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  1. Roselise Sullivan-Barrett

    Roselise Sullivan-Barrett

    13 dagen geleden

    In the future Salvation Army is not the best charity to donate to. They’re famously anti-lgbt, anti-trans especially. Lgbtq employees have been fired for coming out. As a policy they don’t allow trans people in their shelters and they’ve allowed a trans woman to freeze to death outside their shelter before rather than let her in when there was room... and then stuck by doing so. There’s also some iffy business with their gender policies on who they employ. Salvation Army has claimed to not be discriminatory but this has been proven again and again to be false. Last year they said they are trying to “change their anti-lgbt reputation”, but that’s just it: they’re only after changing their “reputation” so it doesn’t effect their income or sponsor money. They haven’t showed any signs of changing their policies, just their optics, having positive quotes from some lgbt individuals as proof they’re not bigoted while they’re still denying others and condemning gay marriage as a sin. Never going to get down on someone for doing charity and donating to a cause- just perhaps in the future consider donating to another charity if one is available. If not, Salvation Army is still better than nothing. Just better to not support them as an organization when there’s many other positive and helpful charities that take donations of furniture

  2. Nanalae


    Maand geleden

    11:34 my favorite Jenna moment. love her spirit~

  3. sv 93

    sv 93

    2 maanden geleden

    The new bed frame was so much uglier

  4. lostbitch


    4 maanden geleden

    Kermit in that thumbnail be livingggg. He be wearing chanel 😂

  5. Bee


    4 maanden geleden

    I love this video so much. ✌🏼

  6. ZeroFox75


    6 maanden geleden

    “Why does Sally Beauty send me stuff?” Me: beech you own a salon

  7. Alexsandra


    6 maanden geleden

    Jennas fashion show lol. Laina Rauma Beech!

  8. rachel casey

    rachel casey

    6 maanden geleden

    jenna is the most greatful person i’ve eva seen

  9. Addison Henry

    Addison Henry

    6 maanden geleden

    Is anyone going to mention how the doorstops were bunnies and now they have a dog named Bunny?

  10. Cassilynn __

    Cassilynn __

    6 maanden geleden

    Jenna wearing a nice button up top and sweatpants.... is the epitome of youtuber

  11. maddie


    7 maanden geleden

    1:44 marble looks so little🥺

  12. Amanda Barros

    Amanda Barros

    8 maanden geleden

    I've been watching a lot of old julien's vlogs and it's amazing for my anxiety during lockdown time. Sometimes I just let the vlogs playing while I'm working too.

  13. Cole World

    Cole World

    8 maanden geleden

    I need friends like these

  14. Cole World

    Cole World

    8 maanden geleden

    Remove cermet before an mattress or it will not grow

  15. aesthetichovvell


    8 maanden geleden

    I literally thought those doorstops were rats at first and that it was a reference to Kermit being a rat lmao

  16. Isabel Medina

    Isabel Medina

    8 maanden geleden

    Bruh I really want these two to have a baby

  17. ZeroFox75


    8 maanden geleden

    Jenna’s Ratchet Salon, sponsored by Sally Beauty

  18. Kazooples


    9 maanden geleden

    Living vicariously through old julien vlogs, wishing I wasn’t sick and poverty stricken and so depressed that I can’t even draw anymore. I’m happy for these guys, they’re lucky millennials.

  19. Breanna Schmoldt

    Breanna Schmoldt

    9 maanden geleden


  20. Emma Anderson

    Emma Anderson

    9 maanden geleden

    finally got that marble playpen

  21. Sophia


    10 maanden geleden

    2:35 your welcome

  22. Alexia Pearl

    Alexia Pearl

    10 maanden geleden

    Omg jenna comes out of nowhere next to that play pen 😂😂😂

  23. Rachel Bowes

    Rachel Bowes

    11 maanden geleden

    2:35 - 2:39 though 😏

  24. Rudy Gnzlz

    Rudy Gnzlz

    11 maanden geleden

    WHERE IS THAT COAT FROM?! For the life of me idk what Jenna is saying after Black Friday beech lol

  25. Arianah Truesdale

    Arianah Truesdale

    11 maanden geleden


  26. Gem Galang

    Gem Galang

    Jaar geleden

    Poor Julien is gonna get imprisoned in Jenna's Ratchet Salon... Thanks a lot, Sally Beauty🤣😂

  27. Ghost


    Jaar geleden

    why do the paper curtains trigger me lol maybe it’s not that uncommon to use them

  28. Ghost


    Jaar geleden

    aw marble bby climbing the steps

  29. msmccrabbleapple


    Jaar geleden

    Were the door stops the inspiration for Bunny's name?

  30. Jacqueline O'Hare

    Jacqueline O'Hare

    Jaar geleden

    Definitely invest in a power drill asap so much easier 😂 let's see some more home projects love this

  31. Truth Teller

    Truth Teller

    Jaar geleden

    Kermy looks so beautiful with the necklace on ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  32. Truth Teller

    Truth Teller

    Jaar geleden

    Just came up with an idea from lookin at the dogs pic. A painting of kermy and jenna where she painted her face like kermy. And they wore white wigs.

