Men try Rhythmic Gymnastics! {COUPLES CHALLENGE} | Nile Wilson

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    7 dagen geleden

    Why does 11:36 remind me of the part from The Grinch when he was trying on clothes

  2. D L

    D L

    9 dagen geleden

    you sure you are straight one direction ..what is wrong with men's this days ...

  3. melan12027


    10 dagen geleden

    (Sees title) By the way why don't we have men's rhythmic gymnastics? (1st two minutes of the men hitting their balls with the props) me: aaah, I see why.

  4. Diamond_and Friends

    Diamond_and Friends

    11 dagen geleden

    Nile and Emily were defo flirting most of the time!

  5. Earl Maree

    Earl Maree

    17 dagen geleden

    Nile and the girl in the purple is a perfect couple

  6. Mihajlo Sporin

    Mihajlo Sporin

    19 dagen geleden

    song 15>50?

  7. Amy Kacz

    Amy Kacz

    28 dagen geleden

    Nile i just started seeing your videos. They are purely entertaining. Thank you

  8. Sean Manson

    Sean Manson

    Maand geleden

    Dont have a clue how ive come across your videos mate but i must say you and ur crew have another fan!!! Awesome stuff very inspiring 👏

  9. burstz infinite

    burstz infinite

    Maand geleden

    1:59 the funny part

  10. Christy Lane

    Christy Lane

    Maand geleden

    You guys crack me up

  11. Chloe E

    Chloe E

    Maand geleden

    im 11 and im waching this so don't be rude

  12. Blöxy Llamå

    Blöxy Llamå

    Maand geleden

    Also some boys think if girls get hit in the front it doesn’t hurt BUT IT DOES

  13. GSMachinist


    Maand geleden

    1:27 ARE YOU FLEXIBLE Emily: *stares*

  14. Sunset Genie

    Sunset Genie

    Maand geleden

    why is this slowly turning into a dude perfect challenge? lmao

  15. Olga Poniridou

    Olga Poniridou

    Maand geleden


  16. Olga Poniridou

    Olga Poniridou

    Maand geleden


  17. Olga Poniridou

    Olga Poniridou

    Maand geleden


  18. Peter Mann

    Peter Mann

    Maand geleden

    brilliant. bravo.

  19. Andrew Walker

    Andrew Walker

    Maand geleden

    This was enjoyable 🐱😊

  20. kelly erin

    kelly erin

    Maand geleden

    You guys are having way too much fun lmfao (thank you for showing that we can still have fun during covid)

  21. Erika Raean

    Erika Raean

    Maand geleden

    I love how excited y’all get when you land the trick! Well done!

  22. Izzaldeen Jaber

    Izzaldeen Jaber

    Maand geleden

    mimi is awesome, her skills are unbelievable.👏️👏️👏️

  23. Rachid Naim رشيد نعيم

    Rachid Naim رشيد نعيم

    2 maanden geleden

  24. лиза лосева

    лиза лосева

    2 maanden geleden

    А что

  25. COSMIC CLOUD 835


    2 maanden geleden

    Lol this video is really funny also if you haven't watched the first rhythmic gymnastic video watch that to its soooo funny

  26. Mike Hurtado

    Mike Hurtado

    2 maanden geleden

    Hay que vestirse de gilipuertas?

  27. Ruby Pickette

    Ruby Pickette

    2 maanden geleden

    Go Nile and Emily

  28. Светлана Воробьева

    Светлана Воробьева

    2 maanden geleden

    Это не художественная гимнастика, а дурдом! Нет ни гармонии, ни красоты! Жуть!

  29. R. B.

    R. B.

    2 maanden geleden

    The Boys have talent!

