AT02 Fire Up | 8D Audio

Grab your headphones and immerse yourself in our fire up experience... Bringing the AT02 to life for the first time in 2021 in full 8D audio! Make sure you're subscribed to our channel so you don't miss the A02 launch this Friday the 19th!
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  1. Scuderia AlphaTauri

    Scuderia AlphaTauri

    17 dagen geleden

    We've got chills from this... and they're multiplyin'

    • tktyler


      14 dagen geleden

      @je suis fudgeman the power your supplying is......... electrifying

    • SovieeEeEet


      16 dagen geleden

      Yes, King.

    • Robb96


      17 dagen geleden

      Just don't go losing control!

    • hoho yezza

      hoho yezza

      17 dagen geleden

      You mean goosebumps right 😁

    • Bilal Khalid

      Bilal Khalid

      17 dagen geleden

      Just don't lose control🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez

    2 dagen geleden


  3. CyBird


    3 dagen geleden


  4. Mark Litvar

    Mark Litvar

    10 dagen geleden

    *G O O S E B U M P S*

  5. Abdillah Aufa19

    Abdillah Aufa19

    10 dagen geleden

    For the first time I heard ASMR which sounded very fierce and hot😌🔥

  6. white ttlove

    white ttlove

    11 dagen geleden

    nice great honda sound.👍

  7. OlderThanDirt


    11 dagen geleden

    sounds like an aboriginal didgeridoo, and that is perfect to pair up with a real didgeridoo soundtrack, great looking race car. Good luck this year team !

  8. Sabina


    11 dagen geleden


  9. Toivoton


    12 dagen geleden

    I have to say you AlphaTauri are very innovative team just doing the carlaunch you have done couple of things that no other team has yet done. And Of course I'm exited for Yuki's debut!

  10. Gamal Trinidad Kabil

    Gamal Trinidad Kabil

    12 dagen geleden

    Sounds amazing but never thought that a F1 team would join the bandwagon of 8D... You guys are supposed to be engineers lol

  11. Prakash Raj Elichetty

    Prakash Raj Elichetty

    13 dagen geleden

    We r gonna miss russian hardbass memes on Kvyat fo' sure

  12. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    13 dagen geleden

    Wow! This sounds amazing! Hope great results with this masterpiece!! Forza Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda! 👍🏻🍀 Music to my ears!!

  13. Jared Atzmon

    Jared Atzmon

    13 dagen geleden

    Unreal!!! So freaking cool!!!

  14. neefhond


    13 dagen geleden

    i wanna hear this play happy birthday

    • gioyu comi

      gioyu comi

      13 dagen geleden

      Can't wait for the AlphaTauri fashion show

  15. Azureus TheGreatJoker

    Azureus TheGreatJoker

    14 dagen geleden

    It's like a chainsaw and a lightsaber offspring spawn and cry(or activate) for the first time like a newborn baby.

  16. Lol Boiiis ツ

    Lol Boiiis ツ

    14 dagen geleden

    Who’s here after the car launch :)

  17. Jorge Moreno Labao

    Jorge Moreno Labao

    14 dagen geleden

    HONDA!!!! 💪😱 Que pena que se marchen ahora que están arriba.

  18. Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97

    Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97

    14 dagen geleden

    Honda RA621H for both AT02 and RB17

  19. Manuel Martínez

    Manuel Martínez

    14 dagen geleden

    Honda engine had the best sound of the f1 grid, sad to see them go

  20. Qbix Qbix

    Qbix Qbix

    14 dagen geleden

    That's true *Honda-o-Beat*

  21. Noah Lenz

    Noah Lenz

    14 dagen geleden

    Only the 2nd rate Red Bull team would post this to show they are "mid-field" contenders. Go join Haas and Williams, amd be B team.

  22. alida flus

    alida flus

    14 dagen geleden

    Thank you HONDA 2015-2021👍

  23. Rodrigo Riquelme

    Rodrigo Riquelme

    14 dagen geleden

    That car drilled a hole through my ears and in my brain hahahah

  24. slavarabian gamer

    slavarabian gamer

    14 dagen geleden

    nice vid and with the 7.1 headset that will be awsome

    • alida flus

      alida flus

      14 dagen geleden

      not a fan of the audio panning from left to right at all

  25. İbrahim Talha Özalp

    İbrahim Talha Özalp

    15 dagen geleden

    Honda engine sounds are So cool!!

  26. TheLastCrankers


    15 dagen geleden

    Nice, but why the *8D AUDIO* clickbait? You guys know it's enitrely fake, right?

