Logan Paul: YouTube's (and Jake Paul's) awful older brother

Basically, Logan Paul bad *insert applause*
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Logan Paul VS Jake Paul 2-part series
Other episode:
0:00 - Intro
2:45 - A clean start
5:32 - The world's worst Japan vlog
10:06 - NLcamerasr apology: World tour
18:13 - Brief Boxers
22:12 - R-Rated Dobrik
28:59 - Impaulsive
37:59 - A good influence(r)
41:01 - My brother's keeper
44:02 Nowhere to go but up
Logan Paul: NLcameras's (and Jake Paul's) awful older brother


  1. dangelowallace


    Maand geleden

    I _would_ apologize for posting this video so late and making y'all watch 50 minutes of Logan Paul but then again... y'all are also getting to watch 50 minutes of ME plus I had to watch *50 hours* of Logan Paul for you... in other words you may apologize to me in the comments below ⬇️

    • Alison Voshell

      Alison Voshell

      2 dagen geleden

      I am so sorry for the truly inconvenient things you do to provide me with 👏top👏quality👏content👏

    • The WET TEE!!!!

      The WET TEE!!!!

      12 dagen geleden

      Express vpn fuct up my iPhone built in internet it’s a iPhone 10 from sprint in case anybody has something similar heads up

    • Court


      23 dagen geleden

      Can you apologize for not DMing me back

    • CaroDame


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      We are so sorry please love us again

    • Océane Le Ny

      Océane Le Ny

      Maand geleden

      We’re all so sorry...

  2. 0MissElizabeth0


    2 uur geleden

    I hate your videos because there's so many things I wanna argue with, but then there's always MORE coming still, so I tell myself I'll do it all at the end but by the end I forgot what I wanted to say and I don't wanna give you another view by going back..

  3. AftermathRV


    3 uur geleden

    I did not expect to learn what i learned in this video, but this redemption story was so worth getting goosebumps over Ill gonna go give that podcast a chance

  4. Mary Huzl

    Mary Huzl

    11 uur geleden

    Am I just really unobservant or just dumb because before today I assumed Casey Neistat was a woman? (I mean I had never seen a picture or paid attention to what he did before) Maybe it's because I'm more used to Casey as a female name?

  5. Marina Hernandez

    Marina Hernandez

    13 uur geleden

    I love his insults 😂 he says it so casually

  6. Laverne Blaszczyk

    Laverne Blaszczyk

    14 uur geleden

    But he was so handsome...the problem is when they let him talk😂😂😂 He and his brother are our generation's Trump, just wait till they get into politics!! #WeAreDoomed

  7. Apples Oranges

    Apples Oranges

    15 uur geleden

    I'm not even a fan of this boy & never watched a vid of his. But this again in my opinion, Is another case of "mass exaggerated outrage". Where social media takes the cancelling or hate against someone to an extreme level vs what they actually did. All he really did was find, record & post something he shouldnt have, that's far from the worst thing someone can do, in fact some people make a career out of it called "journalism" and profit off it. Yet there's people who actually do and post HORRIBLE things yet don't get the same amount of hate, don't get cancelled or even punished at all. And that's what doesn't make sense to me.

  8. dragon


    19 uur geleden

    0:10 What? No? Jake is the most hated. Logan is amazing.

  9. rogurt


    21 uur geleden

    I thought they hit their thirties by now wtf 23?

  10. miidniighttoker


    23 uur geleden

    43:05 (*Jake paul) love u D 💕

  11. Pokemon115


    23 uur geleden

    Logan posted a video after the forest incident of him tasing dead rats like he was trying to de-fibrillate them. Defibs are meant to stabilize the heart, shocking a stopped heart is very dangerous and would actually make things worse. CPR is really the only method to restart a heart, unless a new method has been invented that I'm unaware of. In the same video he tried to give cpr to a goldfish. To a fish.

