Quantum Computers Explained - Limits of Human Technology

Where are the limits of human technology? And can we somehow avoid them? This is where quantum computers become very interesting.
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Quantum Computers Explained - Limits of Human Technology
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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    • K P

      K P

      2 dagen geleden

      "I'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you." ~Quantum computers

    • Luka Katinić

      Luka Katinić

      9 dagen geleden

      Amd is going 5nm😂😂

    • yaniplayz


      18 dagen geleden


    • Paul Onium

      Paul Onium

      28 dagen geleden

      How to contribute in translation?

    • Rezgar Palani

      Rezgar Palani

      Maand geleden

      you should make a video about an quantum baterry. i love your videos and it has made me being intressed in quantum fysics

  2. Rose Egbo

    Rose Egbo

    24 minuten geleden

    what if I ask a quantum computer what 79996446686 to the power of 9098999579 is

  3. a person

    a person

    Uur geleden

    Today a company announced it has created an AI software that can predict how a protein will fold! Even without quantum computers, we can accomplish a lot! :D

  4. T3ch Guy

    T3ch Guy

    12 uur geleden

    2:07 h-he meant meant minecraft redstone physics r-right? Lol

  5. 2308박재형


    15 uur geleden

    Google: what a nice instruction guide

  6. Treepalds


    Dag geleden


  7. Auritro


    Dag geleden

    Logic gates do very simple stuff. *Sees XOR gate.*

  8. 清蘭'


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  9. Seven Steel Hills

    Seven Steel Hills

    2 dagen geleden

    So quantum computing is basically like asking your girlfriend where she wants to go for dinner?? 😮

  10. invalid nickname

    invalid nickname

    2 dagen geleden

    This is the only vid from kurzgesagt that i dont understand

  11. Christie Mccoy

    Christie Mccoy

    3 dagen geleden

    Him: mentions logic gates Me: “ah yes, redstone” Edit: 1.5k likes?!? Why?!

  12. Robo Ron1n

    Robo Ron1n

    3 dagen geleden

    This sounds like something from a movie

  13. Man Lamancha

    Man Lamancha

    3 dagen geleden

    a bananaanananana is a fruit. an apple is a fruit. a tomato is a fruit. are you a fruit? does not compute...

  14. Man Lamancha

    Man Lamancha

    3 dagen geleden

    if computers can do millions of operations a second? - why is it if i move a file to another folder... it says it will take ten minutes, then twenty? then two? then an hour and finally it completes two hours later? can't it work out the precise time it will take?

  15. 87mhe


    3 dagen geleden

    So a perfect randomizer? Impossible!

  16. Dailen Carter

    Dailen Carter

    3 dagen geleden

    Normal Computer: Yes or No? Quantum Computer: embrace the healing power of *and*

  17. Objektiv One

    Objektiv One

    3 dagen geleden

    bullshit explanation

  18. neeraj nagar

    neeraj nagar

    3 dagen geleden

    1 0 is a bit

  19. Green Mario

    Green Mario

    3 dagen geleden

    I'm gonna be honest. I've watched so many videos on quantum computers and I still cannot understand them. I need to sit down and talk with somebody who does lol.

  20. Lee Boocock

    Lee Boocock

    3 dagen geleden

    Ask it what came first the chicken or the egg.

  21. Invellix458


    4 dagen geleden

    amd is on 7nm already lol

  22. Vinayak Mishra

    Vinayak Mishra

    4 dagen geleden

    does quantum gates involve polarization of the qubits?

  23. Alberto Eusebio

    Alberto Eusebio

    4 dagen geleden

    My IQ while watching the video is increasing and decreasing at the same time so my IQ is in a superpositioned state

  24. Eric & The Miners

    Eric & The Miners

    5 dagen geleden

    Revisit this

  25. Plixi!XE


    5 dagen geleden

    intel: 14nm++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  26. Jonathan Hobman

    Jonathan Hobman

    5 dagen geleden

    Based on this video it seems like the only usable quantum function is superposition. By recording time values over large distances. Everything else seems like random unusable information. Is the fact that it's perfectly 50/50 the thing that makes it useful? Couldn't you simulate randomness using a regular computer and get a similar result?

