Hermitcraft 7: Episode 58 - 2 WITHER FARMS!

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo builds two wither farms! The first one is an industrial fully automatic wither rose farm that produces of 3000 wither roses per hour! That then allowed us to create a fully automatic wither skeleton farm, which allows to have fully automatic wither skull farming. So essentially we have a Minecraft beacon farm. VERY VERY EXCITING!
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  1. Rays Works

    Rays Works

    8 dagen geleden

    That's exactly how I image I'd look like if I ever attempted to dance. :P Thanks for the amazing shout out and entertainment! I was a bit scared that the wither was going to be summoned in with the portal still in there. You can now use bubble columns to redirect the wither skulls so you dont need to do the chicken flip anymore. The bedrock breaking does need good connection on servers or a faster clicker than the keyboard (30+cps) but there is still a chance of failure unless you use the 100% method. You found a really good location for wither skull farm!

    • Kdoge


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    • Game Rager10

      Game Rager10

      3 dagen geleden

      Big brain that all I can say

    • Blake Coco

      Blake Coco

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    • TristaShesdesyat GD

      TristaShesdesyat GD

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    • Simo _

      Simo _

      4 dagen geleden

      have no idea why but the farm does not work for me at all, nothing seems to respawn even after patching the right area in every direction everything is done as it should but why these mobs do not respect stout invisibility please tell someone how to fix it

  2. Christine Young

    Christine Young

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  3. sushmahemant


    11 uur geleden

    Mumbo: I think I have never had a dog in Minecraft. Leave a like dog in Hermitcraft S5: "Sad Noises"

  4. Sire gaming101

    Sire gaming101

    14 uur geleden

    ya'know whenever i think that i'm a pro at redstone in minecraft im happy, then i see him

  5. krispycka


    16 uur geleden

    your sponsor segments are awesome Mumbo!

  6. Muhammad Taha ali

    Muhammad Taha ali

    20 uur geleden

    I believe rays work should be invited to the hermitcraft server. Don't you all think so?

  7. Boxman boy YT

    Boxman boy YT

    Dag geleden

    Rip in chat for chicken #1

  8. Calli Herr

    Calli Herr

    Dag geleden

    Mumbo's voice doing parkour from, high pitch inhale squeaks, to deep voice "I can't make my lungs and throat deflate because- I g0ttA doOOo tHE thIINNNnggG tO GOo N0T dOWnn~!~!" is the most relatable form of panic and stress expression I've ever heard

  9. big boss

    big boss

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  10. Phoenix Marcum

    Phoenix Marcum

    Dag geleden

    How is mumbo carrying coca cola bottles? How do you get those?

  11. MadSquidPlays


    Dag geleden

    So he giving the dog a brief look into what its not gonna ever have. How cruel.

  12. mr. frogo

    mr. frogo

    Dag geleden

    Wh... Why did it only get recommended to me today

  13. vikas ambiya

    vikas ambiya

    Dag geleden

    Whoa why dont you make a video of decorating nether portal

  14. Icelord16


    2 dagen geleden

    Cold Vegan Fishcake time?

  15. the black swords men

    the black swords men

    2 dagen geleden

    15:20 he’s been Possessed

  16. Luke Hanly

    Luke Hanly

    2 dagen geleden

    Mumbo saying how close he was to dying with a totem of undying in his hand... 😂😂

  17. ProEo


    2 dagen geleden

    Netflix should be called Netflocks cuz it’s leading all the sheep XD

  18. zoe wareham

    zoe wareham

    2 dagen geleden

    You're not alone with the dog thing, I tried to TAME it with Rotten Flesh, before realizing that you used that to breed them.

  19. Noah Terry

    Noah Terry

    2 dagen geleden

    1 brains cell t-shirt

  20. Wade


    2 dagen geleden

    who else was terrified to learn that there was a uk office

  21. Sebastian Segundo

    Sebastian Segundo

    2 dagen geleden

    Can we just appreciate how good mumbo is at editing? Good job sir.

  22. C. S. Gleason

    C. S. Gleason

    2 dagen geleden

    First thing I do after a house is get about 50 dogs.

  23. Brent Nicholas Lelis

    Brent Nicholas Lelis

    2 dagen geleden

    The intense breathing when he fill in the nether would sound like a really grate ringtone lmao

  24. Elias Martelo

    Elias Martelo

    2 dagen geleden

    the little ray was great mumbo

  25. Mabbel


    2 dagen geleden

    Me: Equip that elytra....equip that elytra.... equip that elytra... Mumbo: *jumps*

  26. Nine Numbers Music

    Nine Numbers Music

    2 dagen geleden

    At the end of the season, Mumbo should remove the dog from the farm, return him to the Overworld, and set him free.

  27. Evan Hernandez

    Evan Hernandez

    2 dagen geleden

    Mumbo:“We had a whole war on this sever” Dream smp: -_-

  28. VinsPlayer


    3 dagen geleden

    I've played minecraft for 4 years (since 2016). I KNEW HOW TO TAME A DOG WHEN I HAD PLAYED MINECRAFT ONLY FOR ABOUT TWO YEARS.

