our car eating show (vegan poke)

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  1. Victor Cerqueira

    Victor Cerqueira

    Maand geleden

    I thank the universe for the fact you exist.

  2. Ellie Vranesevic

    Ellie Vranesevic

    Maand geleden


  3. Sarah Srh

    Sarah Srh

    Maand geleden

    Jenna ....:(

  4. Jo Kelley

    Jo Kelley

    Maand geleden

    come to Washington. literally every gym is like that here lol

  5. Alex


    4 maanden geleden

    i miss the days of jand j eating show/mukbangs. such fun videos that i go back to all the time

  6. Ada Martin

    Ada Martin

    4 maanden geleden

    Is Quinoa: Kee-nwuah or kee-noah?

  7. Mia Kosicobu

    Mia Kosicobu

    4 maanden geleden

    Jenna please save КамедиСтор

  8. Vicky Tang

    Vicky Tang

    5 maanden geleden

    eating a salad and drinking the same kombucha as you two

  9. Allie Champagne

    Allie Champagne

    5 maanden geleden

    The gains/losses thing is for REAL. I usually swim at my local YMCA, 1000 yards five days a week. Pool closed for a week to totally clean/sanitize that shit. The following week I could barely do 400 without having a HARD time! Ugghhh.

  10. LieeLiee Noelle

    LieeLiee Noelle

    9 maanden geleden

    next aries kitchen episode better be homemade vegan/gluten free dacos.

  11. Ruchika Sachdev

    Ruchika Sachdev

    9 maanden geleden

    i feel Julien is vegan only for Jenna but not because he wants himself. i still hope its still his decision. it always seems he is not himself eating this stuff. sad :/

  12. well


    10 maanden geleden

    I love this show.

  13. serenity gates

    serenity gates

    11 maanden geleden

    I’m not vegan but those poke bowls looked fire!!!!

  14. Anna CK

    Anna CK

    Jaar geleden

    Someone help me find the cat in Julien's AFP gym clip!

  15. Lauren Higgins

    Lauren Higgins

    Jaar geleden

    Can you do car eating show with a twist? First, a video where you eat in the car and discuss how you would recreate the dish. Then, the next week, is you attempting to recreate the dish.

  16. Amanda Watkins

    Amanda Watkins

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna lip-smacking sounds like a turn signal I love the mukbang car eating show I hope it makes a full return for the winter cuz then you don't get all hot when you eat either just a thought

  17. j shep

    j shep

    Jaar geleden

    Isn't poke a fish? How can a poke bowl be vegan? It's not a poke bowl but a vegan bowl of stuff.

  18. L


    Jaar geleden

    instructions unclear, ate my car

  19. Austin Morris

    Austin Morris

    Jaar geleden

    Goodbye Spider-Man

  20. Connor Grosso

    Connor Grosso

    Jaar geleden

    Vegan poke .... aka a fucking salad

  21. Fish Fish

    Fish Fish

    Jaar geleden

    I would be down for more of these. Especially since I've been eating canned soup and ramen for a while

  22. Verona Humphreys

    Verona Humphreys

    Jaar geleden

    This is so wholesome wtf I love y'all

  23. Lizard and Char

    Lizard and Char

    Jaar geleden


  24. yellowned


    Jaar geleden

    Wouldn't Vegan Poke just be salad?!

  25. Lucas Vidal

    Lucas Vidal

    Jaar geleden

    Ok, I need to point out how Julien takes a bite out of forks.

  26. Truth Teller

    Truth Teller

    Jaar geleden

    Omg u guys are making me hungry

  27. C. W.

    C. W.

    Jaar geleden

    You knows what I love? How these two are unproblematic gluten free vegans. Seriously, they only say they’re vegan/GF if they’re eating or cooking, and they don’t pressure others. Radical raging vegans, take note.

    • C. W.

      C. W.

      6 maanden geleden

      Tiger kite bruh I’ve been a vegetarian for four years, and I was a vegan for one of them. I’m just saying, some people make their lifestyle their entire brand and it gets annoying lmao. I don’t have a problem with what people do, that’s their choice. It was just an observation

    • Tiger kite

      Tiger kite

      7 maanden geleden

      Vegans don't want animals to be tortured. Sorry their passion makes you feel guilty

  28. Neena


    Jaar geleden

    This is truly my goals

  29. Amber Monroe

    Amber Monroe

    Jaar geleden

    10 seconds of this video is Jenna smacking her lips while Julien looks angrily into the camera while breathing loudly

  30. Marcus Riviera

    Marcus Riviera

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna: makes entire video dedicated to avocados, especially on salads. Years Later: Eats avocados on salads. Mind Controlling Government: Ladies and Gentlemen we got em.

