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The Maya - their soaring pyramids, monumental cities and mythical mastery of astronomy and mathematics have captured our imaginations and spurred generations of explorers into the jungles of Central America on a quest to understand them. Lost World of the Maya surveys their dramatic rise to prominence in the 'pre-classic era' of the Maya as well as new evidence of the collapse of their civilization in the 800-900's AD. Want even more Maya? Try Lost Treasures of the Maya on Disney+
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Lost World of the Maya (Full Episode) | National Geographic
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  1. National Geographic

    National Geographic

    26 dagen geleden

    We heard all of your comments and realized we posted an outdated version of this episode. We apologize for our error, but we have now corrected the issues.

    • Tiaira Cannon

      Tiaira Cannon

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      fathul nurihsan

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  2. Vic R

    Vic R

    3 uur geleden

    Why they talk about the Maya, but show the Aztec sun stone?



    6 uur geleden

    If you want to know where the real Antlantis is and the oldest human civilization in the world, please examine the Gunung Padang Temple in Indonesia, because the stones used are much older than the Egyptian pyramids Gaza, and the Gunung Padang temple is very large, 2x the pyramid gaza.

  4. Artem Happiness

    Artem Happiness

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    На 7.14 справа рисунок гаечных ключей и летающей тарелки??

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    craig smith

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    Nick Martinez

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    "Wadamala" or guaTEmala?

  7. baltazar poz citlan

    baltazar poz citlan

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    viva guatemala

  8. Ricky P. Martin

    Ricky P. Martin

    11 uur geleden

    The feathered serpent was just a sports teams mascot.

  9. RAHUL khatr

    RAHUL khatr

    12 uur geleden

    This is also hindu civilization ruined 10000 yrs ago

  10. Chad Wolfe

    Chad Wolfe

    12 uur geleden

    So their civilization just collapsed because of a lack of water ? LOL

  11. Paksu Sparkcoming

    Paksu Sparkcoming

    13 uur geleden

    this place last time aang and zuko come to learning back fire bender with a two dragon... 😉

  12. Treefarm


    17 uur geleden

    Amazon.... the Maya??? You don't have to be a scientist to know something is wrong here. Also talking about the Maya while showing the famous Aztec calendar stone which is in the Mexico city museum. These film makers are amateurs.

  13. Iju Dnc1

    Iju Dnc1

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    give me cordinet, i go there

  14. Jesse Hayward

    Jesse Hayward

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    Id be sketching out that like snakes and stuff gona come outa knowhere 😅

  15. Sigmund Q. Freud

    Sigmund Q. Freud

    19 uur geleden

    Pretty green place for a drought ridden waterless hellhole...

  16. Ariséu Guncalves

    Ariséu Guncalves

    20 uur geleden

    I don't know why I can't watch the video because it says no internet connection but I can post a comment. The heck is wrong with my wifi

  17. Adun Toridas

    Adun Toridas

    20 uur geleden

    “..across the Guatemala landscape, thousands of new ruins are popping up” An ad pops up. How convenient

    • St0w1k


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  18. the mogul

    the mogul

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    come on, leave them alone, you're just a grave robber

  19. Jocelyn Bugayong

    Jocelyn Bugayong

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  20. Rocky Castrol

    Rocky Castrol

    22 uur geleden

    If they have machines that see through Forest they have machine that see in your houses

  21. Jesse Lopez

    Jesse Lopez

    23 uur geleden

    Mayans come from Guatemala & then migrated to yucatan, any Mexican or Hispanic that tells you different is lying

  22. tawny chiles

    tawny chiles

    Dag geleden

    I think that’s why the ice age happened and all around the world we had to start over due to greed power and the ugliness that was not meant to be.. we need to learn to be as one again within ourselves and communities

  23. tawny chiles

    tawny chiles

    Dag geleden

    So sad to think that the Spanish came and had a hand in their demise..

    • St0w1k


      18 uur geleden

      Survival of the fittest

  24. dethirdangle


    Dag geleden

    To believe you're special, in a long line of human civilization is just ignorant/shortsighted. But then the covering of the truth for fortune/greed has always been the humanity own Achilles heel. Only this is the last lap.

  25. tawny chiles

    tawny chiles

    Dag geleden

    They had all the secrets of Mother Nature and were blessed

  26. Jeevan Das M G

    Jeevan Das M G

    Dag geleden

    I remembered the film “opacalypto”

  27. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu

    Dag geleden

    It took less than 40 seconds to show the Aztec sun stone while talking about the Maya

    • Noahide Warrior

      Noahide Warrior

      4 uur geleden

      THANK YOU! Finally someone also saw it. They also show the pyramid of Teotihuacan🤦‍♂️. Do you study Mesoamerican cultures?

