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No intro, wtf?
0:00 RX 6800 XT stuff
1:13 M1 Macs reviewed
2:25 Apple Tax dropped to 15% for some
3:48 20% off on Brilliant brilliant.org/TechLinked/
4:36 Caocom hack
5:06 Apple pays $113 million over batterygate
5:36 Google Pay relaunch
5:52 Oppo X Rollable phone
6:20 Twitter Fleets
RX 6800 / 6800 XT reviews are out
stock is low for these too hexus.net/tech/news/graphics/146965-amd-radeon-rx-6800-rx-6800-xt-stock-levels-disarmingly-low/
Console scalpers are being robbed
Actual M1 reviews linustechtips.com/topic/1270167-m1-macs-reviewed/
Not much native software - Chrome and Adobe are buggy
Who needs Photoshop when you have Pixelmator 9to5mac.com/2020/11/18/pixelmator-pro-2-big-sur/
But you can play WoW
Apple drops App Store fees to 15% for devs making under $1 million
Coalition for App Fairness calls it a “symbolic gesture”
Epic Games also suing Apple in Australia
Massive Capcom hack
Apple pays $113 million over batterygate www.npr.org/2020/11/18/936268845/apple-agrees-to-pay-113-million-to-settle-batterygate-case-over-iphone-slowdowns
Google Pay is a whole new app
Oppo X 2021 rollable phone
Twitter Fleets techcrunch.com/2020/11/17/twitter-rolls-out-stories-aka-fleets-to-all-users-will-also-test-a-clubhouse-rival/
Instagram shopping tab www.insider.com/instagram-update-new-layout-hate-reels-shop-notifications-james-charles-2020-11

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  1. dokha


    12 uur geleden


  2. Aaron Hall

    Aaron Hall

    17 uur geleden

    I know this is way late but yes you do have Mac Wow players watching. Literally WoW being supported day one by blizzard sealed the deal for my husband who bought one of the M1 MBP 16GB Ram models.

  3. Sama Sin Cara

    Sama Sin Cara

    2 dagen geleden

    using the "guy behind the camera" punch lines little too much uh?

  4. Robin Dueck Degen

    Robin Dueck Degen

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm not a mac wow player, but I love WoW

  5. Dylan White

    Dylan White

    5 dagen geleden

    No, I support robbing scalpers

  6. Trevor O'Donnell

    Trevor O'Donnell

    6 dagen geleden

    why the hell do none of the companies have anti-bot verification

  7. Drew Armstrong

    Drew Armstrong

    7 dagen geleden

    I am a wow mac user

  8. Deadshadows


    8 dagen geleden

    3rd vid what i qatch while drunk... sry also about that useleees commment thaht i drink while wirte... (xucrrentlyu eating somthtgi n to phoefully not thiorqw up...) dno't respond to this commment as i kinda tend to spam thingks while driunk... edit :probably won't really rermermb rer what this vid is about... atrlzeast it' ssanorther view;;;.. eeidt2: probably not the last vod of tonight as i have a hard time tot wswalow... so si someone found the 4 comment 'as i porbably will comment oin next video) that i posted tyoniught they would be some ine with sthe same interest as me but probablu better than i am... as i"'m really a useless human beeing... edit 3... wtf was that about i didn(t foolwo... sry ltt team i'll foolow the next one better as i'ùm out of allcohol fort now...

  9. Jaskirat Sanghera

    Jaskirat Sanghera

    8 dagen geleden

    what's tiktok then? "Banned"

  10. BrewDiePie


    9 dagen geleden

    What other games released in 2004 is still relevant? Fuck wow, that shit should have been dead for 10 years already

  11. Kirusei Nagisa

    Kirusei Nagisa

    9 dagen geleden

    I'd rob a scalper

  12. Cliff Mabus

    Cliff Mabus

    9 dagen geleden

    Can we tell the guy in the background either to make the video or shush

  13. TazarZero


    10 dagen geleden

    "I fell off my box.." Short world problems, lol.

  14. Gio Bongers

    Gio Bongers

    11 dagen geleden

    Ma man, doing the pulseway ad! Amazing acting

  15. ask your mama

    ask your mama

    11 dagen geleden

    Anyone noticed Caocom in the description?

