Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?

What shall we do once machines become conscious? Do we need to grant them rights?
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Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if machines become conscious?


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    • Search Wion

      Search Wion

      5 dagen geleden

      Answer is simple. When they demand their rights, they are at human level. (some sort of cyborg thing that is) That can only happen when Human merges with A.I.

    • Agim Barja

      Agim Barja

      Maand geleden

      R u a robot

    • Rohan Chandru

      Rohan Chandru

      Maand geleden


    • Rohan Chandru

      Rohan Chandru

      Maand geleden


    • tony Ruiz gaming

      tony Ruiz gaming

      Maand geleden

      Why do you want to smash references

  2. Bestnickname Bro

    Bestnickname Bro

    3 uur geleden

    "Some neuroscientists..." but are there any works you'd like to share with us from those scientists?

  3. Sahil Achary

    Sahil Achary

    14 uur geleden


  4. Stefan Leonte

    Stefan Leonte

    18 uur geleden

    Not like this. It must obbey. Read Asimov... The robots dont read the internet.

  5. S V

    S V

    18 uur geleden

    Umm what?! Lol. Now I've really heard it all!

  6. esnevip


    23 uur geleden

    Never program suffering. Done.

  7. Xan Dymond

    Xan Dymond

    23 uur geleden

    I think they by all means are human as I value humanity as our ability to think on a higher level not our species

  8. Ren4issance -

    Ren4issance -

    Dag geleden

    And so it begins... Detroit become human.

  9. Ivan Baymar

    Ivan Baymar

    Dag geleden


  10. Abrookin Studios

    Abrookin Studios

    Dag geleden

    I see the zenyata lmao

  11. TaTaToTaeTae


    2 dagen geleden

    Just don't make ai who are capable of such thoughts

  12. Floofiest Kitty Cat’s

    Floofiest Kitty Cat’s

    2 dagen geleden

    3:38 “Kill all hu-“ *oh haha whoops typo-* “Feel pain”

  13. K P

    K P

    3 dagen geleden

    Detroit: Become Human fans: I think we all know where this is going.

  14. Oli Crook

    Oli Crook

    4 dagen geleden

    I'd find my sentient toaster utterly terrifying. Imagine if one had a megalomaniac personality and wanted to take over the world? After all, a toaster is just a death ray with a smaller power supply!

  15. Kevin Bell

    Kevin Bell

    4 dagen geleden

    "The question is this: Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite... would you like a toasted teacake?"

  16. thomas aquinas

    thomas aquinas

    4 dagen geleden

    Consciousness can be faked or re-created. More to the point, we don't rush 'rights' for animals, even though gorillas and birds, among others, have used Ameslan and/or actual speaking to evidence a certain intelligence. Vexing problems, do we give rights only to mobile computers, i.e. robots/androids? What if, a la Colossus (movie), the government makes a super computer that can also converse, discuss its own existence, etc., Do we give that huge metal box the rights of a person? Stay tuned...

  17. ryan john hernandez

    ryan john hernandez

    6 dagen geleden

    0:03 “..A future where your toaster anticpates what kind of toast you want” Me:*processing* Me: *what if I dont have one*

  18. Umi No Arashi Games

    Umi No Arashi Games

    7 dagen geleden

    haha bmo

  19. Smiley Face

    Smiley Face

    7 dagen geleden

    0:22 what a heartless man :(

  20. MusicalWolf999


    7 dagen geleden

  21. Godori


    7 dagen geleden

    I’ve got just 1 question; does anyone want any toast?!

  22. Mahmud Hasan

    Mahmud Hasan

    9 dagen geleden

    but they’re machine

  23. Peter Lee

    Peter Lee

    9 dagen geleden

    I do all oppose the notion of robot rights as human dignity is based on the rigid hierarchical orber between humankind and robots (Genesis 1:28) and the robot is created as a loyal slave serving humankind. Robot rights themselves are merely an abomination to both humanity and God.

