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  1. Hera & Bella

    Hera & Bella

    7 uur geleden

    Nobody: Me trying to do a week without roblox. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Lily Ellis

    Lily Ellis

    2 dagen geleden

    Youre health is more important!!! Put you first

  3. taylor johnson

    taylor johnson

    2 dagen geleden

    i am just like you colleen where i’m extremely addicted to my phone and i can’t go like 5 minutes without thinking about it nor can i sleep without going on social media, i literally fall asleep to youtube videos, it’s bad. seeing you do this is literally just proving to me that i should not do this challenge since you had really bad anxiety during it, i have bad enough anxiety on the daily basis when i’m not looking at my phone even when it’s right next to me. so i will not be attempting this challenge and i feel it would just be really bad for my mental health

  4. Cheyenne Allen

    Cheyenne Allen

    2 dagen geleden

    I just did this hehe four days in I kept NLcameras for toilet time ... so yeah I’m on the toilet right now

  5. SeriouslyTameBRITT_xO


    3 dagen geleden

    how did you loose so much weight dont even look like you had a baby at all.. im struggling

  6. Sumalee Martinez

    Sumalee Martinez

    3 dagen geleden

    I did it for three months and I’m still going insane and I still don’t even have my TickTock or Instagram anything

  7. Stacie Morris

    Stacie Morris

    4 dagen geleden

    Next time it might help if you wear one wireless earbud in your ear so u will hear it ring for calls. So then you can keep your phone in your bedroom or something. Disconnecting is awesome to get chores done. You did a great job!!

  8. Dee S

    Dee S

    4 dagen geleden


  9. Luis Alvarez

    Luis Alvarez

    4 dagen geleden

    What’s your favorite NLcameras video you ever created to date?

  10. Luis Alvarez

    Luis Alvarez

    4 dagen geleden

    Do you remember. Your cameo in victorious tori goes platinum episode it was amazing to see you on one of my favorite shows I love your haircut 💇‍♀️ thank you for all the hard work you do on everything you do and all your channels Your hair reminds me of a Selena Gomez hair style

  11. Geneva Erickson

    Geneva Erickson

    4 dagen geleden

    Kinda late but I looove you bangs ( you look really good with and without them)

  12. SilkyyX_Xcloudd


    4 dagen geleden

    I miss the daily uploads! 😞😞😞😞😞 love ya Colleen!

  13. E Z

    E Z

    4 dagen geleden

    I love how she wore a ReLax shirt when she said she was going crazy without her iPhone! LOL

  14. Sam Breeze

    Sam Breeze

    4 dagen geleden

    there's a difference between keeping up with social media and being addicted to it. I don't think most people who say it's bad to be addicted to your phone want you to throw it away forever and never use social media again, the main thing is just moderation and making sure your phone isn't your whole life

  15. Kai Alexandria

    Kai Alexandria

    5 dagen geleden

    Have you thought about getting a social media manager?

  16. A Jumble Of Madness

    A Jumble Of Madness

    5 dagen geleden

    I think I would be able to do it, however my physical phone would have to be taken away because the App Store is literally staring at me.

  17. StrawberryJPEG


    5 dagen geleden


  18. Jenesis Navarro

    Jenesis Navarro

    5 dagen geleden

    Colleen not having her apps color coded or organized in any way is stressing me out! Is it just me??? 😂 IM A LONELY CAT HAIR ON THE LIIIIIP OF AN ANGEL 🎶 Yes Kory, please keep making musica

  19. Thaneika Anagnostopoulos

    Thaneika Anagnostopoulos

    5 dagen geleden

    She has whatsapp what🥺 In south africs we only use whatsapp

  20. Claire


    5 dagen geleden

    Poor Flynn can’t watch car videos

  21. The life of Chido

    The life of Chido

    6 dagen geleden

    im doing a social media cleanse rn hoping i last 2 weeks :)

  22. abby roblox

    abby roblox

    6 dagen geleden

    Im happy for jojo thats she's you know 🌈okay sorry for saying this on tgis vid but

  23. pabloeats melon

    pabloeats melon

    6 dagen geleden

    I feel like Colleen has a big exception to being addicted to her phone because 1- social media is her job 2- she is still super productive so i feel like being on her phone alot doesnt take away how productive she is ya know?

  24. Ashley Vick

    Ashley Vick

    6 dagen geleden

    I'm a 28 year old mom of 2 and I haven't had social media for a year. You can do it! It allows me to be present with my kids without worrying what other "social media perfect moms" are doing.

