Taskmaster - Series 11, Episode 3 | Full Episode | 'Run up a tree to the moon'

In series 11 episode 3, Charlotte Ritchie, Jamali Maddix, Lee Mack, Mike Wozniak, and Sarah Kendall face Taskmaster Greg Davies and his assistant Little Alex Horne to create a new calendar system, and complete an airport security obstacle course.
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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.
Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.


  1. The Lore Writer

    The Lore Writer

    11 uur geleden

    Mike is delightfully british

  2. sophie !

    sophie !

    23 uur geleden

    the way i googled jamali's birthday when he said he was born in april & google says june

  3. jdiskin82


    Dag geleden

    Lee and Mike moved the rope. Just saying

  4. Henna Khan

    Henna Khan

    2 dagen geleden

    I love Jamali's irritation with Alex.

  5. Cleebe


    6 dagen geleden

    Thank you for uploading this show. It really makes you laugh, and the whole world clearly needs a laugh right now.

  6. Yanurika


    8 dagen geleden

    I think 6:16 might be my favourite version of the music yet

  7. Pah Body

    Pah Body

    10 dagen geleden

    Jamali should have got points for the airport task tbh They should reward bullying, what is this shit

  8. proxanity


    10 dagen geleden

    Greg asking about Jamjod Snazj is probably on of the funniest things I've ever seen. I can't stop replaying it 😂

  9. Sounak


    11 dagen geleden

    I'm torn between Mike and Charlotte as my fav. They are both polite, adorable and are genuinely the best part of this series.

  10. NavySeal2k


    11 dagen geleden

    AC means All Clear...

  11. Seán O'Nilbud

    Seán O'Nilbud

    11 dagen geleden

    That poor shirt.

  12. Lactose Intolerant Gaming

    Lactose Intolerant Gaming

    12 dagen geleden

    I always thought the knuckle system for remembering the day's of the month was amazing and seeing all the UK-based people using a rhyme makes me wonder if Sarah could have just submitted the knuckle system.

  13. MurcianWolf Reacts

    MurcianWolf Reacts

    12 dagen geleden

    Did anyone else notice that Jamali said that February had 29 days except leap years!!! LOOOLLLLLZZZZ

  14. thegoshdarned batman

    thegoshdarned batman

    13 dagen geleden

    “Polly put the the kettle on, you prick!” Is possibly my favourite quote ever

  15. Marina


    13 dagen geleden

    Hell yes, I've left this on my watch later list and now's the time, let me fall even harder for Mike.

  16. OOStev


    13 dagen geleden

    "BLIND ANUS!" truly beautiful



    14 dagen geleden

    13:35 she did it so real

  18. Jake Cassar

    Jake Cassar

    14 dagen geleden

    Task didn't say you couldn't *move* the barriers, just that you had to stay inside the maze and only go under 1/disconnect 1/carry 1.

  19. gdjicaDelRey


    14 dagen geleden

    You guys know there's a trick to count the days of the month, on your knuckles. The ones that pop out are 31 and the space between two knuckles are months with 30 days. Just put your hand in a fist and count your knuckles

  20. Harry Gonzalez

    Harry Gonzalez

    14 dagen geleden

    Spoke sasss

  21. ChesterSnap


    14 dagen geleden

    The days of the month are easy. Odd months have 31 days until you get to the months with numbers in their names (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec) where it switches to evens having 31 days. February has 28 except for leap years which have 29.

  22. Nikola Krawczuk

    Nikola Krawczuk

    14 dagen geleden

    That child-dog hybrid made me think... "Edward"

  23. ADragonAmongRoses


    14 dagen geleden

    The months count super easy for me to remember. I wonder how to make it into a rhyme... Odd-to-odd, then on through summer, then twice we celebrate the greatest number. Even days for all the rest, 'til Feb completes the four-year quest.

  24. Mihai Ştețco

    Mihai Ştețco

    15 dagen geleden

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3: 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16: 16 “.....Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” Matthew 3: 2

  25. Jayaana Pant

    Jayaana Pant

    15 dagen geleden

    I love this show more than anything but im not gonna lie i didnt appreciate the "hissy fit" comment

  26. Sophius Dynami

    Sophius Dynami

    15 dagen geleden

    Apparently I wasnt the only one who didnt get Mike Woyniak's joke in the prize task....