  16. Berdt


    11 dagen geleden

    03:45 "That seonds fan!"

  17. John


    11 dagen geleden

    I hope Google gets split apart.

  18. Michael


    11 dagen geleden

    Good i hope scalpers get robbed

  19. MonoMan


    11 dagen geleden

    About 50% of that Aussie accent was actually not terrible.

  20. Frigidmoon


    12 dagen geleden

    This appears to be a new trend. Make cards that don't match the demand so price goes up.

  21. Paul Bronson Kays

    Paul Bronson Kays

    12 dagen geleden


  22. Aiden Mckenney

    Aiden Mckenney

    12 dagen geleden

    fuck those scalpers thats hilarious

  23. Aurobindo Ghosh

    Aurobindo Ghosh

    12 dagen geleden

    they need to use more vaccum tubes

  24. Polarpwnage


    12 dagen geleden

    I used to play WoW on Macs... Until I had money and went windows lol

  25. Nota Bene

    Nota Bene

    12 dagen geleden

    Happy linus makes me happy

  26. phynx2006


    12 dagen geleden

    Woe, a Kevin Costner bash! that's okay we have robots 🤪

  27. Prjndigo


    12 dagen geleden

    Linus, you don't have De8auer's hair, stop trying.

  28. xorkatoss


    12 dagen geleden

    scalpers are getting robbed? well they deserve that lol

  29. toshineon


    12 dagen geleden

    You'd think scalpers would give us a break at some point, but then you remember that people were scalping hand sanitizer and face masks at the start of the pandemic. No bar too low.

  30. Steve Duerr

    Steve Duerr

    12 dagen geleden

    anyone that robs a scalper in the process of selling a ps5 or an rtx graphics card is a hero in my book.

  31. Desto C

    Desto C

    13 dagen geleden

    " Monster Hunter Rise PC "

  32. Asher H

    Asher H

    13 dagen geleden

    I've legit just purchased another GTX660 and using SLI because I can't order a new GFX card. wtaf

  33. TechNews by Seven

    TechNews by Seven

    13 dagen geleden

    I think manufactureres and stores should start doing something about it. Is it really that hard to sell only one piece per person?

  34. Mystic Espresso

    Mystic Espresso

    13 dagen geleden

    Beard growth on a voice-cracking, pubescent teenager.

  35. Joshua Lawrence

    Joshua Lawrence

    13 dagen geleden

    Definitely appreciate how this video just got straight into it. I always skip the silly intros anyway. I'm here for the quirkiness during the video, but not before we even start. I'm here for news, not a night time talk show's monologue.

  36. SimonOpsi


    13 dagen geleden

    I swear this is James acting like Linus again.

  37. Eric Stockley

    Eric Stockley

    13 dagen geleden

    Right! Linus, "Men in Tights" is way better. :)

  38. Mozu


    13 dagen geleden

    1:51 starting to think Linus is a chicken in disguise

  39. Shletinga


    13 dagen geleden

    Hey! I’m a Mac wow player. It plays great on my 2012 MacBook Pro, as long as I keep it on minimal settings...

    • Shletinga


      13 dagen geleden

      I’ll add I have 80% of a new computer all together but I just need a graphics card and a power supply to go with it. Getting the former has been difficult for reasons stated in this video.

  40. FranklyChildish


    13 dagen geleden

    Intel: Crying

  41. Pivot Tech

    Pivot Tech

    13 dagen geleden

    Big linus

  42. svfutbol20


    13 dagen geleden

    I guess I’ll play Cyberpunk in 4K next june

  43. zack9912000


    13 dagen geleden

    Well Nvidia sucks, they screw customers over all the time. 2000s series comes to mind. As for scalpers, karma is a bitch

  44. Niet Fier

    Niet Fier

    13 dagen geleden

    This was a fun flash back to the “soups” host back up mixed with a preview to Linus’s transition into late night host/ comic relief backup style of videos.

  45. Nik May

    Nik May

    13 dagen geleden

    Try making a PC build for under a $100. I did it for $70. No mouse, everything else including an i5. No gpu for that price I could find.



    13 dagen geleden

    5:53 wow! Its so trippy to see this!

  47. Georger the Explorer

    Georger the Explorer

    13 dagen geleden

    that Twitter thread where the dude said fuck your feelings and was selling ps5s for 1000-1500 and someone responded with fuck your feelings and then his address and apartment number.

