What Are You?

What Are You?
So. Are you your body? And if so, how exactly does this work? Lets explore lots of confusing questions.
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What Are You?
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      It means who will play ps5 in the future won't be me. So what's the point Of life?!



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      I love this channel 😀😆

  2. JL Bautista

    JL Bautista

    3 uur geleden

    Who is to say that our brain cells are only parasites that connect to form a consciousness? We're an ecosystem composed of tiny individuals: cells, bacteria, viruses...?

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    The unruly anime intracellularly preach because network meteorologically camp via a unequal female. insidious, nostalgic poet

  4. High King Trasher

    High King Trasher

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    I think that the memories make the person, much like the data in a hard drive makes it useful and individual

  5. Jan Gabriel Luus

    Jan Gabriel Luus

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    "An idiot sandwich!"

  6. NotNickgamer


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    my science teacher is making me right about this for ashych work

  7. soggy beans

    soggy beans

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    my science teacher had us watch this and give a 2-3 sentence response, im trying to word my answer so it doesn't sound like i'm having an existential crisis

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    ok kenzi I am open TOO YOU or any other woman that is interested in ME CLEAR WITH MOM and emma I'm sure you all communicate regularly anyway jus wake me up if I pass out or curl up wit ME we can talk in morn idc but if you gettin wit ME plz stay wit me.

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    This was your newest video when I subscribed to you guys!

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    Small_drop in_the_big_ocean

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    No one cares about physical "You" Everyone cherishes the "You" they made their precious memories with and so does I. But if you want physical proof, then yeah, my single strand of hair is me and I will gift wrap it to my friends. They can keep it for eternity.

    • _layner_


      2 dagen geleden

      @Small_drop in_the_big_ocean 😅 your comment👆says it all

    • Small_drop in_the_big_ocean

      Small_drop in_the_big_ocean

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      @_layner_ lol I am literally promoting kpop on my channel...you can open it and check my playlist and know that detail. Idk how you guessed about spirituality thing tho. You're good at talking. ;)

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      @Small_drop in_the_big_ocean um maybe you are an introverted person, you like k-pop, you want to dig deep into spirituality, you want to be successful (Just my guess, don't take seriously if wrong)

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      @Small_drop in_the_big_ocean 😎

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      Small_drop in_the_big_ocean

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  12. Crocodile YTB

    Crocodile YTB

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    Ahh my brain

  13. 张婷婷


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    The essence of human beings is not an abstract thing inherent in a single person. In its reality, it is the sum of all social relations. -----Karl Marx

  14. James Song

    James Song

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    I am tripping balls

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    Bull Boy

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    That’s cool how you guys made a loop with the parts

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    It's amazing!

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    Cody Lewis

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    "What are you?" Me, after seeing The Egg: You, apparently.

  20. Vee


    5 dagen geleden

    What's more interesting is that your body (even the brain) is not really you. The mind is a collection of your cells working together, like tiny little programs forming a whole. Maybe in another universe where math and quanta exist, you do as well, just in a different form.

  21. ankit sharma

    ankit sharma

    6 dagen geleden

    I think conscious is different to body field working....it can align but something can differentiate it too...hmmmm

  22. Licher7863 gaming

    Licher7863 gaming

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    I am my brain and my brain is body

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      @Long Ostrich Kurzgesagt

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      Long Ostrich

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      @I_love_Carrots ??? What is this supposed to mean. I typed kurkezagt correctly

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    by the end of this video the only thing i could think is "what." .-.

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      Ada D.P.

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      me too

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    We are spiritual beings... Fatabaarokallohu ahsanul kholikheen...

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    I’m a human

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    Son Er

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    I see I am nothing

  34. Mobile


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    5:13 but really only exist in the now. I KNEW IT! I always had deep daydreams and I thought, what if we only lived in the now and our memories were just put into our brains, and then the next second would be a different person.

  35. camila ;-; ;-;

    camila ;-; ;-;

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    Kurzgesagt :what are you? Me : a millions of cell;-; Kurzgesat :damn you are!

  36. buzzy


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    Did he call mitochondria as the 'power plant' and not the power house of the cell? *UNACCEPTABLE!! I AM DISSAPOINTED AT YOUR SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE*

  37. buzzy


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    암세포도 생명이잖아요가.......... 개소리가 아니었네......??????