  12. God Squad

    God Squad

    23 uur geleden

    Flight forgot to put the cameras on Logan forgot to turn the cameras off

  13. -squaggy -

    -squaggy -

    Dag geleden

    the fact that i’m considered the “target audience” for jake and logan’s videos while i’m just sitting here hooked on markiplier playing phasmophobia makes myself proud

  14. R M

    R M

    Dag geleden

    I’m so impressed at how well prepared and articulate you are. Your content is well edited. Keep up the great work!

  15. blueeyedevil


    Dag geleden

    I know im leaving multiple comments, but your level of research and presentation of it, is amazing man, and I hope to see you blow the fuck up, so far I’ve watched this video and the Onision video in full, and now I’m gonna watch the Jake Paul vid, thank you man

  16. blueeyedevil


    Dag geleden

    Oh my God, did you actually watch/listen to every, single, fucking, podcast??!! I got mad fucking, respect for you my guy

  17. blueeyedevil


    Dag geleden

    He’s worse than Scotty Kilmer!!!

  18. Lianna Pfister

    Lianna Pfister

    Dag geleden

    4:11 OMG I remember that!

  19. Spoonstone


    Dag geleden

    Dont mind me, just commenting at 1mil subs so i can come back to this comment when you hit 10mil :)

  20. i_eat_younglings


    Dag geleden

    off topic but you’re literally a god

  21. Timothy Gower

    Timothy Gower

    Dag geleden

    You make such great content that I wouldn't watch from anyone else but you actually get me to enjoy your work on just your personal style

  22. Mike Zanzi

    Mike Zanzi

    Dag geleden

    Maan bro your gonna sound so much better wen those braces is out

  23. Mark Savant Media

    Mark Savant Media

    2 dagen geleden

    People can change. We don't need to forget peoples mistakes, but we should forgive.

  24. saturn *:・゚

    saturn *:・゚

    2 dagen geleden

    shane wishes he could be d'angelo tbh like it's so obvious this is the type of content he wanted to make but we didn't have a comparison point until d'angelo started making vids :p

  25. Lainey McClure

    Lainey McClure

    2 dagen geleden

    I think that Logan doing his podcast is working as therapy for him. As he talks so much during the podcasts he's starting to think. lol

  26. Josie


    2 dagen geleden

    ahhh his girl and I have the same name.... I don't ever want to hear him say that again LOL

  27. iris olympia

    iris olympia

    2 dagen geleden

    low key had to skip through the logan paul interviews because i can’t stand him lol

  28. Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter

    2 dagen geleden

    i still hate that i have the same birthday as him

  29. Elijah Derringer

    Elijah Derringer

    2 dagen geleden

    Then he bought pokémon cards and people forgave him 😁.... not me tho he's still a piece of shit

  30. Padurariu Catalin

    Padurariu Catalin

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm don't hate Logan Paul, honestly I do believe he is a lot of a douchebag, but the only thing I watched from him was a flat earth documentary,I must say I thoroughly enjoyed that. Hit little brother is just a dipshit, period

  31. Jamie Roberts

    Jamie Roberts

    2 dagen geleden

    This completely changed my view of Logan Paul and I honestly am interested in actually listening to his podcast.

  32. Maddii Deakin

    Maddii Deakin

    3 dagen geleden

    Thank you SO much for providing CC - It's so appreciated

  33. BlastinNick


    3 dagen geleden

    I’m on a dangelo binge and I’m totally okay with the hour long vids.

  34. Rob Staelens

    Rob Staelens

    3 dagen geleden

    You still living in 2018?

  35. Claribel Penick

    Claribel Penick

    3 dagen geleden

    His podcast is a little less about himself and a little more about giving others a platform to speak - there's something ALMOST poetic there

  36. Marta Muszkiet

    Marta Muszkiet

    3 dagen geleden

    Imagine seeing your friends dead body on yt

  37. Rammy


    3 dagen geleden

    I'm a relatively big fan of Law and Order SVU and I think I just forcefully expunged that fact that Logan Paul was in an episode and now I must do it again.

  38. KJblade44


    3 dagen geleden

    You sir have earned yourself another subscriber. You make good stuff.