  31. Pepnastee


    Jaar geleden

    hi Julien and Jenna

  32. kayla judson

    kayla judson

    Jaar geleden

    who else thought that was their blinker in the beginning? 💀

  33. Jay Kawala

    Jay Kawala

    Jaar geleden

    On the anniversary of this video I would recommend a "cooking in your car" episode (promise Jenna that you'll reign in your Aries tendencies maybe).

  34. Fish Fish

    Fish Fish

    Jaar geleden

    I love these!!!!!!

  35. Alyssa L.

    Alyssa L.

    Jaar geleden

    that part about losing progress after taking some time off for a while is so relatable... I literally cut down to about half of the time I run after taking about a week off to go back home

  36. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

    Jaar geleden

    I had a vegan poke once, unfortunately his dietary restrictions impeded his stamina.

  37. safalafagins


    Jaar geleden

    What's wrong with brown rice? I'm confused

  38. Janice


    Jaar geleden

    I'm eating a food bowl in my car while I'm watching someone eating a food bowl in their car....

  39. obsidianPenitent


    Jaar geleden

    >car eating show >mfw they dont eat any cars

  40. Miyuki Pugrad

    Miyuki Pugrad

    Jaar geleden

    Julien friend zoning Jenna before the meme even starting @ 11:57

  41. Eric M. Rivera

    Eric M. Rivera

    Jaar geleden

    To many more

  42. Diana Bates

    Diana Bates

    Jaar geleden

    Oh you guys are eating vegetables on my birthday how awesome that is August 31st Virgo

  43. Caty Sarver

    Caty Sarver

    Jaar geleden

    Two types of people. Those who mix their food together completely, and those who don't.

  44. Erica Case

    Erica Case

    Jaar geleden

    This is so relaxing. I love you guys so much ❤️

  45. lyla


    Jaar geleden

    Literally nobody: Jenna: mmHm

  46. Chloe Massie

    Chloe Massie

    Jaar geleden

    I’m eating salmon poke and drinking a dry martini, all the whilst watching this car eating show... in which, I see no cars being eaten. Bummer. Thumbs down

  47. Celeste


    Jaar geleden

    I love you guys but this video has confirmed why I don't think I could be vegan lol

  48. anniegeiger1031


    Jaar geleden

    SEAWEED SALAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....I leave my sushi place with a giant to-go box with seaweed salad. I could eat only seaweed salad for the rest of my life ...with a side of tomatoes 🍅 (cos my eating habits are SO interesting lol)

  49. Stewart Griffin

    Stewart Griffin

    Jaar geleden

    So you're not allowed to eat bee vomit?

  50. Suzy E

    Suzy E

    Jaar geleden

    i dont trust your taste buds if you eat a beet salad........voluntarily..

  51. Fish Fish

    Fish Fish

    Jaar geleden

    I love these videos! So relaxing and enjoyable.

  52. Quarantina Belcher

    Quarantina Belcher

    Jaar geleden

    If you haven’t gotten drunk by kombucha in ur life like srsly what a confusing feeling

  53. hannah furrh

    hannah furrh

    Jaar geleden

    6 months lates but.... am i the only one who thought the noise jenna was making at the beginning was the blinker😂

  54. Eli Miller

    Eli Miller

    Jaar geleden

    Omg you should totally propose to Jenna!!!!!

  55. Lorenzo Pessato

    Lorenzo Pessato

    Jaar geleden


  56. Savanna Porter

    Savanna Porter

    Jaar geleden

    first time jenna’s finished before julien

  57. Lauren St. Pierre

    Lauren St. Pierre

    Jaar geleden

    I usually can't stand watching/listening to people eat, but they don't munch and smack their mouths. So it's relaxing and fun watching these cutie otters.

  58. Iridescent Aurora

    Iridescent Aurora

    Jaar geleden

    There’s this brand of kombucha called “LIVE,” and they do a few soda flavors, but with only 1/4 (I think) the sugar content of regular soda. Root beer is my favorite.

  59. Gabi Maza

    Gabi Maza

    Jaar geleden

    Jenna I thought you said you didn’t like avocados 🥑😑

  60. nyaa


    Jaar geleden

    I don't know if it's me but i hate putting dressing on a salad, like I'd only eat it with chicken and tuna fish (thats mixed with mayo not plain out of the can tuna)

  61. Morgan Tkachuk

    Morgan Tkachuk

    Jaar geleden

    At the start of the video I wasn't looking at the screen j was just listening and I thought the noise Jenna was making was their turn signal😂

  62. Katie Cihla

    Katie Cihla

    Jaar geleden

    on another note, so glad they are spending time with their family. I checked Twitch, they're defiantly busy leasuring.

