Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?

Can you trust our videos? How do we research them nowadays? And what about our older videos?

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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Jaar geleden

    Do you want to talk with us about this video? We’ll do a sort of Q&A or AMA or whatever in our subreddit: The Addiction and the Refugee videos will be online for 12 more hours before we delete them. This should be enough time for enough people to download them. Feel free to upload them elsewhere.



      12 uur geleden

      I would Love to become a Member of Kurzgesagt so much. And yes I'm German

    • Libor Matousek

      Libor Matousek

      3 dagen geleden

      When you say we shoudln't trust you and we trusted you there will be a paradox

    • inspired end

      inspired end

      8 dagen geleden

      You need a new name

    • Traxon_LP


      10 dagen geleden

      Gute Arbeit!

    • Noobecstadic


      10 dagen geleden


  2. Vara Azzara

    Vara Azzara

    2 uur geleden

    where could i find the further reading now?

  3. Bhavy Shine

    Bhavy Shine

    21 uur geleden

    i appreciate your hard work

  4. Greivous took an l

    Greivous took an l

    21 uur geleden

    Short awnser: yes Long awnser: I hope so

  5. G I L B E R T ALT

    G I L B E R T ALT

    Dag geleden

    Quack sound in the bg lmao

  6. King_cOugh 27

    King_cOugh 27

    Dag geleden

    Idk man This scissor stats guy seems sus

  7. Sassanid Warrior

    Sassanid Warrior

    Dag geleden


  8. blitz kr

    blitz kr

    Dag geleden

    well if even school can get wrong get a little miss information is not bad at all

  9. Leonardo Vergara

    Leonardo Vergara

    Dag geleden

    The 2nd one, you WHAT? Only psychological ? The earth ain't brown cows.

  10. MarioMan98


    Dag geleden


  11. Purple Bubblezzz

    Purple Bubblezzz

    Dag geleden

    I appreciate you guys and this NLcameras channel, love the amazing work keep it up

  12. _______________


    Dag geleden

    How the heck do they pronounce their name

  13. Sophi Shishmanyan

    Sophi Shishmanyan

    2 dagen geleden

    These guys really deserve a lot more attention from the internet for all of their hard work.

  14. Aria X

    Aria X

    2 dagen geleden

    I trust them birds

  15. Aleks Tuscano

    Aleks Tuscano

    2 dagen geleden

    Kudos to the Kurzgesagt team for making this. It takes a lot of courage to admit a mistake in a public domain. Keep on doing what you guys do, I love your channel and learn so much from it. I trust your content😁

  16. Alonso Igreda Mayorga

    Alonso Igreda Mayorga

    2 dagen geleden

    Short answer: Yes Large answer: Depends

  17. Lucas Postrero

    Lucas Postrero

    2 dagen geleden


  18. keep it

    keep it

    3 dagen geleden

    Well it IS informative.



    3 dagen geleden

    Appreciate you addressing some of the criticisms on your more controversial videos. Can you now make a video explaining where Kurzgesagt ends and Bill & Melinda Gates' influence begins? That's the #1 question that I've heard from multiple people. Also maybe you could breakdown your biggest sponsors, or just link to a list of who provides funding to the channel?

  20. Harvey


    3 dagen geleden

    0:30 I hope ur employees are more decent than that 👀

  21. uprrslo


    3 dagen geleden

    No! Not the addition video

  22. Darkphoenix Sudarshan R.

    Darkphoenix Sudarshan R.

    3 dagen geleden

    this channel is just awesome :)

  23. Joey French

    Joey French

    4 dagen geleden

    What about trains in galaxy railways

  24. Tjockt


    4 dagen geleden


  25. Hc hc

    Hc hc

    4 dagen geleden

    Thank you Yoav Segev?😂

  26. Rahul Vaghela

    Rahul Vaghela

    5 dagen geleden

    Ya it is give me more knowledge than I expected.... I learn more than other and now my knowledge is in sky........ Love it........ Than me માય self ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😉😉😉😉😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍

  27. Xetosis


    5 dagen geleden


  28. Remi Cornwall

    Remi Cornwall

    5 dagen geleden

    See what they did there? They owned the criticism. Reverse psychology.

