Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime

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Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them?
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Wormholes Explained - Breaking Spacetime


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    He forgot that the universe space time is not a flat 2d sheet It is actually 3d

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    If the universe was in fact dotted with a network of wormholes, that'd make the fermi paradox a lot lot bigger.

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    My heart stopped for 40 mins last Dec 20, 2019. I was revived by cpr. Well that's what I was told. I'm pretty sure I revived in a parallel universe. I just want to know of anyone else knows of this happening to anyone else. I was never the same and neither was anyone or anything else.

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      They use science in their videos, they dont exactly follow religous beliefs

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    but wouldnt the exotic matter easily push away humans since it can push away planets and stars?

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    Sadly, wormholes are just a scientific fantasy, a story to tell children so they'll want to grow-up to be astronomers & astrophysicists. Like the James Webb telescope...

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    They changed the original theory

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    Wormholes do exist, it's frequently featured in the documentary series Star Trek.

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    you explain really bad and you miss information when you enter a black hole you are dematerialized witch mean if you come out of the other side it could be possible you still alive because if time is backward like you said it mean you would be rematerialized well im french hard for me to explain thing in english but all that video is bullshit like all documentary to be exact science know nothing about it its just a math possibility ....end of story and youre missing alot and alot of information making this video not interesting and useless you are only giving a fake view to poeple who dont understand properly what it is and talking about stuff we only know 1% about is like talking about nothing

  45. Tiny Desk Engineer

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    I just noticed the Garfield clock at the start of the video

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  51. Robert Eischen

    Robert Eischen

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  52. Robert Eischen

    Robert Eischen

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    Science done right

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  54. Z


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    A question Is space only bent on the bottom of the object or even on top and all around it? If all around it I Dont understand how dense objects are attracted to it...

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  56. Mitch Runner

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    I understand a two dimensional space can be bent in theory so two far distant points can get close to each others, but how this applies in three dimensional space? I mean, ok, gravitational distortion, but wouldn’t it be some sort of spherical area around the object?

  57. Conner Hadley

    Conner Hadley

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    Millions of wormholes can make a billion black holes and a million black holes makes infinite multiverses

    • Conner Hadley

      Conner Hadley

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      A million multiverses makes ‼️❓❔❕⁉️❕❔❗️‼️‼️❕⁉️❗️ spaces

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    Don't exist. Get over it.

    • 100 Ton

      100 Ton

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      They might exist, but you just say "they don't exist" without giving proper evidence



    9 dagen geleden

    I have a idea, that why worm holes will never be make/made. (Only a Story) if in year 3020, someone will make a time machine to got to past and future, then a human will come in present time from future and will give us the recipe of time machine and we will able to time travel in any time so if any one gone to the time of big bang and done some thing wrong at that time & if it doesn't form then we will never be alive and also time machine will never be invented.

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    Andrew Benson

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    I thought gravity don't work on space5:37

    • Kintaro


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      Gravity works everywhere. It just gets weaker, the bigger the distance between objects. For example, earth and Jupiter are pulled to each other by gravity, but the sun keeps them in a stable orbit, because it has the biggest mass and therefore the biggest gravitational force.

  65. Xinyi Chen

    Xinyi Chen

    10 dagen geleden

    2019: we're about to open wormholes that connect earth to anywhere in the universe. 2020: we can't make enough masks to keep healthcare providers safe.

  66. Stratis Georgilis

    Stratis Georgilis

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    I like how the mumbles say the names of the wormholes

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    wait, if aliens went through a worm hole, and if there is a parallel universe, what if aliens from that parallel universe came to our planet? That would explain some things,

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    The G.O.A.T

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  73. B. O

    B. O

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    This is literally impossible there is no time travel and magic in the universe

    • Alaa Alshaba

      Alaa Alshaba

      9 dagen geleden

      the universe is infinite, we know next to nothing about it. So we can't make assumptions like it's impossible because we truly don't know.

  74. Pineapple Man

    Pineapple Man

    11 dagen geleden

    Theory:Before the big Bang There Was Stuff In The Universe Not Stars But. White Holes. Think About It They Spew Stuff Out Right There WAS Stuff Before This Universe And It Was Another Universe! But Gone.And There Was a Black Hole In The Other Universe. Bang! Get It? Big Bang Like Bang? Ok I'll Show Myself The Door. Just Kidding. Anyway There Was A Black Hole Blah Blah Blah. White Hole Formed And Blehhhhh Stuff Came Out And The White Hole Exploded That's Why Its A Big BANG Like If u Agree :>

  75. Jemari Funkhouser

    Jemari Funkhouser

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    this is kurzgesagt -in a nutshell in a nutshell

  76. Raidway


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    The wormhole is like Dr Strange when he casts a sling ring spell.

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    Salma Rayyan

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    Idk what to comment but nice video

  78. Silvia Tamayo

    Silvia Tamayo

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    3:30 ugh that animation for the death is horrible

  79. Débora Serrano

    Débora Serrano

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    WORM ROLES are 1%posibilit the eject the object or you the reverse universo or 0% the eject=not escape the WORM roles

  80. WaTcHer


    12 dagen geleden

    Doraemons anywhere door_works on this worm hole principle

  81. Beyond


    12 dagen geleden

    Wormholes linking other universes probably exist between black holes and white holes as well.

  82. Eepox


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    1:05 Do You See The Illusion???

  83. 1,3-bisphosphonates rapoport-luebering shunt

    1,3-bisphosphonates rapoport-luebering shunt

    12 dagen geleden

    Is the repulsive Force caused by magnet are caused by exotic matter though?

  84. Sans


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    Now your thinking with portals

  85. xuaegi


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    does this mean worm holes spill you out to a driffent universe

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    Jackson Morris

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    Anyone ever read A Wrinkle in Time?

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    Joshua Does Stuff

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    SEAN LEI (Student)

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    This is how teleportation is invented i bet

    • SEAN LEI (Student)

      SEAN LEI (Student)

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      @py ahahaha i mean we dont have to automatically experiment with it. but good point

    • py


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      you do know if we do this wrong earth will no longer exist

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    how u so smart

    • complexl1on


      5 dagen geleden

      @100 Ton ooooohhhhh ok

    • 100 Ton

      100 Ton

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      Every video they make they talk to experts, read alot and talk to scientists to make sure their videos arent misinformation unlike OTHER educational NLcameras channels like riddle

  92. Pills


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    Nether travel

  93. Yonatan_IL


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    So If Wormholes can make me go faster than light, what will happen if I'll shine a flashlight to the wormhole?

    • py


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      the light will reach the other side

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    Gellért 95

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    what is the song under the video? I really like this futuristic trip music

    • 100 Ton

      100 Ton

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      its composed by Epic Mountain Music, 2 people who make music for the Kurzgesagt NLcameras channel

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    Nobody is mentioning that this video has a 70’s aesthetic vibe?

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