energy field and not get entangled into others beliefs and truths. I hold compassion for all others and hold no judgement to them. I see now that I need to send them more love and light. Thank you so very much Lorie.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  42. Angel Priebe

    Angel Priebe

    11 dagen geleden

    Love you girli and Thank you 🙏🏻

  43. Vision Dancer

    Vision Dancer

    11 dagen geleden

    just like when you put a magnet into a pile of iron filings they all respond to the magnet instantaneously and effortlessly… Why? Because the magnet is tuned to source energy! When we stay centered in our internal direct connection to source we affect everything in the field effortlessly and instantaneously… This is Whey we came and this is the moment we came for. Resonate Your own connection to source energy… You don’t need to understand it… Just go within and feel it within your own center it’s already there become a beacon for that into the world… That’s how we change the collective

  44. catnissmiller


    11 dagen geleden

    Indeed, agreed! 👉🏼💖👈🏼🙏🏼💕🌎💫🔥🌊

  45. Pamela Smith`

    Pamela Smith`

    11 dagen geleden

    Dear Family ,A spectacular illusion is soon apon us , nuclear threat , blackout and graphic disclosure in the 3D .What appears as real ,is not . One must rely on their own dear heart and inner knowing . Stay well and strong ,stay clear and still for humanity will need you ,more than ever .Be calm ,be at peace within , be nourished and well rested ,yes chaos will ensue ,only know deeply that All is Well .

  46. California Girl

    California Girl

    11 dagen geleden

    Hello Lorie and Everyone. I need some help. I am looking for Lorie's video which she explains how earth downgraded from 5D to 3D. Lorie explains how Earth requested her guides to open up the portals so Earth could receive the light needed in order to ascend to 5D, and how opening up the portals allowed 4D beings to enter Earth's energetic field. This is a video I want to share with some people who became interested in learning this! Thanks

  47. Marie


    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, much love 👍😉🤗🤗🇮🇪🍀

  48. Deborah R

    Deborah R

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you for being a strong and powerful light that guides humanity.

  49. Beatrix Turrentine

    Beatrix Turrentine

    11 dagen geleden

    Thanks for reminding me

  50. Tina Reed

    Tina Reed

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you, Lorie 💜 Things changing fast! Working hard to get my light up and it's working! So excited!! Love and light! 💜

  51. Jessica Rainbow

    Jessica Rainbow

    11 dagen geleden


  52. Jessica Rainbow

    Jessica Rainbow

    11 dagen geleden


  53. Suzi Hixon

    Suzi Hixon

    11 dagen geleden

    Needed this. Thank you! 💕

  54. quarantangerine


    11 dagen geleden

    I hope I can be at a book signing for your book in the future !

  55. Haley Madden

    Haley Madden

    11 dagen geleden

    Wow... about an hour ago I was online arguing with someone about the new Jason Shurka video, and the person was basically calling me crazy.. at first I hit back but then I thought “why am I even bothering, trying to wake this person up” I just watched this and it really hit home for me today... absolutely right, you always make me feel so much better.. love you!! Thankyou for everything you do! I just had to write this❤️❤️❤️🙌

  56. Phil YogaEveryDay

    Phil YogaEveryDay

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you ✌🙏

  57. Zoe Lafantaisie

    Zoe Lafantaisie

    11 dagen geleden

    Love you so much Lorie - thank you for all your beautiful help. I don't know how I'd manage without it. xo

  58. Zennie Jennie LLC

    Zennie Jennie LLC

    11 dagen geleden


  59. Rebecca Stasack

    Rebecca Stasack

    11 dagen geleden

    I just love you and I'm so glad I found you... you are amazing!!!

  60. Sven Erik Golden

    Sven Erik Golden

    11 dagen geleden

    Lorie Ladd lovely lady of the light thank you for such a useful video.

  61. Anna Alcyone

    Anna Alcyone

    11 dagen geleden

    💥🎈💓💃🏻Stay Centred! Stay You! Beeeeingness! Love Humanity 💥🎈💓💃🏻

  62. gommechops


    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you.

  63. CM DyPdV

    CM DyPdV

    11 dagen geleden

    This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. THANK you so much 🙏

  64. Sirpa Perkola

    Sirpa Perkola

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you ❤️😍🙏

  65. Joanne Rigby

    Joanne Rigby

    11 dagen geleden

    I have broken my shoulder, struggling to live with my non dominant hand, but despite the pain I am feeling endless gratitude for all the love being offered ❤

  66. Shawn Linnehan

    Shawn Linnehan

    11 dagen geleden

    I am feeling a little constipated now that I think about it. I need some oatmeal.

  67. Sandra Smith

    Sandra Smith

    11 dagen geleden

    I'm back in my body, not swimming in the public messages unraveling as was beginning to do. Today I woke to strange dizziness, like head in vacuum. This too shall pass. Every now moment an opportunity to become more of who I truly am, a peace loving being. 💫💜🌻

  68. Myriam Naud

    Myriam Naud

    11 dagen geleden

    Wow!! Thank you so much 😊

  69. Sandra Smith

    Sandra Smith

    11 dagen geleden

    I played that out 2 days ago. Result felt totaly icky in that now moment. Only served to confirm the poor view of me that person already had. Result was also positive as I saw how out of alignment I am.

  70. Jean Anne Walsh

    Jean Anne Walsh

    11 dagen geleden

    This message is such a blessing! Thank you, Lorie for the incredible work you are doing, for keeping us grounded and bringing us back to center! Thank you, thank you! You are an angel!

  71. Peter Walton

    Peter Walton

    11 dagen geleden

    As always, brilliant, calming, cathartic!

