Sleepy Papa gets a surprise wake up when he puts Disco to sleep #shorts

Papa falls asleep putting Disco to sleep then Mama surprises him!


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    Biggy's First Vlog 2016

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      I-l • ! I

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      Norris Nuts Clips happy birthday naz

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      Lol ily

  2. Zobia Khan

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    Norris nuts plz do living 24 hrs in the new renovated house 🏡

  3. Raegan Plays

    Raegan Plays

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    The thumbnail made disco look so scary (no hate disco is super cute)

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    Super Studio

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    Instead of Papa putting Disco asleep, Disco put Papa asleep. Lol

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    Sending virtual hugs to the Norris nuts please reply huge fan

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    I love your vids😊😊😊

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    Hey Norris nuts I am using my mums account and I love ur videos so much I have been a legend for a really long time!❤️

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    Thats brilliant 😂😂



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    This how the Norris nuts we love 💕

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    I got the notification 5 days later 😭

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    This is how many people watch the nn every day I v

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    So Norris nuts no offense but I feel like in the last nn video you posted you where being mean to biggy and I dont feel like that was very nice sry guys but you are still my idel and I live in America sockie and trust me it is safe come to no and maybe I can meet you nn

  16. mxcandcheese :3

    mxcandcheese :3

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    Hi Sabre! For your 100 dollar dress, if you don’t like it, you can cut the back part off and turn it into an accessory! You can turn it into a scarf or you could turn into a skirt for naz or bunny 😇

  17. Ieva Merkelyte

    Ieva Merkelyte

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    Disco is so cute!! I can’t wait to see how he looks like in a few years:)



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    The Norris nuts spreading love to all who need it now!😀

  19. Anita Marinkovic

    Anita Marinkovic

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    Sorry if this sounds rude but first why are u so cool and are u a Fanpage or are u the Noris nuts

    • Anita Marinkovic

      Anita Marinkovic

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      @Completely Keira ty

    • Completely Keira

      Completely Keira

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      This is the Norris Nuts extra channel! So yes it is theirs!

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    Gamer twins

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    This is how many people love the Norris nuts 👇

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    Who think disco looks like biggy 😍 Like if you think :



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    I need an emergency hug unu

  23. Khadijah A.

    Khadijah A.

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    Love you norris nuts i love you biggest fan yet!!!! Sab you looked gorgeous in that dress....

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    This is my dad!🤣🤣🤣

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    norris nuts not sure if you remember but its nazzys bday n the video of it didn't come out yet so😔😟😕🤨🤨🤨

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    Norris nuts I tried getting your merch but your sold out in my size I'm Sooooo SADDD

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    this is how many people think the norris nuts are the best vloggers because they dont try and hide half their life to make them seem perfect, but show us in all their mistakes, making them even better and more enjoyable to watch. basically who loves the norris nuts because i know i do

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    Griff Jenkins

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    you leaked the new merch

  29. ItsAlyTime


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    when’s nazzy’s birthday vlog coming out?

  30. Sulal Abdinasir

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    I love u Norris nuts I have been a huge fan for a long time love u guys

  31. Wajiks Wajiks

    Wajiks Wajiks

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    Hi big actually huge fan of you guys I have a qn why didn't you guys film nazes 10 birthday 😭😭😭

  32. Princes April Pasalgon

    Princes April Pasalgon

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    Hi Keep Scrolling U there? Thank You :) Make Sure to keep safe And be happy That's all Why are you still there? O.o Don't waste time on this comment 😂😂😂😂 Cmon Imma end this Gooooooooo I'm done Have a good day Bye.. :,D

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    I have seen all the clips 5 time each

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    Hawk J

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    Thank you for your lovely merch. I am so excited to wear it.Every design is amazing i wish i could buy all of it. I enjoy watching all of your videos.

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    Hi Norris Nuts. I love your videos. I’m a mega Legend.

  36. Sarla Garud

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    Hey Norris nuts! Please watch familia diamonds recent video and see what did txunamy said. (For biggy😀)

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    I bought stuff from Your release but bought the wrong size, is there anyway you could help me. Please!

  38. Rhys Pearson

    Rhys Pearson

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    Hey Norris nuts, I just wanted to ask why the chef outfit and denim jacket are not in the november fashion drop, Thank you From a true legend

  39. Emma Schu

    Emma Schu

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    hahaha he saw you and got right up he was so scared he would get in trouble.

  40. Madison Pratt

    Madison Pratt

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    Aboutthe Kerch I am in America MI what do I do

  41. Angel • Queen

    Angel • Queen

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    0:10 Omg that wouls be me babysitting my siblings 😭✋🏼

  42. Isa Zevopels

    Isa Zevopels

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    Omg you are in an add holy molly

  43. Toby Hall

    Toby Hall

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    Justin: OK time for bed Disco: bUt ItS oPpOsItE dAy

  44. Azenith Biore

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    Legends For Life I will always support The Norris Nuts💕💖

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    How many people like this comment is how much people love nutria nuts

