ASMR A New Batch of Sound Sprouts

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Grabbed a new batch of sprouts from our boy. We blew off fireworks. ASMR!
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  1. Oliver Hartley

    Oliver Hartley

    Uur geleden

    Such a creative vid! Thank you!

  2. Zachmartinsmusic


    3 uur geleden

    I feel like he was drunk or at least hung over during that ad read LMAO

  3. audrey ann

    audrey ann

    5 uur geleden

    Time stamps 0:02 *infamous poop brain trigger🥺💕👈👉* That’s it those are the time stamps

  4. RyZe -_-

    RyZe -_-

    6 uur geleden


  5. Tatjana Jo7

    Tatjana Jo7

    23 uur geleden

    Your whispering is sooo tingly ✨✨

  6. Kaige Shaw

    Kaige Shaw

    Dag geleden

    He has poo brain

  7. bupple jum

    bupple jum

    Dag geleden

    marno looks like a skyrim character (this is a compliment)

    • Khalif


      19 uur geleden


  8. Matthew Minou

    Matthew Minou

    Dag geleden

    yo I just noticed how insanely straight your teeth are??? you have like the straightest teeth I have ever seen on a real person congratulations man

  9. TheAceofHearts


    Dag geleden

    I have a good feeling this guy lives on a beach in California...

  10. Esmee Evers

    Esmee Evers

    Dag geleden

    Oh hello, Kurt Cobain

  11. Claire Chevrolet

    Claire Chevrolet

    Dag geleden

    I've fallen asleep during the ad

  12. JJ


    Dag geleden

    Wait did he say “I have poopbrain” ?

  13. cCryingX


    Dag geleden

    Who doesnt get tingles but still listens to asmr for no reason?

  14. Jonte Alford

    Jonte Alford

    Dag geleden

    Make more sprout videos please❤❤🥴

  15. Sarah Sanchez

    Sarah Sanchez

    2 dagen geleden

    finest garden in the world

  16. Uncaring Entertainment

    Uncaring Entertainment

    2 dagen geleden

    Imagine Bob ASMR..... Sounds crazy

  17. Matthew


    2 dagen geleden

    Ngl them asmr sponsorships be hitting different

  18. Allison Brooks

    Allison Brooks

    2 dagen geleden

    I think the random beard scritches were the most surprising tingle trigger on the night. 🤣

  19. missed another vlive

    missed another vlive

    2 dagen geleden

    Yup, this is the video I’ve been looking for, tysm ☺️☺️☺️💕

  20. Yaderi Gonzalz

    Yaderi Gonzalz

    2 dagen geleden


  21. Yaderi Gonzalz

    Yaderi Gonzalz

    2 dagen geleden

    Marno: let's go through these fast Me: awww man noooo.i love the crinkles

  22. Dylan Still

    Dylan Still

    2 dagen geleden

    How manny times do you think he spilled sand from the container on himself

  23. s3s4m3s33d •

    s3s4m3s33d •

    2 dagen geleden

    I would like to acquire some of these new sound sprouts

  24. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido

    2 dagen geleden

    He said are you down to Simon rain AND IT FRIKIN STARTED TO RAIN!!!! I have never been more scared if someone’s power in my life

    • Mina Ashido

      Mina Ashido

      2 dagen geleden

      I meant summon

  25. Святослав Королёв

    Святослав Королёв

    2 dagen geleden


  26. Bendy Neko Girl} Chan}

    Bendy Neko Girl} Chan}

    3 dagen geleden

    Hello:) Are you Okay? ;)

  27. Red Spy

    Red Spy

    3 dagen geleden

    i find ed sheeran making a asmr dude this is epic

  28. Steve Bryjak

    Steve Bryjak

    3 dagen geleden

    Marno: take it out That’s what she said

  29. Vice A.

    Vice A.

    3 dagen geleden

    Mike Towers bby, easy money bby, Young king bby

  30. Vice A.

    Vice A.

    3 dagen geleden

    Yo no entender very mucho

  31. Priyaranjan Mishra

    Priyaranjan Mishra

    3 dagen geleden

    KURT fookin COBAIN

  32. CiBz Matt

    CiBz Matt

    3 dagen geleden

    Here are some triggering words *pulls green* ............... "BULLSEYE"

  33. zebby


    3 dagen geleden


  34. Saint Skylar

    Saint Skylar

    4 dagen geleden

    please do more scratching sounds on your stubble beard 😍😍😍

  35. Hardik Jhalani

    Hardik Jhalani

    4 dagen geleden

    Of course hand sounds are gold ( ͡°³ ͡°)

  36. Papyrus The Skeleton

    Papyrus The Skeleton

    4 dagen geleden

    If you shave you could put on a Link costume and you would rock it! Ocarina Of Time to be specific.

