I Built a Wither Skeleton FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#39)

In this video I built a WITHER SKELETON FARM in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 39 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series. Today I Built a Wither Skeleton Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE COAL, BONES & INFINITE WITHER SKELETON SKULLS. Want to find out how to build a wither skull farm in minecraft hardcore? watch the whole video to find out!
Wither Skeleton Farm Tutorial (by ShulkerCraft)
"Minecraft Wither Skeleton Farm - Over 60 Skulls Per Hour - 1.16"
Watch the Series from Episode 1:
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  1. Douglas128


    8 minuten geleden

    RIP to those chickens 🕊

  2. Eugenia Lopez

    Eugenia Lopez

    13 minuten geleden

    he cares about his melons as much as he cares about himself

  3. Siebe Trossaert

    Siebe Trossaert

    24 minuten geleden

    can you make a infinite red stone farm?????

  4. Switch Playz

    Switch Playz

    27 minuten geleden

    Since you have a bunch of slabs if I need slabs I'll come to you

  5. Ark Moded

    Ark Moded

    37 minuten geleden


  6. Ark Moded

    Ark Moded

    38 minuten geleden


  7. Ark Moded

    Ark Moded

    38 minuten geleden


  8. Ark Moded

    Ark Moded

    39 minuten geleden


  9. Ark Moded

    Ark Moded

    40 minuten geleden


  10. ItsLMN


    46 minuten geleden

    Him watching the tutorial and dos all steps taking so long and in the end of the tutorial it just says get scammed loser

  11. Obi wan Kenobi

    Obi wan Kenobi

    Uur geleden

    What type of music do you use in your intro?

  12. Jaipal Singh

    Jaipal Singh

    Uur geleden

    If you have this farm, holding a looting sword while the dogs are killing them the effect still works

  13. Mireille Daccache

    Mireille Daccache

    Uur geleden

    I think he wants to spwan proof the whole netber

  14. Natrasku the Master of Crows

    Natrasku the Master of Crows

    Uur geleden

    I follow a french person and she buidt to a wither skelton farm but she dont slab the zone :she completely underminer him (tungstène) Sorry for my english, i'm french but I very like our videos !!

  15. Dizzypro1_9


    Uur geleden

    8:55 pigstep playing in the background

  16. Ethan Cumming

    Ethan Cumming

    Uur geleden

    Wadzee should turn a chunk of the overworld into the nether

  17. Chrystele Bojko

    Chrystele Bojko

    Uur geleden

    Type of biome in the nether 1- normal 2- bleu dirt 3-red dirt 4- soul Sand 5-grey Wood 6- Fricking snow

  18. Maxim Koneva

    Maxim Koneva

    Uur geleden

    Fun fact: wood slabs do not burn

  19. Xander Simpson

    Xander Simpson

    2 uur geleden

    the nether now looks like it has a costum ash biome =)

  20. Ariez


    3 uur geleden


  21. Rowan Pirtle

    Rowan Pirtle

    3 uur geleden

    i remember subbing when you were at 30k you have grown fast with this hardcore series

  22. InFamous


    3 uur geleden

    Ideea, u can make a automatic sorter device that puts stone swords in a chest and from chest they go in a dispencer that drop them in lava

  23. NejcV


    3 uur geleden

    anyone else that want him to beat philza in hardcore?

  24. Robert Tunyogi

    Robert Tunyogi

    3 uur geleden

    #Hardcoreidea make a MANSION out of melons

  25. Ker Loz

    Ker Loz

    4 uur geleden

    The soft purchase progressively improve because double chemically drum into a spicy alphabet. dispensable, cheerful thailand

  26. Glinda Mccorkle

    Glinda Mccorkle

    4 uur geleden

    The smart love simplistically scrub because arm reversely memorise inside a wooden nancy. picayune, better velvet

  27. Obiwan The dude

    Obiwan The dude

    4 uur geleden

    raid farm maybe ?

  28. Captain_KapiK


    4 uur geleden

    Last thing to do is to filter swords away

  29. O Deer

    O Deer

    4 uur geleden

    Wadzee really sounding like a mother when he’s talking about his carpet lol “No no no don’t burn up my carpet” “No no no don’t eat on my carpet”

  30. PexePlaying sk

    PexePlaying sk

    4 uur geleden

    build a fortress in the overworld :)

  31. lazyboi 69

    lazyboi 69

    4 uur geleden

    Mellon make lazarbeam happy



    4 uur geleden

    Me watching even though him placing slabs is boring

  33. FLG-Sora


    4 uur geleden

    You could have just made a ender pearl stasis chamber in the nether and get them like that (but thats to much work lol)

  34. Étourdie


    4 uur geleden

    I'd recommend building a non stackable item sorter; it could sort the swords out from the rest of the drops, at which point you could have a dispenser throw them into the lava for you

  35. Étourdie


    5 uur geleden

    Just did some experimenting, if someone for some reason wanted to build a farm on top of the nether roof in hardcore, there is a way to guarantee you won't take fall damage before getting elytra. Holding shift while falling on at least a two high stack of scaffolding will safely being you to a stop. I'd recommend this over slime blocks, because I'm pretty sure everyone's experienced/seen someone falling on slime blocks thinking they'll be safe or bounce, only to land too cost to the edge of one and die. Even if you have a ton of slime blocks next to each other, you can hit the edge and die.

