Half in the Bag vs. Godzilla vs. Kong
Remember Godzilla? Remember King Kong?? Well they're back! Again! Godzilla vs. Kong is a movie with Godzilla and King Kong in it and it's out now and that's the movie.


  1. Jake Tilton

    Jake Tilton

    Uur geleden

    Mentions Kong had a lot of Marvel actors, Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson... that's it. John C. Reilly: Am I a joke to you??

  2. Adrian Stucky

    Adrian Stucky

    2 uur geleden

    Seeing it in the theater was genuinely a great time

  3. RetroDad


    3 uur geleden

    While it's not limited to character deaths, the TV Trope Mike was trying to think of towards the end is called "Oh, Crap!"

  4. John Briggs

    John Briggs

    7 uur geleden

    I like how the sequence explaining how Mark is wrong about the actors names is then immedietely proceeded by pictures of actors with their names labelled incorrectly (23:34).

  5. AkuTenshiiZero


    10 uur geleden

    Not gonna lie, this movie made me really want to see Mothra again. She's a frickin' adorable giant killer moth and she needs her own movie.

  6. allan schøtt

    allan schøtt

    12 uur geleden

    so good

  7. Tobias Abelius

    Tobias Abelius

    13 uur geleden

    Best episode so far!! :)

  8. Jacob Acosta

    Jacob Acosta

    13 uur geleden

    Godzilla vs Kong is a documentary. If you know, you know.

  9. DieForDethklok11


    16 uur geleden

    tech dude looks like the offspring of jake gyllenhal and rip torn

  10. Canfelgie Panda

    Canfelgie Panda

    17 uur geleden

    Mike is a bit unhinged in this one. I like it

  11. OLD SELF


    17 uur geleden

    Missed opportunity to say "this one jumped the dick shark"

  12. CGG CGG but fake

    CGG CGG but fake

    17 uur geleden

    Am I the only one here still waiting for season 2 to end?

  13. Harrison Worley

    Harrison Worley

    18 uur geleden

    I don’t think Godzilla killed the other titans, it’s just they’re not alphas like him so he doesn’t care about them, that’s why he lets kong live at the end when he submits to him

  14. Michael Gress

    Michael Gress

    19 uur geleden

    I put this off for spoilers, and the movie has already spoiled itself in 10 minutes.

  15. G-Rated


    22 uur geleden

    Could you "Re-view" Shin Godzilla?

  16. TrogledyWretched


    22 uur geleden

    Interesting take. I actually liked the fights in King of Monsters for their sense of scale, but agree this was a way more fun film.

  17. David Wood

    David Wood

    23 uur geleden

    This one jumped the "DickShark"?! Also any coincidence that on the table there is a movie named "It Came"?

  18. Jack Dynes

    Jack Dynes

    Dag geleden

    Aeon Phlux

  19. Michael Ellis

    Michael Ellis

    Dag geleden

    Firestein events: Every Star Trek TOS movie except I, II, IV and also Generations (twice!). Just realised where the first one I saw might have been: The Last Starfighter.

  20. TheAgileFatman


    Dag geleden

    My main problem with the movie was it reminded me of re-watching Apollo vs. Rocky, how do I chose to root for only 1 of these 2 American Heroes?

  21. KIKI Hideout

    KIKI Hideout

    Dag geleden

    You know someone is not qualified to review godzilla when they cant even get the real dates of the movie releases right.



    Dag geleden

    SPOILERS: There are a total of 8 marvel people in this franchise & 1 from batgirl universe & 1 power rangers: Maximorphs, Loki, Samuel MutherScrubber ;), Ms. Marvel, Guardians Galaxy Riley, Rebecca, Deadpool2; "Ras Al Ghul"; Cranston. The Deadpool EndGame Trailer & Wandavision bridges the X-franchise into the other & even includes the KICK franchise! (Halloween ep).



    Dag geleden

    spoilers: overpop=kong (apes=people=kong knows sign lang) uses DMT liquid to defeat godzilla (leader of nature animals whom is overpop rival -- that is why kong won't submit, because he is PEOPLE -- G is leader of NON-PEOPLE aka conventional term "Animals"); mechaG=indust rev. tech=product of overpop, trigger gun (note: ind rev also produces overpop). at end kong returns back to nature/ground = people die go back to nature/DMT in all people; kong fufills his hope to go home. NATURE defeats overpop/people=ALWAYS. also hong"kong"=most famous overpop place, last showdown there; "king"=royal=evil=all govts=created gunpowder which led to overpop (entire ind rev was GUN manuf. by BRITISH GOVT! "KING" GHIDORAH CONTROLS MECHAG by "APEX bring people back as 1st titan" company = OP. also MG is people controlled by asian = asia most populated place; DMT restores brain connections=man is connected to Ghidorah's massive psychic brain=DMT IS NEEDED TO FINALLY POWER MG = DMT is what creates innovation, monks were THE scientists of the past days, they were hired by govt to create "elixir of life" which ended up with gunpowder=which was actually "elixir of death". also since NTs can't handle DMT without a buffer, DMT SHORTS OUT MG psychic connection from man which results in his LOSS OF CONTROL). also: inside all Titan DNA homes in on Center of Planet Home their BIRTHPLACE = DMT inside all people/plants!

