The 12,019 Calendar IS HERE - A new calendar for humanity

The Year 12,019 Calendar IS AVAILABLE NOW:
It's the most wonderful time of the year: The 12,019 Human Era Calendar is here! Get the new limited edition now or regret it forever. We updated the design of the calendar, so each illustration is now featured on a full page, with much more space to take notes below.
Product Details:
- In a Nutshell double-page wall calendar with silver spiral binding
- 11" W x 13" H (ca 28 x 33 cm) flat, 11" W x 27" H hanging
- Printed on high quality paper in Seattle
- Silver embossing on the outside, filled with love on the inside
Order now to receive it by Christmas!
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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    2 jaar geleden

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    • go away please

      go away please

      2 jaar geleden

      Am i late? Can I have a calender?

    • Amanda Bennett

      Amanda Bennett

      2 jaar geleden

      I like new calendar

    • Fabian Baumgartner

      Fabian Baumgartner

      2 jaar geleden

      any chance for a reprint? (don't say in the year 12020)

    • Holly Bee

      Holly Bee

      2 jaar geleden

      maybe make more calendars so they don't sell out so fast and less duck shirts

    • 王威翔


      2 jaar geleden

      I love this ! But how can i buy it in Taiwan or China ?

  2. Carmela's Crochet Workshop

    Carmela's Crochet Workshop

    Maand geleden

    "Mum's Birthday" nobody notices this, even if this was very pure... at least acknowledge his mum from time to time!

  3. NightwishTarja


    2 maanden geleden

    hi old people, from 12021 YEAr of our Lord - Kurz Ge Sagt the 1

  4. cross cross

    cross cross

    4 maanden geleden

    derliver one to usa Kansas Riley Manor apt 56

  5. Marco


    5 maanden geleden


  6. Matthew11 04 5

    Matthew11 04 5

    6 maanden geleden

    This was in the game theory video about vanny

  7. Andrew Siegel

    Andrew Siegel

    7 maanden geleden

    I'm going to get a calendar this year

  8. UNSC cadet

    UNSC cadet

    7 maanden geleden


  9. Swati Pawar

    Swati Pawar

    8 maanden geleden


  10. Russell Edgar Diputra 1411086

    Russell Edgar Diputra 1411086

    8 maanden geleden

    The plushies are so cute!!!

  11. brostupid 123

    brostupid 123

    9 maanden geleden


  12. Christian Johnston

    Christian Johnston

    9 maanden geleden

    If anyone still has theirs, I would like to acquire it!

  13. Satish Sharma

    Satish Sharma

    10 maanden geleden

    🤯I didn't know that you have a dog until now🤯

    • Carmela's Crochet Workshop

      Carmela's Crochet Workshop

      Maand geleden

      Thats their chief cuddle executive, you know. The name's Mochi!

  14. Tejider Singh

    Tejider Singh

    10 maanden geleden


  15. nono momo

    nono momo

    11 maanden geleden

    Can I order all calendar? :| 2017,18,19,20 and 21

  16. M. Sarfaraz Janjua

    M. Sarfaraz Janjua

    11 maanden geleden


    • M. Sarfaraz Janjua

      M. Sarfaraz Janjua

      11 maanden geleden

      Hamza und dann noch mal mit der Zeit immer mehr in den Vordergrund steht die Leute sind wir wieder da bi

  17. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Ricardo Gonzalez

    Jaar geleden

    00:20 I know I'm late, but is no one gonna talk about make a moon baby and kill birds

  18. Tobias Garland

    Tobias Garland

    Jaar geleden

    All my real viewers & subscribers make me so happy with my real Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell 12,019 Calendar of the humanity.