  72. Andrea Vincent

    Andrea Vincent

    11 dagen geleden

    Bless you woman. You help me so much. Thank you for all that you are. ❤️💫🌟🥰

  73. Savannah Peckham

    Savannah Peckham

    11 dagen geleden

    I love you! You look radiant and beautiful as always, it’s an honor to be here with you and everyone else 🙏🏼🤍 we are warriors with open hearts and we can accomplish anything from this center, we got this. 🌟

  74. Phlip74


    11 dagen geleden


  75. Maria Fazzari

    Maria Fazzari

    11 dagen geleden

    Great great info!

  76. Caprice Craigmill

    Caprice Craigmill

    11 dagen geleden

    You are LOVE, peace, compassion and empathy ❤ BEAUTIFUL and Brilliant. Love sister 💕 💓. Thank you for all that you do and who you are💗💫💋😘💜 and MORE💫💜💫

  77. wondergirl3


    11 dagen geleden

    Send my Love 🧡

  78. Not Sure What To Believe

    Not Sure What To Believe

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you dearest Lorie! Xxxx

  79. Reet Vahesalu

    Reet Vahesalu

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you Lori 😘 I have wanted this shift for decades, I AM grateful so has the collective 💞🥰🛸🦋🌱🏂🏂🌻🎶😇💖

  80. Soulful Adventures - Mellisa Dormoy, CHt

    Soulful Adventures - Mellisa Dormoy, CHt

    11 dagen geleden

    Such an amazing and inspirational message! Thank you Lorie!

  81. OGCCW


    11 dagen geleden

    We won't stop.. warriors of light unite so bright 🌟🌳💛

  82. Maighread Birdsong

    Maighread Birdsong

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you for all that you do. I spend most of my time in the sanctuary of my home that I strive to keep in alignment with the highest good. I do get messages from impeccable people and places that give me a gist of current energies. The grounding of hectic energies is the best course to ride out these times of turmoil and upheaval. Thanks once again for all that you do. Many blessings 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  83. Elizabeth Sylvia

    Elizabeth Sylvia

    11 dagen geleden

    Deep Gratitude for your message. This was exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of.

  84. Moya MacGregor

    Moya MacGregor

    11 dagen geleden

    thank you Lorrie, if i ever needed to hear a message THIS WAS IT 🎯. yes, so revealing and amazing, yet so very obvious. blessings 👑

  85. Sandrine Artiste

    Sandrine Artiste

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank's Lorie , being in my heart !

  86. Camille Charles

    Camille Charles

    11 dagen geleden

    When you said "your doing it wrong", I had to laugh because that is something I used to say to my brother all the time while growing up. Now we have a great relationship where we can laugh at stuff we said when we were kids. So that is now a big joke between us. LOL :-) That was probably one of my biggest lessons too. Thanks for sharing your light!

  87. A Jansen

    A Jansen

    11 dagen geleden

    Oh my gosh, perfect timing. TY for this message. So needed today. Much love to Lori and this beautiful group!

  88. Aaliyah Michael

    Aaliyah Michael

    11 dagen geleden

    hey 🖤 can you repost the remember the bigger picture video please

  89. Sharlene Prosk

    Sharlene Prosk

    11 dagen geleden

    Question for any enlightened being Does any other world endure such evil as earth . With Satanic rituals that are so horrendous I throw up from sorrow.

  90. Grace-shanti F.

    Grace-shanti F.

    11 dagen geleden

    Love this Reminder for All Ms Fabulous Lorie :-) [as im NOT wearing Mask when it seems MOST are, where i live now, i needed the Subtle and Fine levels of this message today! Go Well for everyone with Blessings from Oz. ps need to add ... for me This is NOT a Fight, for when we are in Fight mode, we create opposing energy. As A Warrior of Light this is a LIGHT SHIFT :-)

  91. Katie Groesbeck

    Katie Groesbeck

    11 dagen geleden

    Great message. We tend to dismiss (or even worse: feel sorry for!) others who don't agree with our narrative, labeling them as "still asleep." I am letting go of this judgement (repeat repeat repeat) and going forward into the week with a focus on trust, compassion, and unconditional acceptance.

  92. Guardian of Orion

    Guardian of Orion

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you ,thank you, thank you!



    11 dagen geleden

    Already started feeling this from last 2-3 days

  94. Anna Liberatore

    Anna Liberatore

    11 dagen geleden

    Lorie this is my favorite video you’ve done in some time, not to say I don’t appreciate and learn from your other videos I just love the energy around you when you do videos like this opposed to LIVES. Thank you so much for devoting your life to share your wisdom, grace, love and radiance with the world, I love you ❤️🙏🏼

  95. peachy32able


    11 dagen geleden

    Because of my need to lash out I had to remove myself from social media like fb and Instagram. I need to stay grounded.

  96. Peggy Mininson

    Peggy Mininson

    11 dagen geleden

    Intense energy. Slept and slept. Thank you Lorie for always being there. You are so calming. ❤️❤️❤️

  97. Redbear and Friends

    Redbear and Friends

    11 dagen geleden

    9 more days

  98. wwtv


    11 dagen geleden

    In referring to the end times, the Bible said something like: "woe to the woman who is with child during this time." Any advice for extremely pregnant women during this shift?

    • Renee Carter

      Renee Carter

      11 dagen geleden

      It’s in Luke 21:23. Jesus is speaking about the “end times” and mentioning nursing and pregnant woman because he loves them and cares for them💜

  99. Barbara Elfving

    Barbara Elfving

    11 dagen geleden

    Thank you.🙏🤗💕🌻

  100. Lukas B.

    Lukas B.

    11 dagen geleden

    hands down..I love you