  27. aichiVIP


    15 dagen geleden

    jamali is fucking annoying, rude, and not funny. He is so gangsta. (sarcasm)

  28. Gal Dagon

    Gal Dagon

    15 dagen geleden

    Lee Mack's alliterative outburst.

  29. Sebastian Wolff

    Sebastian Wolff

    15 dagen geleden

    Best part 13:36

  30. Ivan Adriazola

    Ivan Adriazola

    15 dagen geleden

    35:50 I dont get that? why would he get extra security?

    • Ivan Adriazola

      Ivan Adriazola

      15 dagen geleden

      IMB4 because of the glases

  31. QQ


    15 dagen geleden

    First Taskmaster episode that I've ever stopped watching part-way through. Unwatchable. This series, thus far, has been so uninspired, by everybody.

    • Pampel Muse

      Pampel Muse

      15 dagen geleden

      you are not alone mate. maybe it's time to end the show.

  32. Bunkbed s

    Bunkbed s

    15 dagen geleden

    41:25 is one of the best moments of the season so far. Lee and Mike are so in sync with their putting, and that PERFECTLY uniform snap and point was so satisfying that I had to watch it twice. Already a big fan of Lee, but Mike is quickly becoming a hilarious addition to the TM lineup! Honestly this season has such a good cast I can't pick a fave but these two, together, are always a treat

  33. Alexopfpz's channel

    Alexopfpz's channel

    16 dagen geleden

    Idk in English but I'm shocked at how similar that calendar song-thing is to its Italian counter part, it's roughly the same, but our version says (after the September and November parts) "di 28 ce n'è uno, tutti gli altri ne han 31", placing the February part first and never mentioning February directly, but at least our rhymes lol

  34. TRiG (Ireland)

    TRiG (Ireland)

    16 dagen geleden

    Anyone else missing the ad breaks?

  35. TRiG (Ireland)

    TRiG (Ireland)

    16 dagen geleden

    It seems to me that both Mike and Lee moved the rope. Also, I think that Jamali should have been allowed to bully his way through security, since the task didn't say he couldn't and (say it with me now) all the information is on the task.

  36. Mr Pirate Dancer

    Mr Pirate Dancer

    16 dagen geleden

    Best opening on TaskMaster ever. Nicely done, Task Master. "Do a great opening" Task completed!

  37. Tamish Frost

    Tamish Frost

    16 dagen geleden

    This is probably the best cast so far

  38. Emmy B

    Emmy B

    16 dagen geleden

    The rush of serotonin I get just from seeing a new Taskmaster episode uploaded is astounding. Loving this series. ❤️

  39. Shark of Joy

    Shark of Joy

    16 dagen geleden

    Like clockwork, by episode 3 I'm convinced it's a brilliant season.

  40. Kuba


    16 dagen geleden

    There is another channel on YT which post same videos and steals your views. Check ''ozmartian'' and report it so you are gonna get all views you should have. Love you

  41. Hans ImGlueck

    Hans ImGlueck

    16 dagen geleden

    The luggage task didn‘t say you have to go through the maze with the luggage. Ist just said you have to be in the maze while the luggage goes through the machine. The could‘ve walked around the maze.

  42. Eve Eve

    Eve Eve

    16 dagen geleden

    Alex telling Charlotte that it's "up to her" in the way he did, was just misleading and shitty tbh. And I agree with Greg, needlessly complicated tasks this time.

  43. Momo .CatHead

    Momo .CatHead

    16 dagen geleden

    “I’ll take pencil.”

  44. AviationFans


    16 dagen geleden

    I just have to say, they are gods for posting full episodes themselves

  45. Fred McHugh

    Fred McHugh

    16 dagen geleden

    Wow, pretty poor episode. How did Alex ever think that security task would be entertaining viewing. Vibe in studio is not as good as other seasons

  46. lailaiiwaiisan


    16 dagen geleden

    I really miss the bits for the ad breaks...

  47. Justin White

    Justin White

    16 dagen geleden

    Mike was robbed on the airport one. The bags got through security. The water bottle rule applies to carry in not checked bags.