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    Guys I think I've worked out what the Norris nuts BIG BIG surprise is that they've been talking about a lot so the first clue in some videos but in the among us in real life they're dad was doing the fishing tasks and was saying that this was a major clue of one of the surprises they've been working on and even another vlog sockie was imitating fishing and in that same video I think there was a task using words and it spelled wop and they also said a clue now in there most recent vlog who can make the best merch ad on the yellow jumper if u close up near the sleeves it says "WE PLAY WORLD OF PETS ALL NIGHT LONG"another thing we know is this relates to there gaming song and if u notice WORD OF PETS stands for WOP now since the quote on the yellow jumper relates to the gaming song and it says world of pets. Also it was in one of there vlogs I think in moving beds outside they were talking about the big Big suprise and in there were small pictures only for a second showing the first one a pic of eggs the second animated dinasours. another thing we know is that the Norris nuts are very fond with adopt me and in some other pet games fishing(like I'm overlookbay)are used in that and dinasour pets in adopt me also they in general like roblox so I think this is the suprise and the Norris nuts will be launching a game soon! I hope I'm right!💚😃

  48. Jagdish Pittule

    Jagdish Pittule

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    I am from India

  49. Immy Rickaby

    Immy Rickaby

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    Lol 😂 doesn’t even know what the Time😅 is btw I’m a huge fan ❤️🤩

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  51. alidarzau


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    I love the Norris nuts. Also charm and disco are sooooo cute



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    Ily norris nuts♡

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    Pin if you love the legends

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    I love your videos norris nuts! and hope the best for you and ur family!!

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    Gamer dad is so funny

  56. Bonnie Membrey

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    Hi norris nuts i’ve been watching you like a year ago i hope you see this Stay safe CatchmeNuckles :D

  58. Bonnie Hale

    Bonnie Hale

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    hi saba sockie biggy naz i have been watching you guys for 1 year now and i hope naz gets a guinea pig sorry saba i wrote your name wrong and naz i love guinea pigs to i know you guys are arfraid of dogs but some dogs are harmless bye

    • Bonnie Hale

      Bonnie Hale

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      hey norris nuts i whatch your tik tok

  59. PigLover 123

    PigLover 123

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    Can u do a last to stop playing Roblox and I wanna see more charm shes co cute

  60. It’s Wolfychu

    It’s Wolfychu

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    Shortest video I have seen so far in this channel.. and most “best” parenting

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    Awe disc is soooo cute I can’t stand him!

  64. Hols


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    U guys should do who can eat the most cupcakes!!!! 🥳

  65. Hols


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    Hahaaaa!!! That’s funny! 😂👍🏻😄

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    This is how many people love the Norris nuts (like if you do) and don’t get me wrong they are the best

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    NN are really unproblematic and there soooo welcoming🥺I’m so happy I joined legends 1 and half year ago🙌🏽(I didn’t have an yt acc then)

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    xD To norris nuts: I enjoy ur videos and im subed and always like ur vids my family loves to watch ur channel for movie nights u make me laugh! Roblox username NotAstheticBoba From: Natalie

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    This is the sweetest video i ever saw🥺

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    Sleepy papa

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    This how many people love the Norris nuts the best NLcamerasrs ever

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    Lol that was hilarious I wish I was in Australia so I can do catch me knuckle (btw catch me knuckles Norris nuts)

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    Love the merch

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    I love the add you Norris nuts are in it is so you because all of you love food! I watched it Yesterday

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    game mode.

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    Me when inhave to babysit my siblings:

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    I LOVE U GUYS NN!!🍩💘🥺

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    I wish when i was little i had that dad im really sorry that i wont be able to buy your merch but my parents keep saying no get normal clothes lsym love from paris🇦🇺❤️🇨🇵

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    You guys are so funny 🤣 I love watching all the clips you make and hope to meet you one day🤞🏽

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    This channel is awesome! I love how they put random, spur of the moment, unplanned content in here to show us their real lives

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    Papa: Tries to get Disco to go to sleep Disco: Watches stuff Papa: Falls asleep Mama: It's been an hour Papa: No it hasn't Mama: And look, he drooled Me: Laughing so hard because papa was supposed to get Disco to go to sleep, but ended up falling asleep. 😂

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    Pls can you do last to leave the kitchen

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    No disco put papa to sleep😏😂💗



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    Sending a virtual hug to you you guys . You are the best youtubers and I love u guys so much and I hope I meet you guys someday as kys my dream and sorry I was late I was just stuck with some school work anyways I hope you guys have a good day/ night ❤️❤️

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    Wow papas such a great putter to sleep (not) 😂😂😂

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    How many of u think that disco is exact copy of biggy Like if u agree

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    Wait...I thought justin was supposed to put disco on sleep not disco putting justin to sleep

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    Haha!! He's so sneaky.

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    This is how many people exited for the BIG BIG SURPRISE!

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    Guys can u all do last to leave the garage or kitchen

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    hahaha papa tho

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    Do the Norris nuts own this channel??

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    Love you all❤️

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    This is how many people that want them to do last to leave the garden again

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    Justin is sleeping and discos awake hahaha

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    Dear Norris nuts yes Norris nuts I have poem for you: Roses are red Violets are blue You may feel happy Because I am to Yayyyyy SUPER LEGEND

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    Sabre Sockie Biggy Naz YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!

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    He was supposed to but disco to sleep but instead put himself to sleep 🤣