  37. Divine Axe Rhitta

    Divine Axe Rhitta

    4 dagen geleden

    Whenever its been a long day and my feet hurt and maybe have a headache i watch this guy he is great and helps me go to sleep

  38. Sw34ty Gam3r

    Sw34ty Gam3r

    4 dagen geleden

    Do you happen to know someone named miles?

  39. Caitlin Nugent

    Caitlin Nugent

    4 dagen geleden

    Took me awhile to get around to watching this one, but when I first saw the it pop up I was so excited I literally said out loud “Oh boy! A new batch of sound sprouts!” without realizing

  40. Kari Solbes

    Kari Solbes

    4 dagen geleden


  41. dody crazyplantlady

    dody crazyplantlady

    4 dagen geleden

    Nooo the crinkles were so good, why so fast 😭 It's the first time I'm noticing haha, fell asleep way to early the last times

  42. David Official

    David Official

    4 dagen geleden

    Respect for the ad intro brother, real men own their mistakes :)

  43. Raúl Zárate

    Raúl Zárate

    4 dagen geleden


  44. Benim Hikayem

    Benim Hikayem

    4 dagen geleden


  45. Woms Isaiah

    Woms Isaiah

    4 dagen geleden

    Can anybody tell me why the sound sprouts give me tingles but normal asmr dose not?

  46. Emerald


    5 dagen geleden

    ok listen i absolutely LOVE your videos, but i get distracted by how small your lips are constantly and I feel rlly bad about it but i just can't stop looking

  47. Noah Nicholsoj

    Noah Nicholsoj

    5 dagen geleden

    Aye yo who’s your sound sporut suppler I need some

  48. Gargoyle


    5 dagen geleden

    I really love how creative Marno is with his videos they’re always very engaging and still relaxing :)))

    • Gargoyle


      3 dagen geleden

      @Maro Orenji Memento Mori

    • Maro Orenji

      Maro Orenji

      3 dagen geleden

      unus annus

  49. Kylie Messersmith

    Kylie Messersmith

    5 dagen geleden

    colors he pulls out in order hot pink- brush sounds light pink- tapping sounds green- trigger words red-scratching white-idk gold- hand sounds purple-crinkles blue- mouth sounds magenta-2 sounds water in a bottle and tapping then mush and tapping u will find out the last one

  50. Kylie Messersmith

    Kylie Messersmith

    5 dagen geleden

    i’m confused on what se was packing

    • Kylie Messersmith

      Kylie Messersmith

      5 dagen geleden


  51. Bella Tarpley

    Bella Tarpley

    5 dagen geleden

    He looks like Haymitch if Haymich wasn’t an alcoholic

  52. Lyvie 7

    Lyvie 7

    5 dagen geleden

    When watching your videos is the only time i enjoy not knowing whats going on:)

  53. Dominyka Virbickaite

    Dominyka Virbickaite

    5 dagen geleden

    Those tapping sounds were good. Just letting you know (:

  54. ASMR Facts

    ASMR Facts

    5 dagen geleden

    Where can I reach Bob tonight? I'd like to order me some more of those green and purple sprouts...

  55. Незуко тян

    Незуко тян

    5 dagen geleden

    Что он говорит?

    • Ваня Маркелов

      Ваня Маркелов

      2 dagen geleden

      а хуй его знает

  56. Northern lights

    Northern lights

    5 dagen geleden

    Him: new soundsprouts cus i have no ideas yet Everyone: *_JOKES ON YOU IM INTO THAT SH*T!!!_* *_LAUGHS IN ASMR_*

  57. Pretzel Guy

    Pretzel Guy

    5 dagen geleden

    Ngl honestly thought he was going to say ballsack for the first trigger word

  58. Kautsar Jalaphaksi

    Kautsar Jalaphaksi

    5 dagen geleden

    Yo, did anyone have a Timestamps?

  59. Vera


    5 dagen geleden

    2:04 , I'm already sleep

  60. Chrsdotexe


    5 dagen geleden

    Wait wasn't Erin the one who thought us how to summon rain?!

  61. Zubin TøEs

    Zubin TøEs

    6 dagen geleden

    You look like you'd be Australian. But I'm probably trippin.

  62. - TheHawkturnal -

    - TheHawkturnal -

    6 dagen geleden

    Lol I got you good

  63. King Psycho

    King Psycho

    6 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or does marno look a lil stoned 😂

  64. Reaon


    6 dagen geleden

    I don’t know if you get this a lot but, you remind me of Owen Wilson

  65. Nick Private

    Nick Private

    6 dagen geleden

    I’m proud to be the 700th comment

  66. Rok _

    Rok _

    6 dagen geleden

    I ALSO have poo brain❤️

  67. Hayley J

    Hayley J

    6 dagen geleden

    Usually I don’t like whispering, but this guy’s whispering actually didn’t bother me so much

  68. Sploosh


    6 dagen geleden

    At first I was questioning what sound sprouts are. Now I’m questioning why I haven’t heard them sooner. Very satisfying!