  39. A X

    A X

    3 dagen geleden

    My younger sister just said she loves Logan Paul. I hope no one finds the body.

  40. Andrew


    3 dagen geleden


    • Bruh Moment

      Bruh Moment

      3 dagen geleden


  41. zollo


    3 dagen geleden

    Anyone know what the background music was in this video? It reminded me of kingdom hearts.

  42. Love Machine

    Love Machine

    4 dagen geleden

    The Vanilla SF4 announcer with the KO at about 4:06? What a throwback.

  43. Ray


    4 dagen geleden

    I really like Logan in 2020, he's a pretty nice guy, at some point we have to move on from the suicide vid. Jake....oh boy, that's another story.

  44. Kara Schoen

    Kara Schoen

    4 dagen geleden

    In fact I was 10 and in the fifth when I first saw Logan Pauls suicide video. I was a big fan of his coming from Jake Pauls channel and the team 10 house. I would watch his videos everyday mainly because I was 10 and had nothing else to do. I watched the suicide video on the same day it came out and on his channel. When I was watching it I felt a bit weird and thought it was ok to be filming and standing by a dead body of someone who just committed suicide.And now looking back at it I was young and naive. In fact I remember him saying that he was going to blur the body for the family's personal private reasons and thought that was ok. Later as I grew up and look back at the situation I think it is disgusting. I also remember a part where he got a close up of his hands being blue and purple and to be honest if I saw that now I would feel sick to my stomach. Right now to believe that my 10 year old innocent eyes saw that I am disappointed in myself. And for me clicking on that video makes me more mad. I would lie to my friends saying that I didn't watch the video on his channel because I was ashamed to say that I was one of his friends. And honestly I feel so much better getting this out of my system to random people. And honestly I know he made a mistake and he regrets ever posting that video. But the thing is if I remember he was with a group of people. There were multiple people who could have said "don't record that body because thats fricked up". Like there was a whole group and editor and probably a few other people to stop him from posting that video in the first place. Anyways i'm done thx for tea time!

  45. Omar Sanchez

    Omar Sanchez

    4 dagen geleden

    idk why I never got this in my recommended or sub box, then I find this 1 month later and now I have mad recommendations

  46. Bandito Ben

    Bandito Ben

    4 dagen geleden

    I’m pissed it took this long for yt’s algorithm to recommend this video/channel/content creator. Goddamn this was well-researched. Charlie (cr1tikal aka penguinz0) has some real competition for best combination of voice and eloquence, but the music/editing/research makes this its own great channel on its own merit. I’m looking forward to your twitch debut!

  47. TAmbitiousLive


    4 dagen geleden

    I’m on a DAngelo Wallace NLcameras rabbit hole. I’m 3 videos deep and got 2 more in my suggested that I MUST watch I think 😅😂

  48. Tess


    4 dagen geleden

    This was a very interesting video and I think you did a great job. I fully expected to hate him even more by the end of this video, but it did show that he has changed for the better. Not going to ever be a fan, but he has still changed.

  49. Allegedly a trishy fishy

    Allegedly a trishy fishy

    4 dagen geleden

    I watched the suicide forest video when it came out and I cried because my mom done that to herself a while prior to it being posted

  50. DesukaNeo


    5 dagen geleden

    37:42 I think bad situation makes a person grow more than the no of years a person has lived. For me, I learned and grew more after my breakup, then I ever did before that. It was not just breakup, but I dealed with so many people's reactions. I got to know myself more and other people more. Their flaws, and my own.

  51. bill walls 2.0

    bill walls 2.0

    5 dagen geleden

    yo really enjoyed your video. props from a fellow wallace.