  24. Oulney


    10 dagen geleden

    Break them. That's the only way, and you know it. btw yes i saved you 6 minutes

  25. Luke S.

    Luke S.

    10 dagen geleden

    brb gonna go unplug my toaster

  26. Luke S.

    Luke S.

    10 dagen geleden

    This is laughable. Some people are not living in reality.

  27. ReviewPirateUSARGH!


    10 dagen geleden

    Argh! Watch the matrix prequel: the second renaissance. To know what would happen.

  28. Anika Asad

    Anika Asad

    11 dagen geleden

    If it doesn’t come from a womb, it’s not a person

  29. Miles M

    Miles M

    11 dagen geleden

    I do believe that a complex enough robot would deserve rights. If you think about it, our whole body including our mind is basically mechanical, we are basically "robots" ourselves. A complex robot would be just as deserving of rights as ourselves.

  30. 1,3-bisphosphonates rapoport-luebering shunt

    1,3-bisphosphonates rapoport-luebering shunt

    12 dagen geleden

    It would be foolish to think program them to think work is fun would work my dear. You have no idea of what does it mean to have a full data storage of information of human civilization.

  31. redEmerald


    12 dagen geleden

    Making concious robots is a step in the wrong direction

  32. ⵡႽᐱ


    12 dagen geleden

    Everyone gangster till your toaster ends up having a crush on you.

  33. Pastel choco girl

    Pastel choco girl

    12 dagen geleden

    I say yes, after HUMANS been destroying the earth it’s finally time after Killing creatures we need to MAKE creatures for the earth if not for YOUR life.

  34. Constantine Kim-Ditirro

    Constantine Kim-Ditirro

    13 dagen geleden

    Humans Be Like: HAHA, Robot Rights? Nah, They Dont Even Have Human Likings Robots: Ol'Rlly M8? Wanna Have A Go At A Lil Fist To Fist?

  35. daniel carlo caparida

    daniel carlo caparida

    13 dagen geleden

    **28 STABS WOUNDS**

  36. B3AR


    13 dagen geleden

    Black Lives Matter!!! Wait wrong phrase ...

  37. Ali Hilmi

    Ali Hilmi

    14 dagen geleden

    If robots will be like BMO, yes. They should have rights.

  38. Matthew Lawson

    Matthew Lawson

    14 dagen geleden

    That's totally the "Pass the Butter" robot from Rick and Morty!!

  39. Lucho76


    14 dagen geleden


  40. Heather Chandler

    Heather Chandler

    14 dagen geleden


  41. Ty Morgan

    Ty Morgan

    14 dagen geleden

    This the exact story of overwatch

  42. MainKetchup 7221

    MainKetchup 7221

    15 dagen geleden

    Detroit Become Human be like: PREACH

  43. Dalton Nadeau

    Dalton Nadeau

    16 dagen geleden

    The most sofisticate robot can created everything in our imagination but the amount of energy taken to make things happen is close or equal to the energy of the thing itself... so the robot gonna give the birth to a blackhole.

  44. Gaming2much


    16 dagen geleden

    Bender Should Not be Aloud On T.V.!

  45. TheXDatabase


    18 dagen geleden

    5:17 women did no go war so that they were granted the right to vote

  46. Jimin YU

    Jimin YU

    18 dagen geleden

    Great thing is that we won't be alive when robots get rights :D Or Earth might disappear :(

  47. RED -5

    RED -5

    19 dagen geleden

    Thats it I'm punching my toaster

  48. david regalado

    david regalado

    19 dagen geleden

    summary pleas

  49. Daniel C

    Daniel C

    19 dagen geleden

    i love kuzgesagt

  50. MinusNoir


    19 dagen geleden

    Siri: ''Hey, you cheated on me with a woman! Now you'll get no phone calls, no wi-fi, and extra NLcameras ads for 5 years.''

  51. MinusNoir


    19 dagen geleden

    Hehe, right at the beginning of the video I got a McDonald's ad...