  48. Justin White

    Justin White

    16 dagen geleden

    21:42 omg! Someone else does the knuckle trick! I can't for the life of me remember the poem because too many months rhyme with 'ember'

  49. Yammenkow


    16 dagen geleden

    I want charlotte's sweatshirt with the cute lil frog on it

  50. Slackin AintEasy

    Slackin AintEasy

    16 dagen geleden

    This seasons lineup sucks. First episode was mildly entertaining and the last 2 have been shit..

  51. ZakAshChan


    16 dagen geleden

    Jamali should have gotten one point for the days of the month task.

  52. David Lean

    David Lean

    16 dagen geleden

    Mike Wozniak sounds like the name of a famed NFL linebacker from the 80's or a down at heel, but tough detective from a gritty 70's thriller!

  53. Riley


    16 dagen geleden

    I wonder if Alex genuinely learned to get really good at mental maths but wasn't able to show it off due to Greg's calculator ineptitude

  54. Davide Simonetti

    Davide Simonetti

    16 dagen geleden

    Mike and Lee miming is my new favourite thing

  55. Colm O Grady

    Colm O Grady

    16 dagen geleden

    Lee never carried the pole back with him to get the passport...

  56. Zack Hanson

    Zack Hanson

    16 dagen geleden

    Calendar task, you ready for this? Series of game scores: January beat February 31 to 28 (or was it 29?) March beat April 31 to 30 May beat June 31 to 30 July tied August 31-31 September lost to October 30 to 31 November lost to December 30 to 31 You're welcome.

  57. Simon


    16 dagen geleden

    thank you for making it accessible to other countries. i was getting tired of using a VPN.

  58. Mariana Sampaio

    Mariana Sampaio

    16 dagen geleden

    I love Sarah but i think she got overmarked on the one for the number of days in each month, its easier to memorize the actual calendar than that system, apart from that she is probably the most efficient

  59. Mariana Sampaio

    Mariana Sampaio

    16 dagen geleden

    Jamali's banter with Alex is hysterical, making him hurry up and "cause of the glasses", are great moments to add to "so what your job?"

  60. Bambam henderson

    Bambam henderson

    17 dagen geleden

    Sadly, although i love Jamali generally for his shows and comedy wit, in this show which i love to pieces, he seems to be getting my goat and kinda pissing me off... dont know why iam writting this but ..hey, these are the times we live in when everybody has an opinion, and maybe i have had one too many glasses of the red stuff

  61. vcgans


    17 dagen geleden

    You know, I enjoy this season. But it's just not the same without a highly pregnant contestant trying not to pee themselves from laughing.

    • Chuck Méndez

      Chuck Méndez

      14 dagen geleden

      Daisy really made up for the lack of a live audience. She has one of the most contagious laughs I've ever heard

  62. MortorV


    17 dagen geleden

    Charlotte is cute! Wozniak is a nutter 😄

  63. Starry A

    Starry A

    17 dagen geleden

    I loved the nursery rhyme task

  64. Tee Carrat

    Tee Carrat

    17 dagen geleden

    The women in this particular series are so unbelievably dull... It really makes this the most unenjoyable series: surprising, given the three men. 😔😴😴

  65. Caitlin Murray

    Caitlin Murray

    17 dagen geleden

    I LOVE MIKE! He has to be up there with one of my favourite contestants right along side Noel and James!

  66. Claudia de la Cera

    Claudia de la Cera

    17 dagen geleden

    I have followed taskmaster since series 1, this one is plain BORING... the guests have no energy, no connection with Greg or Alex and Yamal is rude and disgusting... the girls have no spark, and Lee's wit is done/gone... it's as if none have actually grasped the concept of the programme... shame. Hope it finishes soon.

    • Claudia de la Cera

      Claudia de la Cera

      15 dagen geleden

      @Eric Jourdain doubt I will keep on watching .. was quite disappointed ...

    • Claudia de la Cera

      Claudia de la Cera

      15 dagen geleden

      @Fred McHugh dont like his ways with Alex, and his attitude to me he is disgusting ... and he does not get the idea of the programme at all

    • Eric Jourdain

      Eric Jourdain

      16 dagen geleden

      It will finish in 7 episodes.

