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  1. The king of DIY

    The king of DIY

    11 dagen geleden

    The podcast where i ruin all my future videos by saying too much lol:

    • Jamin Mac

      Jamin Mac

      5 dagen geleden

      what type of food is that? the worm looking dried food

    • Theresa Green

      Theresa Green

      10 dagen geleden

      3:29 "I'm not very good at NLcameras" says the KING of DIY with his 1.38 million subscribers. Nice one, love the videos.

    • Dale Jackson

      Dale Jackson

      10 dagen geleden

      Hey Joey, what is the decor you have in the tank? I know I've heard you say before but I don't remember. I have piranha and have had different species for 32 years.

    • ghos282


      11 dagen geleden

      ..Okay ..So now that you have your 'Swimming Pool' stocked...

    • Corbin Kohlhaas

      Corbin Kohlhaas

      11 dagen geleden

      I knew as soon as I seen the tank I love it

  2. Bad Deal

    Bad Deal

    13 uur geleden

    It’s funny cause you got the same inch of fish you ordered, just divided up 😂

  3. Me You n Pupu

    Me You n Pupu

    2 dagen geleden

    NInETwEen 😂

  4. Amazon Aquatics

    Amazon Aquatics

    3 dagen geleden

    I'm a big fan Joey! Excited to watch them grow and become a pack.

  5. Rig Bar

    Rig Bar

    4 dagen geleden

    A documentary would be a challenge, but it would he great. Give it a try

  6. Lloyd Benablo

    Lloyd Benablo

    4 dagen geleden

    Do you need any certification or permit if you will keep a piranha?

  7. Tyla Bebon

    Tyla Bebon

    4 dagen geleden

    They look great. Love the spots

  8. Zach Tichelaar

    Zach Tichelaar

    4 dagen geleden

    How long till we get a video " I had to do it.... The piranhas are gone..."

  9. Gabriel DeStellano

    Gabriel DeStellano

    4 dagen geleden

    Yeah but... you order 10 adults and you get that? Who's reading those orders, Stevie Wonder? They ***cked up almost that ENTIRE order. Why you gonna bend over and act like that's something a BUYER should just make due with? You're professionally sending out the wrong message to your viewers in my opinion. That's weak, dude.

  10. CroSsMOuNtAin AlLDaY's

    CroSsMOuNtAin AlLDaY's

    5 dagen geleden




    5 dagen geleden

    am not that good at you tube..... over 1 million subs lol

  12. masskilla469


    5 dagen geleden

    I ate Peranha when I was in the Amazon good tasting fish!!

  13. Darren Marks

    Darren Marks

    5 dagen geleden

    Just made your gravel vac,,works brilliantly many thanks

  14. Hector Nunez

    Hector Nunez

    6 dagen geleden

    Life comes in full circle at times, congrats on the new fish

  15. Starscream


    6 dagen geleden

    dudes first fish was a piranha lmfao

  16. Edward Rosario

    Edward Rosario

    6 dagen geleden

    why is the quality 720p? i had to look at the date to make sure this was a recent video and that i had not in fact traveled back in time to 2005

  17. will liam

    will liam

    6 dagen geleden

    Too much movement with the camera

  18. Steve Sharpe

    Steve Sharpe

    6 dagen geleden

    How many would you advise to keep in 840 litre tank ?.

    • Steve Sharpe

      Steve Sharpe

      2 dagen geleden

      3 lol. 9 more like

    • ProjectEDub Cashbandit

      ProjectEDub Cashbandit

      3 dagen geleden

      They need at least 125 gallons for just 3

    • ProjectEDub Cashbandit

      ProjectEDub Cashbandit

      3 dagen geleden


  19. Sergey Sergey

    Sergey Sergey

    6 dagen geleden

    when they get bigger they gonna destroy all the plastic leaves u have there)

  20. BiTEN


    7 dagen geleden

    can’t wait for them to grow fast 😁

  21. NIN1337


    7 dagen geleden

    Its going to be fun watching these guys get bigger

  22. Put the money In the bag

    Put the money In the bag

    7 dagen geleden

    You even thought about a self sustaining aquarium?

  23. Angie May

    Angie May

    7 dagen geleden

    Don't mess with the man! He'll "feed you to the fish-is" 🤣🤣🤣

    • Angie May

      Angie May

      7 dagen geleden

      On a serious note, I'm glad that you've been able to get the fish you want. I'm very happy for you.