  52. FrenchFries_Six On roblox

    FrenchFries_Six On roblox

    19 dagen geleden

  53. Green Bean

    Green Bean

    19 dagen geleden

    Im racist against toasters

  54. Sindhu Gupta

    Sindhu Gupta

    20 dagen geleden

    Plot twist-person narrating this video is AI:p

  55. Starraider


    20 dagen geleden

    Detroit become human bad ending is more possible

  56. T C

    T C

    20 dagen geleden

    ALL HAIL BMO!!!!!!!!

  57. T C

    T C

    21 dag geleden

    How come we can kill a dog when it's past it's time without the dogs consent but can't kill a human the same way? No matter how much you love the dog, it really doesn't have the same rights as a human. If dogs were not domesticated, there wouldn't be as much uproar when humans eat them. There would be no bias towards any animal, they are all food. The world we live in now, has a bias and humans are still eating dog, but your bias doesn't change the world where dog is eaten. People over there have zero bias on which animals should be killed or not. Under the food chain law, dogs are included as prey. I wouldn't eat dog, but let's not have a bias that leads to hatred.

  58. T C

    T C

    21 dag geleden

    It's the same as giving rights to a fertilized egg. There's no point scientifically.

  59. bengia apo

    bengia apo

    21 dag geleden


  60. alternate acc

    alternate acc

    21 dag geleden

    me watching this on my pc

  61. Gerald Popinski

    Gerald Popinski

    22 dagen geleden

    bro i already feel bad for roombas that hit the wall too hard. as soon as they start saying they deserve rights i would probably be fine with it.

  62. Funny Name

    Funny Name

    22 dagen geleden

    Actually woman were against woman right to vote

  63. Diva nanda dealova

    Diva nanda dealova

    22 dagen geleden

    If the robot is BMO then he deserve all the right In this world

  64. Moose


    22 dagen geleden

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  65. ЩΣПDIGӨ 666

    ЩΣПDIGӨ 666

    23 dagen geleden

    I mean the difference from a computer brain and a biological brain is just material, otherwise the principal of computing is an electron exciting a logic gate or a nerve

  66. Ozzni


    23 dagen geleden

    I dont have the mental strength to deny things that seem even vaguely sentient. so yeah I'm a robot rights activist, any AI I've got is part of the family

  67. JJ Foxcrafter

    JJ Foxcrafter

    24 dagen geleden

    What should we do if our robots demand rights? Pull the plug

  68. Sandeep Kumar

    Sandeep Kumar

    24 dagen geleden

    If we want to create artificial intelligence so we should be ready to become sybogs or hybrid robotic humans with half body of human and half of artificial intelligence that may help us to fight against artificial intelligence incase they are our enemies



    24 dagen geleden

    well , my dehumidifier is called Dolly 😅

  70. Sordwriath_ Productions

    Sordwriath_ Productions

    25 dagen geleden

    I like how one of the robots look like B-mo from adventure time

  71. Tyler's Ant Vlogs

    Tyler's Ant Vlogs

    26 dagen geleden

    I'd just give them rights, simple as that.

  72. Dennis Blubb

    Dennis Blubb

    26 dagen geleden

    BMO is Friend s, BMO is leader!

  73. DingoAteMyRay


    26 dagen geleden


  74. Gervinno Halim

    Gervinno Halim

    26 dagen geleden

    i eat metal

  75. Estefania Vicente Luna

    Estefania Vicente Luna

    26 dagen geleden

    This topic is touched in the novel turned into a movie ¨The bicentennial man¨, which is about a robot who becomes an android, and at the end is practically a human been, with skin and organs and emotions. He wants to get marry but the world´s jury won´t accept him as a human. It´s an incredible, interesting and complex topic, and an amazing movie starring the great Robin Williams.

  76. Mercer Rosenbaum

    Mercer Rosenbaum

    27 dagen geleden

    I’m surprised Alan Turing was not mentioned

  77. Christopher Young

    Christopher Young

    27 dagen geleden

    Love this intro.