    • Fred McHugh

      Fred McHugh

      16 dagen geleden

      Agree with all however saying jamali is disgusting is harsh.

  67. Nano_Verse


    17 dagen geleden

    I just...I just love the way Mike runs

  68. honkabooly


    17 dagen geleden

    one of the best episodes ever

  69. Evergreen Tree

    Evergreen Tree

    17 dagen geleden

    Who else found Greg's lack of nursery rhyme knowledge absolutely infuriating?

  70. P D

    P D

    17 dagen geleden

    Im totally amazed that none of them know the count the mounts on your knuckles trick. thanks sarah!

  71. Justin M

    Justin M

    17 dagen geleden

    Jamale was kind of a jerk the whole episode

  72. LucS 45

    LucS 45

    17 dagen geleden

    HEY Taskmaster people, you should put all the different tunes you make (taskmaster theme song remixes and all) on spotify, i really enjoy all of them and could do with listening to them on my way to my internship (not everyday but, you know. PEAce

  73. kris wilkinson

    kris wilkinson

    17 dagen geleden

    That trick Sarah shows with telling how long months are with the knuckles is great, I had never heard of that before and it works. Then she didn’t use that system she already had and came up with a much worse one!

    • kris wilkinson

      kris wilkinson

      16 dagen geleden

      @Justin White fair point but a new rhyme on the knuckles would have been new

    • Justin White

      Justin White

      16 dagen geleden

      It was 'come up with a new system'. Knuckles isn't a new system.

  74. kris wilkinson

    kris wilkinson

    17 dagen geleden

    Mike reminds me a lot of an old friend of mine I used to go drinking with, I feel a strong fondness for him

  75. MissSpanishbella


    17 dagen geleden

    This is so lovely to hear the sounds of balalaika and accordion playing during the tasks. And all the details from USSR times such as the clocks with cat and mouse from our famouse cartoon are so nostalgic. This is really heartwarming and makes me love Taskmaster even more (and I thought it's impossible to love more than I alredy do)! Thank you for this.

  76. Tony Bain

    Tony Bain

    17 dagen geleden

    People need to chill out more, too many commenters taking the tasks more seriously than is needed. There can be some degree of flexibility with the tasks (what's fair is a judgement call). If Alex tells you he needs your passport that's now part of the task, just go with it. Even when you mess up if you keep the right attitude you might still score some points 👍

  77. Dorth Lous

    Dorth Lous

    17 dagen geleden

    Fudge sake is Jamali unpleasant.

  78. M O

    M O

    17 dagen geleden

    Why am I so obsessed with this British Comedy-show? I don't even know any of the contestants but I'm very thankful that the NLcameras-algorithm recommended this to me. And why isn't there a German rip-off? I mean we're so uninspired that we copy everything that's successful in foreign tv. Thanks and greeting from germany

  79. Panthror


    17 dagen geleden

    Sarah Kendall could've entered the knuckle system as her idea to remember the days of the months, as they wanted something other than the poem.

  80. FinetalPies


    17 dagen geleden

    Greg said, "If the passport was part of the rules, he can't have the points" This was the task: "Get all of your luggage through security. You must stay inside the maze until your luggage has been through the x-ray machine. You may go under one rope and release one rope. You may also disconnect 1 pole completely, but you must then pick up that pole and carry it for the rest of the task. If any of your luggage touches any of the barriers the maze will restart and you must start again. Fastest time wins, your time starts now" No mention at all of the passport, Jamali deserved the points. I think just ignoring Alex qualifies as lateral thinking. I know the rules are loosey goosey but c'mon, wording is important. (I also don't understand the part where Mike was disqualified for not finding the water, another thing not listed in the task. If I get manage to get water through security, it's because that security did a bad job, it doesn't undo the fact that I got water through security)

    • MathisRH


      12 dagen geleden

      @corbeau I managed to get on a transatlantic flight at Newark Airport without a valid boarding pass a few years ago. Long story, that.