  27. Danish*beep*Sabir


    15 dagen geleden

    whomst summoned the ancient one

  28. GoogleHomeboi


    15 dagen geleden

    Can't wait for the AlphaTauri fashion show

  29. diki septiyono putra

    diki septiyono putra

    15 dagen geleden

    instagram @dikiseptiyono

  30. adib z

    adib z

    15 dagen geleden

    Great my left/right ear enjoy this

  31. Canux13


    15 dagen geleden

    Tsunoda's gonna rock this season!

  32. Kirukato Mirekusu

    Kirukato Mirekusu

    15 dagen geleden

    Last year until Honda says goodbye to Redbull and AlphaTauri.

  33. keppy


    15 dagen geleden

    This '8D audio' thing is stupid. Having actual spatial audio that simulates what you'd hear in the cockpit would be so much better than the engine sound rolling around your head. But that's just my opinion :> Up until 0:25 it was good spatial audio though!

  34. ese_rulo82


    15 dagen geleden


  35. yuoop noke

    yuoop noke

    15 dagen geleden

    grandma coughing.

  36. Sulthan Ishard

    Sulthan Ishard

    15 dagen geleden

    This sound is music to my ears.....⚡🔥💪👏👏❤❤

  37. RPG31ninja


    15 dagen geleden

    that audio balance was fucking shit

    • yuoop noke

      yuoop noke

      15 dagen geleden

      Yeah but like is the car spinning or i am the one spinning

  38. Jimmy Midson

    Jimmy Midson

    15 dagen geleden

    not a fan of the audio panning from left to right at all

  39. Alex Salazar

    Alex Salazar

    15 dagen geleden

    Suena verguisimaaaa

  40. TheLegends1153


    15 dagen geleden

    These are rare nowadays. Thank you Scuderia AlphaTauri.

  41. Aldo Aréchar

    Aldo Aréchar

    15 dagen geleden

    Wth is 8D audio? It’s just binaural

  42. M Nizar Zulhamsyah

    M Nizar Zulhamsyah

    15 dagen geleden

    Is that 2021 floor design? It looks similar with previous season while the new mclaren has noticable cut on it.

  43. mudah jr.

    mudah jr.

    15 dagen geleden

    this video should be an ASMR

  44. Heitor O Carneiro

    Heitor O Carneiro

    15 dagen geleden

    Look how the perfected my boy. Lest f go

  45. Beto López

    Beto López

    15 dagen geleden

    VTEC kicked in yo!

  46. dnbmania


    15 dagen geleden

    I hate the term 8D

  47. makan baks0

    makan baks0

    15 dagen geleden

    finally F1 ASMR, I'm tired of anime girls ASMR

  48. Carlos José Tapia Luyo

    Carlos José Tapia Luyo

    15 dagen geleden

    good video

  49. Ashwin Tandel

    Ashwin Tandel

    15 dagen geleden

    nice alpha tauri..

  50. Filippo


    15 dagen geleden

    Hey please give us that picture of the cool black car without the white ring around it. Thank you

  51. Reoni Null

    Reoni Null

    15 dagen geleden


  52. PAV


    15 dagen geleden

    Yeah but like is the car spinning or i am the one spinning

  53. AlphaK


    16 dagen geleden

    Sounds pretty horrible

  54. Akux


    16 dagen geleden

    Look out, surround sound

  55. Tobi Ogunsanwo

    Tobi Ogunsanwo

    16 dagen geleden

    Surround sound ftw!

  56. Vdont sbinnalla

    Vdont sbinnalla

    16 dagen geleden

    It sounds like a demon I’m a bit scared

  57. Arthur Saint-Pol

    Arthur Saint-Pol

    16 dagen geleden

    Yeah, I like this.

  58. F1


    16 dagen geleden

    This almost sounds like the car is on the road or doing some donuts

  59. Kayo Michiels

    Kayo Michiels

    16 dagen geleden

    There's a difference between 8D audio... and just panning the sound around...

  60. JustGanz


    16 dagen geleden

    Wearing my Marshall Major headphones, sounds like spinning around my ear.. Awesome !!

  61. Fayyadh Bangsawan

    Fayyadh Bangsawan

    16 dagen geleden

    If you here this with dolby atmos sound ITS SOUND EPIC

  62. aWoL Nation

    aWoL Nation

    16 dagen geleden

    Even without headphones.... Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!! SO GOOD!

