JUST A MEMORY NOW | Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive | Allie Sherlock & The 3 Busketeers Cover

Unfortunately this is just a memory now, as we are still on lockdown and not allowed to perform on the street - such sad times!
Nonetheless I hope you all enjoy!
This is "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor and I am performing with The 3 Busketeers.
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  1. Agri Gento

    Agri Gento

    55 minuten geleden

    Nagyon laza, de baromi jó! Wery gooood!

  2. Александр Стахановский

    Александр Стахановский

    4 uur geleden

    Свежо! Необыкновенно!!

  3. antonio pamato

    antonio pamato

    4 uur geleden

    grinta, grinta, grinta ed una grande voce che è decisa e schietta!...

  4. jacques dobatien

    jacques dobatien

    16 uur geleden

    You’re at your best right at this point This look is you Your rendition of this song and Creep are incomparable Can’t wait for more Allie

  5. Ruben Garibaldi

    Ruben Garibaldi

    20 uur geleden

    Allie. ven a chile!!!

  6. Alice is Still in Chains

    Alice is Still in Chains

    20 uur geleden

    wow that voice....girl how many times I gotta ask to sing next to you? you wont regret it.....we can mangle our voices perfectly ...word almost bout to type my phone number.....

  7. jaime moreira

    jaime moreira

    22 uur geleden

    Sou teu fã menina, que voz bacana, diferente , única...esse brasileiro te admira. Parabéns!!!

  8. Nonato Carvalho

    Nonato Carvalho

    23 uur geleden


  9. sanecen sanecen

    sanecen sanecen

    Dag geleden

    You sing real good. But you should use your hands more, putting them in your pockets gives the feeling that you don't enjoy what you do, or do it because someone is making you do it. But I love your songs.

  10. Viviane Almeida

    Viviane Almeida

    Dag geleden


  11. miyabi fantastic

    miyabi fantastic

    Dag geleden

    What a great !!!

  12. Luiz Carlos Dib

    Luiz Carlos Dib

    Dag geleden

    She is beautiful and her voice is mind blowing. What a gift she has.

  13. perry ramberg

    perry ramberg

    Dag geleden

    great powerfull voice.



    Dag geleden

    Que artista tan bella... felicitaciones por ése talento que tienes... Eres única e irrepetible...cordial Saludo desde Bogotá, Colombia.

  15. Ken Munn

    Ken Munn

    Dag geleden

    Wow 🤩

  16. sacolas personalizada sacolas personalizadas

    sacolas personalizada sacolas personalizadas

    2 dagen geleden

    Assistindo daqui do BRASIL

    • iron


      Dag geleden

      Fala tu ela é muito linda

  17. Pierre-André Glauser

    Pierre-André Glauser

    2 dagen geleden

    Un peu rapide le tempo!!!

  18. Razudin Hamzah

    Razudin Hamzah

    2 dagen geleden

    It is not an easy song to sing..... and....She's not crumble.

  19. Александр Александр

    Александр Александр

    2 dagen geleden

    С Родригесом круче !

  20. Wal Vera

    Wal Vera

    2 dagen geleden

    Essa voz é incrível. Parabéns.

  21. Sigma Studio

    Sigma Studio

    2 dagen geleden

    Miracle team .

  22. Hootyhoo 2018

    Hootyhoo 2018

    2 dagen geleden

    She is the one that makes you wonder how incredibly famous will she be. I wish her health and happiness.

  23. Awake Freedom

    Awake Freedom

    3 dagen geleden

    Just please do not sell Your beautifull Soul when they gonna offer...

  24. Den Triple

    Den Triple

    3 dagen geleden


  25. Александр Мельник

    Александр Мельник

    4 dagen geleden

    Большая умница . Что можно сказать, талант он и есть талант. Успехов тебе.

  26. nowars1993


    4 dagen geleden

    I feel the deep and emotional soul in your young body💟🎶

  27. Kamilo CN

    Kamilo CN

    4 dagen geleden

    Hola, me gusta como canta y la chica está muy bonita, pero al final de las estrofas su voz saca un sonido que no se debe oir en toda la canción. Solo se debe escuchar en donde lo pide la canción... Saludos.

  28. Seraphynne Herriot

    Seraphynne Herriot

    4 dagen geleden

    no puede ser, está canción la tengo que cantar!! Noo ya no quiero :((

  29. Gektor 2021

    Gektor 2021

    5 dagen geleden

    Ваапще сонун Ырдаптырго соз жок, 👍💯😍 озу дагы сулуу экен.

  30. Riadh Tebourski

    Riadh Tebourski

    5 dagen geleden

    J'adore cette chanson . Je dis merci à gloria gaynor

  31. Piccola pulce

    Piccola pulce

    5 dagen geleden

    Wow !!!!