  19. Shella Amor Dela Pasion

    Shella Amor Dela Pasion

    Jaar geleden


  20. Tamer Ağaoğlu

    Tamer Ağaoğlu

    Jaar geleden

    very expensive for me.. i'm from turkey

    • Shane


      Jaar geleden

      Gotta love that communism

  21. 김태현


    Jaar geleden


  22. Tacos Salsa

    Tacos Salsa

    Jaar geleden

    OK. Then, all Events based on unfounded old customs should be eliminated from this new HUMAN ERA CALENDAR! No Easter, no Halloween, no Christmas, and so on. There's no holydays. Of cause, one week is not 7 days. Wonderful!

    • Shane


      Jaar geleden

      Only the religious days.

  23. CL Melonshark

    CL Melonshark

    Jaar geleden

    I wish the soundtrack of this video is in epic mountain's channel

  24. Marcos Soto

    Marcos Soto

    Jaar geleden

    Can I have one?

  25. trollbunny


    Jaar geleden


  26. Bob Thelob

    Bob Thelob

    Jaar geleden

    I wish i could get this calendar ;(

  27. Robert Eischen

    Robert Eischen

    Jaar geleden

    Damn it. When is the 2020 calander coming out?

    • Robert Eischen

      Robert Eischen

      Jaar geleden

      @Skyline I saw. Already purchased it. 😁

    • Skyline


      Jaar geleden


  28. Jay F. Salvacion

    Jay F. Salvacion

    Jaar geleden

    I got the calendar.... Now where can I get the bird plushies?

  29. Chillin Games

    Chillin Games

    Jaar geleden

    12 020?!?!?!?!?!

  30. Zack Gravity

    Zack Gravity

    Jaar geleden

    im gonna get this 12020 one i swear it!

  31. Alberto Amador

    Alberto Amador

    Jaar geleden

    Mortal ennemies 😂

  32. Hyperbolic Tesseract

    Hyperbolic Tesseract

    Jaar geleden

    anybody see TO DO: MURDER SOME BIRDS

  33. Smokey Bacon

    Smokey Bacon

    Jaar geleden

    Can I buy those stuffed ducks?

  34. Aryan


    Jaar geleden


  35. Walter Cisneros

    Walter Cisneros

    Jaar geleden

    Soooooooo 12.020?

  36. Nelly MM Jimron

    Nelly MM Jimron

    Jaar geleden

    Do 12020!

  37. Ian Lairmore

    Ian Lairmore

    Jaar geleden

    I'd also like a bird

  38. Gas Maskz

    Gas Maskz

    Jaar geleden

    YOU ARE basically saying FUCK to my religion and all it's contribution to our society. Christianity is one of the foundations of the western civilization, it is a part of us, like it or not, it is the truth. But instead you SPIT on our faces with your pagan calendar, what a shameful act. You are being totally disrespectful with your OWN watchers. It's not only about religion, it's about respect, but when you do it with the faith of others, you fail miserably at us. Anyway, I like this channel and I really appreciate it's videos, but this shit is disappointing, trying to make money from such barbarity.

  39. Lizandro Ruiz

    Lizandro Ruiz

    Jaar geleden

    Why is 10,000 years added to 2019?

    • Ression


      Jaar geleden

      Human era

  40. Falco


    Jaar geleden

    are you gonna sell the 12,020 version

  41. AAleksiy


    Jaar geleden

    and now 2020!!!

  42. Belajar Bahasa Inggris

    Belajar Bahasa Inggris

    Jaar geleden

    waiting for 12,2020 pleaseee

  43. Raccoon Byz

    Raccoon Byz

    Jaar geleden

    So 10000 BC is -1 HE! Thanks For Messing Up!

  44. Haffa Jaffa

    Haffa Jaffa

    Jaar geleden

    Pls do this next year so I can get it ;)

  45. kjartan ruminy

    kjartan ruminy

    Jaar geleden

    I love this calendar, I got one last Christmas. But I’d like if you’d make it out of recycled paper.

  46. JoyTheGeek


    Jaar geleden

    I'm still waiting for the 12020 version. I'm refreshing the page every day.