  48. compaq deskpro

    compaq deskpro

    13 dagen geleden

    It's because of Apple sucking up all of TSMC's capacity with both new Macbooks and phones, which as everyone noticed arrived exactly on time. Eventually Intel is going to cave and move production to Taiwan too.

  49. lagado1lag


    13 dagen geleden

    TikTok is now MTV

  50. Big Brother

    Big Brother

    14 dagen geleden

    Well, seems legit, Linus ad before Linus video nlcameras.info/wiki/pYKYf6aFx36Xj6g/video

  51. PeterLiuIsBeast


    14 dagen geleden

    Caocom hack? Typo

  52. Unknown device

    Unknown device

    14 dagen geleden

    When SAM is activated for Nvidia Ampere cards, AMD will be slaughtered...

  53. whiteandnerdytuba


    14 dagen geleden

    So most App Store apps pay half the rate of google play

  54. Anthony Asp

    Anthony Asp

    14 dagen geleden

    former mac wow player here, circa 2009

  55. pegcity4eva


    14 dagen geleden

    Cue the South Park Memes

  56. Marco Pollo

    Marco Pollo

    14 dagen geleden

    Weird I thought TSMC would do a better a job about supply...

  57. Cinematography Database

    Cinematography Database

    14 dagen geleden

    I’m a Mac WOW player 😅

    • Aaron Hall

      Aaron Hall

      17 uur geleden

      @David Zhou Yes...

    • Righteous Red

      Righteous Red

      3 dagen geleden

      @John Doe yes. Around the same time

    • benboy


      3 dagen geleden

      @Sean Patterson a lot of games have disabled their updates for mac so rocket league is unplayable, among many others

    • Edward Mortimer

      Edward Mortimer

      8 dagen geleden


    • Nate Shoemaker

      Nate Shoemaker

      9 dagen geleden

      there you are

  58. Noah Hastings

    Noah Hastings

    14 dagen geleden

    "Scalpers are getting robbed!" The Internet: "Oh no!.... Anyways..."

  59. Abid Siyad

    Abid Siyad

    14 dagen geleden


  60. Alpha DeWolf

    Alpha DeWolf

    14 dagen geleden

    Why do you guys act like you don’t own LinusTechTips?

  61. Ben Gayfer

    Ben Gayfer

    14 dagen geleden

    Twitch is now ESPN (TSN if you're Canadian) and now we can cancel our tv subscriptions

  62. Instantout


    14 dagen geleden

    Fight a Bot with a Bot... Terminator: “Ahh yes, I Will be back...”

  63. Isan 2ra

    Isan 2ra

    14 dagen geleden

    There you go amd fanatic that blame nvidia for out of stock before...

  64. Tristyn Russelo

    Tristyn Russelo

    14 dagen geleden

    What? no stupid intro made for kids? THANK YOU! now would somebody explain why you try to avoid saying "quick bits" or is that another thing to appeal to children?

  65. Clare Fabula

    Clare Fabula

    14 dagen geleden

    these vids with linus are boring

  66. 佐藤海翔


    14 dagen geleden

    Apple = Communist Apple Party got suppressed by its people.

  67. Frankie Big Rings

    Frankie Big Rings

    14 dagen geleden

    Na na they should get robbed

  68. mekkanizer


    14 dagen geleden


  69. Michael Recchia

    Michael Recchia

    14 dagen geleden

    I play WoW on my Macbook Pro + Razor Core X Chroma :)

  70. Nuno Simões

    Nuno Simões

    14 dagen geleden

    "Robin Hood not a great movie... " heresy

  71. Josh Hardin

    Josh Hardin

    14 dagen geleden

    While I clearly don't condone any illigal acts, including the capcom hack, how does taking source code disadvantage anyone? - capcom are still going to work on and release these games (or not as is there purview), others can't use their code to create other games as it would infringe on either their technical or creative IP, so the most that I can see happening is educating folks on how to best modify these games (maybe), or learning how they work in an educational fashion... how is this bad?