  52. Keyn Tee

    Keyn Tee

    5 dagen geleden

    Ofc this kid likes Mac the best on the podcast LOL Mac is the most dry human alive and he barley talked??? And he is ur favourite lol stop trying to be different

  53. Nattie B

    Nattie B

    5 dagen geleden


  54. Mohammed Majali

    Mohammed Majali

    5 dagen geleden

    Again, why does it feel so personal? Like you hate them? Or him? It’s okay to hate, but it seems to be like the only person wearing a mask is you, like your trying to be unbiased but it’s too obvious you are very biased. Your braces make it hard to bare you speak, as soon as you take them off I hope you sound more like a human rather than a muffled old microphone. I enjoy watching ur content, maybe you should write your videos and bring someone else to preform, cause u don’t have IT. Idk what IT is but u don’t have it

    • Mohammed Majali

      Mohammed Majali

      4 dagen geleden

      @Maria C see now u took this personal, why? I’m a big fan of his content and I want to see it evolve. It’s between me and him, obviously it has nothing to do with him personally, only the channel, he has a personal Vendetta against these you tubers and it shows. He isn’t doing it for the sake of the greater good like he makes it seem, he’s doing it because he wants to. Idc what his motives are but why try to come off like the superior human being? Isn’t that where all these other you tubers went wrong too? Shane Dawson? Jake Paul? Logan Paul? His mask is slipping, all I’m saying Maria. 🤷‍♂️

    • Maria C

      Maria C

      4 dagen geleden

      I think he has more IT than those too, especially Jake. He is commenting on their videos and their attitudes in a civil way without having to use personal attacks o to insult them (like you with the braces comment or the comment about his “lack of personality”), and for me at least, that is very respectable and the IT I’m looking for :)

  55. HiddenTalent


    5 dagen geleden

    I like how they're chapters. Your organization skills/editing skills are awesome. P.S. you remind me of that one guy in the zoom university discussions that makes the entire classroom go quiet with just how much deep knowledge you're dropping on everyone. Amazing. God bless you and have a peaceful day/night.

  56. Pretty Kitty

    Pretty Kitty

    5 dagen geleden

    You are my new favorite channel. More content please. 👍

  57. Xavierthe_elf Eduardo

    Xavierthe_elf Eduardo

    5 dagen geleden

    I acc really like Logan Paul, I stopped watching him after the Japan stuff but his content and his personality has gotten much better



    5 dagen geleden

    It's slow, but he's improving. And I'm glad, it's always refreshing to see people grow as a better person.

  59. Emma


    5 dagen geleden

    This was definitely eye opening for me, a person who really detested the Paul brothers and others like them on this platform. I'm not saying I like him, but now it's easier for me to view him as a real person rather than a dimensionless persona.

  60. Mars Kahn

    Mars Kahn

    5 dagen geleden

    real life nightcrawler like deadass that movie existed when he did this him being a low tier sociopath isn't an excuse 😀

  61. Hope


    6 dagen geleden

    I usually don't finish long videos BUT i actually watched every minute of this without skipping... h o w

  62. Ludwig Gilde

    Ludwig Gilde

    6 dagen geleden

    Speaking of - please make a video about Joe Rogan!

  63. Thomas MacDonald

    Thomas MacDonald

    6 dagen geleden

    I give Logan some respect because, I truly think he's a psychopath, it also helps that during his podcast he put Jake on blast for blatantly exploited the nationwide riots. I'm not going to say that excuses him, nor does that make me want to follow. Yet another NLcamerasr I actively try to avoid lol.

  64. Malena


    6 dagen geleden


  65. Patti Hainline

    Patti Hainline

    6 dagen geleden

    Hey their back! 😒😒😒😒😒😒

  66. Cxsmic Brxwnies

    Cxsmic Brxwnies

    6 dagen geleden

    I'm just gonna say this. If that was me seeing a dead body hanging from a tree in a forest, I would've screamed on the top of my lungs, bolted out of there and ran home. Hell, I probably wouldn't close my eyes to blink or sleep because of it. How does a human being see a dead body and not have nightmares or flashbacks related to that? (Talking abt Logan, some people can see a body and just walk away like nothing happened)

    • Cocokoochie


      6 dagen geleden

      actually from my experience it must have struck him hard. i saw a dead body and i wasn’t screaming yelling or running. i was just there doing what i normally do and went on with my day. but inside i was very disturbed

  67. Ivan Pavičić

    Ivan Pavičić

    6 dagen geleden

    I thought you were a normal person. Can you just change the title, please? If you don't like Logan thats your problem, but I can't read the title of the video and not cringying. I really thought that Logan changed to a better person, but when I look at the top comments I thought that you blinded them. Im not hating you, but please change the title, Its not okay.