  30. kaylesxxxx


    2 maanden geleden

    I don't think iv giggled so much in my life!! This vlog is brilliant from beginning to the end xx

  31. Felizes


    2 maanden geleden

    6:36 kkkkkkk his face

  32. Olga Mez

    Olga Mez

    3 maanden geleden

    Ничосссе гимнастки

  33. татьяна исаева

    татьяна исаева

    3 maanden geleden


  34. Ivanna Juarez

    Ivanna Juarez

    3 maanden geleden

    Nile: Tom, what did you think, bro? Tom: You the best looking mom Nile: damn right 😂😂😂 I cannot stop laughing 😂😂😂

  35. Yasmin play game

    Yasmin play game

    3 maanden geleden

    اتحدقو ان تكلمو عربي

  36. Anna Elisabeth

    Anna Elisabeth

    3 maanden geleden


  37. Tommaso Famularo

    Tommaso Famularo

    3 maanden geleden

    "we have musketeers merch" me a new guy : ah so you guys are french? the entirety of England: *TRIGGERED* me: running for my life crying not knowing what i said wrong

  38. Leonardo Toledo

    Leonardo Toledo

    3 maanden geleden

    Natasha 😍

  39. Аз_Аз_Ель


    3 maanden geleden

    Веселые ребята :))

  40. Raul Vitor

    Raul Vitor

    3 maanden geleden

    The jaded peripheral centrally hop because magazine sporadically retire worth a distinct asia. savory, shivering whale

  41. Raul Vitor

    Raul Vitor

    3 maanden geleden

    The laughable bead acceptably peep because jacket intralysosomally suppose towards a zesty greece. intelligent, abortive motorboat

  42. WeenerDawg


    3 maanden geleden

    ... this really inspires me to want to become a damn gymnast... :'(

  43. Amazonbargains


    3 maanden geleden

    6:55 lmfao, 8:31 also not sure why i found this so funny but im tearing up

  44. Saf L

    Saf L

    3 maanden geleden

    Does anyone know the song playing from 7:55 to 9:05?

  45. Antoine Gil

    Antoine Gil

    3 maanden geleden

    Excellent !... C'est bon de voir des adultes s'amuser comme des enfants.

  46. allday everyday

    allday everyday

    3 maanden geleden

    Wish I had more vids, I look like your MATE. English I guess. Cool.

  47. Kombat Kitten

    Kombat Kitten

    3 maanden geleden

    Your relationship is my everything. A professional circus gymnast and an olympic gymnast inaugurated relationship is so cute. Watching you get jealous watching her crystal performance and watching her cry in pride of you at your videos of your gymnastics. Yall are cuter than a Netflix algorithm could make... So happy for yall.

  48. heloisa dias

    heloisa dias

    3 maanden geleden


  49. Heian 1973

    Heian 1973

    3 maanden geleden

    а прикол в чем?

  50. Emily GG123

    Emily GG123

    3 maanden geleden

    6:45 has Nile just been exposed there...

  51. Sarah Coleman

    Sarah Coleman

    3 maanden geleden

    This was really fun to watch. XD lol

  52. Emily North

    Emily North

    3 maanden geleden

    you all look beautiful

  53. Potter Hermione

    Potter Hermione

    3 maanden geleden

    Why is ash good at everything actually?

  54. Lanes M

    Lanes M

    3 maanden geleden

    What happened to COVID 😂

  55. Hannah Müller

    Hannah Müller

    3 maanden geleden

    rope was missing

  56. Kiara Lewis

    Kiara Lewis

    3 maanden geleden

    1:30 Emily’s face she’s so done with him 😂

  57. Debra Adkins-Brown

    Debra Adkins-Brown

    3 maanden geleden

    You need cc or an interpreter that speaks English. I'm not sure what you're all speaking but it's not a language or dialect I understand.

  58. Taylor baker

    Taylor baker

    3 maanden geleden

    How don’t it hurt when the hoop lands on the ladies thing

  59. Kids Faiz

    Kids Faiz

    3 maanden geleden


  60. Ben Harris

    Ben Harris

    3 maanden geleden

    5.23 in ash reminded me of Louie Spence

  61. Ashlee Toto

    Ashlee Toto

    4 maanden geleden

    Omg the guys outfits I can't omg in the very beginning

  62. Ian Davies

    Ian Davies

    4 maanden geleden

    8:25 how can a human being be that flexible? 😳

  63. Jody Stephens

    Jody Stephens

    4 maanden geleden

    I am a rhythmic gymnast and I love these please make more they are funny!!! I love your videos Nile!!! Thanks for making my laugh and smile.

  64. Chloe Reding

    Chloe Reding

    4 maanden geleden

    He is like bend over

  65. Ele ra

    Ele ra

    4 maanden geleden

    😂😂😂😂You guys are awesome

  66. Nadja Sekulic

    Nadja Sekulic

    4 maanden geleden

    For real

  67. Nadja Sekulic

    Nadja Sekulic

    4 maanden geleden

    I am treining the ritmic gymnastic

  68. Poppy Equestrian

    Poppy Equestrian

    4 maanden geleden

    This is the best video of all time!! So funny!!

