F1 2020 Turkish Grand Prix Meme Review

Turkey memez
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I have tired to add many different zooms and effects to this video, to counter the original clips.
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  1. Oscar Ford

    Oscar Ford

    Maand geleden

    Can we just admire Dacha’s work, he’s made our life’s during this time a lot happier so here’s a 🅱️ to our bro

    • Dani Hendrian

      Dani Hendrian

      17 dagen geleden


    • Mike Snevets

      Mike Snevets

      18 dagen geleden


    • Gopnik Lewis

      Gopnik Lewis

      26 dagen geleden


    • Create a Google account

      Create a Google account

      26 dagen geleden


    • Bilal Nar

      Bilal Nar

      28 dagen geleden

      @Coastliner700 both are amazing

  2. M4rci


    2 uur geleden

    Daniii 10:07🇭🇺🇭🇺

  3. Matt Hodge

    Matt Hodge

    3 dagen geleden

    Song at 3:50???

  4. Keegan Roberts

    Keegan Roberts

    6 dagen geleden

    I wanna know why everyone plugged their ears at 10:06

  5. Diverse was not taken

    Diverse was not taken

    6 dagen geleden

    I’m so glad I discovered the F1 community.

  6. Ben H

    Ben H

    11 dagen geleden

    What is the song at 4:04?

  7. lbs.plz.


    14 dagen geleden

    3:54 song?

  8. Papucs


    15 dagen geleden

    10:10 Daniel Bereznay

  9. Pierre de Lune

    Pierre de Lune

    15 dagen geleden

    This one is défnitely my favourite Grand Prix Meme Review, i literraly can't stop laughing !!

  10. Farell Foday

    Farell Foday

    15 dagen geleden

    Great mem3

  11. Farell Foday

    Farell Foday

    15 dagen geleden


  12. Farell Foday

    Farell Foday

    15 dagen geleden

    Stroll I thought you will win but failed race

  13. Ritaraj Datta

    Ritaraj Datta

    15 dagen geleden

    In this craziest season we had a nationality change too😄😄😄😄😄

  14. mezzenik 16

    mezzenik 16

    16 dagen geleden


  15. spyrox


    18 dagen geleden

    10:02 Sebastián Vetél.

  16. Lilman_HK


    18 dagen geleden

    5:44 what is the song??

  17. Tomáš Šingliar

    Tomáš Šingliar

    19 dagen geleden

    3:41 whats the name of song

  18. Cristian Pena

    Cristian Pena

    19 dagen geleden

    I am so happy I found this channel ❤️

  19. xd sk1s

    xd sk1s

    19 dagen geleden

    You have heard of an elf on a shelf but have you heard of a stroll on a pole

  20. fahri muhammad

    fahri muhammad

    19 dagen geleden

    She kinda 🅱️ad tho

  21. Banana Man

    Banana Man

    20 dagen geleden

    The Fairy Tail music killed me

  22. Balázs Szatmári

    Balázs Szatmári

    21 dag geleden

    Ki jött Danitól?

  23. Kïňğ LøvêYøü

    Kïňğ LøvêYøü

    21 dag geleden

    4:47 music?

  24. Emre Sığın

    Emre Sığın

    22 dagen geleden

    good shit dawg keep it up

  25. Ricardo Guerreiro Cortes

    Ricardo Guerreiro Cortes

    23 dagen geleden

    0:22 ngl you got me with the hand gesture

  26. Meme Senpai

    Meme Senpai

    24 dagen geleden

    Honestly your videos are best I always laugh

  27. b_zugnacher31


    25 dagen geleden

    The Mexican Flag was right, Vettel was in wrong Podium Position 😁

  28. Wenpen


    26 dagen geleden

    @Dacha44 can you please give links to the music used in this video please

  29. firebird188


    26 dagen geleden

    What is the song that plays on the background at 5:00?

    • Ben H

      Ben H

      25 dagen geleden

      Super Max by the Pitstop Boys

  30. Jacky Boi

    Jacky Boi

    27 dagen geleden

    0:30 killed me- We don’t care. *WE DONT CARE-*

  31. Sundsvalen Karting

    Sundsvalen Karting

    28 dagen geleden

    What's the song starting at 9:29?

    • erdinc s

      erdinc s

      25 dagen geleden

      GTA 4 theme music

  32. Bora Karasakiz

    Bora Karasakiz

    28 dagen geleden

    You are on it man 💯 keep it up soo good😂

  33. jack Playsgamez

    jack Playsgamez

    28 dagen geleden

    Woah woah woah! The fuck is this? FuCkInG SpOngE CaKe StUpId WoRd ChAnGeR

  34. Izahdnb


    29 dagen geleden

    I don't know if Russel can perform a better raindance in the merc than Bottas did.