  63. Abd Hafiz

    Abd Hafiz

    16 dagen geleden

    I love my phone🤣

  64. MatthewGamer358


    16 dagen geleden

    That literally made me forget my surroundings and it didn’t even sound like I had headphones on

  65. Nadishka Perera

    Nadishka Perera

    16 dagen geleden

    Sounds like a fucking washing machine. Who are you kidding ....

  66. Petar Pajić

    Petar Pajić

    16 dagen geleden

    car in the image does not even have a 2021 spec floor

  67. Yusuf Beyazkılınç

    Yusuf Beyazkılınç

    16 dagen geleden

    Bosphorus Bridge at the end ❤️

  68. CactusTTP _

    CactusTTP _

    16 dagen geleden

    Wait there was sound ? Sorry... I don’t really hear those damn V6 Hybrid

  69. Paulo Muñoz Artavia

    Paulo Muñoz Artavia

    16 dagen geleden

    Sorry for saying this, but I came listening to this Twice

  70. フェイドFeido


    16 dagen geleden

    Nice engine voice not loud as last season

  71. Daniel Escobar

    Daniel Escobar

    16 dagen geleden

    honda engines are the best sounding engines.

  72. df hu

    df hu

    16 dagen geleden

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  73. Justin S

    Justin S

    16 dagen geleden

    Sounds like a brutal blender 😂

  74. Fingers


    16 dagen geleden

    0:53 it's cool Typical Honda Power💪. Others just run the engine ... 😄

  75. Leon Rexhaj

    Leon Rexhaj

    16 dagen geleden

    Who are tuned for Friday Me which hour

  76. Luca Zavan

    Luca Zavan

    16 dagen geleden

    I love the sound when it brakes

  77. Denzel Venn

    Denzel Venn

    16 dagen geleden

    With headphones this is like asmr all over again

  78. shifnie shizard

    shifnie shizard

    16 dagen geleden

    Sounds like a velociraptor 🦖

  79. Fox trot

    Fox trot

    17 dagen geleden

    AlphaTaurstein: It's alive... *IT'S ALIVE!*

  80. Minju Song

    Minju Song

    17 dagen geleden

    You must try with any noise-cancelling earphones!

  81. - Neero

    - Neero

    17 dagen geleden

    Great donut sound Alpha Tauri, i love it

  82. Umut


    17 dagen geleden


  83. Angela Noto

    Angela Noto

    17 dagen geleden

    The sound is Life

  84. Fixibilty Hadisaputro

    Fixibilty Hadisaputro

    17 dagen geleden

    Pure sound bigmoto❌ Pure sound f1✔

  85. Gerrard Rodrigues

    Gerrard Rodrigues

    17 dagen geleden


  86. Ryochan


    17 dagen geleden

    Listen to great HONDA music!

  87. Powerate


    17 dagen geleden

    AlphaTauri Is doing donuts in my head

  88. Yosfelino Boantua

    Yosfelino Boantua

    17 dagen geleden

    the thing is, we dont know we need this thing until we hear this :)

  89. Matteo Sodero

    Matteo Sodero

    17 dagen geleden

    Good luck from a Ferrari Fan!! Andiamo alphatauri 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  90. River Mecancy

    River Mecancy

    17 dagen geleden


  91. MrAbuse96


    17 dagen geleden

    It doesn't really bite, no offense, just not enjoying hybrid v6 as much as v8 or V10's sound wise

  92. Evo _

    Evo _

    17 dagen geleden

    いい音してるぜ。 Hondaラストシーズン全力でそのサウンドをサーキットに響かせてくれ!

  93. Daniel Bueno Domingueti

    Daniel Bueno Domingueti

    17 dagen geleden

    Just perfect and amazing experience! Thanks for that!

  94. Lee Taylor

    Lee Taylor

    17 dagen geleden

    Who is the engine supplier?

  95. Mamadou YTB Channel

    Mamadou YTB Channel

    17 dagen geleden

    Just do it Alpha Tauri

  96. Kevin


    17 dagen geleden

    sounds like a hungry powerunit!

  97. Marcell Hévizi

    Marcell Hévizi

    17 dagen geleden

    Ooohh i love this sound.😍 Alpha tauri is my favorite car in f1 2020 game. 😁🙂

  98. The Living Room

    The Living Room

    17 dagen geleden

    Imagine living in a world where this is noise, how can one enjoy life? This is music!!!

  99. Gio Gamer

    Gio Gamer

    17 dagen geleden

    Great try...with NLcameras only output stereo 2.0 😄

  100. misigun


    17 dagen geleden

    Canon EOS 8D