  32. Барий Мансуров

    Барий Мансуров

    5 dagen geleden

    Дай Бог тебе талантливая девушка Здоровья, Добра, Счастья, Успехов. Ты Молодец, ты красива, талантлива Супер. Привет с Владивостока.

  33. Леонид Ткаченко

    Леонид Ткаченко

    6 dagen geleden


  34. Wan Jacksparrow

    Wan Jacksparrow

    6 dagen geleden

    Nice bass,so clean!!

  35. Alexandr ABK

    Alexandr ABK

    6 dagen geleden


  36. 瑞宇隣


    6 dagen geleden

    안녕하세요! 반갑습니다!!! 좋아요!!! Band and Sweety, Powerful Voice! GOOD!!!

  37. Ign H

    Ign H

    6 dagen geleden

    ¡Bestial! Parecía imposible que pudiera superarse a sí misma, pero lo ha hecho. ¡INCREÍBLE! (los músicos también son sensacionales).

  38. iron


    7 dagen geleden

    Será que eu sou o único brasileiro aqui? Essa mina é incrível

    • Victor Fabem

      Victor Fabem

      5 dagen geleden

      Ela é demais, avemaria!

  39. Random555


    7 dagen geleden

    She's incredible. I can't believe how young she is, with such a voice!



    7 dagen geleden


  41. the increíble gama

    the increíble gama

    8 dagen geleden

    Que chica más hermosa y preciosa

  42. Мөлдір Сәнтаева

    Мөлдір Сәнтаева

    8 dagen geleden

    Wooooooow Brraaavooo😍😍😍😍💥💥💥

  43. Lionel Faith

    Lionel Faith

    8 dagen geleden

    I love how she sweetly shouts after each words she says

  44. Сергей Савотченко

    Сергей Савотченко

    8 dagen geleden

    Моя улюблена пісня!!!

  45. videoflex


    8 dagen geleden

    beautyfull....great street artist

  46. Elisavet Kioseoglou

    Elisavet Kioseoglou

    9 dagen geleden


  47. C C

    C C

    9 dagen geleden

    you need lyrics for this song...

  48. Patricia Handy

    Patricia Handy

    9 dagen geleden

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this Allie you are amazing I think this is my favorite

  49. Rigoberto Ramos

    Rigoberto Ramos

    10 dagen geleden

    She has a physical resemblance to Britney Spears, she sings amazing

  50. Pam Smith

    Pam Smith

    10 dagen geleden

    You are simple amazing you need to get a good agent your going far girl big big Canadian fan

  51. MPB anos 80 Márcio da S. F

    MPB anos 80 Márcio da S. F

    12 dagen geleden

    Por favor, vem cantar no Rio de janeiro, imploro.

    • MPB anos 80 Márcio da S. F

      MPB anos 80 Márcio da S. F

      10 dagen geleden

      @Geovana Delgado Segue lá meu canal🙏🙏

    • MPB anos 80 Márcio da S. F

      MPB anos 80 Márcio da S. F

      10 dagen geleden

      @Geovana Delgado Realmente da é muito boa, fico aqui forçado a escutar esse estrume brasileiro, quando aqui também tem talentos assim porém não tem o espaço devido a mídia podre brasileira. Mais tenho certeza que essa linda ainda vai explodir no mundo a fora

    • Geovana Delgado

      Geovana Delgado

      10 dagen geleden

      E apaixonada pelo olhar do rapazinho da guitarra lá atrás, affff

    • Geovana Delgado

      Geovana Delgado

      10 dagen geleden

      Eu acho que em dois dias, já rodei esse vídeo 50 ou mais vezes. Não tô superando essa voz

  52. Juice JIMBO

    Juice JIMBO

    12 dagen geleden

    Cool!!!!! Luv ur sing! from JAPAN :)

  53. Алексей Данилов

    Алексей Данилов

    13 dagen geleden


  54. Karam Khaddour

    Karam Khaddour

    13 dagen geleden

    Omg perfect

  55. Chris Glemser

    Chris Glemser

    13 dagen geleden

    Hope someone writes a song to really Compliment her voice. She Definitely is very talented. I believe she will be huge.

  56. Stefano Gozzi

    Stefano Gozzi

    13 dagen geleden

    love her, especially when playing with the 3 busketeers

  57. cheryl bradford

    cheryl bradford

    13 dagen geleden

    Great performance with the 3 busketeers. Looks like you miss your guitar don't quite know what to do with your hands. lol. You sound fantastic as always.

  58. Andigoes Andi

    Andigoes Andi

    14 dagen geleden

    her voice is good but she is exaggerating with the scream she doesnt need.

  59. Leonel Enrique Umaña Araya

    Leonel Enrique Umaña Araya

    15 dagen geleden

    Guauuuu!!! de verdad que uno escucha a Allie y se le pone la piel de gallina. Su talento es sorprendente....

  60. Oldtime


    15 dagen geleden

    Bardziej mi się podoba od oryginału.