  35. TmDee


    29 dagen geleden

    What song is that from 9:30 in the background, it hypes me up

  36. Carson Ho

    Carson Ho

    29 dagen geleden

    I am Iron Man I am Batman I am stupid...... I am stupid

  37. Federico L. Baltazar III

    Federico L. Baltazar III

    29 dagen geleden

    What editor software are you using?!?!

  38. Riccardo Dordoni

    Riccardo Dordoni

    Maand geleden

    The MarioKart music in background is a touch of class...

  39. mxthex amg

    mxthex amg

    Maand geleden

    3:45 song pls?

  40. Enrique Pršlja

    Enrique Pršlja

    Maand geleden

    Its all part of the great SDMN master plan s🅱️innala

  41. The Tigeroza

    The Tigeroza

    Maand geleden

    0:33 Will was right tho.

  42. Lenny


    Maand geleden

    U are the goat!!

  43. Thomas Howard

    Thomas Howard

    Maand geleden

    quality LMAO

  44. Kennedy Cheruiyot

    Kennedy Cheruiyot

    Maand geleden

    Mate where did you go🤔

  45. Dashy Dog F1 Memer

    Dashy Dog F1 Memer

    Maand geleden


  46. Dashy Dog F1 Memer

    Dashy Dog F1 Memer

    Maand geleden

    SONGS PLZ IM SO DESPERATE i don’t know why

  47. Fernando Medina

    Fernando Medina

    Maand geleden


  48. Zeynep Tecimer

    Zeynep Tecimer

    Maand geleden

    ahh poor albon

  49. Sytec [GD]

    Sytec [GD]

    Maand geleden

    Dacha44, are you falling asleep? Wake up, wake up.

    • Sytec [GD]

      Sytec [GD]

      Maand geleden

      @Dukeis_ ok

    • Dukeis_


      Maand geleden

      @Sytec [GD] he said he's skipping it in respect of romain

    • lmao no

      lmao no

      Maand geleden

      @Dacha44 yay!

    • Sytec [GD]

      Sytec [GD]

      Maand geleden

      @Dacha44 but no bahrain hp it was sad but if you make bahrain skip the first lap

    • Dacha44


      Maand geleden

      Double Upload this week :)

  50. Allan Cameron

    Allan Cameron

    Maand geleden

    1:45 - 2:13 Very funny sequence of events

  51. Dani Gameplay

    Dani Gameplay

    Maand geleden

    new video pls

  52. Rafael ShoheiYT

    Rafael ShoheiYT

    Maand geleden

    Pastor Maldonado meme compilation

  53. Dream's Military Commander

    Dream's Military Commander

    Maand geleden


  54. layerdballoon


    Maand geleden

    For being finnish bottas really doesnt recover slides like a finn

  55. ChikaTC


    Maand geleden

    Get your clouds out

  56. Genzo Wakabayashi

    Genzo Wakabayashi

    Maand geleden

    Girls: Boys don't know what is crying Boys: 4:40 I WILL CRY

  57. Yue Hin Wong

    Yue Hin Wong

    Maand geleden

    whats the music in 3:06

  58. Sidrex Ray Sudario

    Sidrex Ray Sudario

    Maand geleden

    Gta iv in 9:28

  59. Haidyn Jon Owen

    Haidyn Jon Owen

    Maand geleden

    anyone used to watch r6 videos like this

    • Haidyn Jon Owen

      Haidyn Jon Owen

      Maand geleden

      Antony pit 1

  60. Connor Smith

    Connor Smith

    Maand geleden

    O.G f1 fans will always remember Spinassa at Silverstone 2008

  61. Afro Gaming

    Afro Gaming

    Maand geleden

    Amazing as always

  62. Abdi Qarebash

    Abdi Qarebash

    Maand geleden

    I went to turkey once... All it did was rain

  63. Emma Van Harskamp

    Emma Van Harskamp

    Maand geleden


  64. Matheus Barros

    Matheus Barros

    Maand geleden

    Dude,who i vote for DOTD,Kvyat,Kmag or Perez,is it the most DOTD dificulty voting of all time

  65. István Ottó Mező

    István Ottó Mező

    Maand geleden

    what is the tilte of the music at 9:30 ?