  29. Cosmic Wave

    Cosmic Wave

    5 dagen geleden

    1:03 Why that bird got cake tho?????

  30. Miles Edgeworth

    Miles Edgeworth

    5 dagen geleden

    short answer: yes long answer: as a matter of fact of what is worth it, thy personage is capable of having trust towards kurzgesagt

  31. Emad Fahim

    Emad Fahim

    6 dagen geleden

    For me, this is the best channel on youtube. This and "CrashCourse"

  32. Jacob Schmidt

    Jacob Schmidt

    6 dagen geleden

    Well this channel fills me both with endless curiosity while at the same time a fear I may not live past this year. Either way im addicted and cant get enough.

  33. Itz Riceyyy

    Itz Riceyyy

    7 dagen geleden

    dummy thicc bird

  34. MrBananaChips


    7 dagen geleden

    Trust no one, not even yourself.

  35. Rol Bailie

    Rol Bailie

    7 dagen geleden

    the song in this vid is like a Videogame Tutorial

  36. Ryan Guo

    Ryan Guo

    7 dagen geleden

    kurzgesagt is good and should work with life noggin

  37. ItzDripcelotYT


    7 dagen geleden

    edit the vid make it a second long "YES"

  38. Laecy


    7 dagen geleden

    Thank you for this. It’s so hard to resist the siren song of algorithmic success. Thank you for choosing to do the right thing.

  39. tvelve 12

    tvelve 12

    7 dagen geleden

    that portal sound is a jojo reference ZA WARUDO

  40. Elizabeth Sabado

    Elizabeth Sabado

    8 dagen geleden

    Yes we are its educational

  41. ciaoderslurps


    8 dagen geleden

    some body say your lying

  42. Anders Rochester

    Anders Rochester

    8 dagen geleden

    one thing why have birds?

  43. Infinity52YT


    9 dagen geleden

    When will kurzgesagt save that bird up in high earth orbit

  44. Julian Barazzutti

    Julian Barazzutti

    9 dagen geleden

    great job guys, love your hard work!

  45. Tomas Cortez

    Tomas Cortez

    9 dagen geleden

    Make a video about computer coding and how it works

  46. OrangeEagle


    10 dagen geleden

    You couldve made this a 1 second video someone saying y e s

  47. Anila Arya

    Anila Arya

    10 dagen geleden

    Im just here for their satisfying animation

  48. AJPinkPanda


    11 dagen geleden

    Anyone else get a tad scared by the internet bird that was like a teal color..?

  49. Pokémon G U N G U N

    Pokémon G U N G U N

    11 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt lookin kinda sus ngl

  50. About Everything

    About Everything

    11 dagen geleden

    There are 3 channels that I learnt more than in school. 1. Bright Side. 2. Ted - Ed. 3. Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell. So all of these channels are AMAZING there is such much information for some reasons we don't watch any videos like this in my school. And can't believe someone can't trust one of them. Last message: Keep going all of you. Do awesome videos.

    • About Everything

      About Everything

      9 dagen geleden

      @Jarl Aimery Lim thanks

    • Jarl Aimery Lim

      Jarl Aimery Lim

      10 dagen geleden

      I agree with the two except Brightside, I'd rather recommend crash course, khan academy and PBS. Brightside isnt as credible as these other channels

  51. Jimmyhndrx


    11 dagen geleden

    best channel is youtube, probbly the most useful too.