  69. Tedward


    6 dagen geleden

    Hey Marno do you play any instruments?

  70. Vicky G

    Vicky G

    6 dagen geleden

    *plastic crinkling* Me: ahh yes there are them tingles 😌

  71. hinata shoyo

    hinata shoyo

    6 dagen geleden

    If he make guess what sound each colour..more fun but cant sleep🤣 too concentrate

  72. Anonymous Asmr

    Anonymous Asmr

    6 dagen geleden

    Marno empheremal rift and dong asmr really have top tier for creativity

  73. Brodie ingram

    Brodie ingram

    6 dagen geleden

    What was everyone’s favorite part

    • Brodie ingram

      Brodie ingram

      6 dagen geleden

      @Maxi Lager I enjoyed the purple sprouts more

    • Maxi Lager

      Maxi Lager

      6 dagen geleden

      Every part

  74. Kopperz


    6 dagen geleden

    I like the first trigger with the plastic

  75. Mr Dzentelman -.-

    Mr Dzentelman -.-

    6 dagen geleden

    i am so done with all the talk about the reecons, its not that i dont believe it, but i am annoyed by it ruining my asmr experience😴

  76. byDohley


    6 dagen geleden


  77. TheRealEdi


    6 dagen geleden

    We needed this.

  78. Raman OZone

    Raman OZone

    6 dagen geleden

    Feels like I'm doing acid again...

  79. Zoey Petersen

    Zoey Petersen

    6 dagen geleden

    This never fails to make me fall asleep I have watched it at least 100 times love it so much❤

  80. Timoy Master

    Timoy Master

    6 dagen geleden

    you´re awesome 😁

  81. Sunflowr


    6 dagen geleden

    Yo I straight up miss gabe aye

  82. Miriam López

    Miriam López

    6 dagen geleden

    Gets to the crinkles, which are my favorite, "let's get through these fast" 🥲🥲

  83. Anna Heidorn

    Anna Heidorn

    6 dagen geleden

    I absolutely love the sound sprouts. Can’t wait for the next batch . I hope that there are more finger flutters and beard scratching.

  84. Zacco


    6 dagen geleden

    Could we please get more touching of those pins in the microphone? Especially when the tweezers hit the head of the pin as it's stuck in there.

  85. Willy Smith

    Willy Smith

    6 dagen geleden

    Man, people who think ASMR is all pickle chewing and pervy roleplay are missing out. I just wanna show my appreciation before I fall asleep; I think this is the first time in months I've felt sleepy at a reasonable hour.

  86. Garforce II

    Garforce II

    6 dagen geleden

    satisfying alliteration there pranksters ping ponging pranks

  87. Ashtayn Williams

    Ashtayn Williams

    6 dagen geleden

    4:12 me rolling a 🍃

  88. David Malyarenko

    David Malyarenko

    6 dagen geleden

    bro you look like Curt Cobain with long hairs

  89. Ice Wolf

    Ice Wolf

    7 dagen geleden

    I hate recon I hate the color options they don't have rainbow

  90. poppetjin


    7 dagen geleden

    hey, hey marno. where should erin boop? where should she boop? where should you boop? where should i boop? where should all your viewers boop?

  91. KumaMP4


    7 dagen geleden

    The amount of vibes resonating off this man is crazy

  92. Drew Amaro

    Drew Amaro

    7 dagen geleden


  93. Ice zyrotic

    Ice zyrotic

    7 dagen geleden

    667th comment

  94. Mason Salazar

    Mason Salazar

    7 dagen geleden


  95. xZwolfyZx


    7 dagen geleden

    665 comments now 😳

  96. Kayla Hamel

    Kayla Hamel

    7 dagen geleden

    2020 may have been an awful year, but it has brought us the invention of sound sprouts. Of this, we are grateful.

  97. micah hook

    micah hook

    7 dagen geleden

    Why is your mouth so small and are you gay

  98. Shawna Moore

    Shawna Moore

    7 dagen geleden

    "He said no, and smashed his beer bottle" Me:Well that escalated quickly.

  99. Trashmouth Tozier

    Trashmouth Tozier

    7 dagen geleden

    Y is this actually so inventive

  100. D Gaming Turtle

    D Gaming Turtle

    7 dagen geleden

    13:33 that sound a lot like it’s saying b***h lmao