  29. tallulah gimzek

    tallulah gimzek

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  30. Kryptex


    3 dagen geleden

    Omg mumbo scared me when he fell

  31. Colby Keen3219

    Colby Keen3219

    3 dagen geleden

    how does one join this sever

  32. Toast6


    3 dagen geleden

    Rays Works is Mumbo Jumbos new ilmango

  33. Logan Wiley

    Logan Wiley

    3 dagen geleden

    16:00 this man literally just made the new mlg water bucket. The mlg elytra.

  34. Free Gaming

    Free Gaming

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  35. Carrie Waddle

    Carrie Waddle

    3 dagen geleden

    the jAil is good ngl

  36. Nutters Gaming

    Nutters Gaming

    3 dagen geleden

    16:00 I just laughed so much at the part when Mumbo jumped, at the same time that he knows he messed up, then spamming his buttons to put his Elytra back on

  37. maritza vasquez

    maritza vasquez

    3 dagen geleden

    MInbo obsidian does not break when there explosive things

  38. egregoire


    3 dagen geleden

    Will we ignore the fact that mumbo tamed an other dog and dogs can actually teleport ? Or I'm dump ?

  39. Quinten Pannekeet

    Quinten Pannekeet

    3 dagen geleden

    I had the same mistake with the wither lol

  40. Skasis


    3 dagen geleden

    15:20 *creepy mumbo noises*

  41. Skasis


    3 dagen geleden

    *me vibing with a tinfoil hat*

  42. Gallaway Gamer

    Gallaway Gamer

    3 dagen geleden

    strange noise at 15:20 lol

  43. hulukotak


    3 dagen geleden

    Mumbo's sound when he was shocked was funny

  44. TYB-Largo


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  45. Hannah Bickford

    Hannah Bickford

    3 dagen geleden

    Epic save! 16:06

  46. kiarra stewart

    kiarra stewart

    3 dagen geleden

    Get the dog a buddy please

  47. China Uncensored

    China Uncensored

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    • ツTobikat


      2 dagen geleden

      Yes, Taiwan

  48. EnigmaMC


    3 dagen geleden

    Mumbo: Tames wolf Mumbo Later: TO THE SHADOW REALM

    • Soviet General 123

      Soviet General 123

      3 dagen geleden


  49. Puggo Army

    Puggo Army

    3 dagen geleden


  50. dakota227 _

    dakota227 _

    3 dagen geleden

    I think mumbo was hired by grian to be a mole again, but they just arent mentioning it

  51. Valentine T.

    Valentine T.

    3 dagen geleden

    Mumbo- ‘How am i going to get home?’ Also Mumbo- ‘Just-kidding i’m rich’ Cracks me up hahahahahahaahahahaha

  52. Qwerty Asdf

    Qwerty Asdf

    3 dagen geleden

    Please name the dog alabama since it's going off to the nether

  53. Tim The Dragon

    Tim The Dragon

    3 dagen geleden

    Who saw mumbo about to walk off the edge like 10 seconds before it happened

  54. Rocket


    3 dagen geleden

    16:06 who didn't see that coming ?

  55. Karen B

    Karen B

    3 dagen geleden

    That five minute crafts joke got me

  56. eman tresnI] [ereh

    eman tresnI] [ereh

    3 dagen geleden

    "Anything but this really" 5:53 Ah, does that include selling tin foil hats?

  57. Superbross Vaitys

    Superbross Vaitys

    3 dagen geleden

    16:4 I can watch that over and over again😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. black ghost

    black ghost

    3 dagen geleden

    dog will teleport to you bot they will not spawn to you if you will go to far from them

  59. G1g Pig

    G1g Pig

    3 dagen geleden

    if anyone is wondering what mumbo’s new time lapse song is, it’s Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

  60. TheGoldenNuke


    3 dagen geleden

    Mumbo in other video: I'm not going to have any shulker boxes or chests in here full of everything 3:00 Mumbo in shulker box in base with everything and once again not using storage system

  61. Kevin Wong

    Kevin Wong

    4 dagen geleden

    Did anyone see the cola bottles at the start?

  62. Dirtbag Utley90

    Dirtbag Utley90

    4 dagen geleden

    Dogs can eat rotten flesh and they will teleport to you if they are not sitting

  63. Dirtbag Utley90

    Dirtbag Utley90

    4 dagen geleden

    U made a mistake in 10:15

  64. [Username Deleted]

    [Username Deleted]

    4 dagen geleden

    12:32 that face 16:02 i saw that happening

  65. [Username Deleted]

    [Username Deleted]

    4 dagen geleden

    5:31 EXPREssvpn...