  24. Dana Foster

    Dana Foster

    Dag geleden

    Mike is wrong LOL! Kong Skull Island does have four Marvel cast members. Don’t forget John C. Reilly. He is in Guardians of the Galaxy!

  25. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith

    Dag geleden

    now all i want is more trope takes

  26. Elohmn


    Dag geleden

    For real the biggest issue I had with GvK was the line, "kong bows to no one" literally as they had him chained to the ship...

  27. LizardClone2


    Dag geleden

    22:23 Nobody these guys about the Ultimate Universe version of those characters

  28. Cocksucker Supreme

    Cocksucker Supreme

    Dag geleden

    Had a blast watching this movie, an amazing experience! I did eat 2 pretty strong edibles beforehand, but that’s not the point.

  29. thundarr isaboss

    thundarr isaboss

    Dag geleden

    mike just coudnt stop making the classic "trombone wah wah waaaaah" face, at the end.

  30. suniis


    Dag geleden

    Mike is the worst actor I've ever seen OMG AHAHHAHAHA

  31. Omar Ostorga

    Omar Ostorga

    Dag geleden

    I watched it yesterday, and honestly can't remember any of the characters names

  32. asmRTPOP


    Dag geleden

    F in the chat for a poorly done Brie Larson misogyny joke.

  33. Brandon Riggle

    Brandon Riggle

    Dag geleden


  34. MrMahjin


    Dag geleden

    this is a good batman vs superman review.

  35. Jade Dinosaur

    Jade Dinosaur

    Dag geleden

    Godzilla 2014 is fucking terrible, and it’s way darker than any of the scenes in King of the Monsters. So stop fucking praising it.

  36. Lazarus Mavis

    Lazarus Mavis

    Dag geleden

    I'm now adopting "Firestein" event into my cinematic vocabulization

  37. Mr.D L

    Mr.D L

    Dag geleden

    A friend and I talked about this movie and both kinda laughed at why Godzilla was attacking...because he/she was having a hissy fit and jealous of being bumped out by a Mech?

  38. Ash Ton

    Ash Ton

    Dag geleden

    You guys are dangerous for talking about getting vaccines How brainwashed are you?

    • Herbert West

      Herbert West

      Dag geleden

      How brainwashed are you?

  39. ultimapanzer


    Dag geleden

    The trope is also in Spider-Man with Willem Dafoe ("...oh.")

  40. Kemp Barber

    Kemp Barber

    Dag geleden

    The Independence Day “oh shit” trope you’re talking about is in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman too when Willam Dafoe is impaled by his own glider and it’s fucking hilarious and brutal. Just a perfect moment of editing.

  41. Frank Lamour

    Frank Lamour

    Dag geleden

    Mike's fearful expression more like, "Oh, so tiresome, here we go again." 😁

  42. Ernie Mayer

    Ernie Mayer

    Dag geleden

    Kyle Chandler was already in Hong Kong before the battle started. He was tracking Godzilla early on and they had determined he was heading towards Hong Kong. That is where he met up with Lance Reddick. Still hard to believe he finds his daughter in a city of 8million people that easily, but hey, it’s giant monster nonsense.

  43. Perktube1


    Dag geleden

    It was meant to be a kid smashing toys together. Its a stress release.

  44. Rozalia S

    Rozalia S

    Dag geleden

    God when they shot to the super old version of king kong...

  45. hunter12555


    2 dagen geleden

    1:41 LOL

  46. Cthululz


    2 dagen geleden

    Um actually the novelization explains that Kong enrolled in Skull Island Medical School for a semester and that was how he knew to fix his shoulder by slamming it into a building.

  47. Pvt. Puplovski

    Pvt. Puplovski

    2 dagen geleden

    Jays laugh brings me infinite joy :)

  48. Roderic Perez

    Roderic Perez

    2 dagen geleden

    Mike saying young John Goodman shows how little he appreciates these movies at any level because I am practically certain he knows who John C. Reilly is

  49. John Galvano

    John Galvano

    2 dagen geleden

    King of the Monsters was complete schlock lol

  50. Milton77


    2 dagen geleden

    This video makes me wanna watch Dickshark

  51. Anthony LoGiudice

    Anthony LoGiudice

    2 dagen geleden

    I can rewatch KOTM because you had a great villain and the theme of eco-terrorism and the threat of human extinction. This new film was terrible in all facets.