  27. Protector K9

    Protector K9

    5 dagen geleden

    Why does observing it changes its position and how do we know

  28. Liam the mage

    Liam the mage

    5 dagen geleden

    Ok Mr use a lot of bits making this video

  29. Jacob


    5 dagen geleden

    Computer: a super computer: æ

  30. Allan Of El Salvador

    Allan Of El Salvador

    6 dagen geleden

    I dont understand. Guy said that computer haedware is reaching a point where there becoming atom sized somehow, and there is a problem there and the answer is quantum computers. Then he says that quantum computers wont replace my home computer (which hardware is supposedly becoming smaller) so whats the point, whats this all been about!?

  31. Chase c

    Chase c

    6 dagen geleden

    Hehe fire and sharp sticks

  32. Sam W

    Sam W

    7 dagen geleden

    How does the observation part work, if I look at a star light years away this happens? Or is it just measured in a specific way?

  33. Libor Matousek

    Libor Matousek

    7 dagen geleden

    Normal computer:yes or no Quantum computer:Yes,No,Yes'nt and No'nt at the same time

  34. Shayaan Morshed

    Shayaan Morshed

    7 dagen geleden

    See now they’re really expensive and are only used by giant companies. But later in the future, smaller companies will use them. Then the really rich families will have them. Eventually kids will be complaining about getting a quantum computer model that’s “too old” or “is the wrong colour”

  35. Japjit Sandhu

    Japjit Sandhu

    7 dagen geleden

    So no one should study Computer science and just play Minecraft and learn Redstone??

  36. betaneptune


    7 dagen geleden

    There's no such thing as a physic. Quantum physics, and even just physics, are singular in construction.



    8 dagen geleden


  38. DaggerCatz


    8 dagen geleden


  39. Adolph Buena Gente

    Adolph Buena Gente

    9 dagen geleden

    We are reaching the limit of tecnology 6 mins later, we have no idea where the limits of tecnology are

  40. Jay Sorrow

    Jay Sorrow

    9 dagen geleden

    i am just glad to see i am not the only one confused by this. I literally do not know if i am smarter or dumber after watching this.

  41. Ian O'Keefe

    Ian O'Keefe

    10 dagen geleden

    How about use quantum entanglement to entangle particles, and bring them to, say, one to earth and one to mars, and then you have instantaneous communication between the planets with no 3-minute delay in transmission.

    • Rayan Sharara

      Rayan Sharara

      9 dagen geleden

      cool idea, but that is not how physics works

  42. Math and Science Everyday

    Math and Science Everyday

    10 dagen geleden

    This password cracking thingamajig is all fake, Quantum computers need to become very large and they need more Q-bits for that.

  43. Soy Allergies

    Soy Allergies

    12 dagen geleden

    Makes no sense. You don't want your system to always display all the possible outcomes: you only want the one outcome that's appropriate for the situation.

  44. kajetus 06

    kajetus 06

    12 dagen geleden

    2:08 *laughs in AMD 7nm*

    • Jeff Nhk

      Jeff Nhk

      11 dagen geleden

      Laugh in Apple 5nm M1 chip

  45. medo sam

    medo sam

    13 dagen geleden

    I did not understand anything

  46. Peter Gibson

    Peter Gibson

    13 dagen geleden

    I let the (my) cat out of the box. It voted Trump. I put the cat back into the box. When I let it out it voted Biden.

  47. TrueVintageRnBFan


    13 dagen geleden

    Dude, if you’re going to do a video like this explain it to where a child can understand it.

