the story behind my tattoo

video by julien

song: andrew applepie


  1. katy bobo

    katy bobo

    2 maanden geleden

    im crying gn.

  2. carla


    3 maanden geleden

    now i know this video was recorded years ago but i've just recently been binging your and your partner's videos. I just wanna say that this is so well done and beautiful❤️

  3. Mika


    4 maanden geleden

    it's 7/11 in less than an hour. What are the odds that I clicked this video just now, when that date is approaching?

  4. Lps Dount

    Lps Dount

    5 maanden geleden

    Happy birthday Brandon🎉 love you we all love you :( we miss you :(

  5. Lps Dount

    Lps Dount

    5 maanden geleden

    Hope you get better ❤ I love you and your not as alone ❤

  6. Arts & Crafts

    Arts & Crafts

    8 maanden geleden

    Beautiful video, stay strong Julien, I’m crying..❤️

  7. Stephanie O'Regan

    Stephanie O'Regan

    8 maanden geleden

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend 💙 your tattoo is pretty cool

  8. Mariana PTKS

    Mariana PTKS

    9 maanden geleden

    national suicide prevention hotline USA 1-800-273-8255 Argentina: +5402234930430 Australia: 131114 Austria: 017133374 Belgium: 106 Bosnia & Herzegovina: 080 05 03 05 Botswana: 3911270 Brazil: 212339191 Canada: 5147234000 (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal) Croatia: 014833888 Denmark: +4570201201 Egypt: 7621602 Finland: 010 195 202 France: 0145394000 Germany: 08001810771 Holland: 09000767 Hong Kong: +852 2382 0000 Hungary: 116123 India: 8888817666 Ireland: +4408457909090 Italy: 800860022 Japan: +810352869090 Mexico: 5255102550 New Zealand: 045861048 Norway: +4781533300 Philippines: 028969191 Poland: 5270000 Russia: 0078202577577 Spain: 914590050 South Africa: 0514445691 Sweden: 46317112400 Switzerland: 143 United Kingdom: 08457909090

  9. Maku L

    Maku L

    9 maanden geleden

    I had a man falling in and out a chamber on my forearm, it represents how I felt like when I was 16, first attempted to suicide. As I much as I want to agree that a tattoo shouldn't carry a lot of meaning, it means a lot to me and it reminds me that you are either falling in or out, you are never still and it's okay. So I get you Julien, keep being strong.

  10. Mesho shosho

    Mesho shosho

    9 maanden geleden

    I’m crying my heart is hurting me

  11. Z Alex

    Z Alex

    9 maanden geleden

    thank you for sharing something you didn’t have to. i enjoyed hearing about your memories and love for your friend. love you julien!!!! Rest In Peace Brandon.

  12. Kathy Cronin

    Kathy Cronin

    9 maanden geleden

    My best friend killed herself too. I had to call her dad to check on her. I miss her so much everyday and I have no idea how to feel okay, it’s been a year and yet it still hurts just like it did on the day it happened.

  13. A J

    A J

    10 maanden geleden

    *jd singing freeze your brain intensifies*

  14. Victoria Thompson

    Victoria Thompson

    11 maanden geleden

    We need a tattoo update! Love your new bunny tattoo!

  15. Grace Hall

    Grace Hall

    Jaar geleden

    This was a beautiful video. Thank you for sharing your heart with us:)

  16. Alexis Salseda

    Alexis Salseda

    Jaar geleden

    I'm sorry julien I know how hard this must be for you my great grandmother passed away this year and it was her birthday a few days ago

  17. Жасмина Тусупбекова

    Жасмина Тусупбекова

    Jaar geleden

    I love you.🌌

  18. Поль Поклонов

    Поль Поклонов

    Jaar geleden


  19. Angel Alice Daughter Crow

    Angel Alice Daughter Crow

    Jaar geleden

    Julien I'm crying very sincerely I think your friend is proud of you sorry for my English I'm from Russia accept my support and know I'm with you.

