Playing 10000 Marbles - Marble Machine X #146

Trying to play 10000 Marbles without fail! Will the Marble Machine X be able to do it?
Video edited by Hannes Knutsson & Martin
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Thanks to the Marble Machine X Team 2019
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►Carlos Montoro | Anjuda Guitars | Madrid, Spain
►Chris Nadon | Aix-en-Provence France
►Dwayne Myers | Safety | Phoenixville, PA, USA
►Ecco Pierce | All Things Ecco | Oakland, California, USA
►Florian Hu | fhuable | Wellington, NZ
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►Sebastiaan Jansen | Leuven, Belgium (BE)
►Tim Keller | Inventopia | Davis California USA
►Tim Mitchell | CNC Machinist | Nashville USA
►Tobias Gutmann | Tobias Gutmann Prototyping | Munich, Germany
►Tommaso D'Amico | Vancouver, Canada
►Will Francis | Machine Thinking | San Francisco Bay Area, USA
►Blue Sparkle and her great team for this video's subtitles (and many others).
►Grant Lansdell: Great Idea Provider ;)
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►Liam Ward
►David Lewis
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  1. Riley M

    Riley M

    20 dagen geleden

    This has been my favorite episode; I really mean that.

    • TheaDragonSpirit


      Uur geleden

      @Wintergatan Are you going to do new Blueprint posters on your website?

    • Joe Nicotera

      Joe Nicotera

      Dag geleden

      @Wintergatan ...but the previous instrument wrote better sheet music. Has maestro considered that the marbles need to escape in order to get his jokes?

    • Mia


      4 dagen geleden

      @Wintergatan sup

    • DME EMD

      DME EMD

      8 dagen geleden

      @Wintergatan 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    • DustIN Cat'zzz

      DustIN Cat'zzz

      8 dagen geleden

      @Wintergatan CERN garbage.

  2. Rod


    5 uur geleden

    When I think I am smart, I need to watch this video to understand just how incredibly average I really am.

  3. Valentin Danev

    Valentin Danev

    8 uur geleden

    ?!?!?!?!?!? What is that all about? I am confused.

  4. Deadmeat


    14 uur geleden

    When is frictionless (the piano song) gonna be released? I think its really beautiful haha :)

  5. Joel Sjögren

    Joel Sjögren

    14 uur geleden

    Remember this video next time you are debugging code.

  6. max


    20 uur geleden

    I think you can this video satisfying correction

  7. paul cini

    paul cini

    Dag geleden

    is that seriously all it does? wtf ........nooo ....fuck off thats seriously it?

  8. Sebastian Espinoza

    Sebastian Espinoza

    Dag geleden

    Come see Bitter Drink (PREMIERE)

  9. RoXanne WebsteR

    RoXanne WebsteR

    Dag geleden

    I feel like... God is proud.

  10. C. R. Allen

    C. R. Allen

    Dag geleden

    As a master machinist and a guitar repair person. this combination of machine technology and music is fascinating ! Outstanding work !!

  11. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith

    Dag geleden

    The humidity probably plays havoc with the wood

  12. yeputons


    Dag geleden

    20 fails out of 5000 attempts is 99.6% probability of not having a failure, NOT 99.996%. Same as 200 fails out of 5000 is 96%, and 2000 fails is only 60%.

  13. Melike Amjarv

    Melike Amjarv

    Dag geleden


  14. Nico Bianco

    Nico Bianco

    Dag geleden

    Why tho

  15. Incognito Tempo

    Incognito Tempo

    Dag geleden

    I know it's non of my business and I don't know what works well but was wondering what would happen whether washers, rubbish overlys, chark grip and oil slip is used and if any of it will improve or make more apparent or does anything or nothing. I don't know if you make more than one machine though. To test more than one idea to make the best one better.

  16. Blake


    Dag geleden

    This man looks like a young Severus Snape

  17. Chul-ha Baik

    Chul-ha Baik

    2 dagen geleden

    I do not know what he is doing but one thing, I can see he enjoys the dropping sound of marbles as his music! Interesting!

  18. Twisted Stone

    Twisted Stone

    2 dagen geleden

    Your always going to have issues due to the nature of wood. Built many designs that work great in summer but useless in winter due to expansion...