  25. dead night

    dead night

    7 dagen geleden

    i am ur new sub

  26. The Ambracer

    The Ambracer

    7 dagen geleden

    I go camping with my grandparents every year (or almost every year, it's been a couple of years). I'm pretty much in a place where we can't even use our devices period. So, I'm pretty much without my social media for almost a week and boy, I will admit, it's hard. But, I am having fun so it's not toooo difficult if that makes sense.

  27. BecWithoutTheGoodHair


    8 dagen geleden

    I tried this and went MONTHS without it and I missed it but also LOVED it! It unlocked my creativity and now years later I still love and want to do it again and have

  28. Rose Rosenblitz

    Rose Rosenblitz

    8 dagen geleden

    Your starting to look like your mom with bangs 😂♥️

  29. JessaJean


    8 dagen geleden

    I honestly just love you❤️💖💞❣️

  30. Ashley Jade

    Ashley Jade

    9 dagen geleden

    I am in all of the social medias when i am at home but if i am out and about, i rarely reach for my phone... Today i was sitting in a Doctors waiting room and an old man looked over to me and said "Why aren't you on your phone?... All young people are always on their phone" .. Which i think the majorly are, definitely... I just said "Yeah, i am on it more than enough when i am at home, i don't need to be on it when i am out" ... Sooo i would say that i am not addicted to Social Media but it is great to have when i have 'nothing else to do'

  31. JadenChannelJ


    9 dagen geleden

    I havent seen Bob Burders in 4 months....or doctor who, walking dead, final space, cake, anything cable really...

  32. Maria Hennen

    Maria Hennen

    9 dagen geleden

    Maybe you should try reading in bed - it will give you some stimulation to clear your mind without the blue light that inevitably keeps you awake.

  33. Sajawal Virk

    Sajawal Virk

    10 dagen geleden

    How we get fam from you tube? @colleen billenger

  34. The R family Vlogs

    The R family Vlogs

    10 dagen geleden

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

  35. Dace Kaprāne

    Dace Kaprāne

    10 dagen geleden

    * Gasps can even talk*

  36. Andrea C.

    Andrea C.

    10 dagen geleden

    Not a week but a weekend.!! It’s a start 😉✨👍

  37. Kim Kreemer

    Kim Kreemer

    10 dagen geleden

    You should get fidgets!!!

  38. djflopy


    10 dagen geleden

    I broke my phone a few months back and I had it fixed after 10 days 😬 it felt amazing

  39. Steve Atwood

    Steve Atwood

    10 dagen geleden

    HI Colleen I love your videos and I am also a girl but I am using my dad’s account 😘😜

  40. Klara Hagen

    Klara Hagen

    10 dagen geleden

    I am from the future. I am here to tell you that you will have a daughter after Flynn.

  41. Felicia Webb

    Felicia Webb

    11 dagen geleden

    I used to make those blankets for baby showers! Love them!

  42. Mirella Castro

    Mirella Castro

    11 dagen geleden

    try to limit by using screen time, that helps me stay off social media

  43. Alexa Neuhauser

    Alexa Neuhauser

    11 dagen geleden

    I love you a lot colleen ballinger ❤

  44. Profe Juarez Young

    Profe Juarez Young

    11 dagen geleden

    You should have added journaling or another hand craft during your break. It would have helped distract you. Overall a good try though. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  45. Bellarose Smith

    Bellarose Smith

    11 dagen geleden

    Oh my goodness



    11 dagen geleden

    girl isn’t NLcameras social media or is that when my mom say

  47. Baylee Cole

    Baylee Cole

    11 dagen geleden

    Why does she look so wrinkly and old? 😐

    • Jude S

      Jude S

      10 dagen geleden

      She has poor eating habits

  48. Claudia Avila

    Claudia Avila

    11 dagen geleden

    Hahahahahahaha Kory is so funny 🤣😂🤣😂

  49. Kellianne Clark

    Kellianne Clark

    11 dagen geleden

    What about reading before bed or listening to an audiobook?

  50. Kristina De La O

    Kristina De La O

    11 dagen geleden

    why was this whole video the funnest thing i’ve watched all year. the naked and afraid part had me DYINGGGG.

  51. Amanda


    11 dagen geleden

    Read a book

  52. robinmeow91


    11 dagen geleden

    I see pros and cons to social media, I feel like the more time someone spends on social media the more they use it to compare their lives to others but on the flip side there’s so many amazing positive things to see on social media that would make you feel better about your day/self. I try to do social media free time before bed and read instead. Which has helped me with sleeping and spending time away from scrolling.