  28. Pedja Gavrilovic

    Pedja Gavrilovic

    Dag geleden

    Aliens call them back

  29. I Wales

    I Wales

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    I was distracted for the first like 10 minuets of this video and now I'm so confused

  30. A cann

    A cann

    Dag geleden

    The music in this is absolutely ridiculous. I know the music is suppose to illicit a response...and it has: Hate.

  31. Aaron Morgan

    Aaron Morgan

    Dag geleden

    Archeologists: " We think all this broken pottery was from a ritual" Mayan: " Here son, take this broken pot to the landfill"

    • oiuet souiu

      oiuet souiu

      Dag geleden

      Giggles adorably

  32. Tyler Watson

    Tyler Watson

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    too many ads.

  33. marko


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    Warning commercials every 2 minutes apart. never seen so many on one upload .not worth the aggravation

  34. Anomitro Bhowmik

    Anomitro Bhowmik

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    That cave really seems like tintin story flight 714

  35. Timtim Amar

    Timtim Amar

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    I think there is a secret to put into reality that the intention is probably to keep something value without the camera and keep going on.

  36. JMT v

    JMT v

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    Ancient Architec 📐⛏🗿🗿🗿🏯

  37. Raul Henriquez

    Raul Henriquez

    Dag geleden

    What is interesting is seeing us citizens amazed by the Mayan culture, but at the same time having Mayans descendants detained in border facilities across the US. Children being separated from their parents and sent back to Guatemala or Honduras.

  38. Praveen point

    Praveen point

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    It's look like that Apocalypto movie shooting location v nice movie 💓💓💓💓💓💓🙃

  39. April Mancio

    April Mancio

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    Lidar iphone 12 pro max

  40. biggee316


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    National Geographic is to me the last Bastion of factual and accurate documentaries films

  41. SupraPsyched


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    Only 9 minutes in and 5 ads I cannot watch anymore ☹

  42. Heidi Kindon

    Heidi Kindon

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    totally unwatchable due to all of the ads. Guess I won't see the program or your ads.

  43. Clarissa Jewel

    Clarissa Jewel

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    Get those men some shoes!

  44. Tim Lampe

    Tim Lampe

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    Didn't know you guys uploaded full episodes on YT. Got a new subscriber here!!

  45. Giant Sandwich

    Giant Sandwich

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    My iPhone has Lidar... Address me as, Giant Sandwich the Archeologist

  46. Susan Dinosaur

    Susan Dinosaur

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    Mayan Leaving Arts, tracks etc: For Our Predecessors. the grandchild of our grandchild. Spain, Portugal, Britain: I may not be your grandchildren but, those will be mine.

  47. Wiryo Caram

    Wiryo Caram

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    Good job

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    esti geloasă pagubă in ciuperci love

  49. Willie Wonka

    Willie Wonka

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    Who cares? They where Sh*theads anyway.

  50. Subajit Bty

    Subajit Bty

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    N those pots r thousands of years old what a fcking rubbish channel

  51. Anthony Rizzo

    Anthony Rizzo

    Dag geleden

    You say the Mayans just vanished. !? God destroyed this race for there many years of ritual sacrifices of there children.lll 5here first born. !!!

  52. Md Rahulahmed

    Md Rahulahmed

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    Very secret pleas

  53. Muhamad ivan Barus

    Muhamad ivan Barus

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    Anyone ever watched doraemon movie ? About MAYA

  54. Stephen Barrell

    Stephen Barrell

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    Stopped watching due to too many adverts! :(

  55. Barbara Wells

    Barbara Wells

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    Ok...... Stairway to heaven!!! Don't let Jimmy Page come at you for illegally using the title of his song and make you drop that BAG!!!!🤑🤑🤑🤑

    • Abdullah Hassan

      Abdullah Hassan

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      I don't think Jimmy Page is gonna go after anyone for using his songs when the most their early stuff is plagarised

  56. HIT ZZ

    HIT ZZ

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    Imagine going to a tribe with fake wings

  57. Lion Tour Adventure

    Lion Tour Adventure

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    I really like this

  58. Gopal Rao Seepana

    Gopal Rao Seepana

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    whats unbelievable fact is ancient indian civilasation far better than mayans civilisation.

  59. Pierre Labriel

    Pierre Labriel

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  60. Cheat Yukhu

    Cheat Yukhu

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  61. Umashankar Singh

    Umashankar Singh

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    they should dig around and outside may be the temple is inside the land and is covered with soil rocks

  62. match boxx

    match boxx

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    where is the sword and knife evidence????

  63. Justin Scott

    Justin Scott

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    they become so advanced they don’t need they’re bodies anymore.