  19. Andrew


    2 dagen geleden


  20. Ryan wipf

    Ryan wipf

    2 dagen geleden

    As they say, he lost his marbles.

  21. beetelgeuze


    2 dagen geleden

    very inspirational! thanks

  22. Rei Marrese

    Rei Marrese

    2 dagen geleden

    I wish I had this guys work ethic! I need a project that I won’t get bored of lol He’s so talented and a total genius

  23. Fuel-For-Life


    2 dagen geleden

    Du är en sån jävla stor inspiration. Aldrig har jag varit så nyfiken med maskineri eller kugghjul men det här avsnittet kan ha inspirerat mig till att påbörja en ny utbildning som ingenjör. Tack!

  24. Vinz RR

    Vinz RR

    2 dagen geleden

    I love you man.

  25. mikrobluess


    2 dagen geleden

    just stumbled across your channel... and I am mesmorized... thank you for sharing this journey!

  26. TheMatthew393


    2 dagen geleden

    The TRUE art here is your commitment and dedication to this project! THANK YOU for sharing it with us! GREAT JOB

  27. dewinchy


    2 dagen geleden

    28:19 - best way to let time pass and not get mad by the snare 🤣

  28. Arto Pekkanen

    Arto Pekkanen

    2 dagen geleden

    This is probably the most ambitious mechanical engineering project of the century :P

  29. demofactory


    2 dagen geleden

    I know you can't use a petroleum lubricant on the wooden gears, but can you wax the gear teeth for lubrication? Thanks for sharing with us. I love your channel!!!!!!

  30. Equinox78


    2 dagen geleden

    What is that song you played on piano!

  31. Jonathan Clodfelter

    Jonathan Clodfelter

    3 dagen geleden

    Me...Just hit it with some WD-40... Done 👍

  32. ThatGamerBoy Caleb

    ThatGamerBoy Caleb

    3 dagen geleden

    Go to 27:31

  33. krazykatlady


    3 dagen geleden

    16 minutes in and he only crossed off 1 fix. I thought the vid was almost over lol

  34. bur2000


    3 dagen geleden

    He is like that strange inventor in a game, could imagine him 500 years ago telling people he build a flying machine and no one would believe it.

  35. Dwayne Jones

    Dwayne Jones

    3 dagen geleden

    Lol, don't know how I came across this channel or what this dude is talking about, but he kept me interested the whole time. Subscribed brotha



    3 dagen geleden

    3:34 Wintergatan: i think it's a broken bearing Me: I thought is a phone ringing

  37. Shaune Greenwood

    Shaune Greenwood

    3 dagen geleden

    On the first video I saw legos

  38. Hyerrr Vawesome

    Hyerrr Vawesome

    3 dagen geleden

    Congratulations. Good job

  39. uNiiXx


    3 dagen geleden

    28:48 name of the song?

  40. DonGios Adventures

    DonGios Adventures

    3 dagen geleden

    He said gear depth thing😂 its gear mesh. You can actually put paper in between the Gear mesh and it will properly separate them. If the paper rips its to tight, if it comes out smooth it’s just right👍. But it’s okay. You got it.

  41. Jim Zimmerman

    Jim Zimmerman

    3 dagen geleden

    Yeah, it didn't drop marbles, but it didn't really play music either. Just a bang bang bang on the snare drum. Time to step it up and do music again. You can do it. Make the music. You are great at it

  42. steven butler

    steven butler

    3 dagen geleden


  43. Rowdy Flyer1903

    Rowdy Flyer1903

    3 dagen geleden

    So many talents. The mans mind never rest. He must be related to the creator of the first chronograph, Mr. Harris. A simple carpenter changed the world.

  44. Fallout


    3 dagen geleden

    This is the definition of a beautiful, sophisticated, and talented person. Congratulations on your success with fixing your marble machine, and I hope your next project bodes well in your favor. 😊

  45. Katy Henry Kowalczuk

    Katy Henry Kowalczuk

    3 dagen geleden

    This is the most satisfying video I have ever watched

  46. Thoriphas


    3 dagen geleden

    I am totally getting one of this for Christmas under my tree

  47. RightPushBack


    3 dagen geleden

    : )

  48. Veganer Krieger69

    Veganer Krieger69

    3 dagen geleden

    YOu rock

  49. Vicente Vargas

    Vicente Vargas

    3 dagen geleden

    And the reason for this is........... ?