    • JoyTheGeek


      Jaar geleden

      Skyline Already got mine

    • Skyline


      Jaar geleden

      Your wait is over

  47. Jack Zhang CA

    Jack Zhang CA

    Jaar geleden

    OMG 0:42 is hilarious!

  48. Nasa 123%%%%

    Nasa 123%%%%

    Jaar geleden

    um imho D Call Call Call

  49. Alex White

    Alex White

    Jaar geleden

    I want it NOW

  50. SeÑorSpicyBoi


    Jaar geleden

    Confusing aliens who find this in the future long after we're all dead.

  51. 橋本亜門


    Jaar geleden


  52. Zack Gravity

    Zack Gravity

    Jaar geleden

    can't wait to get the 12020 calendar, i missed out on the last one already

  53. Cristian Ramos

    Cristian Ramos

    Jaar geleden

    Who needs it. This civilization is heavily influenced mostly by jews and germans .. This period of time on earth sucks so far

  54. 60skidd


    Jaar geleden

    I only started watching your videos in 2019 but I really hope you guys make a new calendar for next year!

    • Karsen Kelley

      Karsen Kelley

      Jaar geleden


  55. xHyperEgend_


    Jaar geleden

    *Kurzgesagt* :-It's the perfect gift for your Friends, Kids, Grandma, Doggo, Mortal enemies or random strangers you meet on the street. *Random* *stranger* *I* *met* *on* *the* *street* :- *Murders my enemy for the calendar* *Dog* :- Eats the Random stranger.

    • M. Sarfaraz Janjua

      M. Sarfaraz Janjua

      11 maanden geleden

      Tasse Kaffee oder Tee trinken Wasser und ich habe das Buch in der Zeit immer mehr Menschen

  56. Zeigy


    Jaar geleden


  57. Dewdimpple Aoi Ch.

    Dewdimpple Aoi Ch.

    Jaar geleden

    I do like to gift calendars to my mortal enemies

  58. nonogamer9 AUTTP AVGCP

    nonogamer9 AUTTP AVGCP

    Jaar geleden

    1:47 LOL

  59. alanticRO


    Jaar geleden

    0:59 Anyone notice that there is a average size rock on their head? I thought there was a gun.

  60. der Karpfenprinz

    der Karpfenprinz

    Jaar geleden

    METTWOCH?! Sie Schelm!

  61. Emerald Eyes Esoteric

    Emerald Eyes Esoteric

    Jaar geleden

    It should be 15,019. That at least begins on July 4 14,000 BC when the Celestial Sphinx HU began to disappear and the sun starting setting in the Egypt in Ancient Egypt. It also accounts for the 1000 fabricated years due to the Gregorian Calender, that would make the actual date 1019 AD. They started putting I in front of the common year for Iesous Jesus, and this was confused to mean 1. Thus we lost 100 years in about 500 AD.

  62. Renz kun Daisuki

    Renz kun Daisuki

    Jaar geleden

    I want that 😬😬😬

  63. Matias Barrionuevo

    Matias Barrionuevo

    Jaar geleden

    1:43 lol intsead of put an egg i put a planet and i'm male xddd

  64. Li Zeng

    Li Zeng

    Jaar geleden

    Hi I have order it last year in China, but didn't receive anything

  65. Sagar Shah

    Sagar Shah

    Jaar geleden

    Will this be available again?

  66. philip ouellette

    philip ouellette

    Jaar geleden

    but there were ruins that predate this in lima

  67. Cire Gnaw

    Cire Gnaw

    Jaar geleden

    But I live in 12010!!

  68. Potterhead


    Jaar geleden

    “Give it to your doggo.” I died of laughter.

  69. 참새


    Jaar geleden


  70. Adek


    Jaar geleden

    its sold out, I want one too!

  71. José Francisco Pascoli de Andrade

    José Francisco Pascoli de Andrade

    Jaar geleden

    Almost forgot to murder some birds today

  72. Marcin Kot

    Marcin Kot

    Jaar geleden

    This is the kind of ad I want to see!