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    cute birds

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    Frogs are cool I guess

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    Antoni Nietoperz

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    I think that I am my consciouness.

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    Answer. HUMAN

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    Hey, I'm a huge fan. I just want to know if you'll make video on "At what point will human civilization become gods or start playing god"

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    Kevin Worldsavior

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  49. Cap Tho

    Cap Tho

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    The way you guys illustrated the Hela cells with little flowers was a nice touch. Classy stuff, that.

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    Definitely not Depressed

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    I have existing crisis now. Thank you 😌😊😊😊

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    Are we really just a conscious brain in a flesh sack?

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    This video: What are you? you are probably some random pattern which somehow figured out that it was lonely.

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  63. inspired end

    inspired end

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    I say that i am my brain And conusnis so if I switched brains with someone then that be the new me so I say my brain and consciousness is me

  64. TrashTuber


    17 dagen geleden

    If you think about it, there's nothing such as a "thing". For example, we know that a human exists. But once they die, their body decomposes and becomes one with the earth. Now we no longer consider them human. Even though "their" matter still exists. We detect patterns, objects, etc but they aren't actually there. Some mind-boggling stuff to think about and of c

  65. RoAir 001

    RoAir 001

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    who am i? im a piece of garbage

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    This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.

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    ༒ ʙŁΔcʞXʀαʙBιτ

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    There’s a simple answer to that; you’re *YOU* .



    18 dagen geleden

    I don't know if I'm scared or not.



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    Hela cells are the hashirama cells of earth. 😳

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    tanaya biswas

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    Martin Martin

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    All of the presented stuff only makes sense if you believe that a human is solely determined by the physical mass and that there is no spirit.

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    confused meat costume

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    me is i

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  75. Jignasa Patel

    Jignasa Patel

    19 dagen geleden

    I think that the question perfectly resembles an allegory of Plato called "Ship of Theseus". It says that if a ship's original pieces are dismantled and they are replaced by another ship's pieces, will the ship remain original or is it a new ship now? Some pretty deep shit lol

  76. Aryan Dhanda

    Aryan Dhanda

    19 dagen geleden

    According to me, our earth is also a mechanical system of life, in which we humans are cancer cells eroding our earth's biodiversity.

    • J B

      J B

      18 dagen geleden

      Sentient...humans...are eroding biodiversity? Lol wat. I'm not saying biodiversity is or isn't eroding, but humans being an example?

  77. 彩虹實況


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  78. Calinda


    20 dagen geleden

    This is why communism is the obvious societal structure we should follow

  79. WesNohathas


    20 dagen geleden

    More often than not, I think of my past self and current self as totally separate people, albeit very similar.

    • weeaboloser


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  80. Dekubethememe YT

    Dekubethememe YT

    20 dagen geleden

    Fact of the matter is,protons,neutrons and electrons made atoms that went through hard work for 14 billion years,just to form me,im only twelve but even i know most humans make no significant advancments in life and eventually we WILL die,and all our information will go with us.

  81. RYRY Pig

    RYRY Pig

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    2:58 why do I feel bad for cancer

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    James Begin

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    I came here after hearing I was two minds. Now I am a bunch of cells.

    • Vee


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      you're a bunch of cells listening to a video telling them about cells

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    Gayathri Sudhir

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    We're all stars if we believe hard enough

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    I hate me



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    The full video is explained in the intro😂😂

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    Poisonous Cheesecake

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    i think ive watched too much anime

  94. Poisonous Cheesecake

    Poisonous Cheesecake

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    this is terrifying oh my god

  95. NemNem


    23 dagen geleden

    So im just a mech to Trillions of microscopic lives

  96. Real_RUBB3R


    23 dagen geleden

    I would personally say that what we understand as "ourselves" is really just our brains. It's the organ that gives us consciousness, while the other organs just function to keep the brain alive. I like to imagine it like your brain is like a person riding in a mech, and parts of the mech can be removed, and they will still be removed. Certain vital parts of the mech can be removed, and then the part that allows you to be you dies. Essentially our brains are like a person in a mech that is simultaneously feeding the person inside it, keeping them alive, and the mech can lose some parts and still function somewhat properly, although with more difficulty.

  97. Hush


    23 dagen geleden

    I think it's more useful to think about oneself as a action or process rather than an object.

  98. MinusNoir


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    ''Hey, who are you?'' ''You're asking ME?''

  99. Joseph Hall

    Joseph Hall

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