  50. Rakooned R

    Rakooned R

    3 dagen geleden

    You are absolutely astounding. I enjoyed watching this video. What an incredible passion and mind you have. Thank you for sharing it.

  51. Miellwell Hietsch

    Miellwell Hietsch

    3 dagen geleden

    Why so fast(?

  52. ShadowDugify


    3 dagen geleden

    Why not just keep it going indefinately?

  53. Goo Hee

    Goo Hee

    3 dagen geleden


  54. ich nicht du

    ich nicht du

    3 dagen geleden

    I have seen your videos on reddit. I m so impressed dude. New sub

  55. Squinkie just Squinkie

    Squinkie just Squinkie

    3 dagen geleden

    You can NOT use wood and metal together. Must use high grade stainless steel or Titanium. Good luck to you.

  56. Ralph Timmermann

    Ralph Timmermann

    3 dagen geleden

    Congratulations!!! Big achievement. This has been an amazing episode, such a pleasure to follow you on this amazing journey. Cute little snare-and-guitar piece btw. Can't wait to see you on tour!

  57. sights2397


    3 dagen geleden

    This is how a true genius looks like, I'm speechless

  58. Samuraiox


    3 dagen geleden

    This is phenomenal and fascinating!!!

  59. Witwillsy


    3 dagen geleden

    When English isn't your first language but you say 'Let's give it a spin', perfect slang. Also, epic video.

  60. Josh Sauter

    Josh Sauter

    4 dagen geleden

    Much tallent!

  61. Sinister


    4 dagen geleden

    I love it but you know, you could have post on craiglist for a human that can play drum in your neigbhorhood

  62. Matt Howe

    Matt Howe

    4 dagen geleden

    Ladies and gentlemen, the world's most complicated metronome

  63. David LeBlanc

    David LeBlanc

    4 dagen geleden

    You’re doing great! You’ve got this!

  64. F


    4 dagen geleden

    Every step he takes I feel a sense of joy knowing this machine becomes even better. And then one day it in its perfect final self would be mass produced to musical schools everywhere.

  65. ZAC SMASH!


    4 dagen geleden

    great work. don't give up my friend. uve come very far. do not stop now. this machine is a beautiful piece of your heart and soul. there will be ups and downs always. beauty is pain. it's pure everlasting emotion and struggle. giving up on that wen uve endured so much this far would be a tradgedy. you got this. you've proven this. imagine the euphoric feeling of fruition. regardless wen that is. your soul will elevate to art and engineering nirvana. I'll end this by saying *fist bump* show us wut u got.

  66. Tony Flynn

    Tony Flynn

    4 dagen geleden

    This is probably the best video I have watched on youtube up until now. Thanks!

  67. Jason Watkins

    Jason Watkins

    4 dagen geleden

    Wow. This is the first video I’ve seen of yours and you are truly talented. Welding, gear system creation, guitar, piano, woodwork, mathematics?!? Not to mention video editing and camera presence! Earned every sub I see! Amazing.

  68. Salvonica Astralove

    Salvonica Astralove

    4 dagen geleden

    17:13 This feels like an animated short-movie I'd find in my recommended. I also completely forgot how good you were at playing guitar.

  69. Blinky


    4 dagen geleden

    Nobody achieves perfection without a few failures along the way. It's amazing to see time and effort going into this project, and I know the finished product will be absolutely amazing 😊

  70. Daniel Guiwan

    Daniel Guiwan

    4 dagen geleden

    PATIENCE is the key :)

  71. Zach Matsko

    Zach Matsko

    4 dagen geleden

    you are probably the most incredible person i have ever seen

  72. eszentric one

    eszentric one

    4 dagen geleden

    Now there's something you'll never see MADE IN CHINA stamped on it

  73. The DouG

    The DouG

    4 dagen geleden

    I'm Glad Jack White's Sweden cousin got into music too.