  66. XR Sera

    XR Sera

    4 dagen geleden

    Cmon mumbo you should at least try to grow a moustache, you know, just for fun :D

  67. Rigo Olano

    Rigo Olano

    4 dagen geleden

    Your a monster lol

  68. DRAKE SCHOFIELD (Student)


    4 dagen geleden

    Soooooooooo who else saw that he wasn't wearing his elytra and just went uh oh

  69. Jennifer MacDonald

    Jennifer MacDonald

    4 dagen geleden

    My 9 year old son loves these videos and thinks you are very funny. And I’m learning all about Minecraft. Thanks!

  70. Matthew Lindsay

    Matthew Lindsay

    4 dagen geleden


  71. Matthew Lindsay

    Matthew Lindsay

    4 dagen geleden

    Mumble, the mooshrooms are an endangered species. Please at least let them stay

  72. Keekee9000


    4 dagen geleden

    you can breed them with raw meat you should get 2 so that way you have an infinite supply of backup wolves incase a you fail at getting your wolves in the spot they need to go

  73. Aust bozz

    Aust bozz

    4 dagen geleden

    I play minecraft on ps4 and it's Really boring compared to you

  74. Rex Tharmaraja

    Rex Tharmaraja

    4 dagen geleden

    He has moo pop in he’s inventory

  75. Hydro Hyrax

    Hydro Hyrax

    4 dagen geleden

    andname it ulap

  76. Hydro Hyrax

    Hydro Hyrax

    4 dagen geleden

    just becuase pets

  77. Hydro Hyrax

    Hydro Hyrax

    4 dagen geleden

    hey mumbo can u get a cat to

  78. Maxine Finn Foxen

    Maxine Finn Foxen

    4 dagen geleden

    WHY Did YoU dO tHAt?!

  79. Maxine Finn Foxen

    Maxine Finn Foxen

    4 dagen geleden

    Your sponser is a scam

  80. Max Gardenswartz

    Max Gardenswartz

    4 dagen geleden

    Continue Watching..."ted"--one of the most amazing and obscene movies of all time 6:21 POGGERS

  81. Owen Myers

    Owen Myers

    4 dagen geleden

    if you make a 2nd account, you can have it online for the afk farm while you are away

  82. Bathtub Meggee

    Bathtub Meggee

    4 dagen geleden

    “Grim” life for a dog.

  83. PolskaBeastMode


    4 dagen geleden

    Lol The office my favorite character is Dwight shrute

  84. BigBoyPunch


    4 dagen geleden

    "How am I going to get home? Just kidding I'm rich" -Mumbo Jumbo



    4 dagen geleden

    Other people while watching this video seeing comments 🤔🤔🧐🧐 Me while watching this video guess what Completing notes 😞😞

  86. Bathtub Meggee

    Bathtub Meggee

    4 dagen geleden

    Exquisite time lapse music, I must say

  87. Aviation Playz

    Aviation Playz

    4 dagen geleden

    I like ur MLG elytra

  88. Lyra Sylvertongue

    Lyra Sylvertongue

    4 dagen geleden

    People have probably made the suggestion but since I've just watched the video, I'd advice you to get 2 dogs to a safe location near the farm in the nether so that if anything happens, you can breed them and replace those that die. You definitely need breeders close by. And as people must've mentioned, you use bones to breed them, the same as to tame them.

  89. Bettalion !

    Bettalion !

    4 dagen geleden

    Hello, I'm trying to do some research, I was wondering if you could help. It is a short Quiz without any personal questions. Link:

  90. Modeler123 S

    Modeler123 S

    4 dagen geleden

    Name the dog bill

  91. Savanna Rae

    Savanna Rae

    4 dagen geleden

    really enjoyed your music choice for your timelapse :)

  92. Tgeiger 027

    Tgeiger 027

    4 dagen geleden

    Mumbo starts hyperventilating because he didn't have his Elytra in the nethet and fell.

  93. Lisa


    4 dagen geleden

    Your time lapses require me to watch them TWICE!! First for the dancing dude and second for the farm X-D love your videos since Season 3!

  94. Simo _

    Simo _

    4 dagen geleden

    have no idea why but the farm does not work for me at all, nothing seems to respawn even after patching the right area in every direction everything is done as it should but why these mobs do not respect stout invisibility please tell someone how to fix it

  95. Jade Gabriel Tubongbanua

    Jade Gabriel Tubongbanua

    4 dagen geleden

    ok i was just about to say if there's in a face reveal but i dont need now beacause to this vid

  96. Rishi Sakthivelu

    Rishi Sakthivelu

    4 dagen geleden

    but isnt using vpn to change countries to watch tv shows illegal?

  97. Sillyplop


    4 dagen geleden

    I tried to build this before a couple of months ago but it didn’t work because the wither blew up the the ender man tube. Please tell me how you fixed it

  98. Sebastian Martinez

    Sebastian Martinez

    4 dagen geleden


  99. Sussi 10

    Sussi 10

    4 dagen geleden

    Did anyone see he has COKE in his inventory!?!?

  100. Aidan Butler

    Aidan Butler

    4 dagen geleden

    Mumbo: I’ve never seen a wolf on Hermitcraft 7. Joehills: I’ll round up all the wolfs scattered around the server.