Redstone Builds Everyone Should Know

In this Mumbo Jumbo redstone video, Mumbo runs through all the redstone builds you need! These are all the Redstone builds every Minecrafter should know. It includes Minecraft auto droppers, Minecraft item sorters, Minecraft item elevators, Minecraft Keycard Systems, Minecraft button selector panels and 20 more! These are the 20 redstone circuits you need to get started with Minecraft redstone!
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    Almost 7 mil subs!!!!

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    Congrats on 7 million Sub in Advance bruh

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    I tried some of the Redstone builds on console and some of them do not work there. If I play Minecraft on PC I will download this map to improve my skills.

  4. Micheal Kendrick

    Micheal Kendrick

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    Thumbnail: You need this! Me who doesn't even have Minecraft: hmm interesting 🤔

  5. Spencer Keene

    Spencer Keene

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    I love your videos but I wish you did some redstone videos in Bedrock. A lot of redstone that works in Java doesn’t work in Bedrock (ex. Sticky pistons not retracting their block)

  6. Ethan St Pierre

    Ethan St Pierre

    2 uur geleden

    mumbo can you make a video on how to use a flying machine 17:34 in a farm ??

  7. HowToBeAesthetic Lexa

    HowToBeAesthetic Lexa

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    A time mumbo jumbo doesn’t say: the red stone is pretty simple.

  8. Vini 05

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    I feel enlightened

  9. Caleb Sullivan

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    The NOR latch is basically a useless machine in itself.

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    CONGRATS OLI for 7 million subs

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    I nEeD tHiS

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    I appreciate what you’re trying to do but I’m wayyyyyyyyyy too redstone-Ly declined to understand

  13. Richard Andrius

    Richard Andrius

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    I hate you Mumbo what about us bedrock guys?😢

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    Someone Teach Me How To download The Worlds :O

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    He said fairly at least 10 times in the first 10 seconds

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    Mambo Redstone is Einstein Redstone

  17. Scott Hoffman

    Scott Hoffman

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    The key card one doesn't work i did everything you said. So i think 1.16.5 broke it. Never mind it works you need 18 in the first slot then 1 in the rest to fill the space up. When you put 64 in the first slot is starts to take them into the droper but stops at 18. 19 and above turns the red stone torch off and activates the red stone wire beside it. Why 18 i dont know but after that you can put your key card in and it works.

  18. Jamie Bush

    Jamie Bush

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    Redstone for dummies

  19. Theo Cotter

    Theo Cotter

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    What the hecc is a t-flop

  20. sassycharlie77


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    "UhHHh... HOW Do I HOok ThiS uP to MY fArm?"

  21. Raphy Pointon

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    He is one of the rare kid-friendly minecraft youtubers without an annoying voice

  22. Ethan Bryant

    Ethan Bryant

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    Can you make a video about restone contraptions that work in bedrock?

  23. Shanester Derp

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    honestly mumbo thank u i needed something a little simplier today

  24. Suzann


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    this helped so much with my redstone i needed an item sorter

  25. Flo Wyatt

    Flo Wyatt

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    wow you are the best youtuber i swear i watched a bunch of your videos not knowing about redstone and now i actually know what your talking about

  26. A Neat Mess

    A Neat Mess

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    mumbo cn you invite me cause i have watched

  27. Ja mes

    Ja mes

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    So my keycard reader doesn't emit a pulse, it just stays off until the right number of items are in the hopper, and then it stays on permanently.

  28. Warm Ice

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    21:02 He's afraid our brains are mush- I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say he did great at explaining

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    What do u mean “fairly easy”

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    POV: Your learning red stone from this video

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    He's like that Indian guy on NLcameras, but he's English and know the secrets of redstone instead of the world

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    Playing minecraft for 8 years and still don't know how to use Redstone PLZ teach me

  33. Ethan Durow

    Ethan Durow

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    Mumbo if the second TNT is despensed on laders it shoots up further

  34. Aureo


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    I was still confused lmao

  35. Dingo Jo

    Dingo Jo

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    I never knew comparators could Compare 2 different single strengths. 😅 I thought it was to determine its signal strength by what this looking at. I never knew this for like the past forever I have been playing the game haha.

