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Making homemade FISH FOOD for AQUARIUM! - the king of DIY

In todays video, i show you how to make your own homemade DIY aquarium fish food!
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  1. Paul Riekert

    Paul Riekert

    2 dagen geleden

    Doesnt taste half bad.

  2. D FL

    D FL

    4 dagen geleden

    How good is the zip lock bag idea! When I've made homemade fish food, it always made it in ice trays or other trays. Definitely prefer the bag tip!

  3. DP Handkins

    DP Handkins

    4 dagen geleden

    Cooking with Joey! Can this be a thing?

  4. santanu dey

    santanu dey

    5 dagen geleden

    Sir can I used guava nd banana leaves for blackwater aquariam ...plzzzz ans ...nd big fan from India♥️♥️♥️

  5. Just(A)Theory


    6 dagen geleden

    Everyone like this video to punish joey for that scare

  6. Memo Marin

    Memo Marin

    7 dagen geleden

    Please don’t eat raw meat 😂

  7. Jacqueline Majorel

    Jacqueline Majorel

    7 dagen geleden

    Good luck on your new venture Joe, as soon has you said closing down I new what was up your sleeve I look forward to all new things ,good luck from Australia

  8. Sarah Cummins

    Sarah Cummins

    7 dagen geleden

    Just a tip when filling the bags. Fold over the zipper part. It not only helps keep the food off of them. It it helps the bags stand up once you start putting the food in it.

  9. mark jackson

    mark jackson

    8 dagen geleden

    Do you have a video of how you put that piranha tank together? It awesome!

  10. LuV2reV


    9 dagen geleden

    It's because of you Joey that I watch! The fish are just a bonus.

  11. NJC_ 2005

    NJC_ 2005

    10 dagen geleden

    you should buy a freeze dryer so you can freeze dry the food

  12. Omen Birdy

    Omen Birdy

    10 dagen geleden

    Can you put a undergravel filter in a corner bow front fish tank.

  13. N? S

    N? S

    11 dagen geleden

    Hé Joey what is that new medication you give you're fish? Much love from Amsterdam

  14. Reeferbuild


    11 dagen geleden

    Liked on both accounts 😂

  15. tropical fish tanks and a collie

    tropical fish tanks and a collie

    12 dagen geleden

    Lol eat, eat, eat, very good for you. Could I ask your opinion on something 🤔 Can you take a quick peak at my one video called electric blue acara fry on my youtube channel I made a side sump I think it's good enough to remove my fluval any feedback would be highly appreciated 😀 Looking forward to your big announcement.

  16. Brennden Baker

    Brennden Baker

    12 dagen geleden

    Why is your receipt sopping wet lmao

  17. Buddy 1927 Gaming

    Buddy 1927 Gaming

    12 dagen geleden

    Great Video

  18. Matthew Brolen

    Matthew Brolen

    12 dagen geleden

    Anyone else in the uk find it impossible to find beef heart ? Any alternatives?

  19. Scott Milton

    Scott Milton

    12 dagen geleden

    Extra note on the bags, use a cup and flip the zip over the cup and can go into mass production.

  20. Shawn K

    Shawn K

    12 dagen geleden

    Set more realistic "like" goals... These ones have been tremendously unattainable

  21. samuel ambrocio

    samuel ambrocio

    12 dagen geleden

    You heard him let's hit that like hahahah

  22. Texas Fish Room

    Texas Fish Room

    13 dagen geleden

    I need to try to make that one day.

  23. Terence Turcotte

    Terence Turcotte

    13 dagen geleden

    Buy already peal garlic it refrigerated for a very long time, damn the piranha chowed down!

  24. Florida Boy Aquatics

    Florida Boy Aquatics

    13 dagen geleden

    Ohhh I made sure I hit like. Think it is time to share on FB to get this number up.

  25. World Aquarium Singapore

    World Aquarium Singapore

    13 dagen geleden

    How cool you can keep piranha at home, i cant not allowed to , which of your countries can keep piranha?