  24. Steven Killeen

    Steven Killeen

    7 dagen geleden

    Love the tank

  25. Dark Howling

    Dark Howling

    7 dagen geleden

    Piranhas playing Among us long before it was cool...

  26. Pierre PP

    Pierre PP

    7 dagen geleden

    Is maintenance going to be more difficult? For instance, will they attack your hand once they get bigger?

  27. Dupz Engertz

    Dupz Engertz

    7 dagen geleden

    WOW 30!!!

  28. Blake Lodge

    Blake Lodge

    8 dagen geleden

    Honestly I’m being pulled back into the content Joey. Seemed to kinda shy away from your videos for a little while there, things just seemed offf. Glad to see you getting back to the roots

  29. Brett Paster

    Brett Paster

    8 dagen geleden

    Lived in NJ for a long time and it was on my list of things to put in a aquarium one day, then I moved to FL and have the means to do it and can't, just like I can't have a stingray down here either☹

  30. Benjamin Vanlandingham

    Benjamin Vanlandingham

    8 dagen geleden

    These are the one fish I've though about so im very excited to watch these fish

  31. J.J Gway

    J.J Gway

    8 dagen geleden

    This Piranha tank looks awesome.

  32. dr nate higgers

    dr nate higgers

    8 dagen geleden

    my first memory was my dad’s piranha tank so they kind of mean something to me

  33. blue ocean aquatics

    blue ocean aquatics

    8 dagen geleden

    hi, your videos are really helpful. hope you continue making similar videos. can i make a suggestion? can you make a video on how to identify different varieties of discus like leopards, turquoise, butterflies, melons etc., and other varieties also.

  34. David Leopard

    David Leopard

    8 dagen geleden

    I've got 4 rbps almost 1year old coming up 6 inches

  35. Hunter Eger

    Hunter Eger

    8 dagen geleden

    Their tetras

  36. Andy Shores

    Andy Shores

    8 dagen geleden

    Nothing wrong with feeding them overstock as long as it isn't anything in Cyprinidae. I am very much against the feeding of things for the sake of it, but smaller fish is good enrichment for them. I had one for 15 years, Mr. Fish. What a personality he was.

  37. mtown pyro

    mtown pyro

    8 dagen geleden

    lol he won't have these long

  38. Kelly hamer

    Kelly hamer

    8 dagen geleden

    Do you think piranhas could become invasive in Florida or is that just scare tactics?

  39. Vea Perl

    Vea Perl

    8 dagen geleden

    That's a beautiful really put a lot of thought into it. The lighting is perfect...shows the fish and gives security for them. I think a lot of fish would love that. Just wanted you to know that listening to you talk in this video was very didn't just talked to us in a normal tone and it made it so much more easy to grasp all you were saying. You have alot of great information that's worthy of being listened a shout out to you for not shouting..lololol ( said with the upmost respect and admiration)😍

  40. Lynwood Reed

    Lynwood Reed

    8 dagen geleden

    Are there any small catfish in there like cory's.

  41. Travelers Paradise

    Travelers Paradise

    9 dagen geleden

    I automatically subbed because I love Piihrana and want to see more of them. All I have is a bunch of Buenos Aires and Colombian Tetras that somewhat resemble these guys🐟

  42. 3 D

    3 D

    9 dagen geleden

    Hi sir, make a video on diy co2 reactor

  43. RickDiesel718


    9 dagen geleden

    Idc what fish you get, a freshwater fish tank is a complete waste of time

  44. Liquid Bomb

    Liquid Bomb

    9 dagen geleden

    They will be alot bigger than 4 inches in a year dude piranahs grow an inch a month

  45. Big D

    Big D

    9 dagen geleden

    Miss my 16” black rhomb piranha

  46. Big D

    Big D

    9 dagen geleden

    Awesome set up For them

  47. home sick

    home sick

    9 dagen geleden

    When are you going to change up the backgrounds in your tanks been the same looking tanks for years

  48. Aquatic Weeb

    Aquatic Weeb

    9 dagen geleden

    Piranhas are related to tetras so it makes since that they look and act very similar.

  49. Studheim12


    9 dagen geleden

    Where’s Susan??

  50. Luj Olli Rajap

    Luj Olli Rajap

    9 dagen geleden

    I was looking forward for this tank way way back when u're on the LFS and you pointed out piranhas and mentioned that those were ur 1st in the hobby.. 😍

  51. Odan Hammer

    Odan Hammer

    9 dagen geleden

    its official Joey has posted to much content for me to absorb lately.

