Water Skipping Maverick X3

Maverick X3 water skipping across some open water on a frozen lake!
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
Water Skipping Maverick X3
Maverick X3 on Thin Ice
In todays video, we install a new aftermarket exhaust called the shocker by Evolution Powersports on our Maverick X3 with an electric cutout on it and it sounds amazing! We test out our studded tires on the Maverick X3 in the snow and ditches and later put some new tires on and water skip it across some open water we found on the lake!


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      Tell Ryan to straight pipe the jeep srt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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      Cboystv u got to ride with Royce Check him out

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      it sounds like an ecoboost

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    Fyi, i will be much more gracious and fired up when i win that 600R!



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    you should try the 6 by 6 outlander??

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    What sxs what your guys favorite?!

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    Damn I spent over $100 by sweatshirts and jackets oof my wallet

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    Ben making random conversation with the pitbike winner 🤣🤣

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    I haven’t watched the hole vid yet but add a mud hole

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    The video call was muted for majority of the call

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    Just a bunch of guys bein dudes

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    pick another winner

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    this title just makes me smile. I dont believe it but I must watch to find out

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    Boys the notification for this video just popped up i was like another skip? Much love yall keep those DnR out of the vids they just ruin it for everyone lmao. Jk they just doin their job. Shit happens brappppp on!

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    Love the videos cboys, keep up the grind and great content. Hoping that anyone who sees this has a wonderful day

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    What happened to the intro?

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    i live in MN its a great place!

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    I’m from Davison lmao

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    That ft call was awkward💀

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    They should try water skipping a dirt bike or quad guys help me make them do it ❤️❤️❤️

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    Come to Oregon and bring all the toys to the dunes we will rippppp

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    waiting on the winner to get outside to absolutely lose his shit. mega disappointing reaction, or was it?



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    Definitely the right upgrade 🤙🏼

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    think they should pick a different winner. Ungrateful man...

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    Can you win the sled if your in Canadian?

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      Not sure but it would be nice if we could

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    Bro pick another winner that dude sucks

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    That was the most awkward FaceTime ive ever seen

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    Lol he doesn’t say anything on FaceTime.



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    the guy that one the pit bike has me dead

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    I think the winners parents didn’t know that he entered the giveaway and he was like shiiit

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    Road to 1 milion guys

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    That is the least appreciative giveaway winner I've ever seen!!! I wish you could just be like na nevermind bro your attitude sucks were gunna pick a new winner

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    That pit bike winner was kinda annoying

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    Land skip the jet ski

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    I would talk a bit more if i won something like that



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    5:18 I think you are already

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    Put tracks on it

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    Wow never knew Minnesota could have content lol

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    Can't believe he was in school

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    That guy who won the pit bike was just like :^~

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    U where high when u did that.... I knew yall was stoners

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    Bro wtf are you kidding me just no care of winning any thing I’ve never won anything and just no cares from this kid

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    Nice rig man me and my dad have same one but ares if a four seater and we raised it and put a lot of other stuff in it ares is ornge with gold rims

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    You guys should try the snow tires on the sand dunes in the summer!

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    Is it me or when they give something away they get the worst reactions

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    Got here in literally 19 seconds after they posted it

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    That guy already win the powerball?

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    How old do you have to be to enter the giveaway

  48. Cody Mowers

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    When is the 600r give away

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    wtf was tht dudes problem i hope he contacted after and was blowed away because if not that was very rude sorry about that cboys

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    super charge the jeep and suprise ryan with it or whatever his name is

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    Real giveaways, real reactions. Real content baby

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    Hi 👋🏼 hi 😊

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    how do you guys have so much more snow? down here in southern Minnesota we have shit for snow, hell it was raining this morning.

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    You guys need to upload more Dailey because on video every week and half is just not good not every video has to be action packed

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    The simple fact that y’all always wear helmets makes me like y’all but actually I’ve been a fan for many years

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    Landskiping a boat

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    It doesn’t look like it has alot of power

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    You should meet up with this guy called Braden price check out his NLcameras channel he has an X3 and he had a Can-Am outlander

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    You don't even know how much me and my brother love you guys my mom said that we could maybe buy merch so I am so excited me and my brother watch you every day I promise me and my brother want to go see you guys I want a crf 110 or a klx110 I love cboystv soooooo much ♥️❤♥️❤

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    It’s about time they posted 😂

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    If the c boys hart this comment they will give the Maverick away

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    Broooo my heart dropped when you said Xavier cause that’s my name

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    Ungrateful little kid won

  64. Akuma


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    We need more content!

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    Whats the next give away after the 600r

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    Can u show us the engine of the maverick and tell us the specs

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    I was just waiting for you guys to make a video. I no it might be hard to make videos but I am glad you guys are still making videos and I am glad you guys are ok and not ill

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    Why was this video so late

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    U guys need to make videos faster i've been waiting for a week

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    Is it just me or did Ryan sounds exactly like the screaming goat meme 🤣🤣🤣

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    I love the future

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    I "ice to ice" water skipped my motocross sooooooo I support the hustle



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    Yo just do ls3 swap

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    Who else watching and from davsion michigan?!?!?!?!

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    bruh that facetime call was next level awkward

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    love it

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    I would’ve cried 😂

  81. Mike Stallone

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    That’s awesome! 🔥 You gotta grab some paddle tires next time! I actually hold the world record for water skipping a rc truck (xmaxx). Went almost 1 mile 😳

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    The CannaBoys went and done it again! get after it Gentlemen! I enjoy watching all your new stuff! looking Great!

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    Is the maverick to heavy

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      For the water

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    For the first time in forever

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