  48. Kane Archer

    Kane Archer

    14 dagen geleden

    So Boris Johnson is a quantum computer? ‘Eat out to help out’ - ‘you must stay at home’

  49. Danny Waldner

    Danny Waldner

    14 dagen geleden

    Be honest you understood nothing

  50. Sébastien Vaillancourt

    Sébastien Vaillancourt

    14 dagen geleden

    cool. so how does a quantum computer work?

  51. Abdullah Al-Dar

    Abdullah Al-Dar

    15 dagen geleden

    I wonder when will this technology be available to the mass market. I wonder how it will improve our gaming experience, real-life graphics? maybe?

  52. BariumCobaltNitrog3n


    15 dagen geleden

    I think part of the problem of understanding quantum mechanics is the lack of language skills of those describing what is going on. Let's take a closer look. Qubits apparently are fickle teenage girls, existing in four states at once, exhilarated, depressed, heartbroken, and swooning, with four intensities of each. You go to ask if she could empty the dishwasher, for example. You won't know which until you abruptly open the door to her room, where she is currently in all four moods at once (she's watching CNN and Fox News) and every level that mood can be and in an instant, she decides to pick just one then collapses on the floor, clearly extremely depressed. You were hoping for slightly exhilarated... She may also be entangled in a murder/suicide pact with another qubit who, when found and examined, will be in the exact opposite mood. What's worse is that when you open the door to her room, it may not even be the same person that went to sleep there last night. Close the door and knock, fingers crossed!

  53. Mohammed Tigrini

    Mohammed Tigrini

    16 dagen geleden

    Hands down the best channel in youtube

  54. Joseph Learns

    Joseph Learns

    16 dagen geleden

    Not limited for me nobody knows it all lol

  55. TheSpeedBridger


    16 dagen geleden

    Finally, mumbo's computer can handle his redstone



    17 dagen geleden

    5:30 that's pokémon. My fav is Charizard 😁💯❤️

  57. YL Storage

    YL Storage

    17 dagen geleden

    Clarification: "14nm" is only a marketing term... QUANTUM TRAVELING SALEMAN's marketing term @5:26

  58. Kevin


    18 dagen geleden

    hard to follow only some parts i uneerstand

  59. yaniplayz


    18 dagen geleden


  60. SєηKιTheKitty


    19 dagen geleden

    We all understood everything this man as said in this video, no cap.

  61. Alex Gomez

    Alex Gomez

    19 dagen geleden

    Overthinking the possibilities

  62. Alex Gomez

    Alex Gomez

    19 dagen geleden

    You are multiplying the problem however in those 4 states

  63. Alex Gomez

    Alex Gomez

    19 dagen geleden

    Just like life these particles must go in and out

  64. Anthony G

    Anthony G

    19 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or does he sound slightly different.

  65. ADDHOC


    20 dagen geleden

    But the superposition might change when flying through dark energy fields in space. So if you fly to Mars you must use only old computers without relative qubits, so only filter when already materialized. In the dark matter field we cannot measure potentials of earthbound qubits. But if you still do it, you enter another reality. And if you dont remember the old filter you cannot return to the previous reality field; and never connect with your friends again :(

  66. Akshat S.D

    Akshat S.D

    20 dagen geleden

    6:24 I used the quantum physics to find the quantum physics thanos: yh relatable........very relatable

  67. lazzer408


    21 dag geleden

    I know even less now.

    • BariumCobaltNitrog3n


      15 dagen geleden

      Well, at least you don't have the Dunning-Kruger Effect then

  68. BlockBreaker88


    21 dag geleden

    *I used the quantum physics to simulate the quantum physics*

  69. Akke Jeweet

    Akke Jeweet

    21 dag geleden

    My brains have left the chat.....

  70. Parker Beck

    Parker Beck

    21 dag geleden

    Humans: *Build better Computer Chips* Quantum Physics: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  71. Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows

    21 dag geleden

    One thing I have to say: I am very well thankful for IPSec.

  72. Yitbrek Mata

    Yitbrek Mata

    21 dag geleden

    I bet one day people are going to look back on the birth of Quantum Computers like the dot com bubble, or the invention of the lightbulb.