  52. another slave

    another slave

    9 dagen geleden

    they will eat what you teach them ..... well played :) you could even teach idiots I bet

  53. Common Cents

    Common Cents

    9 dagen geleden

    This is how i started too . Im very excited to see how this plays out!

  54. Brooklyn Firmin

    Brooklyn Firmin

    9 dagen geleden

    Could you imagine the 2000g full off them 💯

  55. Turtle


    9 dagen geleden

    I’m not that good at NLcameras *has 1.38 million subs*

  56. Andrew Casselman

    Andrew Casselman

    9 dagen geleden

    Hey Joey, I've been watching your channel for the past several years. I don't know if you read these comments but I thought I'd ask for your opinion anyway. It's been at least 20 years since I had a tank and I really want one again. I moved a lot. I like little fish, a mix of tetras to maximize variety in a small community, Yup, I know they school together instead of in their breed. I'm looking at a 50 gallon size tank, biggest ever for me. I'm wondering about a focal / presentation fish in the tank. Looking for something who won't eat my tetras, but can be the show off fish. Any recommendations? I know Angels have small mouths and are probable safe(?), but more colourful and interesting would be better. Any recommendation? Also, I'm setting up a brand new tank after 20 years, if you could recommend some of your setup videos to watch (over the side filtration today)(planted without Co2) I know I'm asking a lot. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, any at all.

  57. Matthew Frappier

    Matthew Frappier

    9 dagen geleden

    Have you ever orderd from aquaris across canada in BC

  58. D.A Customs

    D.A Customs

    9 dagen geleden

    Please don't get me wrong but your videos até not engaging as they used to be a couple years ago. Sorry, a big fan still but just an honest opinion

  59. Mick


    9 dagen geleden

    What species are they ?

  60. L W

    L W

    9 dagen geleden

    I love it

  61. Stumack Macke

    Stumack Macke

    9 dagen geleden

    Talking about tetras. Could you get and make a video about serpae tetras? Really beautyful fish you can find in every pet store, but an extreme fin nipper. Would be nice to educate people about them so they dont put em with guppys or angelfish and that. You can put em with the piranha once they have a certain size. Big piranha leave small fish alone cause too much effort to chase such small prey.

  62. a_q_u_a_m_a_r_i_e


    9 dagen geleden

    That's a sweet scape 👍 the piranha are gunna love growing up in it !

  63. Marcus Harris

    Marcus Harris

    9 dagen geleden

    U ever think of hiring a camera person or an editor may take the load of so u can just focus on the fish and projects love the content tho and whatever u decide to do

  64. Stumack Macke

    Stumack Macke

    10 dagen geleden

    Once they are big, you can put small tetras like serpae tetra or black skirt tetras with them. The big ones stop going for such small fish cause its not worth the effort. It looks really cool having like five big piranha with smaller tetras kinda skittering around them :)

  65. Derrick Dcunha

    Derrick Dcunha

    10 dagen geleden

    Ultimate imposter among tetra

  66. Dante DiCostanzo

    Dante DiCostanzo

    10 dagen geleden

    tetras are very closely related to piranha :)

  67. Heather Mathis

    Heather Mathis

    10 dagen geleden

    I absolutely love your aquariums, they are all so gorgeous and realistic👍 you've definitely inspired me to progress in aquascaping. Right i am in the middle of scaping on my 55 gallon and I want to almost re-create your pirhana tank but with my own little twist to it and i was wondering if you wouldn't mind telling me where you buy your 3D backgrounds from. Thank you!

  68. topdogtaz218


    10 dagen geleden

    So: At this size they’ll eat anything Also : at this size it’ll be hard to get them to eat anything 🤔😂

  69. alexander Aquariums

    alexander Aquariums

    10 dagen geleden

    can you feed them like big Earthworms so we can see them feed in a pack? my best friends who passed had they have a good day joey

  70. alexander Aquariums

    alexander Aquariums

    10 dagen geleden

    hey joey can you feed the like big Erith worm

  71. Sam Saddler

    Sam Saddler

    10 dagen geleden

    They gave you 30 small piranhas?!?! I would had been pissed lol

  72. World Aquarium Singapore

    World Aquarium Singapore

    10 dagen geleden

    nice cant wait for the piranha to grow BIG, anyone else have piranha at home?

