🥵"Make me Bow Down, Mr.Alpha"🐺GLMM Gacha life

💌Gïtu's Note:
It's literally midnight, I've been working on this
for like two hours straight 😳✌️
I was sick while making this so please excuse
the bad video!😔✨

Do not re-post video without my permission!🎥
Do not take inspiration from ✨title/storyline/characters ✨without credit!💔
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Apps Used:
Kinemaster 🎥
Ibs Paint X🖌️
Gacha Life💃
Gif Maker-Editor📲
Other Quiries:
Time taken: Two Days
Thumbnail taken: 24 hours or-so
Screenshots Taken: 200-300 or-so


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    • Vanilla Peeks!

      Vanilla Peeks!

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      Hii Boba bear!

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