  61. charles hammer

    charles hammer

    15 dagen geleden

    never get sick of watching this piece. love it.

  62. Elisa Modenese

    Elisa Modenese

    15 dagen geleden


  63. Abraão Satilite

    Abraão Satilite

    15 dagen geleden


  64. Margaret Babb

    Margaret Babb

    15 dagen geleden

    Yep, this one was part of my Allie binge watch.

  65. 신영철


    16 dagen geleden


  66. Ronald Lima

    Ronald Lima

    16 dagen geleden

    canta bem muito bom ouvi a sua voz

  67. Silvia de Céspedes

    Silvia de Céspedes

    16 dagen geleden

    Que hermosa su voz

  68. Beth Weber

    Beth Weber

    16 dagen geleden


  69. stevanus ambal widiandoko

    stevanus ambal widiandoko

    17 dagen geleden

    Oh ma chere Allie ...toi toujours m' accompane avec des charnantes que tu as fait dans ce video j'avais vu dici

  70. Pensador Da net

    Pensador Da net

    17 dagen geleden


  71. Giovanni Bogani

    Giovanni Bogani

    17 dagen geleden

    Such an energy, and never loosing the beat!

  72. Jaemin Lee

    Jaemin Lee

    18 dagen geleden

    That's one truly crazy voice

  73. Denver Canoy

    Denver Canoy

    18 dagen geleden

    the team up..

  74. Malaquita Elmagodeoz

    Malaquita Elmagodeoz

    18 dagen geleden


  75. Edu Minhoca Zampieri

    Edu Minhoca Zampieri

    19 dagen geleden

    Amazing beauty, perfect...she can sing all

  76. Serwalter. Tec

    Serwalter. Tec

    19 dagen geleden

    Que voz meu Deus roubou a cena

  77. Serwalter. Tec

    Serwalter. Tec

    19 dagen geleden

    Goddess of beautiful voice loved loved Aline let's give it up

  78. Serwalter. Tec

    Serwalter. Tec

    19 dagen geleden

    APROVADO levou o meu Like maneiro, um classico da nossa amada Gloria Gaynor

  79. Serwalter. Tec

    Serwalter. Tec

    19 dagen geleden

    amazing what a beautiful voice my God loved loved

  80. DanStill39


    19 dagen geleden

    Stop fussing with your hair. Stop the end yodel twist that you do.......otherwise; fantastic!

  81. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    19 dagen geleden

    You watch and listen to Allie beauty and talent. Watched 3 times fantastic!

  82. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    19 dagen geleden

    Oh dear Lord, time to conquer the world Allie. Best singer out there hands down.

  83. Carlos Silva

    Carlos Silva

    19 dagen geleden

    Deu vontade louca de sair dançando 😁😁😁👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  84. simon allen

    simon allen

    20 dagen geleden

    This is awful the band are chasing the lyrics which are delivered to fast to hit pitch

  85. Vicki Keenan

    Vicki Keenan

    21 dag geleden

    She’s having fun , what a life!

  86. Tgirl 79

    Tgirl 79

    21 dag geleden

    wow, wow, wow.... Allie you Sing with so much confidence with the band, love it :)

  87. Johnny Machado

    Johnny Machado

    22 dagen geleden

    Allie é muito o amorzinho da minha vida toda!

    • Arnold Amaral

      Arnold Amaral

      20 dagen geleden

      Obregado 🌏🌎🌍🇺🇸 Arnold Bourbon Amaral

  88. Вася Пупкин

    Вася Пупкин

    22 dagen geleden


  89. Ник Круглов

    Ник Круглов

    22 dagen geleden

    cool !!!

  90. Palma Putra

    Palma Putra

    22 dagen geleden

    absolutely goosebumping

  91. Alexandre Maia Rodrigues

    Alexandre Maia Rodrigues

    22 dagen geleden


  92. Condrea Maximilian Romeo

    Condrea Maximilian Romeo

    23 dagen geleden

    Just super

  93. fernando olmedo mejia

    fernando olmedo mejia

    23 dagen geleden

    You Are The Best...I LoveYou...#AngelOlmedoMusic

  94. XCar Suspensões

    XCar Suspensões

    23 dagen geleden

    Parabéns por esta voz abençoado por Deus, sou seu fã

  95. Steve Haganman

    Steve Haganman

    23 dagen geleden

    The band is awesome.

  96. 김태환


    24 dagen geleden

    You are best of best

  97. A.Rojano


    24 dagen geleden

    with this voice this face and these...the world is yours

  98. MOS MAK


    24 dagen geleden

    Bonne chance du maroc

  99. Andrew West

    Andrew West

    25 dagen geleden

    you will be a star one day, you have a unique sound and so confident at your age, AMAZING

  100. Aldo Martini

    Aldo Martini

    26 dagen geleden

    Chapeau!!! Ciao