  68. scarlet rose

    scarlet rose

    7 dagen geleden

    y has dangelo sold me logan’s podcast more than logan has

  69. szonja kiss

    szonja kiss

    7 dagen geleden

    I saw the thinning before I knew it was him in it as I didn't know him outside of hearing his name here and there. So I actually kind of enjoyed it and with how the first one ended now I'm lowkey mad it was canceled cause of him. Agh.

  70. oofy loofy

    oofy loofy

    7 dagen geleden

    I hate jake Paul way more honestly

  71. Ana K

    Ana K

    7 dagen geleden

    what i really like about your videos is that you're so open to really hearing out a person and analyzing them in spite of previous prejudice against them

  72. Stanimal Vlogs

    Stanimal Vlogs

    7 dagen geleden

    I hare when creators never get to the point..

  73. Jacob Heinrich

    Jacob Heinrich

    7 dagen geleden

    It’s weird how Logan and Jake Paul swapped places as worst brother. Like Logan actually self reflected and is improving himself while Jake keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole for himself.

  74. Kelsey Waffle

    Kelsey Waffle

    7 dagen geleden

    You have to be over 18 to join the Maverick Club. He also gives away $10,000 every single month & he’s given away two cars so far. Also if you watch Impaulsive, his podcast, you’ll see a huge change in him. He is a different person on his podcast.

  75. AlbertOh


    7 dagen geleden

    To be quite honest logan paul has changed.

  76. Billie Peddle

    Billie Peddle

    7 dagen geleden

    I get the feeling that Logan isn’t super into his old NLcameras content and that’s why he doesn’t post much. His podcast is definitely a crap ton better than his old content.

  77. Y?


    7 dagen geleden

    "Now lemme show you the Paul Video" Ad pops up.

  78. Emily Conte

    Emily Conte

    7 dagen geleden

    Logan Paul is very clearly a textbook narcissist

  79. Noelle Jackson

    Noelle Jackson

    8 dagen geleden

    Never thought I'd defend Logan Paul, but one of the things he's recently done kind of behind the scenes is pay for a girl's college tuition. This girl is actually Princess Jay and has a pretty big following here on youtube. This was for a video where she was dming famous youtubers and she just point-blank asked logan paul to pay for her tuition and he said yes. (idk if he knew she was a youtuber but she isn't verified on yt or insta so I'm guessing probably not) is the link to the video if you'd like to see for yourself: (the title is "i sent a DM to 100 NLcamerasRS to see who would reply *it actually worked*" if you'd rather search for it)



    8 dagen geleden

    Good video but why are you dissing 12 year olds. We 12 year old doesn't watch trash

  81. •Milky Tea Gacha•

    •Milky Tea Gacha•

    8 dagen geleden

    Have I been living under a rock all my life- how did I I not know about that- that’s disgusting but don’t get me wrong I am proud from how far he’s come today

  82. some rando

    some rando

    8 dagen geleden

    D’Angelo: “Impaulsive is NOT the number one podcast in the world...” Me: 🙂 D’Angelo: “Pretty sure it’s Joe Rogan.” Me: ☹️ EDIT: Joe Rogan has, in fact, been kicked off the top spot in most charts! As of this comment, the podcast at the top of Apple’s chart is Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask the Big Questions, while Joe Rogan is #2. NPR and the New York Times both have very successful podcasts, and there’s one called, uh, “Call Her Daddy” that’s doing quite well...? Idk, doesn’t sounds like my cup o’ tea. Michelle Obama’s podcast also rocketed up the charts despite only debuting four months ago, so good for her! Also, according to, Joe Rogan wasn’t even in the top 10 for Spotify over the summer of 2020. Joe Rogan still looks like he is on top of the charts on least as far as I can tell, I don’t have a Spotify account yet. So you may be right on that one.