  33. Tiffany


    Jaar geleden

    A crib for baby Cermet who whines all the time! (I love all of them; don't come for me lol)

  34. Dezzy


    Jaar geleden

    5:55 Jenna had her chance to put Marble in the playpen and call it “Marble playpen”

  35. jule z

    jule z

    Jaar geleden

    11:19 me now everytime they say something bunny-related in older videos: "foreshadowing!!!!"

  36. Ange Maidment

    Ange Maidment

    Jaar geleden

    Assembly instructions = optional guideline notes 🤣🤣🤣

  37. natalie faulkner

    natalie faulkner

    Jaar geleden

    Julien: we got these little squirrel things- Jenna: ITS A *BUNNY* Me: *whispers* foreshadowing

    • what should i name my channel?

      what should i name my channel?

      4 maanden geleden

      also when julien mentioned that bunnies were the one she could just draw REALLY well in the pancake art vid

    • Kylie Baber

      Kylie Baber

      5 maanden geleden

      natalie faulkner EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT

  38. Lyv Jane

    Lyv Jane

    Jaar geleden

    *2018 Julien* I forgot what a bunny looks like *2019 Julien* bunny is an dog yes is dog

  39. savaraki


    Jaar geleden

    do you know that feeling when you have to chose "kermit is an aggresive kisser" or "peach and a pelican"

  40. Kyleigh Ann

    Kyleigh Ann

    Jaar geleden

    Little did they know they would have a dog named after their door stops

  41. Courts Pilar

    Courts Pilar

    Jaar geleden


  42. MollyLox


    Jaar geleden

    10:17 cermet looks beautifool

  43. Brittney Aldape

    Brittney Aldape

    Jaar geleden

    Marbles is so precious omg

  44. Steven Martin

    Steven Martin

    Jaar geleden

    Kermit looooking fly

  45. Aaron Ornelas

    Aaron Ornelas

    Jaar geleden

    Be cool if your home was haunted, I'm into that shit!

  46. Haylie Claire

    Haylie Claire

    Jaar geleden

    Ok but why does jenna look absolutely STUNNING when shes sitting on the stairs

    • Haylie Claire

      Haylie Claire

      Jaar geleden

      And Kermit looks beautiful in his pearls

  47. Jesus Estrada

    Jesus Estrada

    Jaar geleden

    *twirls* its a coat beech, i got it on black friday beech *twirls more*

  48. Nelli Pesola

    Nelli Pesola

    Jaar geleden

    kermit the glamorous

  49. Audrey


    Jaar geleden

    Heyy, just thought I'd put this out there, Salvation Army has a history with associating with and promoting homophobia and islamophobia, and I for one have stopped shopping there and supporting them. I realize it's too late for this video specifically, but ya. Your videos are brilliant, by the way!

  50. Arriyan Taylor

    Arriyan Taylor

    Jaar geleden

    Marbles climbing up the stairs was so adorable

  51. Jordan


    Jaar geleden

    @jnjmemes 11:20 please make a meme about Bunny with this

  52. Justine White

    Justine White

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna acting like a kid at Christmas when her PR package arrives is ADORBS!!!

  53. Kirby Le

    Kirby Le

    Jaar geleden

    1:45 Marbles climbing up the stairs continues to be the cutest thing I have ever witnessed.

  54. Chante Hayward

    Chante Hayward

    Jaar geleden

    When marble got to the top of the stairs, I expected the eye of the Tiger song to begin playing. Missed opportunity!

  55. Melen • Juice

    Melen • Juice

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna talking about wanting to destroy that acrylic painting is me with all my art

  56. Teresa Gould

    Teresa Gould

    Jaar geleden

    I’m so please Jenna has finally been recognised and awarded some great makeup 💄 for her professional and high class salon 💇‍♀️ lol. Love you guys. So lovely watching you build your new house 🏠 together xx

  57. Elizabeth Schrader

    Elizabeth Schrader

    Jaar geleden

    2:35 da butttttt

  58. Fräulein Zuckerguss

    Fräulein Zuckerguss

    Jaar geleden

    I love the music Julien uses in his videos, they are so calming. Especially the one at the beginning gave me Animal Crossing vibes at first.

  59. Fräulein Zuckerguss

    Fräulein Zuckerguss

    Jaar geleden

    I could watch JnJ interact with their dogs all day

  60. bailey M15

    bailey M15

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna being so grateful and happy for the pr package made my day lmao

  61. khaza1wolfgurl


    Jaar geleden

    Posted on my dad's birthday!! :O

  62. nixxer101


    Jaar geleden

    If you don't marry this girl I will! 😄❤💍

  63. SuperKingson12


    Jaar geleden

    Squirrel ❌ Bunny❌ Rats✔️

  64. Temporary Panic

    Temporary Panic

    Jaar geleden

    ohhhh great climbing skills mr mumbles!!!! so proud of u

  65. Eileen Eileen

    Eileen Eileen

    Jaar geleden


  66. Moons


    Jaar geleden

    jenna is such a ball of sunshine.