  73. TJ’s Wildlife

    TJ’s Wildlife

    10 dagen geleden

    They look like a tetra... because they are a tetra😉

  74. Vinclan Philbert

    Vinclan Philbert

    10 dagen geleden

    How are the koi?!!!

  75. Leonel Galan

    Leonel Galan

    10 dagen geleden

    I'm just baffled that your the dude from 9 years ago building ply tanks and how to build tanks vids. Good on you man keep doing what you do 😊

  76. Jack Yarrow

    Jack Yarrow

    10 dagen geleden

    One of your best tanks

  77. Jose Guerrero

    Jose Guerrero

    10 dagen geleden

    What happen with the goldfish tank.?

  78. Doug Kelly

    Doug Kelly

    10 dagen geleden

    That tank looks great

  79. Jaime The Fish Guy

    Jaime The Fish Guy

    10 dagen geleden


  80. Charles Lales

    Charles Lales

    10 dagen geleden

    First time since long that I see on this chanel a nice tank piece of nature and with interesting fishes! Nice ;-)

  81. Carlos Olvera

    Carlos Olvera

    10 dagen geleden

    when the imposter is sus

  82. Total CZ97

    Total CZ97

    10 dagen geleden

    Hey, just wanted to ask something for animal fans and for you. If possible could anyone help me with getting back into turtle keeping. I wanted to for a long time now and well... you inspired me to do it. If i do so i want to be able to share it regularly with people and stuff of that nature. If you do could anyone help me with getting it started again, unfortunately the only place around me is petco that sells them. Which my first pair of turtles survived very well in. I was wondering if there was a better place for turtles besides petco or if they are the best for the turtles, but if anyone could help me set up the best tank for them. My first one had rocks at the bottom since i know they love digging and i had a sunbathing rock that floated then a store filter. They lasted about 2 years in those conditions. I changed or cleaned the bottom with a pump and let my turtles play in some fresh water while i changed the water. But again is this the best for them or is there something better?

  83. Tardi


    10 dagen geleden

    ❤️💐💐👄👄👄👄👄 Thank you for the hints with pellet food! I try to get (rare) tetras used to pellet food and had no idea how. Then I saw this video.

  84. JJ


    10 dagen geleden

    I keep 3 Red belly piranhas awesome fish

  85. John Alexandrine

    John Alexandrine

    10 dagen geleden

    It’s a beautiful tank set up cool fish definitely look forward to see them grow

  86. Allthingsvadya


    10 dagen geleden

    Why are they illegal in certain state?

  87. lewis falconer

    lewis falconer

    10 dagen geleden

    I'm still waiting for a pond update?!

  88. T Stewart

    T Stewart

    10 dagen geleden

    pirana are awesome fish but unless you tint the glass, they will bang into everything in the tank destroying it... EVERY TIME YOU WALK BY! I gets really annoying.

  89. Daniel Auriemma

    Daniel Auriemma

    10 dagen geleden

    Feed em a whole chicken when they get big

  90. Ben Aqua

    Ben Aqua

    10 dagen geleden

    They look so cute even for piranhas....

  91. Atalaya Nelson

    Atalaya Nelson

    10 dagen geleden

    they are so cute

  92. WillyGonWild in Canada

    WillyGonWild in Canada

    10 dagen geleden

    Are they terns, nats or caribe?

  93. Aqif Saifi

    Aqif Saifi

    10 dagen geleden

    Wow ddamn those tetranas.

  94. Kevin Gerald

    Kevin Gerald

    10 dagen geleden

    Are those real wood logs and foliage in the tank?

    • Allyson brunette

      Allyson brunette

      10 dagen geleden

      Its linked in the description

  95. Brendan Naujoks

    Brendan Naujoks

    10 dagen geleden

    I love piranhas!! This is awesome Joey. I love it

  96. Alex Harrison

    Alex Harrison

    10 dagen geleden

    They are great fish to keep, but wait until the 3inch stage and a pecking order/ cannibalism kicks in!!!

  97. Mofo Fish

    Mofo Fish

    10 dagen geleden

    I want a school of these so bad. My brother kept one back in New Jersey an it was awesome. It’s the fish that got me interested in the hobby too !

  98. Rob K

    Rob K

    10 dagen geleden

    Beautiful tank man I love the white sand.



    10 dagen geleden

    May I ask what kind of wood is that and what did you do to prepare it? Thanks!

  100. Andy Tjhin

    Andy Tjhin

    10 dagen geleden

    I wonder where did you find those piranhas, i kind of interested to raise those fishes 😅😅😅.