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    You are so close to 7Mil

  37. Dark Hoodie

    Dark Hoodie

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    even tho he explanied it im still REALLY REALLY confused ive been playing minecraft for 8 years and yet i dont know how to make a moving redstone thingy majig

  38. Young Verac

    Young Verac

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    I don't get anywhere NEAR that range on the tnt cannon, and I'm building 1 to 1. I'm calling shenanigans here, bro. What kinda show are you runnin?

  39. Hunter


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    Hopefully I'm not being rude or disrespectful, but what happened to your voice?

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    Mumbo, jumbo the nostalgia I’m feeling rn 🥲

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    Wow your almost at 7 million subs

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    @MumboJumbo can you divide the video into segments in the playback feed? Idk how to do it but I have seen podcast channels do it and it would help to quickly find the contraptions when I return to the video in the future

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    (Me at the beginning) “I’m already confused”

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    Thanks now I Finnaly know What and How Comparator ^_^

  46. Zła Glizda

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    INDEX (0:33) Auto Item Dropper (1:18) Redstone Lamp Button Panel (2:37) Key Card Reader (3:45) Hopper Minecart Loading Station (5:28) Hopper Minecart Unloader (6:12) Item Filter (8:20) Button Selecting Panel (9:37) Piston Feed Tape (10:21) Smart Piston (11:05) Another Piston Feed Tape (11:49) Water Elevator (13:01) Grass Path Switch (13:52) "Droppervator" (15:00) Vertical Flying Machine (15:44) Zero Tic Smart Piston (16:35) TNT Duplicator (17:08) Horizontal Flying Machine (17:47) Another Piston Feed Tape bruh (18:38) Automatic Minecart Station (19:52) TNT Canon for insta look ,not my



    Dag geleden

    thanks mumbo i didn't know how to build storage system

  48. ET3RN3TY


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    ahh yes the piston feet tape

  49. Travis


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    For those just into red stone, start from the initial source and remember what each new step does. Mumbo doesn't always explain the right things in the right order

  50. Luis MüGu

    Luis MüGu

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    how to increase the duration of this mechanism12:36

  51. M. Sierra

    M. Sierra

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    I'd have appreciated if you explained more instead of just showing it

    • Anonymous4045


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      Of which one?

  52. gaming krapple

    gaming krapple

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    I thought i know every thing about mine craft after i saw this video i think i am a noob

  53. William


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    Those of you returning for references, Copypaste for Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:32 Auto-Dropper 1:18 Button Pannel Selector w/Lamps 2:37 Keycard Reader 3:44 Minecart Loading Station 5:28 Minecart Draining Station 6:12 Item Sorter 8:20 Button Selector Panel v2.0 (Single-Output) 9:36 Basic Piston Feed Tape 10:22 Smart Piston 11:04 Smart Piston Feed Tape/Compact Piston Feed Tape 11:47 2-Way Water Elevator 13:00 Hidden Path Input 13:50 Dropper-vator 14:58 Vertical 2-Way Flying Machine 15:44 SPEEDY Smart Piston 16:34 TNT Duplicator 17:09 Horizontal 2-Way Flying Machine 17:46 Super-Compact Piston Feedtape 18:38 Auto-Minecart Station 19:49 TNT Cannon 20:38 Outro _Note: More than a few of these only work on Java._

  54. Original Reposter

    Original Reposter

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    I just learned that observers dont detect players

  55. Andrew Moynihan

    Andrew Moynihan

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    17:50 thought he was going to say I'm a massive fan of carpet bombings

  56. Rocket


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    But how do you set up the item filter ?

  57. Cookie


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    Yeah but thats not a tutorial i dunno how to build that

  58. Ed Moody

    Ed Moody

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    This is something challenging for you. A working minecraft iron man hulkbuster (from avengers age of Ultron)

  59. GrahamJyc1


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    As a long time Minecraft player I have to admit that redstone was fairly daunting for me. I would hear terms like "0 tick pulse" and "T Flip-flop" and have no idea what they meant or how to use them. Your video made things very clear and now I feel like I can actually start using some of these in my builds. Thanks Mumbo! I personally like to see more videos like this in the future.