  63. Katie Cihla

    Katie Cihla

    Jaar geleden

    dealing with the upload break...just here hanging

  64. Em L

    Em L

    Jaar geleden

    I can't hear "what do you think" normally because of cristine from simply nailogical

  65. Michelle Robbins

    Michelle Robbins

    Jaar geleden

    some of my favorite moments are when Julien's Aries energy infects Jenna

  66. yoursofetchh


    Jaar geleden

    pls make more mukbangs i refuse to watch anything else while i’m eating now they’re so enjoyable

  67. M K

    M K

    Jaar geleden

    I’m a Virgo too. The best, most respectful relationship I was ever in was with an Aries for 5 years. He was and still is my best friend. We’ve been broken up for 3 years. Jenna and Julien remind me of it so much

  68. ElevenDrops


    2 jaar geleden

    Thought it said "our cat eating snow"

  69. Hey Its JuJu

    Hey Its JuJu

    2 jaar geleden

    I need a poke bowl now

  70. Mia Calovic

    Mia Calovic

    2 jaar geleden

    I’m not a vegan but damn that poke bowl looks

  71. Rebekah Allen

    Rebekah Allen

    2 jaar geleden

    Jenna is so sweet

  72. Morgan Smith

    Morgan Smith

    2 jaar geleden

    We love a vegan mom and dad lol

  73. Carlos Montecinos

    Carlos Montecinos

    2 jaar geleden

    Vegans cant have honey wtf?

  74. nomia


    2 jaar geleden

    This makes me want to eat what they’re eating 😭

  75. sadye donnell

    sadye donnell

    2 jaar geleden

    I thought Jenna smacking was the fuckin blinker omg

  76. DesolateArt


    2 jaar geleden


  77. Reign Carter

    Reign Carter

    2 jaar geleden

    I’m just saying I’ve never seen julien and Matthew santoro in the same room

  78. Sharon Browne

    Sharon Browne

    2 jaar geleden

    Anybody else eat with them I had a everything bagel with egg and cheese

  79. queen bee

    queen bee

    2 jaar geleden

    I eat 2 crappy grilled cheese while watching this

  80. Delen Potter

    Delen Potter

    2 jaar geleden

    Is no one going to talk about how he’s like “yeah Leo DiCaprio was working out there” like, it was just like “oh yeah nbd”

  81. Cosmic Turban

    Cosmic Turban

    2 jaar geleden

    You guys know about dining rooms, right?

  82. Ergo __Proxy445

    Ergo __Proxy445

    2 jaar geleden

    True love right here

  83. adrianlindsaylohan


    2 jaar geleden

    The Harvest Bar doesn't have a ton of locations because it's PRICEY... It's delicious and all, but I definitely wouldn't go there if I wanted something fulfilling and reasonably priced. To me, their portions are more like a pre-workout snack.

  84. Clay Reichard

    Clay Reichard

    2 jaar geleden

    I love these videos just chilled Eaton food and talking they’re the best

  85. wizard nate

    wizard nate

    2 jaar geleden

    i love the mukbangs

  86. Jaqueline Peters

    Jaqueline Peters

    2 jaar geleden

    11:59-12:03 = conversation between and my boyfriend.

  87. Samantha Alvarado

    Samantha Alvarado

    2 jaar geleden

    Julien you should really check out Barbell Brigade !!!

  88. Lee Lamar

    Lee Lamar

    2 jaar geleden


  89. major L

    major L

    2 jaar geleden

    such a good couple

  90. Catherine Y.

    Catherine Y.

    2 jaar geleden

    Mom & dad. ♡

  91. A Sad Aries

    A Sad Aries

    2 jaar geleden

    That was an Aries move Jenna don’t deny it

  92. Maria Gabrielle

    Maria Gabrielle

    2 jaar geleden

    This made me happy 😊

  93. Sienna


    2 jaar geleden


  94. Alex Ty

    Alex Ty

    2 jaar geleden

    Well shit now I'm hungry

  95. Raylynn Brewer

    Raylynn Brewer

    2 jaar geleden


  96. Sami Sillito

    Sami Sillito

    2 jaar geleden

    Just a chill convo in a car and I love it

  97. Absinthemindid 420

    Absinthemindid 420

    2 jaar geleden

    Wtf is VEGAN poke? If it ain’t raw fish, it ain’t poke js.

  98. Lisa Ramirez

    Lisa Ramirez

    2 jaar geleden

    I apologize here that I mistakenly read this title "cat eating show". So sorry.

  99. Miley DeDe

    Miley DeDe

    2 jaar geleden

    The leo part 😩😩😩

  100. Nathália MF

    Nathália MF

    2 jaar geleden

    As a brazilian I feel joy when peole pronounce açaí right, thank you.