  26. The Urban Fishkeeper

    The Urban Fishkeeper

    14 dagen geleden

    You should just eat the fish food. You only use quality 😁😁

  27. Barefoot Fish

    Barefoot Fish

    14 dagen geleden

    20,000 likes !!!!!!!!!! Let’s goooooo lol

  28. PaulZyCZ


    14 dagen geleden

    Frozen chicken heart (and grated) is also an option. Unless fed with antibiotics.

  29. Garry Mcgrath

    Garry Mcgrath

    14 dagen geleden

    Yes some of the discus are skinny, run some metronidazole throughout the tank garlic dose not help if they have never nematodes

  30. Rich Agripa

    Rich Agripa

    14 dagen geleden

    U should definitely do another goldfish tank I would love to see that do it this time with fancier goldfish go buy every one of each kind that that would be a series I would love to see tbh

  31. Teresa Owens

    Teresa Owens

    14 dagen geleden

    Can anyone tell me why my goldfish is affected by a uv steriliser light in her aquarium. Everytime I turn it on the next day she has like blood around her fins and lays on the bottom of the tank.. I only use it when the water goes green..

  32. Grey Area

    Grey Area

    14 dagen geleden

    I mixed bit of gelatin in my food for the fish. Oscars don't make as much of a mess with it and my arowanas loved it

  33. Grey Area

    Grey Area

    14 dagen geleden

    Your Canadian, you have a stronger stomach😉

  34. Scott daw

    Scott daw

    14 dagen geleden

    Bottoms up Joey!

  35. Katelyn VanLaningham

    Katelyn VanLaningham

    14 dagen geleden

    I can’t be the only one who initially heard bee fart instead of beef heart lol

  36. NYCity Cichlids

    NYCity Cichlids

    14 dagen geleden

    Good recipe. The fish love it.

  37. Edward O'Brien

    Edward O'Brien

    14 dagen geleden

    I really appreciated the clips of the tanks while you were talking. Please consider making a video we we ca just watch the fish, even put in music if you can.

  38. Grace Martin

    Grace Martin

    14 dagen geleden

    Hey I have been thinking of making my own food for my Beta and Guppies. Do you have a website you would recommend with trusted information on what I can put in said food?

  39. Friendly Neighborhood CerealKilla

    Friendly Neighborhood CerealKilla

    15 dagen geleden

    56k views and just over 6k likes. 50 thousand people not doing their part to continue great content lol

  40. Ilena Starbreeze

    Ilena Starbreeze

    15 dagen geleden

    i would never touch it becuse i cant eat fish

  41. oliviarayneluvsu


    15 dagen geleden

    At my inpatient today they asked us to think of someone we admired and you were who I thought of because of how passionate you are about the hobby

  42. Jason Sena

    Jason Sena

    15 dagen geleden

    And for 50k likes Joey will feed this food to Tamera!!

  43. Keith Frazier

    Keith Frazier

    15 dagen geleden

    I think I'm going to try this ... i need to find my copy of your book 😁

  44. jon scott

    jon scott

    15 dagen geleden

    Canada 🇨🇦 being shut down is so wrong

  45. McFetto Productions

    McFetto Productions

    15 dagen geleden

    I got a longfin albino tiger Oscar, and he eats and is active. But he twitches, like a small shiver. What is wrong with him?

  46. mania de peixe lagos

    mania de peixe lagos

    15 dagen geleden

    Top top

  47. mania de peixe lagos

    mania de peixe lagos

    15 dagen geleden

    Aoooo caboco bom

  48. Christian Vega

    Christian Vega

    15 dagen geleden

    What brand are those 120's ?

  49. bng188


    15 dagen geleden

    Would this be good for angel fish?

  50. Spencer Garl

    Spencer Garl

    15 dagen geleden

    Will this work for Uaru?