  60. TheDonutFighter


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    This is cool! But I’m on PS4. Still, keep up the good work Mumbo!

  61. Living Murphy's Law

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    These have the greatest names. If you read them on the dark screen.

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    Almost 7 mil subs

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    "More than there are stars in the universe." O_o



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    Hermione from Harry Potter goes to the library But mumbo goes to the “Redstone testing world”

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    Me, a Pole, seeing the video lenght: _oh no_

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    Does this work on bedrock edition

    • Anonymous4045


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      Most of them, no, but they can be tweaked a bit

  68. Master of Flames

    Master of Flames

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    Mumbo: "The redstone is quite simple really" NASA or Einstein: *The numbers, Mason. What do they mean?*

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    Who else started understanding just now. Or who is still confused?

  70. Richard Simpson

    Richard Simpson

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    Excellent video. I am a redstone veteran and have followed you for years, but when someone asks me "how does this work?" my brain has to go into overdrive trying to conjure up an explanation! It is so more difficult to teach than do. This is an excellent building--blocks tutorial. Well done.

  71. zahraa daher

    zahraa daher

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    How many times did he say "fairly"

  72. RalphReanan Maguliman

    RalphReanan Maguliman

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    If I just have minecraft right now I can make a bigger machine with more use using all of this machine designs (you just have to put then inside just like in real life)

  73. ƒuck


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    9:35 The what tape?

  74. JaydenLovex


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    I have only made one. The most advanced thing I used was a sticky piston 😢

  75. Sharklife21 YT

    Sharklife21 YT

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    Make Tetris with piston flying machines

  76. EmptyBox2


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    earrjktfjyhgfewqjktduygwtgrehsjth is very important for every redstone build

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    Big thanks Mumbo, I learned quite a bit from this.

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    now i,m confused

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    LeMonteur, Désanuseur

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    Wow those greedy minecart things and the unloader would have been very useful to me 2 weeks ago, before i design an unnecessarily large contraption that could have been way simpler

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    Master of Redstone

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    Im a bit late but Mumbo, thanks for the keycard "reader"

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    Woke sauce

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    Stenno Stenno

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    I don't usually like your list-style type of videos but i will come back to this one a lot of times.

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    This seems complicated

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  86. Kelby Lepper

    Kelby Lepper

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    The most special item in Minecraft: earrjktfjyhgfewqjktduygwtgrehsjth aka light blue wool (mumbo jumbo’s favorite)

  87. Benjamin Lum

    Benjamin Lum

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    "I hope, you've come out of this video." so you're saying... not everyone survives?!

  88. Retro Player

    Retro Player

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    Minecraft redstone vs Scrap mechanic

  89. Samuel Reynolds

    Samuel Reynolds

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    Can someone tell me why the key card wasn't working for me?

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    Minecraft bedrock players: ;-;

  91. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


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  92. Awesome man troll #10

    Awesome man troll #10

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    ya know I made one of these, but instead it has three pieces of TNT shooting out at once. Its also automatic, meaning it shoots out endless TNT while you sit back and watch the sun getting blotted out with explosives

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    Reese Hosgood

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    Two things I thought might be in this video until I watched it were an incinerator and a piston door.

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    You have underestimated my stupidness

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    This was insanely helpful! It's nice to learn the mechanics of WHY something works so that we don't just copy a design, if we know how it works we can tweak it to our needs. Honestly love these explanation videos! Thanks!

  96. Ravishankar H

    Ravishankar H

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    Mumbo with water elevator: it is easy (complicated). Me with 6 redstone, a sticky piston and a slime block: yeah

  97. KSDragona _

    KSDragona _

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    As a bedrock player, I just wonder how much of this is applicable to my version... usually very little, lol

  98. Andrew Thomadsen

    Andrew Thomadsen

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    I tried to build the idea sorter, but everything just falls through the hopper before I can set it up

    • grootguardian22


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      put the stuff in last or u just forgot the torch

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    Timestamps guy? You left us when were when we needed you the most😢

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    Quick question, how does one make a piston feed tape?