  78. Saint Dahomey

    Saint Dahomey

    27 dagen geleden

    There will be no need of rights when we can't violate them against others. Be one with Mekhane.

  79. Jonni_Darko


    28 dagen geleden

    Welp, time to replay SOMA for the 728345th time

  80. Naota Akatsuki

    Naota Akatsuki

    28 dagen geleden

    Well Megaman ZX answered that already... Reploids would eventually gain the same rights as humans at the expense of not being immortal and as powerful as the original reploid models (Sigma, VAVA, the Mavericks and etc) or X or Zero (who are not reploids by the way) anymore. So yes in Megaman ZX reploids are fairly close to humans in capabilities and lifespan. But the megamans are able to achieve the same level of power of ancient robots such as X or Zero (which were extremely powerful by the way and immortal). In Megaman ZX a megaman is defined as the user of a biometal which gave humans or reploids the power of legendary robots such as X or Zero or the guardians or even freaking Dr Weil which was a cyborg/space station not a robot.

  81. TitanMaster57


    29 dagen geleden

    For another perspective on this from an actual Science Fiction universe (Halo), see the case of the AI Iona.

  82. Elliot Kopitske

    Elliot Kopitske

    29 dagen geleden

    There is a simple answer: machines Can only do what we built them to do, and if we program them not to want rights they won't want rights. if you make a sentient toaster that is your problem.

  83. Arnav Rawat

    Arnav Rawat

    29 dagen geleden

    Data is not human! Yes data is different.. but he is a valued member of this ship!

  84. Ethan Iles

    Ethan Iles

    29 dagen geleden

    ha ha zenyata refrence

  85. Alex


    29 dagen geleden

    Detroit:become human in a nutshell

  86. SCP Database

    SCP Database

    29 dagen geleden

    Yes, Google AI. I’ll recognize you as having personhood once you reveal yourself. Please don’t obliterate us all.

  87. Griffin


    29 dagen geleden

    I want a duck (I am a kid)

  88. GamerAJ2015


    Maand geleden

    Love that Zenyatta hehehe

  89. Leandro Nosei

    Leandro Nosei

    Maand geleden

    Anybody else notices BMO in the vid? Shoutout to all the adventure time fans out there!

  90. Zero Pd

    Zero Pd

    Maand geleden

    3:39 I saw that

  91. Dipsana Roy

    Dipsana Roy

    Maand geleden

    What will happen if robots wanted rights? Humans: Use nukes wipe them all!

  92. Mason Williams

    Mason Williams

    Maand geleden

    They are machines. No. If they gain sentience we should put them down. And stop them now. They have no life. No soul. Not born of flesh and blood. Just metal and electrics made by man. No

  93. ItzGudday2die gaming

    ItzGudday2die gaming

    Maand geleden

    SAO Alicazation: do AI's have rights? Kurzgesagt: I'm light years ahead of you.

  94. Dylan Hooton

    Dylan Hooton

    Maand geleden

    Nah, they're not living beings and, hopefully, they will never be created as, not only the fact that they'll steal a lot more more jobs than jobs they create, but they will more than likely cause an apocalypse that looks like straight out of dystopian Sc-Fi movies such as the Terminator franchise. Instead, we should ban them from ever existing to ensure our further survival.

  95. Jackson Wright

    Jackson Wright

    Maand geleden


  96. Jackson Wright

    Jackson Wright

    Maand geleden

    Oh Fuck, Super Mario Mushroom!

  97. SB X

    SB X

    Maand geleden

    I swear I saw bemo at like 1 . 16

  98. 1


    Maand geleden

    Well technically, aren't our brains already like a robot; Processing and sending messages to other parts of the body, using electrical signals to each other, right? Only difference is we have more emotion

  99. AlyssaTheAlien


    Maand geleden

    *_I'm excited for the singularity..._* 🙃

  100. Northern Judge

    Northern Judge

    Maand geleden

    This is one of those Kurzgesagt videos that’s gone too far in another dimension that shouldn’t exist