  74. Simon Tobias

    Simon Tobias

    4 dagen geleden

    Steam Punk Machine at its best !!!

  75. EzloChocobo


    4 dagen geleden

    This: The most mechanically complicated metronome

  76. EzloChocobo


    4 dagen geleden

    Could you imagine getting your hand stuck in the gears of this thing.

  77. jon spon

    jon spon

    4 dagen geleden

    system of progress and rewards, if you do nothing but work on it you will burn yourself out. divide your project into parts and reward yourself when you reach them. this is the major way of failure on large projects.

  78. Xonx Xenox

    Xonx Xenox

    4 dagen geleden

    You are a weirdo, I like you.

  79. HAHAMANIAC 801


    4 dagen geleden

    I LOVE how he shows and explains the problems, makes me feel smarter by the second. Haha

  80. SailLively


    4 dagen geleden

    Have you thought about a thermal camera to see the parts that have the most friction?

  81. Pablo D'Ambrosio

    Pablo D'Ambrosio

    4 dagen geleden

    Kind of liked having some marvels in the floor after playing.

  82. Corb


    4 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or does the testing part of the video have terrible audio? Edit: Is there truly a problem with the sound coming out more on the left than the right?

  83. nunferyou ps4

    nunferyou ps4

    4 dagen geleden

    have you ever thought of doing a livestream?

  84. Anonwill


    4 dagen geleden

    How about stop using wood for so many parts, especially the gears. The wood is always going to compress and your tolerance is going to be off, you will have constant backlash and slop.

  85. Densmorde


    4 dagen geleden

    Ett billigt och kladdfritt sätt att dämpa friktion(där du vill ha tajt passform) är att gnugga med ett stearinljus på ytan, ger viss glid. (husmorsknep på gnekiga byrå/besticklådor.)

  86. Mia


    4 dagen geleden

    Just out of curiosity, how much wood did you use for this?

  87. Owen Hester

    Owen Hester

    4 dagen geleden

    I love how you use leg is to show what's wrong with the machine

  88. Miftahul Raziqin

    Miftahul Raziqin

    4 dagen geleden

    musical engineering + mechanical engineering = muchanical engineering

  89. VbgVbg 113

    VbgVbg 113

    4 dagen geleden

    I forgot about this a while back, and so much happened woah

  90. iKaika


    4 dagen geleden

    I am ashamed of myself. I thought this machine was a CGI combined with amazing music... Now I appreciate it 10000 times more knowing it was a real thing.



    4 dagen geleden

    25:22 this shot is scary, little gearman’s eyes got stabbed through, geeeez

  92. dvd p

    dvd p

    4 dagen geleden

    i may not be ur teammate but i still cheer up for u. i look forward for the day when this little wonder which u create will be perfected :)

  93. Brendan Bush

    Brendan Bush

    5 dagen geleden

    It would have been a cool souvenir if a marble fell out and rolled into the crowd

  94. Ryan Himenes

    Ryan Himenes

    5 dagen geleden

    Incredible work man ! Its like a Mercedes marble machine.

  95. Mordecai Vlanch

    Mordecai Vlanch

    5 dagen geleden

    This mans dedication to getting a 100% efficient custom made marble player is keeping me going right now.

    • L O W E

      L O W E

      10 uur geleden

      This comment sounds like an Undertale save point. It's also very true

  96. Ryan Spikowski

    Ryan Spikowski

    5 dagen geleden

    Thanks for your dedication!

  97. Ken Chan

    Ken Chan

    5 dagen geleden

    When I seen your video expired me when I seen your video of of Project X it expired me even more I have faith in you my friend where you travel greatness

  98. wawa


    5 dagen geleden

    "hahaha... forget your results.. think about your systems instead kids" 🥺

  99. Ryan Spikowski

    Ryan Spikowski

    5 dagen geleden

    I’m sure you’ve seen/heard of animusic?

  100. Post-Left Luddite

    Post-Left Luddite

    5 dagen geleden

    Do you eventually plan on machining gears out of metal alloys? P.S. You need to get a Bridgeport milling machine... It'll take you to new levels