  51. Ha Y N Fish Keeper

    Ha Y N Fish Keeper

    15 dagen geleden


  52. Cory W

    Cory W

    15 dagen geleden

    i think a silicone ice cube tray with a lid would work better than ziplock bags

  53. randomjunk1984


    15 dagen geleden

    5.5k... 1/4 of the way! Come on people! We all want to see Joey eat it! 🤣

    • randomjunk1984


      13 dagen geleden

      7k now. 13k away. Sorry Joey!!

  54. Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy

    Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy

    15 dagen geleden

    If he is keeping all piranhas. He will have to build a new studio! 😂👍 And I bet he will

  55. Fell


    15 dagen geleden

    I could watch those pirhanas going after that strip of beef heart for hours.

  56. Seph Faustino

    Seph Faustino

    15 dagen geleden

    Joey can pull off a cooking show 😁

  57. Kenny Schindler

    Kenny Schindler

    15 dagen geleden

    Could you make your own food for Kevin and Tyrese?

  58. Pricella Murphy

    Pricella Murphy

    15 dagen geleden

    Although i wouldn't recommended eating raw shrimp.......

  59. K H

    K H

    15 dagen geleden

    Fold the top of the ziploc bag over so you don't have to worry about getting food in the track when you put it in the bag.

  60. Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy

    Zacks Tanks Crazy Aquarium Guy

    15 dagen geleden

    Love these videos. Now you are actually teaching fans some really important stuff! Great Video buddy

  61. blooky


    15 dagen geleden

    when I had my first guppies they were monsters... they were twice the size of regular guppies and they often tried to eat my bladder snails so I decided to crush a snail and feed it to them and they loved it.. o-o

  62. World of my Hellcat Ants

    World of my Hellcat Ants

    15 dagen geleden

    ℹ Fun fact for everyone... all protein originates from plants. The animal eats the plant then stores the plant protein. Ever hear about someone or an animal that died from protein deficiency? I haven't either. 😜

    • World of my Hellcat Ants

      World of my Hellcat Ants

      14 dagen geleden

      @MacHamish nah there's plenty of b12 in plants that grow in the ground like potatoes and carrots.

    • MacHamish


      14 dagen geleden

      Actually if one eats only rabbit they can starve to death do to missing a type of protein in that meat source.

  63. No One

    No One

    15 dagen geleden

    love the channel man good work.

  64. Aallalalalallal Alakakakaka

    Aallalalalallal Alakakakaka

    15 dagen geleden

    What are you planning on doing with the piranhas when they get really big?

  65. hhoody 123

    hhoody 123

    15 dagen geleden


  66. Alexander R

    Alexander R

    15 dagen geleden

    Hey Joey, have you tried freezedrying this food?

  67. peter moorhouse

    peter moorhouse

    15 dagen geleden

    That's what I do,the only thing i didn't add was the green stuff thanks buddy for that tip 👍

  68. BMW 3 Series G20

    BMW 3 Series G20

    15 dagen geleden

    Does anyone know Joey's 120 gallon tank dimensions? ive been trying to find the few videos where he previously mentioned it but I cant find it. Anyone know the length, width and height? Thanks :3

    • BMW 3 Series G20

      BMW 3 Series G20

      15 dagen geleden

      @The king of DIY thanks Joey 😊 Keep up the amazing content, liking everyone one of them

    • The king of DIY

      The king of DIY

      15 dagen geleden


  69. Sir Cullen Kawano

    Sir Cullen Kawano

    15 dagen geleden

    if you roll the top of the bag outwards you can make a lip that will keep the zip clean and the hand holding the bag clean too =) Learned that one from my mom =)

  70. BigDo Rack

    BigDo Rack

    15 dagen geleden

    Instead of beef heart you could use wild game like moose its way more lean.

  71. Thomas Beerling

    Thomas Beerling

    15 dagen geleden

    Can you feed this to big fish like Channa torsaensis & bichirs etc?

  72. Васко Цанев

    Васко Цанев

    15 dagen geleden

    Loved the video, can you make one for the big tank and how you prepare the food.