  20. Екатерина Ворон

    Екатерина Ворон

    Jaar geleden

    I'm sorry for your loss but you must continue to live happily to delight your friend in heaven You should know that thousands of your fans from Russia also support you and wish you peace of mind people with you

  21. Austin Morris

    Austin Morris

    Jaar geleden

    Really good video Julien.

  22. Austin Morris

    Austin Morris

    Jaar geleden

    Goodbye Spider-Man

  23. Veronique Castel

    Veronique Castel

    Jaar geleden

    That was raw and heart warming.

  24. Abbey Case

    Abbey Case

    Jaar geleden

    this is me just spreading some knowledge; the next video Julien posted was Kermit stepped in oil paint

  25. Lindsey Miller

    Lindsey Miller

    Jaar geleden

    Im very sorry for your loss of your best friend Julien! Happy birthday Brandon Rest In Peace 💐🙏

  26. Peter D

    Peter D

    Jaar geleden

    I finally got one for the first time. And thought about this video

  27. Joanna S

    Joanna S

    Jaar geleden

    Wow I tears up at this

  28. mitsukunisen


    Jaar geleden

    i m n o t c r y i n g y o u r e c r y i n g

  29. Amber


    Jaar geleden

    Didn’t realize I’m watching this on 7/11 :’).

  30. Alex c

    Alex c

    Jaar geleden

    im crying omg

  31. Willow Beam

    Willow Beam

    Jaar geleden

    was I the ONLY one eho started crying ???? 😭

  32. VandaB


    Jaar geleden

    I'm sad

  33. Part-time Sleeper

    Part-time Sleeper

    Jaar geleden

    weird. A friend of mine from hs died yesterday. She had turned 25 just 10 days prior, so young. I found out this morning. then I randomly clicked on this video.

  34. Sarah Bear Animations

    Sarah Bear Animations

    Jaar geleden

    Yo I'm so sorry

  35. Marina


    Jaar geleden

    Full on Crying, wow what a beautiful story

  36. Payton Davis

    Payton Davis

    Jaar geleden

    we cryin in the club y'all

  37. Minna A.

    Minna A.

    Jaar geleden

    i adore julien with every fiber of my being he truly is a kind soul and we appreciate you julien, sharing your life, your story, your joy and sadness with us, honestly truly thank you💗💗💗💗

  38. Kat Kupner

    Kat Kupner

    Jaar geleden

    Beautifully done 💚 Sorry for your loss.

  39. Sam May

    Sam May

    Jaar geleden

    I was just going through Julian’s videos in search for all the tat videos and damn. Didn’t expect such a video. I know it’s been a minute but still much love Julian. Love the colors in this piece

  40. Elizabeth Symon

    Elizabeth Symon

    Jaar geleden

    Omg, the end made me cry

  41. NuhStar


    Jaar geleden

    I’m not crying , you’re crying.

  42. Ena Bračić

    Ena Bračić

    Jaar geleden

    Shit 😞

  43. Amanda Hearndon

    Amanda Hearndon

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  44. Opers_dopers


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  45. Miran / / 미란

    Miran / / 미란

    Jaar geleden

    I felt this

  46. FC Vitosha Sofia

    FC Vitosha Sofia

    Jaar geleden

    You could at least whrite his name with a big letter in the end of the video

  47. TigerwithDiesel


    Jaar geleden

    Who knew a tattoo could make me cry. Happy birthday Brandon

  48. Molly W

    Molly W

    Jaar geleden

    Oof.. This video! Thank you Julien. Memories are what make us.

  49. usui usui

    usui usui

    Jaar geleden

    thanks for sharing this with us. i love you julien.

  50. Peter D

    Peter D

    Jaar geleden

    Why am I watching this? I’m going to cry

  51. ZomBot39


    Jaar geleden

    My heart hurts for you Julien... so sorry for your loss

  52. Kelli Mora

    Kelli Mora

    Jaar geleden

    Okay well I’m crying.