  52. Milton77


    2 dagen geleden

    Mike: “...therein lies the center of the plot” Me: “This thing had a plot!?!?”

  53. Milton77


    2 dagen geleden

    To be completely honest, this movie is so ridiculous it doesn’t even need a review. It’s just like...forget about it

  54. big chungus

    big chungus

    2 dagen geleden


  55. LitanyAgainstFear


    2 dagen geleden

    You guys are drinking spotted cow?! That beer is awesome! I always pick some up when I'm in WI.

  56. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe

    2 dagen geleden

    It's exactly what I want to see in my Godzilla movie, pure cheese and Godzilla kickin' ass!



    2 dagen geleden

    6:15 You guys label the first Godzilla movie wrong in the text. It was release in 1954 of November. It wasn't until April of 1956 it came out in the U.S. With inserted scenes with Raymond Burr.

  58. thekillerfroggy


    2 dagen geleden

    Huge missed Zaat opportunity at 31:00

  59. Hubert Boisvert Boucher

    Hubert Boisvert Boucher

    2 dagen geleden

    Um the thing you're describing with the dragon brain in a jar, isn't that what happens in Pacific Rim 2 ? Also, I wish they'd used Down with the Sickness for the soundtrack the first time they run at each other in the first fight :P

  60. Devin the Developer

    Devin the Developer

    2 dagen geleden

    Saw this in the theatre. Such a breath of fresh air not to be preached the "woke" religion when I just want to see a f*&cking movie.

  61. T.


    2 dagen geleden

    What........the dickshark??

  62. Lawrence Schuman

    Lawrence Schuman

    2 dagen geleden

    They are cribbing from the Brendan Fraiser Journey to the Center of the Earth with the dead brother thing.

  63. James Thaddeus

    James Thaddeus

    2 dagen geleden

    Let me hit Jays hair with a tech deck

  64. Shane Ducey

    Shane Ducey

    2 dagen geleden

    "When Millie Bobby Brown is on screen, you can just check your emails" That isn't restricted to this movie.

  65. R Zack Kennedy

    R Zack Kennedy

    2 dagen geleden

    Young John Goodman falling from the sky??? Were you doing laundry again watching skull Island???

  66. P.W. Robinson

    P.W. Robinson

    2 dagen geleden

    Godzilla (2014) = 1954 type Godzilla; Godzilla 2 KOTM = Millennium era Godzilla; Godzilla vs. Kong = Showa Godzilla

  67. coronha de cobre

    coronha de cobre

    2 dagen geleden

    Mike fuckin Stoklasa

  68. DHI


    2 dagen geleden

    37:38 how did he even do that?

  69. Rolando Topete

    Rolando Topete

    2 dagen geleden

    The name of the actor is Damian Bichir

  70. Nullus


    2 dagen geleden

    33:00 This trope also noticeably shows up in Joss Whedon's 2011 film _Cabin in the Woods,_ right before the SWAT team gets dismembered by the elevator monsters. EDIT: I think it would fall under the broad category of "Oh, Crap" according to TV Tropes, but what Mike is talking about is definitely it's own more specific thing.

  71. Nullus


    2 dagen geleden

    I really like how they made the story and monsters more mythic and fantastical. It definitely felt like an ancient myth, with the "titans," the underworld full of monsters, and King Kong's throne and magical axe. I think that's the best way to do this kind of movie, rather than trying to make it seem scientific or realistic, when it never really can be.

  72. Matt Jay

    Matt Jay

    2 dagen geleden

    Does anyone else watch these instead of the movies?

  73. Tamlan Dipper

    Tamlan Dipper

    2 dagen geleden

    is it weird that Hollywood is more ready to have complex layered protagonists/antagonists when they are monkeys than when they are people?

  74. Patrick Doherty

    Patrick Doherty

    2 dagen geleden

    Would like to see a Kong vs Godzilla in the Shin Godzilla universe...actually, I'd just like to see a Shin Godzilla sequel.

  75. katalysis


    3 dagen geleden

    Hey what do you guys think about Tenet?

  76. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    3 dagen geleden

    Having experience with the CA tech industry, I find the billionaire having a random conversation resulting in a multinational scientific and military boondoggle as totally realistic

  77. Cancer Connoisseur

    Cancer Connoisseur

    3 dagen geleden

    No, Mothra died in King Of Monsters and Godzilla basically told the rest of the Titans to piss off (I guess, they don’t talk about them in the movie). Godzilla was only hunting Kong because he was also an “Alpha Titan”. The other Titans like Rodan weren’t Alpha Titans and therefore weren’t a threat to Godzilla after the death of Ghidorah.