    • corbeau


      12 dagen geleden

      _In this show, I, Greg Davies make some accomplished, but needy comedians do stupid things for me. Why? Because I can! I'm a powerful man. Look at me! Thank you. They have no idea how each other did, but they will soon find out. I shall be judging both what they did and how they did it._ *My word is final - the contestants will definitely respect me.* In the undying words of Cartman: "Respect my authoritah!". Both Greg and Cartman don't exist to be fair - not in the slightest. And indeed, airport security is about (you packing) your (own) luggage and identifying you as a person. Good luck without a passport... I've stepped on a plane with liquids however. A small bottle of Vodka, called 'the Bomb', even xD. But not documents? No trip...

    • N D

      N D

      14 dagen geleden

      The task says get all your luggage through security. The theme of the task is in an airport security where you can't get through without your passport and boarding pass and also no liquids inside. Jamali deserved the zero points in that task

  81. DeBedschbacher


    17 dagen geleden

    Jamali constantly sabotaging himself by telling Alex what to do, then stopping him from doing it is just hilarious...

  82. Jake White

    Jake White

    17 dagen geleden

    Charlotte is like a kid that took that 13 Going On 30 Magic Dust.

  83. Светлана Аристова

    Светлана Аристова

    17 dagen geleden

    Thank you for USSR theme, some of it is surprisingly quite nostalgic to see after all these years - such as the clock with Leopold the cat )))

  84. Malena Hermo Fandiño

    Malena Hermo Fandiño

    17 dagen geleden

    Didn't really like the maze task, i think tasks are much more fun when there's more creative liberty of how to do them, any one else feel the same?

  85. Steven Solarz

    Steven Solarz

    17 dagen geleden

    I would have just said.. memorize them, I don't need a rhyme to remember how many days are in a month, I just know

    • Steven Solarz

      Steven Solarz

      15 dagen geleden

      @Justin White LOL TRUE

    • Justin White

      Justin White

      16 dagen geleden

      Need a new way. Memorizing is definitely an old way.

  86. Malena Hermo Fandiño

    Malena Hermo Fandiño

    17 dagen geleden

    I love Jamali, is really fun to see his interactions with alex and how he and greg bond over bullying him hahshsa

  87. Benzaiten


    17 dagen geleden

    Jamali should just have placed his balloon on the hot rocks as it and moved behind the rope, the heat would have melted the hull of the balloon quickly enough.

  88. WhiskerMoon


    17 dagen geleden

    Can't belive that I only just noticed Tim Key is in the credits as, "task consultant" and I'm both surprised and totally unsurprised at the same time

  89. nirfz


    17 dagen geleden

    I'm probably the only one, but when i heard Alex say "no hiss" around the 9 minute mark, i was kind of waiting for "let's put it on a tray.... nice"

  90. Sira Mea

    Sira Mea

    17 dagen geleden

    Charlotte if my favourite, she has some good ideas

  91. Broccolihighkicks


    17 dagen geleden

    Why do they write everything down? (Alex and Greg)

    • The Box

      The Box

      17 dagen geleden

      So they can comment on it later

  92. Glence Raphael Cambel

    Glence Raphael Cambel

    17 dagen geleden


  93. GospodMajoneza


    17 dagen geleden

    Series 11: "Come for Mack, stay for Wozniak!"

  94. P. Sandra Tangkulung

    P. Sandra Tangkulung

    17 dagen geleden

    Prize Task, Mike Wozniak, Taskmaster S11... Prize Task, Mike Wozniak, Taskmaster Edinburgh... Alexa, play “History Repeating” by The Propellers

  95. Toki W

    Toki W

    17 dagen geleden

    Mike's month mnemonic was SO good, I thought he would win that

  96. albert liem

    albert liem

    17 dagen geleden

    40:24 would be a great GIF haha

  97. Spoon1561


    17 dagen geleden


  98. Giovanna Lins

    Giovanna Lins

    17 dagen geleden

    I hope Lee and Mike become good friends after this.

  99. Mal Cerebro 5000

    Mal Cerebro 5000

    17 dagen geleden

    This episode must have been *this* close to being called Blind Anus

  100. Nothing to be concerned about

    Nothing to be concerned about

    17 dagen geleden

    You can take the water on the plane in the luggage, you cannot take it on the plane in your hand-luggage an no plane let’s you board with that much hand-luggage. So we have to assume most of the bags were not carry on luggage, hence the water shouldn’t need to be removed