  52. Zevbutt


    12 dagen geleden

    When the world ends, I hope Kurzgesagt has enough time to make a video about it

  53. gaming cat

    gaming cat

    12 dagen geleden

    If I don’t trust them because of this video then I would trust them if I can’t but I can’t trust them

  54. gaming cat

    gaming cat

    12 dagen geleden

    Confused confusing confushion

  55. Irina Gurghis

    Irina Gurghis

    12 dagen geleden

    It is not the bird.the birds are the scripers and the craters

  56. D4rK Gaming

    D4rK Gaming

    12 dagen geleden

    Never take advice from the fish. Take advice from the fishermen.

  57. Matthew Lawson

    Matthew Lawson

    12 dagen geleden

    This animation style is like visual ASMR.

  58. Sphakamiso Zondi

    Sphakamiso Zondi

    12 dagen geleden

    Wait, birds run this channel? Wow. 👌

  59. Michael Allen

    Michael Allen

    12 dagen geleden

    Why that purple bird at 35 sec got so much cake for

  60. iamrandomvlogger11 11

    iamrandomvlogger11 11

    12 dagen geleden

    Wait... Is your channels name based on German origin???

    • iamrandomvlogger11 11

      iamrandomvlogger11 11

      2 dagen geleden

      @Bianca Schulz thanks I didn't know I just guessed cus me smart lol

    • Bianca Schulz

      Bianca Schulz

      5 dagen geleden


  61. Jerilee Protacio

    Jerilee Protacio

    13 dagen geleden

    awwww they are gone but i love all your videos

  62. Jerilee Protacio

    Jerilee Protacio

    13 dagen geleden

    i mean i can not sleep not this when am 39

  63. Jerilee Protacio

    Jerilee Protacio

    13 dagen geleden

    i can help i can not sleep only if i was 39

  64. Jerilee Protacio

    Jerilee Protacio

    13 dagen geleden

    were did you live kkurzgesagt i like your videos kurzgesagt

  65. kids code

    kids code

    13 dagen geleden

    who imediatley watched there addiction and refugee videos

  66. irfanTheCameraGuy


    13 dagen geleden

    The channel that teach me in secret that gave me a A at every test but my teacher thinks that she/he made me a good student, but i am proud of myself that kurzgesagt thought me all of this information thank you.

  67. Jerilee Protacio

    Jerilee Protacio

    13 dagen geleden

    I WILL TRUST YOUR VIDEOS FOR A LIFETIME YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  68. Super Rocket Gaming Com

    Super Rocket Gaming Com

    14 dagen geleden


    • Bianca Schulz

      Bianca Schulz

      5 dagen geleden


  69. CGEustice


    15 dagen geleden

    The bird at 1:02 has NO business being that thicc.

  70. NoobyRektYou


    15 dagen geleden

    That's like McDonalds saying their burgers don't give you a heart attack

  71. Zackary Bird

    Zackary Bird

    15 dagen geleden

    I really appreciate the honesty and the sincere apology expressed in this video. Thank you Kurzgesagt!

  72. Thaias


    15 dagen geleden

    The amount of times you said Kursgesagt makes me feel like this is a reliable source to find your (often likely considered correct) pronunciation.

  73. Thaias


    15 dagen geleden

    Soo... I’ll take that as a “probably”

  74. Magenta Canham

    Magenta Canham

    15 dagen geleden

    0:28 that birb do be looking kinda *THICC* tho

  75. Pawan Singh Airee

    Pawan Singh Airee

    16 dagen geleden

    yes i trust

  76. Chebic


    16 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt and CGP Grey are the perfect examples of real apologies. First off they apologize for things so minuscule that only someone who truly cares for their craft would actually apologize for it and more importantly is the apology itself, there’s no fake crying and guilt tripping and shifting the blame and there isn’t that new “wall of text” apology that creators have started doing because let’s be honest anyone can use word and post that document on Twitter, what shows you really care is making a full fledged video taking responsibility, no tears or vapidity in sight just honesty and responsibility.

  77. iced Roll

    iced Roll

    17 dagen geleden

    Why did you choose the name kurzgesagt for your channel??? And what/where is it from?