  83. AssassinWriter


    8 dagen geleden

    One does not become an "ex-controversial" youtuber. You stay controversial

    • Cocokoochie


      6 dagen geleden

      ikr. do one bad shit in the past you get roasted for it for your entire lives. oh nvm even if you die people talk about it. really doesn’t matter if you changed or not. assholes really be having no common sense

  84. terrenceswiff


    8 dagen geleden

    WOW this video turned, and quite incredibly. Like you, I never would've guessed. So people can grow up, huh

  85. Lexi L

    Lexi L

    8 dagen geleden

    God Bless You Now, brothers and sisters, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand. 2 By this gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain. 3 For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance[a]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, Only Christ saves Not works, Faith...

  86. Adir Shaw

    Adir Shaw

    9 dagen geleden

    Ok i know logan was the most hated but he has changed srill hat fucking jake bur logans ok

  87. Dorian Sanchez

    Dorian Sanchez

    9 dagen geleden

    20:28 bet you won’t do it

  88. Abby Green

    Abby Green

    9 dagen geleden

    D'Angelo I did NOT come into this video expecting to want to listen to/watch Logan Paul's podcast afterward

  89. Adam Bailey

    Adam Bailey

    9 dagen geleden

    Damn bro you should work for CUT

  90. 1XC


    9 dagen geleden

    I'm glad reviewed the podcast I've watched almost all of them and noticed a different vibe in Logan too

  91. why betrayer is poison

    why betrayer is poison

    9 dagen geleden

    Only ogs know when he had aayla and he wasn't mr suicide forest he was just some annoying Ohio boy

  92. Slappap


    9 dagen geleden

    i thought it was just one guy not 2

  93. Greissy Williams

    Greissy Williams

    9 dagen geleden

    Loved this video, great content!

  94. Riley Fitzpatrick

    Riley Fitzpatrick

    10 dagen geleden

    I find it really hard to believe that this video managed to make me respect Logan Paul as a dude but like, damn. plus that clip off his podcast re: Harry Styles in a dress defending him, like, man has grown up n I respect that actually I don't think this absolves him tho, I don't really think I would ever like, forgive I suppose, the suicide forest video, that's just such a horrifying thing to do in my eyes, but he's making amends. I think he realises that he's done a lot of bad things and he's trying to make it right n I respect that

  95. Amelie Gieseking

    Amelie Gieseking

    10 dagen geleden

    today I learned, that logan Paul and I share the same birthday and honestly, I feel like a real fool now

    • Dorian Sanchez

      Dorian Sanchez

      9 dagen geleden

      My apologies

  96. a spider

    a spider

    10 dagen geleden

    Good content but jesus even at 2x speed you talk slow

  97. MAX XIV


    10 dagen geleden

    STFU! hahahah

    • MAX XIV

      MAX XIV

      9 dagen geleden

      @Dorian Sanchez, I meant NO DISRESPECT! Keep grinding have a good day ALWAYS! CHEERS! LET"S GO CHAMP! #LOGANG#LYFE

    • Dorian Sanchez

      Dorian Sanchez

      9 dagen geleden

      No u

  98. Jordan Sanchez

    Jordan Sanchez

    10 dagen geleden

    Wallace is the type of dude where you always have to be on your toes, making sure you don't say something stupid.

  99. Hue Janus

    Hue Janus

    10 dagen geleden

    Ok off topic but did anyone else actually really like stitchers? I loved that show sm and I’ve never met anyone else that watched it/liked it too

  100. McSaucyBossy


    10 dagen geleden

    Kinda crazy how much bias this guy has while making this video. "Buff college guy is how I would describe his brand" if you wanna ignore the entire brand and just blanket him as a way to easily dismiss him thata fine but atleast admit this is just a smear peace on his character.