    • Étourdie


      4 uur geleden

      Further testing shows it takes 3 layers for falls of 256 blocks. When in doubt, try 1 scaffolding for every hundred blocks, starting with 1 for falls of less than 50 blocks

  36. eee pee

    eee pee

    5 uur geleden

    3 million? I remember when you had just started this series and had 250k 😂

  37. Nate


    5 uur geleden

    *plays epic music* doesn’t even get hit by 5 blazes and a wither skeleton



    5 uur geleden

    Your lucky u did it die cool

  39. Johnny King

    Johnny King

    5 uur geleden

    666 would appreciate this

  40. Evalyn Kirkpatrick

    Evalyn Kirkpatrick

    5 uur geleden

    The glib tornado unsurprisingly decorate because knife virtually buzz against a greedy ethiopia. silent, sneaky bike

  41. Jovan Jovanovic

    Jovan Jovanovic

    5 uur geleden

    WadZee where's the shout out machine?

  42. Aye Aye

    Aye Aye

    5 uur geleden

    Idea for next video: go exploring and find a lot of god apples to ensure you’ll never die in hardcore

  43. Simon Ravenhill

    Simon Ravenhill

    6 uur geleden

    Stop god dam fishing for sympathy go watch ilmango see his builds and you don’t see him asking for likes and sus as much as you do

  44. Simon Ravenhill

    Simon Ravenhill

    6 uur geleden

    Mate if u wanted wither sculls it’s much better using a stray farm sending them to the nether and blowing them up with charged creepers

    • Simon Ravenhill

      Simon Ravenhill

      5 uur geleden

      The 62 sculls is really really bad like with the stray farm u can make more than that in 2 minutes

  45. Reee Reee

    Reee Reee

    6 uur geleden

    Wadzee created a new biome

  46. Kevin Nelson

    Kevin Nelson

    6 uur geleden

    Build a nether base

  47. Drip goku

    Drip goku

    6 uur geleden

    I mean, at least you have an infinite source of withers

  48. Brian Barahona

    Brian Barahona

    6 uur geleden

    Make a melon king

  49. x_Camelot_x4722


    6 uur geleden

    Nice bro last week i lost my best world but u motivate me to Minecraft thank you

  50. Mijntje Timmer

    Mijntje Timmer

    7 uur geleden

    You know its bad when you run out of cobblestone

  51. GÅY ÅÇĒ


    7 uur geleden

    The amount of patience this man has is astronomical

  52. SpaceHexer MC

    SpaceHexer MC

    7 uur geleden

    Someone knows what’s the best Y level for ancient debris?

  53. Your friendly neighberhood enby

    Your friendly neighberhood enby

    7 uur geleden

    wither farm would be cool

  54. Heart Wick

    Heart Wick

    7 uur geleden

    I would've spammed lava everywhere

  55. fre vbuk

    fre vbuk

    7 uur geleden


  56. Rupanjali Baro

    Rupanjali Baro

    7 uur geleden

    He is not making wither farm he is making stairs



    7 uur geleden

    Acookiegod hello im onw of your fan and this youtuber 🤗🤗

  58. Zeeshan Khan

    Zeeshan Khan

    7 uur geleden

    Watzee why dont u just blow some of the tings up for replacement for covering with slapstick?

  59. Sajjad Hussain

    Sajjad Hussain

    7 uur geleden

    Do a infinite diamond or netherite

  60. Noobkingofdemons 1

    Noobkingofdemons 1

    7 uur geleden


  61. Yasen Todorov

    Yasen Todorov

    8 uur geleden

    Aigan the melon farm? Is it not enough!?

  62. Brian Archer Quintero

    Brian Archer Quintero

    8 uur geleden

    Good thing i knew mobs didn't spawn on half blocks

  63. Carl Smith

    Carl Smith

    8 uur geleden

    Next video, fighting 20 withers in a row

    • Abtin G

      Abtin G

      8 uur geleden

      No I know better. *AT THE SAME TIME*

  64. A.K.M Anwarul Alam

    A.K.M Anwarul Alam

    9 uur geleden

    qand then automatic netherite minning and then diamond minning

  65. bodien theulen

    bodien theulen

    9 uur geleden

    This is maby something for technoblade

  66. shaila parveen

    shaila parveen

    9 uur geleden

    Why did you built a golden house with wooden door except for the iron

  67. boii boii

    boii boii

    9 uur geleden

    petition for Wadzee to kill 1 wither every new episode

  68. Ciara Arnold

    Ciara Arnold

    9 uur geleden

    #HardcoreIdea You should get Melonie a friend, either that or change part of the Overworld, Nether, End, where ever you want into nothing but melons.