    • Scp 049

      Scp 049

      10 dagen geleden

      I think there German and Kurzkizat (spelling 100) means in a nutshell in german

  78. me me

    me me

    17 dagen geleden

    kurzgesagt- can we trust kurzgesagt

  79. John_bob


    17 dagen geleden

    I don’t know, but that writer bird was lookin kinda THICC

  80. joshua cooper

    joshua cooper

    17 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesagt®™ Videos are the best videos I know of I LOVE THEM

  81. Сергей Петров

    Сергей Петров

    17 dagen geleden

    You are cuties 🤗

  82. John ivan Hurboda

    John ivan Hurboda

    18 dagen geleden

    I trust kurzgesagt, i really enjoy their video especially the animation of exploding birds to exposed radioactive birds and plot.

  83. Yetti 82

    Yetti 82

    18 dagen geleden

    You are my favourite NLcameras chanel

  84. Yetti 82

    Yetti 82

    18 dagen geleden

    I trust you

  85. Beautiful Dasiy

    Beautiful Dasiy

    18 dagen geleden

    Kurzgesat you got on NLcameras rewind GREAT JOB!

  86. lee nevin

    lee nevin

    19 dagen geleden

    Germany need more refugees pls

  87. booboocushion30


    19 dagen geleden

    Honestly my favorite channel here on the tube

  88. Tastic


    20 dagen geleden


  89. Jyoti Srivastava

    Jyoti Srivastava

    20 dagen geleden

    0:35 How many of you noticed that bird's butt

    • lil WD-40

      lil WD-40

      19 dagen geleden

      No need for that bird to be double cheeked up

  90. Walter McGraw

    Walter McGraw

    21 dag geleden

    Trust is a big problem I have when learning information, this really cleared things up. Thank you. You’re what this world needs!

  91. 흥!!나한테 왜그레에

    흥!!나한테 왜그레에

    21 dag geleden

    Great mind!

  92. Nick Blacksoul

    Nick Blacksoul

    22 dagen geleden

    No... It's ok to speak emotionally so the refugee is ok but taking lightly on science facts is thing makes or kills but non the less would like to see it

  93. m


    22 dagen geleden


    • Jeff


      21 dag geleden

      Thank you for your word

  94. among us- marjhon villamarzo

    among us- marjhon villamarzo

    23 dagen geleden

    I can trust you cuz your videos, steps, and animation is something fun super useful and i wish your channel will grow

  95. Anas Bilal

    Anas Bilal

    23 dagen geleden

    I get the need to be thorough but 1.5 years is too much

  96. Snails


    24 dagen geleden

    Hey there guys. Nice video. all of it really. Now we know the level of research you guys doing in these fun and simple videos. Really appreciate it. Again, I really appreciate it. Well, sometime you guys did want to retract one video or two. Like those refuge video. I think you guys still have to made one with more concise about why you guys want to retract it, and what version you will come up if you made them today. Just like the addiction ones. Im writing these comment after several attacks in Europe (might more attacks coming up), so me myself clearly are biased. You could get biased, so does your audience. So, dont worry too much about it. Keep being yourselves and growing with these awesome style. Afterall, what can a mere cartoon videos done, right? You guys merely suggesting the world to disassemble the whole Mercury to farm the Sun. Anyway, those are fun video. Never know I would watch a video with cute birds pressing big red button to a cartoonish nuclear blast. Awesome. Keep them coming.

  97. sandakureva


    24 dagen geleden

    I have to admit, Kurzgesagt is the first channel like this where they're willing to admit they made a mistake this maturely. I already was a fan, but you guys have even more of my respect.

  98. A.Jaxxon


    24 dagen geleden

    I don't trust any info on this channel. I get my facts from Facebook and page 36 on Google searches

  99. Yelisa Cortes salas

    Yelisa Cortes salas

    24 dagen geleden


  100. Death Panther

    Death Panther

    24 dagen geleden

    I would rather watch Kurzgesagt than go to school