  78. Nick S

    Nick S

    3 dagen geleden

    So who's that weird-looking guy? That's a human. What's he do? Usual human stuff. He laughs, he learns, he loves. Boring.

    • nieooj gotoy

      nieooj gotoy

      3 dagen geleden

      Real Talk: Yall need to do Action Jackson. It was like my favorite movie when I was 8. Mostly cause of the Topless scene with Vanity. But Still.

  79. Lawfish66


    3 dagen geleden

    [SPOILERS] I just appreciated that there was a monkey doing monkey things and got his ass handed to by Godzilla, who then started to get fuckin bullied by Mechagodzilla.

  80. TVperson1


    3 dagen geleden

    *Kong Vs Kane* LOL

  81. ed boy

    ed boy

    3 dagen geleden

    Again mike references krampus for sound design, I haven’t seen krampus yet but mike seems to be serious about it, I’m going to watch it when I can

  82. noah london

    noah london

    3 dagen geleden

    bless you both! I watched this trainwreck on hbo max...fell asleep first attempt. struggled the 2nd and 3rd attempts but somehow made it to the end..... and I was clueless even after all that. so that's what I watched, huh? and I thought wonder woman 1984 was bad. hbo max is on a roll with garbage movies. nice.

  83. Mush Man

    Mush Man

    3 dagen geleden

    It's good to see that Jay's going back to looking like he's dying again

  84. Cool Beans

    Cool Beans

    3 dagen geleden

    I saw it in theater just now. And loved it. Schlock and sci fi!!!

  85. Marcus McClain

    Marcus McClain

    3 dagen geleden

    That "Bad Bizniz Man" was the true hero of the story and the true protector of Mankind.

    • CornyBum


      3 dagen geleden

      ...and the real monsters were the friends we made along the way.

  86. SeSeReRfRf


    3 dagen geleden

    the "Oh, shit *dead*" trope I always think of was Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin in Spiderman

  87. J. Curtis Strickland

    J. Curtis Strickland

    3 dagen geleden

    There is a Fierstein Event in Skull Island with John Goodman.

  88. Mindboggles


    3 dagen geleden

    I turned it off after half the movie. Less kids and less comedy, plus some extra monster fighting and stuff would have made the movie a LOT more entertaining.

  89. SchokoIadenonkel


    3 dagen geleden

    Super weird, this video got recommended to me on youtube, when I was just about to watch dickshark...

  90. Media Musings

    Media Musings

    3 dagen geleden

    32:40 - 35:27 is why I watch this youtube channel.

  91. TheDeadYoshi


    3 dagen geleden

    Pacific Rim did the neon lit city smash fest before this one. Another movie where you don’t need to pay attention to the plot at all but has great action

  92. sorvian25


    3 dagen geleden

    Dick Shark is longer than Lord of the Rings Two Towers

  93. Awesome Jones

    Awesome Jones

    3 dagen geleden

    Real Talk: Yall need to do Action Jackson. It was like my favorite movie when I was 8. Mostly cause of the Topless scene with Vanity. But Still.

  94. Monica CruzR

    Monica CruzR

    3 dagen geleden

    Isn't the "clever girl" scene in Jurassic Park a firesteen moment?

  95. Miami4life


    3 dagen geleden

    Have James Cameron direct the next one!

  96. narnbrez


    3 dagen geleden

    first trope is obviously "oh, crap," mike even says it second trope is a figment of mike's alcohol addled brain

  97. oosen42


    3 dagen geleden

    Skull Island -- the only one with entertaining human drama. For me it's also the most consistently entertaining overall, only one with working humor. King of Monsters -- highest amount of monster fights, very boring human drama. Godzilla 2014 -- best monster physics and sense of scale, but I think least amount of monster fun. Godzilla vs Kong -- Most creative fights and environments maybe; I was strangely disappointed at the end. When the robot-fight began I thought it was just getting started. By then it was almost over. That part wasn't even that long, I wonder if there's a longer cut or something. Worst human drama, too.

  98. Steve J

    Steve J

    3 dagen geleden

    my favorite movie trope is when somebody in Half in the Bag says "We don't have a DVD pla-"

  99. MalachiTheBowlingGod


    3 dagen geleden

    11:43 What is the song? I hear it everywhere...

  100. Cynical 2DD

    Cynical 2DD

    3 dagen geleden

    MIKES WRONG! The estranged father took a plane to Hong Kong because there were reports of Godzilla heading towards Hong Kong.