  69. ミントイチゴ


    4 maanden geleden

    I like when yall guys are like extra silly , it makes it fun...

  70. Leam Godfrey

    Leam Godfrey

    4 maanden geleden

    Someone only got one ball

  71. uliana !

    uliana !

    4 maanden geleden

    The pink and wine red costumes are 😔😭😱

  72. Francis Vidal

    Francis Vidal

    5 maanden geleden

    This one was hilarious!!

  73. Tuscany Fairer

    Tuscany Fairer

    5 maanden geleden

    I'd love to do rhythmic gymnastics flexibility training with you guys xx

  74. Lee Williams

    Lee Williams

    5 maanden geleden

    Great fun

  75. Bob


    5 maanden geleden

    Watching this video once again puts a broad smile on me face.

  76. Tiffany Hunter

    Tiffany Hunter

    5 maanden geleden

    omg loved this video!!! sooo freaking good and funny 😂

  77. John Campbell

    John Campbell

    5 maanden geleden

    next: women try pommels and rings

  78. Paul Mann

    Paul Mann

    5 maanden geleden


  79. Jacques Arangies

    Jacques Arangies

    5 maanden geleden

    Freckin awesome I absolutely loved this one :D

  80. M Sh

    M Sh

    5 maanden geleden

    Очень крутой челлендж 👍

  81. Omandu HUisLife

    Omandu HUisLife

    5 maanden geleden

    Nile your channel is a lockdown antidote🙏✌

  82. Omandu HUisLife

    Omandu HUisLife

    5 maanden geleden

    Ashley is graceful 👌👌🤗

  83. Fluffy Flower

    Fluffy Flower

    5 maanden geleden

    I don't know any of those people. Are the women elite gymnasts?

  84. Summer Greenwood

    Summer Greenwood

    5 maanden geleden

    Are they dating or is he still dating Gabriel

  85. mjethier


    5 maanden geleden

    this camera man or woman is frigging horrible. i feel like im watching a rollercoaster. cant enjoy the content with the jerkyness.

  86. Olivia Sharpe

    Olivia Sharpe

    5 maanden geleden

    Im sorry but ash should be preparing for the olmpiques in rhythmic gymnastiques .. Omg nile steped up his game he should go to

  87. CrUx Beats

    CrUx Beats

    5 maanden geleden

    When you put on the subtitles and its not recognising anything...

  88. Kâlû


    5 maanden geleden

    4:45 I remember having that role in my lvl 5 routine lol

  89. Kâlû


    5 maanden geleden

    Finally rhythmic gymnastics gets its fair share of popularity 😌

  90. Butch Zamora

    Butch Zamora

    5 maanden geleden

    Don't knock it. In Japan, men's rhythmic gymnastics is a competitive sport.

  91. CrippledMerc


    5 maanden geleden

    Judging by the 50% joke I’m guessing either someone’s had a testicle removed, or it’s an inside joke that we’re not privy to. Live strong 😉

    • Boyd Petrie

      Boyd Petrie

      5 maanden geleden

      Haha, yeah, that's what I assumed from that joke too. lol

  92. stephane tesdechi

    stephane tesdechi

    5 maanden geleden

    hi Nile from france you are fantastic

  93. Rxvy B but fxtc

    Rxvy B but fxtc

    5 maanden geleden


  94. Angel


    5 maanden geleden

    Joanna's bf looking diff in this vid

  95. lizzy pavlova

    lizzy pavlova

    5 maanden geleden

    rhythmic gymnastics is such an underrated sport, thanks for making this video to show how difficult it actually is

  96. Molly Evans

    Molly Evans

    6 maanden geleden

    Ashley is my favorite!

  97. مدرسة الصحة

    مدرسة الصحة

    6 maanden geleden

  98. Robbie Richards

    Robbie Richards

    6 maanden geleden

    Bought some merch 💸

  99. Che Che

    Che Che

    6 maanden geleden

    Ash telling the girl in blue to RELAX killed me for some reason

  100. Ava Bunting

    Ava Bunting

    6 maanden geleden

    Hi tom