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    Senan Hanna

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  66. Hobby Jalan

    Hobby Jalan

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    there must be reasons the place being left

  67. Baskara Sandhi

    Baskara Sandhi

    Dag geleden

    Thousands of miles from Central America, there is a temple that has pretty similar structure, its named Sukuh Temple or Candi Sukuh, its located in Central Java, Indonesia. its always make me wonder.

  68. fau lal

    fau lal

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    Visit praveen mohan on NLcameras for more clarity.

  69. Abraham Ramirez

    Abraham Ramirez

    2 dagen geleden

    I'm maya .I'm native American maya.

  70. Douglas Batista

    Douglas Batista

    2 dagen geleden

    These peoples developed isolated from the "ancient world" (Egypt, China, India, Greece, Rome), and had all the technologies from mathematics to agriculture. How can you? incredible! even because, as far as is known, they only had contact with foreign civilizations with European colonization.

  71. Nickolas Smith

    Nickolas Smith

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  72. Juan Cruz

    Juan Cruz

    2 dagen geleden

    makes you wonder what will become of America 2,500 years from now

  73. balcony garden

    balcony garden

    2 dagen geleden

    That must not be offerings that must have been robbed and tried to destroy may be to dominate their tradition

  74. Amosh J. Giri

    Amosh J. Giri

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  75. Jack Andrews

    Jack Andrews

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  76. DarqeDestroyer


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    The thumbnail looks like there's an aircraft carrier hiding in the jungle.

  77. chino


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    The starts sounds like the Hammond robotic intro to the Titans from titanfall

  78. Fahmi Purbaya

    Fahmi Purbaya

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    Peradaban kuno 6oo masehi

  79. Mirey Atallah

    Mirey Atallah

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    Maybe it wasn't à cave at the time of the Maya? Maybe it was open access?

  80. Hasanga Imesh

    Hasanga Imesh

    2 dagen geleden

    Timing doesn't feel right for a civilization this advanced. If they figured out how to build water cisterns using bedrock and massive stone palaces buildings pyramids in 500 years they must have come from somewhere else with that knowledge. in my opinion If the civilization is born there for them to advance to this level it would take at least 5000 years in the same area.

  81. 乛RIZUKA


    2 dagen geleden

    Indonesia Come Here, Learn about historical place dont just gossip selebriti n games

  82. I baked the bread. It is mine.

    I baked the bread. It is mine.

    2 dagen geleden

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    Adrien Pinard

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  84. Tania


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    I put this video on my "Watch later" list. Such a disappointment, things are off here.

  85. Jim King

    Jim King

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    Time dating is a joke.

  86. Ryan Czar

    Ryan Czar

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    Sixteen ads in a 40min video? Criminals

  87. Satria kresnomukti

    Satria kresnomukti

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    mirip candi sukuh

  88. sakuragi yawing

    sakuragi yawing

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    Pubg new map

  89. ali kuddah

    ali kuddah

    2 dagen geleden

    muslims believe that civilisations existed and perished due to them glorifying/worshipping other than Allah. e.g. the tomb at the top of the hill was actually a temple of a dead person being worshipped. as a result, that particular place was decimated.

    • kolim jone

      kolim jone

      2 dagen geleden

      We heard all of your comments and realized we posted an outdated version of this episode. We apologize for our error, but we have now corrected the issues.

  90. Braden Barrow

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  91. yekta gören

    yekta gören

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    is there any other version where the duration of the documentary is longer than the one of advertisements?

  92. Lively Nature - Relaxing Music and Sounds

    Lively Nature - Relaxing Music and Sounds

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    Nice. Pure inspiration for us! ❤️

  93. Kirana.C. Bharatiya

    Kirana.C. Bharatiya

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    Hy guys indian Hindu Balipurana have information about MAYA you guys please reach on this should know about more information

  94. Dadi Winoto

    Dadi Winoto

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    Sangat menarik...

  95. My Animals

    My Animals

    2 dagen geleden

    It looks more like a hiding place, instead of a sacred place. I don't believe people would ever go down so deep into a cave to pray or do any ritual. Perhaps the ruler of an old civilization was hiding from the attacks of some barbarians or barbaric civilians.

  96. 4QWzbaxSzUAq9


    2 dagen geleden

    bait and switch i was expecting some reveling lidar images what i got was a depressing story o environmental collapse... bah who needs it ... did not deliver for me

  97. Kishwor Adhikari

    Kishwor Adhikari

    2 dagen geleden

    THE MAYA !! Means The LOVE in Nepalese Meaning!

  98. Endre Flå

    Endre Flå

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    Very interesting topic. But I don't know if I bother. I watched for 14 minutes and already been through 6 advertisements!! I understand you need a kind of income, but the moment you turn the interesting stuff into a complete annoying stuff, then I'm out.

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    No las pueden limpiar o que???