  73. phuong truong bach dong

    phuong truong bach dong

    22 dagen geleden

    Computer : yes, no Quantum computer: PERHAPS

  74. Drevene uhlie

    Drevene uhlie

    22 dagen geleden

    But can it run crysis?

  75. SaltyJello


    22 dagen geleden

    i like your funny words magic man

  76. 이승현


    23 dagen geleden

    선생님 오늘따라 더 어려운거 같아요;

  77. Vinyá


    23 dagen geleden

    Ok just tell me when I can buy one from local store so I can watch Netflix.

  78. Gloria Shaw

    Gloria Shaw

    23 dagen geleden

    1:42 - does it bother anyone else that three of the four 7-year-olds got their maths question wrong?

    • BariumCobaltNitrog3n


      15 dagen geleden

      Yes! thank you

  79. M4verick


    24 dagen geleden

    I have presentation about Quantum computers and I dont know anything about them.

  80. Caleb Jackson

    Caleb Jackson

    24 dagen geleden

    All that so I can watch NLcameras... wow

  81. Kris JB

    Kris JB

    24 dagen geleden

    So basically we’ve been sacrificed for technology 👽 the people will love it too

  82. Sebastian Jense

    Sebastian Jense

    25 dagen geleden


  83. Carlos Munuera Javaloy

    Carlos Munuera Javaloy

    25 dagen geleden

    This video made me decide to pursue a career on quantum technology. Currently on my second year as a PhD student, being extremely happy with the decision. Thank you Kurzgesagt!

    • John Duffy

      John Duffy

      16 dagen geleden

      Hello Carlos I am interested as well. How do you like being a quantum PhD student ? And what are your career options like? Any info and advice is appreciated 🙂

  84. Rookie H

    Rookie H

    25 dagen geleden

    7 year olds....ayy! Cool. I took a mental age test and got 7.

  85. Genuz


    25 dagen geleden

    1:32 "add then multiply"

  86. StratoX


    26 dagen geleden

    computer gf: no quantum computer gf: maybe

  87. Killswitch


    26 dagen geleden

    I am actually surprised I understood that

  88. Alex Remington

    Alex Remington

    26 dagen geleden

    I think I learned something but I’m not sure

  89. Zzay Mills

    Zzay Mills

    27 dagen geleden

    Also when I watched this I got two pinks in an original starburst packet ;-;

  90. Zzay Mills

    Zzay Mills

    27 dagen geleden

    1’s and 0’s hmm 🤔 sounds familiar

  91. Rico Riddle

    Rico Riddle

    27 dagen geleden

    4:00 whats the name of the backsound?

  92. CloudBurst


    27 dagen geleden

    Quantum Computers will kill us all, remember me

  93. Ned Diego

    Ned Diego

    27 dagen geleden

    Lol. Quantum Computers are worst nightmare for cryptocurrency backed by blockchain technology.

  94. kisor khanal

    kisor khanal

    27 dagen geleden

    Me : making a computer that works in minecraft big as 50 blocks Quantum physics: transistor as small as atoms

  95. Hasibur Rahman

    Hasibur Rahman

    28 dagen geleden

    wow your ex really hates you

  96. diceprice


    28 dagen geleden

    Go AI 😍😊😍

  97. vladoportos


    28 dagen geleden

    So to confirm quantum computer result you already need to know the result ( so you can have the right one ) ... but than what is the point if you already know the outcome ... or what good are all possible solutions when you don't know which one is correct....

  98. MR-AFK YT


    28 dagen geleden

    5:21 they said this in the 30s about normal computers. I think theres a fairly high chance we will get these computers in our home in 30-100years...

  99. Darius Perlado

    Darius Perlado

    28 dagen geleden

    O, a boy and his atom yes?

  100. Christopher Young

    Christopher Young

    29 dagen geleden

    Platform integration advances.