    • Basement Jesus reborn

      Basement Jesus reborn

      Maand geleden

      Gta 4 main theme

  66. Adrian0 Provenz4

    Adrian0 Provenz4

    Maand geleden

    Ferrari? Fast? Wow

  67. Mysteryst


    Maand geleden

    Lmao that ending with Dani breaking and the drivers getting scared :D

  68. 999999SkyGuy


    Maand geleden

    3:34 All my homies dislike Michael Masi On a more serious note - how is he still in office?

  69. Reece Young

    Reece Young

    Maand geleden

    Why is this 1000000x better than the actual F1 reviews?

  70. Dany-Alexander Stoyanov

    Dany-Alexander Stoyanov

    Maand geleden

    song at 3:50 plz also best f1 compilations on yt :D

  71. Nemesis12345


    Maand geleden

    Did he just say *ISTANBULA??*

  72. Osif Ahamed

    Osif Ahamed

    Maand geleden

    I love your every viedo 😍😍

  73. MrLollingtroll


    Maand geleden


  74. Adith Krishnaa

    Adith Krishnaa

    Maand geleden

    Does anybody know the name of the song at 10:00

    • Devin Jeremy

      Devin Jeremy

      Maand geleden

      United Kingdom National Anthem.

  75. Justin A

    Justin A

    Maand geleden

    someone tell me the tune used for perez's qualifying

  76. Alek Bernardo

    Alek Bernardo

    Maand geleden

    Make a Romain grossjean farewell video

  77. Dacha44_fan_ _memes_

    Dacha44_fan_ _memes_

    Maand geleden

    Heyy I’m your biggest fan! Love you Vids so much Pleas make a ,,Hard bass kvyat compilation part 2’’ Love you so much!!❤️

  78. George Bezer

    George Bezer

    Maand geleden

    Please take a look at my recent video dacha, it’s an f1 montage 😆👍🏼

  79. Sir_Duckington


    Maand geleden

    at the last bit of the video did some one ReV or something???

  80. Luqman Mohamad Ali

    Luqman Mohamad Ali

    Maand geleden

    4:47 background song?

    • Luqman Mohamad Ali

      Luqman Mohamad Ali

      Maand geleden

      @Connor Wilson omg thank u so muchh!!

    • Connor Wilson

      Connor Wilson

      Maand geleden

      Every Breath You Take - The Police

  81. Kris Neillie

    Kris Neillie

    Maand geleden

    these are fucking incredible

  82. Matthew Clifford

    Matthew Clifford

    Maand geleden

    1:48 🤣

  83. anonim hesap

    anonim hesap

    Maand geleden

    I watched this couple of times and Seb with the mexican hat gets me everytime. Awesome edit man, cheers.

  84. Gopnik Lewis

    Gopnik Lewis

    Maand geleden

    2:00 “Fukih spingkak!” That killed me

  85. wx1337


    Maand geleden

    what the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack ~_~

  86. Moheed Syed

    Moheed Syed

    Maand geleden

    Can you please do a Fernando Alonso meme compilation

  87. Dashy Dog F1 Memer

    Dashy Dog F1 Memer

    Maand geleden

    4:03 Song plz

  88. Hogan Short

    Hogan Short

    Maand geleden

    This channel is amazing! Do you have a work email or anything? I work for BBTV and I would love just to mention a few ideas I had for a possible partnership. Check our website out!, not a scam! Haha. My email is Hope to hear from you!

  89. Footballers


    Maand geleden

    probably the best meme rewiew👌

  90. Dashy Dog F1 Memer

    Dashy Dog F1 Memer

    Maand geleden


  91. ainsley hariott

    ainsley hariott

    Maand geleden

    3:20 aged like milk

  92. Rizqi Albar

    Rizqi Albar

    Maand geleden

    OMG this is so funny bro, very good edit lol

  93. Глеб Куприн

    Глеб Куприн

    Maand geleden


  94. Dashy Dog F1 Memer

    Dashy Dog F1 Memer

    Maand geleden


  95. jamila arrshad

    jamila arrshad

    Maand geleden

    Sen cal kapimi airing tomorrow at 20.00 only on FOX!

  96. Animation Master.

    Animation Master.

    Maand geleden




    Maand geleden

    Aga bee 1 Hafta olmuş bile

  98. José Rocha

    José Rocha

    Maand geleden

    2:05 This kid is a fukking bastard His mom bought or made that cook and he slaps it like nothing😭

  99. ArtisKv


    Maand geleden

    Uhh I think dogs wants to tell us the race going to be dengerious :< (turkish gp) (bahrain).

  100. Arch Stanton

    Arch Stanton

    Maand geleden

    3:21 hit different now