  67. CuppaTea _Please

    CuppaTea _Please

    Jaar geleden

    That sally's lip stick is amazing, I have so many colors! I love it

  68. CatBombshellxx


    Jaar geleden

    2:43 that moment when an ARIES says "make sure we're keeping track of the screws, so none get left on the floor" as if he were trained by a VIRGO

  69. Ava T

    Ava T

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna needs a salon room

  70. cherry pop

    cherry pop

    Jaar geleden

    LOVE THAT RED SHIRT I love gilbertos yum

  71. Harm C

    Harm C

    Jaar geleden

    God it was probably a full on workout for marbles to climb up the stairs 😂😂

  72. tatertots


    Jaar geleden

    Buy yourself a DeWalt gyroscopic screwdriver. I promise you won't regret it.

  73. Layne Grace

    Layne Grace

    Jaar geleden

    Marbles is a mood

  74. Layne Grace

    Layne Grace

    Jaar geleden

    *breathes* send help

  75. CARACEYcouple


    Jaar geleden

    Jenna's reaction was super cute, priceless and funny when she received a PR package! AMAZING woman! ^^

  76. kim evans

    kim evans

    Jaar geleden

    i thought the doorsteps were mice 😂

  77. Sarah Gemma

    Sarah Gemma

    Jaar geleden

    but also, psa... since I know y'all conscious bout shit....Salvation Army be dicks to the homosexuals. don't use them. use another co that cares for all humans like... goodwill (right? pretty sure they're still good)

  78. Sarah Gemma

    Sarah Gemma

    Jaar geleden

    Julien, idk if you'll ever see this, but I've been a fan of Jenna since 2012, and I still am, but your journey through cinematography has been a journey I've been 1,000,000% on board for! all of it. The time lapses, the transitions, the CHOICE ass background music, the onologuing to the camera. Pls know you Never have to be perfect. Imperfection is human and INTERESTInngggg...but I feel like that's something Jenna worries about more than you but thx for sharing your life n journey its been an absolute pleasure n a snack and a delLIGGGGHTEEE. xxx Jenna turntt jennajulen dinkfam ladie.

  79. Jason's Wars

    Jason's Wars

    Jaar geleden

    nice house

  80. Alexis Rajanen

    Alexis Rajanen

    Jaar geleden

    Those are the classiest door stops I have ever seen in my entire life

  81. Sam Fields

    Sam Fields

    Jaar geleden

    6:07 cut ya dogs nails

  82. Fredrik Gjersvold

    Fredrik Gjersvold

    Jaar geleden

    those paintings look like iPhone wallpaper! u selling those?!

  83. AceXDeuce90


    Jaar geleden

    My guests lucky enough to sleep on a full and yall are out here switching a queen for a king? Dat youtube money doe

  84. Seasoned Glue

    Seasoned Glue

    Jaar geleden

    Hey just to let you know!!! Salvation Army isn’t very nice to lgbt people in need of help so if you could look for an alternative place like goodwill !!

  85. Hallie Goetz

    Hallie Goetz

    Jaar geleden

    Why is Kermit instantly Barbara Bush when he puts them pearls on? 😂😂😂😂

  86. TheNameIsFrench


    Jaar geleden

    What type of dog is peach and Kermit because I want one

  87. Xavier


    Jaar geleden

    why does everyone see the bad in everything. peaches nails aren’t that long, and they won’t grow exponentially overnight. they’ll get her to a vet when they can. and they didn’t know about the salvation army. stop commenting about it.

  88. YouTube Witch

    YouTube Witch

    Jaar geleden

    6:02 are her nails really that long, or is it the lens? It must be uncomfortable, but someone should warn @simplynailogical that Weach is coming for her brand.

  89. Tyrel Rieken

    Tyrel Rieken

    Jaar geleden

    "Im going to give you soo many blow..outs ..." cmon really. lol

  90. roee twito

    roee twito

    Jaar geleden

    that moment when you're not sure if you want Julien's butt like be your butt or just close to you in general

  91. Veronica Y

    Veronica Y

    Jaar geleden

    Ohhh bbbEAAACCHHuuuuhhh

  92. Marissa Alvarez

    Marissa Alvarez

    Jaar geleden

    Who else also didn’t see Jenna behind the crib and was very shocked when she popped up??

  93. brandon doane

    brandon doane

    Jaar geleden

    " hey Julien, my friend Jonathan is really hoping to get your attention. He's trying to do something special for a friend of his and he's sent you details on Instagram and tagged you on twitter hoping together we can get ahold of you and make something special happen for the holidays!"

  94. Kimmander


    Jaar geleden

    jenna makes me miss living in LA

  95. rhe


    Jaar geleden

    Get cat

  96. rhe


    Jaar geleden

    Get meow meow

  97. rhe


    Jaar geleden

    Get meow meow

  98. rhe


    Jaar geleden

    Get cat

  99. rhe


    Jaar geleden

    Get snake

  100. rhe


    Jaar geleden

    Get ferrets