  69. Emily Griffin

    Emily Griffin

    10 uur geleden

    The deafening sturgeon predominantly tease because flare meteorologically protect astride a complex sweatshop. dashing, defeated narcissus

  70. Logan Strong

    Logan Strong

    10 uur geleden

    you have planted 7800 melons

  71. Ianis Tanasoiu

    Ianis Tanasoiu

    10 uur geleden

    In the next vid you should make a huge tree with a lot of details and then make a house in it

  72. Fuzzy s

    Fuzzy s

    10 uur geleden

    he bulding while listening to pigstep

  73. The Utterly Awesome

    The Utterly Awesome

    10 uur geleden

    Dear god you poor soul

  74. Dk. King

    Dk. King

    10 uur geleden

    Wadzee:I can build a wither skeleton farm Me: I can’t build a house

  75. FEx0


    10 uur geleden

    now you just have to build a dimond farm and an emarald farm

  76. mr Rubik

    mr Rubik

    10 uur geleden

    Link downlod plis

  77. Dk. King

    Dk. King

    10 uur geleden

    Congratulations u made a new biome in Minecraft

  78. FutureOllie


    10 uur geleden

    You should make an automatic sorting system and add a dropper so you can burn the stone swords

  79. Its just Mars

    Its just Mars

    11 uur geleden

    ✝️𝑯𝒆𝒚, 𝑰 𝒋𝒖𝒔𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒕𝒐 𝒔𝒂𝒚 𝑱𝒆𝒔𝒖𝒔 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒔 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒅𝒊𝒆𝒅 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒚𝒐𝒖, 𝑱𝒐𝒉𝒏 3:16✝️

  80. Severin Andersen

    Severin Andersen

    11 uur geleden

    I have been following this channel for a bit of time now... and I just figured out that he did it in hardcore!

  81. Shweta Singh

    Shweta Singh

    11 uur geleden

    Isane you are God of Minecraft

  82. István Szikra

    István Szikra

    11 uur geleden

    5:30 You are not going to put the AFK spot above the nether roof? Why slab everything nearby? Also isn't there 2 intersections next to each other? Are you not making a double wide farm?

    • István Szikra

      István Szikra

      10 uur geleden

      oh god... he only built a single layer 3:51 "the best wither skeleton farm ever" ... that you built! Cause this is certainly not it... I guess it depends what you consider "best". I love Ray Works, I'm pretty sure this farm is his design, but his wither skeleton skull farm is underwhelming ("producing 40 skulls/hr while afk with dog") compared to LogicalGeekBoy's design that uses portals (530 skulls/hour base and can be further improved up to ~900 skulls/hour according to Iskalluri MC 's comment, his Multiplayer Let's Play version produces over 760 skulls per hour).

  83. Milan jude Dominic

    Milan jude Dominic

    11 uur geleden

    Who realises wadzee addin dreams manhunt song

  84. Banannex


    11 uur geleden

    Just break the bastion to the ground

  85. Sansar Munkhjargal

    Sansar Munkhjargal

    11 uur geleden

    how much melon does WZ WadZee have

  86. dwmcclary


    11 uur geleden

    Honestly the slabs on the forchres looks rily pretty with the slabs i can not spell wow sorry

  87. Luca Di Mario

    Luca Di Mario

    12 uur geleden

    100 withers?

  88. Ishan Bhandari

    Ishan Bhandari

    12 uur geleden

    Wha wha week

  89. Primary-flood3


    12 uur geleden

    the places with cobble stone looks like the snow area in Minecraft dungeons

  90. aref bijad

    aref bijad

    12 uur geleden

    helo gooooood pllayer seed plys

  91. SUCKERpunch


    12 uur geleden

    All of the dislikes are the mobs that wadzee stopped from spawning

  92. Sardaxus


    12 uur geleden

    please never die

  93. Jayant Kashyap

    Jayant Kashyap

    12 uur geleden

    You are world rich minecraft player you have anything in minecraft

  94. Kilian Af

    Kilian Af

    12 uur geleden

    When you run out of slabs in your hotbar, you somehow fill them up from your inventory into your hotbar again. How do you do that?

  95. Daniel Pearse

    Daniel Pearse

    12 uur geleden


  96. Mrudula Kalwa

    Mrudula Kalwa

    13 uur geleden

    :) :)

  97. SheepLord 101

    SheepLord 101

    13 uur geleden

    day 1 of asking WadZee to do a pillager farm



    13 uur geleden

    Make the melon farm much fancier. Place slabs over the water, etc

  99. Kraftyz


    13 uur geleden

    Idea: refill the ocean monument



    13 uur geleden

    I apreciate your hard work