  73. Jonas Kovamees

    Jonas Kovamees

    Jaar geleden

    "doggo" Yes.

  74. The Protagonist

    The Protagonist

    Jaar geleden

    And here I am, so late that half the year is almost over(3 days to go). Lol!

  75. The Eva UwU

    The Eva UwU

    2 jaar geleden

    12,020 please! I couldn't get one this year and I would love one next year!

  76. Aspenpaw


    2 jaar geleden

    hmm, I wonder whether I can reprogram my PC to show 12019 not 2019 on its clock? If anyone has instructions on this reply to this comment! OS: Windows 10

  77. agent - calimar

    agent - calimar

    2 jaar geleden

    These birds make me wanna get it

  78. Andrei-Alexandru Bleorțu

    Andrei-Alexandru Bleorțu

    2 jaar geleden

    Can't wait for 12,020

  79. Ahmed Taufiq

    Ahmed Taufiq

    2 jaar geleden

    What a cute doggy

  80. Yeet


    2 jaar geleden

    Wait so is this the same dates as this year just many many years in the future?

  81. phiovorix


    2 jaar geleden

    “High quality paper that’s nice to touch” Me: yEp I’m BuYiNg iT

  82. xano


    2 jaar geleden

    i thought this was one thicc ass calendar

  83. Alexander Rodriguez y Gibson

    Alexander Rodriguez y Gibson

    2 jaar geleden

    It’s the perfect gift for friends, family, kids, doggo, mortal enemies or strangers you meet on the street. Lines like that mixed with learning is what makes me love this channel.

  84. ABL 4A MALAM - Marcellino Dwi

    ABL 4A MALAM - Marcellino Dwi

    2 jaar geleden

    This is how Prof. Marketing work

  85. ji lim

    ji lim

    2 jaar geleden

    Was that Mochi?

  86. rochelimit's hangout

    rochelimit's hangout

    2 jaar geleden

    those dolls are so cute

  87. BOLT9904_PL


    2 jaar geleden

    IDEA: I think you should introduce a pre-order system. In this way, you can make more sales as people will have to pay for the product, you will produce the desired quantity and then distribute to the ones that have pre-ordered the product.

  88. mahdi g7x

    mahdi g7x

    2 jaar geleden

    I want translation Arabic

  89. Kolbnitz


    2 jaar geleden

    It would be nice if the year were given without the comma. I know this is so common in English-speaking countries, but in other parts of the world, it looks as if the tenth digit is already behind the comma. But if you simply write "12020" next year, that would be more understandable everywhere, don't you think?

  90. Wlsscom


    2 jaar geleden

    Is the earth squishy toy available?

  91. Ebin Navis

    Ebin Navis

    2 jaar geleden

    Hello Team Kurzgesagt, can you make a vedio of how to do an academical research ?

  92. Annalese Aderholt

    Annalese Aderholt

    2 jaar geleden

    Make a 12020 one!

  93. TheRagingDeer


    2 jaar geleden

    Was too late for this one, discovered this channel a few weeks ago and have been obsessed. Sadly I will have to wait until next years calendar. With the quality of content across the board and commitment to your community, I say that waiting for future merchandise will always be worth it for me.

  94. ollie


    2 jaar geleden


  95. Science Explorer

    Science Explorer

    2 jaar geleden

    Please make a 12020 calender also

  96. G. Murph

    G. Murph

    2 jaar geleden

    When a video about your calendar get more than 1mil views lol

  97. Aaron's Life

    Aaron's Life

    2 jaar geleden

    Is it possible to sell a digital version of the calender after the print version is sold out? That way, us, that have come late to the game, can still get a hold of it.

  98. Alex Klonowski

    Alex Klonowski

    2 jaar geleden

    *_or random strangers on the street_* walks up to person. Gives them a calendar. Walks away.

  99. blewris


    2 jaar geleden

    Make more :'(

  100. ST!Lang OFFICIAL


    2 jaar geleden

    Then here we are, in the 121st century, 13th millennium.