  72. darkdelink


    14 dagen geleden

    what was that one scalper said wasn't it "fuck your feelings"

  73. Gaming tips tricks News

    Gaming tips tricks News

    14 dagen geleden

    I’m Australian @3:41 that is racist and disrespectful towards Australian people how would you like it if I started talking like 12 year old who balls haven’t dropped or just like a Canadian same thing Joking all good mate like if Aussie eshay bar

  74. Shadwe Nemo

    Shadwe Nemo

    14 dagen geleden

    puh thank god nvidia has raytracing power likewise teslation power, everyone knows how the later one did

  75. Vishal Singh

    Vishal Singh

    14 dagen geleden

    I don't like Linus anymore.

  76. Gangadhar Nagulakonda

    Gangadhar Nagulakonda

    14 dagen geleden

    3:40 nice accent

  77. Hans-Dieter Zucht

    Hans-Dieter Zucht

    14 dagen geleden

    Virtual battle of two companies checking the waters by spec competing and not investing too much in production as well as influencer bubble - exciting !

  78. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


    14 dagen geleden

    That scalper karma is so satisfying.

  79. Viva Dario

    Viva Dario

    15 dagen geleden

    shadenfroid? das heißt Schadenfreude [ˈʃɑːdənˌfrɔɪdə] I am just being a jerk here …

  80. Arturas Salkauskas

    Arturas Salkauskas

    15 dagen geleden

    That's a smart move on apple side with the tax cut. Epic initiated the law suit backing it up that they were seeking better rights for small developers. Now, epic still pays the same tax while small developers benefit. If epic continues the lawsuit - they contradict their own motives

  81. wm370


    15 dagen geleden

    I always forget that Riley's Australian accent isn't that bad. And yes I'm Australian

  82. 66kaisersoza


    15 dagen geleden

    Linus genuinly brightens my day when im going through tough times.

  83. ZirJohn


    15 dagen geleden

    Robbing scalpers != Robbing people

    • Elin


      13 dagen geleden

      Scalpers 👏 aren't 👏 people

  84. dan1209


    15 dagen geleden

    Gibt es kein englisches Wort für Schadenfreude?

  85. khrom


    15 dagen geleden

    6800XT is extremely competitive at 1440P too according to every other review other than LTT.

  86. AnaheimAkira


    15 dagen geleden

    You could barely hear Riley in this video. Suggestion: have forced subtitles for the one that’s off-screen. So many times jokes are missed when the hidden host can’t be heard cuz he’s not mic’d

  87. yozhis


    15 dagen geleden

    only thing we are missing while watching this sitcom style news is a crowd laughing after every joke and news segment

  88. Sander Evers

    Sander Evers

    15 dagen geleden

    I play(ed) WoW and I have a new M1 Mini, so..

  89. poiisondn


    15 dagen geleden

    Ha scalpers being robbed.

  90. HawaiiBoi


    15 dagen geleden

    @4:37 I thought linus said "Capcom... sniper attack" I was wondering how I didnt hear about that earlier lol

  91. ameer adel

    ameer adel

    15 dagen geleden

    whos this? why its not one of the rileys? who dis linus?

  92. Jahred Mario

    Jahred Mario

    15 dagen geleden

    Linus just ignored side comments. Sad

  93. hyou zan ren

    hyou zan ren

    15 dagen geleden

    Out of Stocks!?.....Well I can always wait for the next gen GPU then maybe we can buy it

  94. ShuttrFx


    15 dagen geleden

    Classic Wow on a 2014 macbook air baby!

  95. Alec Tardy

    Alec Tardy

    15 dagen geleden

    I don't usually like videos. But the subtle nod to Dr evil earned one from me !

  96. PLASMATECH Studios

    PLASMATECH Studios

    15 dagen geleden

    Mac owner, WoW player, switch to PC for games lol

  97. MrDeadmanwalken1


    15 dagen geleden

    Hah scalpers gettin what they deserve

  98. Jacob Wilcox

    Jacob Wilcox

    15 dagen geleden

    I really feel bad for anyone that dropped $650+ on a card that has terrible ray tracing performance. That is a lot of money to get the B-string card.

  99. Gabriel


    15 dagen geleden

    They spelled capcom wrong in the description.

  100. Graham Chapman

    Graham Chapman

    15 dagen geleden

    Idk man just buy a 1660ti to hold yourself over, and the 2080ti people can enjoy their cards longer