  53. GabbyAUBY


    Jaar geleden

    Damn... now im gonna remember this whenever I get a slirpy... im so sorry julien, but its an amazing way to remember him forever. Happy birthday Brandon, im sure hes cheering one right with you

  54. Curl Gurl

    Curl Gurl

    Jaar geleden

    This almost made me cry 😢

  55. daysofdivyasha


    Jaar geleden

    I'm extremely late to this video.. And I had a lot I wanted to say...but I'm just going to send all my love to you and Brandon 💙💙 I'm really thankful for you and your videos (and jenna too) because they are part of what makes me really happy and is one of the things that is sometimes an escape from my own mental illnesses and even though this is super late and you're not gonna see it I just wanted to let you know that we'll keep being patient because we know that its only right to let you share things with us when you feel ready to-especially when its things that mean the most to you 💙

  56. Michelle 216

    Michelle 216

    Jaar geleden

    I hear you. Lost many people in my life and including my brother who was my best friend to suicide. I just wish I understood what he was going through at the time and wished I could help. I hope to one day get a tattoo to honor how I remembered him one day.

  57. Cait Rooney

    Cait Rooney

    Jaar geleden

    owwww my heart.... such a great way to honor a friend

  58. Corinne Stinton

    Corinne Stinton

    2 jaar geleden


  59. Ali Jenkins

    Ali Jenkins

    2 jaar geleden


  60. danielnuggets vlogs

    danielnuggets vlogs

    2 jaar geleden

    Im so sorry for your loss even tho im late this really hit me hard losing somone you love and cherish

  61. Hollis47


    2 jaar geleden

    As soon as he cut back to the video where he told everyone/said Brandon, I said to myself I’d cry. And I did. Just a little!!! As someone who is in the thought process of getting a tattoo, I find this... incredibly empowering. We love you, Julien. And thank you for letting us in a little bit more on the quiet corners of your life. 💜

  62. Megara024


    2 jaar geleden

    I’m sorry about your friend. There isn’t much to say to it other than acknowledge that it is hard and friendship is beautiful and I’m sorry you lost your friend this young this soon this sad. It’s been a while, and this comment is not but of a pick me up. So sorry for that too I guess.

  63. Megara024


    2 jaar geleden

    This video is made soooo well. Like not even being sarcastic or anything. Good visuals and good pacing.

  64. Armchair Philosopher

    Armchair Philosopher

    2 jaar geleden

    I love y’all like family truly dink fam forever thank you for letting us in on this part of your life Julien

  65. Smokes


    2 jaar geleden

    The editing in this video, camera angles and all that stuff i just incredible. Fuck anyone who'd dare to say you wouldnt make it big without Jenna. This is quality content right here

  66. Deanna Day

    Deanna Day

    2 jaar geleden

    The people who disliked this are heartless.

  67. Bailey Williams

    Bailey Williams

    2 jaar geleden


  68. stephanie nicole

    stephanie nicole

    2 jaar geleden

    I’m not crying, you’re crying

  69. Jamie G

    Jamie G

    2 jaar geleden

    Thank you for sharing something so personal, I'm so sorry for your loss 💔❤

  70. burnt cake

    burnt cake

    2 jaar geleden

    I want to get a tattoo of a infinity sign because my mom really wanted one of those.... And soon she past away but no one really wants me to get the tattoo... but I miss her.

  71. MistyMoosh Arts

    MistyMoosh Arts

    2 jaar geleden

    *It a slurpee*

  72. Candy land

    Candy land

    2 jaar geleden

    I cried

  73. alyssa hunter

    alyssa hunter

    2 jaar geleden

    I don't talk to my dad anymore, but when I was little, he would take me to 711 to get slurpees and slim jims every time I visited him. he is a horrible person, but it is a treasured childhood memory

  74. Garbage Fire Fiona

    Garbage Fire Fiona

    2 jaar geleden

    This was beautifully done, Julien. That tattoo also looks really cool. This is hard shit, thank you for sharing.