  73. joshua Ferguson

    joshua Ferguson

    15 dagen geleden

    Strange question... why was your receipt soaking wet?

  74. Gianluca Brambilla

    Gianluca Brambilla

    15 dagen geleden

    How often do you feed the piranhas? I'm super curious!

  75. burntsilverado


    15 dagen geleden

    Yeah you're going to have to eat some

  76. Amy Sainz

    Amy Sainz

    15 dagen geleden

    everyone needs to buy this book!

  77. Haroon Rafiqui

    Haroon Rafiqui

    15 dagen geleden

    can you feed this to peacocks and haps?

  78. gentlejake605


    15 dagen geleden

    I wanna see a pool that you make into a huge pond like type thing bigger than the inground one would be cool but I it cost a lot of $$ so I don't expect it but would be cool to see a huge pool with a bunch of wild life

  79. Andrzej L

    Andrzej L

    15 dagen geleden

    Too many ads…

  80. Ali Mubarak

    Ali Mubarak

    15 dagen geleden

    Cheap for country who the citizens didn’t eat it. In asian county, this thing is as expensive as beef meat. 🥲

  81. Rpmurphey M

    Rpmurphey M

    15 dagen geleden

    Its not big news, we already know what you are opening up.

  82. chris p

    chris p

    15 dagen geleden

    1.38 million subs, and we can't even get to 20k likes. Shame.... Shame.... Shame....

  83. Poke World

    Poke World

    15 dagen geleden

    I m wondering how the smell would be🤢

    • Jack Pitt

      Jack Pitt

      15 dagen geleden

      Irony, garlicky ,shrimpy

  84. Alonso W

    Alonso W

    15 dagen geleden

    We need a cooking show with Joey!

  85. Rob Legrange

    Rob Legrange

    15 dagen geleden

    ur books not on kindle?

  86. [:Phil- abot:]

    [:Phil- abot:]

    15 dagen geleden

    Thanks for sharing

  87. Lyle Gale

    Lyle Gale

    15 dagen geleden

    You need to do one with all the ingredients you can have!!

  88. scottso241


    15 dagen geleden

    is like sushi hahaha try it with soy sauce

  89. General Iroh

    General Iroh

    16 dagen geleden

    I've been using the tops of those little baby food pouches as media in my sump. I know someone who runs a daycare and has them by the bucket full. Cool cheap little hack

  90. Eugene Naputi

    Eugene Naputi

    16 dagen geleden

    I’d prob eat it for $5 but that’s because I’m a bag chaser

  91. hakuna


    16 dagen geleden

    I hope you keep your piranha and breed.

  92. draconidy


    16 dagen geleden

    notice they take turns at eating the beef heart

  93. Jaime The Fish Guy

    Jaime The Fish Guy

    16 dagen geleden


  94. K00patr00pa0ne


    16 dagen geleden

    I learn everything new by u joey keep up the great work. Making me wanna have 2 fish tanks for the dedication. Of the best water hobby's of fish. 🙌🏻

  95. CojofoPlays


    16 dagen geleden

    Was gunna like it becuase the info is fantastic but now i cant because if it gets to 20k and i see that video ill vomit with you XD

  96. Caitlin Desrosiers

    Caitlin Desrosiers

    16 dagen geleden

    Probably not safe at all. Raw beef and isn't that shrimp raw? You're asking for trouble lol

  97. Jason Walker

    Jason Walker

    16 dagen geleden

    Dude I love your videos, but please use a mic lol I always have to adjust the volume depending on how close you get to the camera.

  98. RyanWhiskey Caissie

    RyanWhiskey Caissie

    16 dagen geleden

    Good luck ...

  99. Shannon Bulmer

    Shannon Bulmer

    16 dagen geleden

    Hey Joey.. what type of logs do you use in the piranha tank? Looks awesome

  100. Cecil Wells

    Cecil Wells

    16 dagen geleden

    Ok how many people thought he was gonna eat the food when he said "I'm gonna grab a little spoon full"?