  75. Mal Early

    Mal Early

    2 jaar geleden

    Whenever I think about giving up I have to remind myself how it would effect my friends and family. Thank you Julien for this video

  76. Nadiahardcandy


    2 jaar geleden

    I'm crying alot... like a lot.

  77. Lilly Ann

    Lilly Ann

    2 jaar geleden

    I legit started cry that's so sad

  78. Jessica Holden-Cook

    Jessica Holden-Cook

    2 jaar geleden

    7/11 day is November 11th here in Australia

  79. EvilMonster251


    2 jaar geleden

    ive lost several friends unexpectedly and last week i lost my cousin. then you said "happy birthday Brandon. I miss you" i fell apart. you arent alone Julien. we are all here for you. your tattoo is beautiful. and slurpees are flippin RAD.

  80. Riley Kemp

    Riley Kemp

    2 jaar geleden

    I just stumbled upon this video, and I should be asleep. im crying so hard rn :( thank you Julien for sharing this part of your life with us. keep going to 7 11 on 7 11 no matter what

  81. Sofiaaa !

    Sofiaaa !

    2 jaar geleden

    I cry every time 😢

  82. Thea Šebková

    Thea Šebková

    2 jaar geleden

    i cried like a lil bitch throughout the whole vid

  83. JessicaaGabrellaa


    2 jaar geleden

    wow i was not expecting cry just now.

  84. Samantha Keown

    Samantha Keown

    2 jaar geleden

    this is a very beautiful touching story.... its very touching. pulled all the heart strings julien. Thank you for Sharing this.

  85. Antlover420


    2 jaar geleden

    Cool camera angles and editing! :)))

  86. wolf town

    wolf town

    2 jaar geleden

    dude my birthday is on 7/11 wtf, i also would go get free slurpees!!!

  87. Angel Dively

    Angel Dively

    2 jaar geleden

    That pixelated art work is beautiful. And it reminds me of a DMT vision. So cool.

  88. Katie Burnopp

    Katie Burnopp

    2 jaar geleden

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I'm glad that you're coping with this in a healthy way. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. Happy birthday, Brandon.

  89. Lewis Newell

    Lewis Newell

    2 jaar geleden

    Wow insta crying 😭

  90. car


    2 jaar geleden

    julien, you are so strong to be able to talk about these personal things. this video brought tears to my eyes i can understand how you feel losing a friend. i am so sorry you had to go through this. happy birthday Brandon, hope you are at peace wherever you are. we all love you julien.

  91. Heather Mcclellan

    Heather Mcclellan

    2 jaar geleden

    I feel for you.

  92. Kamillenkaffee


    2 jaar geleden

    I'm crying a lot, that's such a meaningful tattoo. It's so sad, but at the same time remembering the great times you had with someone is so important, and healing. Remembering them. There's no 7/11s in my country and I'm late to this, but your VLOGs always touch me, and this one exceptionally so.

  93. Kimberly Porter

    Kimberly Porter

    2 jaar geleden

    Julien, this is my first time watching one of your videos all the way through. Thank you for posting the way you do. Your inner soul shines through your lighthearted smile and I feel connected to you across all of these miles. You are so genuine and so true. I'm happy on behalf of the internet that we all get to know you.

  94. Jas kellow

    Jas kellow

    2 jaar geleden

    I want to hug you soooooo badly 🤗

  95. drinkable dirt

    drinkable dirt

    2 jaar geleden

    *7-11* I know im a little late.. But.. Happy birthday brandon

  96. Maryellen Fallon

    Maryellen Fallon

    2 jaar geleden

    I’m not crying you are crying. 😭❤️

  97. here


    2 jaar geleden

    why am i crying Jesus fuck

  98. Alex


    2 jaar geleden

    What about the rest of them

  99. Aimee Quigg

    Aimee Quigg

    2 jaar geleden

  100. Chunky Glitter

    Chunky Glitter

    2 jaar geleden

    Excellent storytelling