  53. taytaynastay


    11 dagen geleden


  54. Annabel Claire

    Annabel Claire

    11 dagen geleden

    “ArE yOu InSaNe” Yes. Yes I am

  55. Katie Housley

    Katie Housley

    12 dagen geleden

    It is crazy how people are so addicted to socia media...(nothing against you Colleen, your a queen) but I honestly don't understand how people get addicted, I don't have any social media at all, and so far I have not been on it for my entire life. Although, my job isn't revolved around social media. So I could not relate the job part. Love ya Colleen!

  56. Billie Butler

    Billie Butler

    12 dagen geleden


  57. KatieSparkles


    12 dagen geleden

    Yesss love the naked and afraid filming edit 😂 I totally get the hearing phantom social media sounds that happens to me even when I’m not avoiding social media and my sound is off. 🤣

  58. KatieSparkles


    12 dagen geleden

    Hahah! I just love that you said “a panini, panorama, panda express, pandemic” 😂🤣 best combination of words for pandemic ever!

  59. Anna kitchen

    Anna kitchen

    12 dagen geleden

    pls pls which podcast was it i have dermatillamania otooo

  60. Jennifer Tinney

    Jennifer Tinney

    12 dagen geleden

    Cory's voiceover 😂

  61. Kim Woolery

    Kim Woolery

    12 dagen geleden

    What is the best way to support you and promote your videos outside of Twitter? I want to continue to show my love and support. I am on IG (kim_cmb123). Follow me there and let me know what all I can do:) Miss ya! 💜

  62. Skye Cash

    Skye Cash

    12 dagen geleden

    youtube is a soical media

  63. Paul Askins

    Paul Askins

    12 dagen geleden

    OK Bye

  64. niki8260


    12 dagen geleden

    Who cares 😂😂😂😂 why do people announce when they are leaving social media😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Story Cox

    Story Cox

    12 dagen geleden

    I'm gonna try it😬. Great video!

  66. melimini


    12 dagen geleden

    Social media isn't bad, it's what we have evolved to. But balance is necessary in everything, being addicted to something is never good, that's my opinion about this

  67. Kimberly Gorman

    Kimberly Gorman

    12 dagen geleden

    A week!! Bored!!! So dramatic!! Ha!!! There is so much more to life than social media. Going strong for 5 months now and don’t miss them.

    • Kimberly Gorman

      Kimberly Gorman

      12 dagen geleden

      @Holly punctuations and correct spellings go along way. Do you really have nothing better to do than comment something that is useless? I will not answer your question, because you should already know the answer. If you do not know, do your research.

    • Holly


      12 dagen geleden

      you’re on youtube is that not social media? good for you tho

  68. Madeline Ojcius

    Madeline Ojcius

    12 dagen geleden

    Your home screens give me anxiety

  69. OBorggs


    12 dagen geleden

    The part that seemed like a terror movie was brilliant. I love that you're so creative, that was really funny

  70. Chloe McMaster

    Chloe McMaster

    12 dagen geleden

    Can someone please try and motivate me to do this I really need to but like Ugh

  71. Coolest Chick Alive

    Coolest Chick Alive

    13 dagen geleden

    I don't use social media that much

  72. dolly lines

    dolly lines

    13 dagen geleden

    for me personally I think social media like most addictions, is good in moderation

  73. BlueberryBuild


    13 dagen geleden

    Girly was fr going insane 😂😂

  74. Adrijana Clark

    Adrijana Clark

    13 dagen geleden

    did flinn like the truck blanket? (also sorry idk how to spell his name, either flin or flinn)

  75. huneydew


    13 dagen geleden

    You can also click the Home Screen until all the app have x’s and then the little dots that are there and then click off the one page and it’ll hide it

  76. Izabelle Rain

    Izabelle Rain

    13 dagen geleden

    You are amazing!

  77. Haley Merrell

    Haley Merrell

    13 dagen geleden

    I have never seen Colleen post on Snapchat but maybe I’m following the wrong Snapchat I guess because she said she used Snapchat the most but I’ve never seen a post ?

  78. Gabriel blog

    Gabriel blog

    13 dagen geleden


  79. Caitlyn Morton

    Caitlyn Morton

    13 dagen geleden


  80. Michel Tovar

    Michel Tovar

    13 dagen geleden

    Te acabo de conocer y ya te amoooo saludos desde México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  81. Ireland Riley

    Ireland Riley

    13 dagen geleden

    my phone is dead rn and i cant find a charger at my grandmas. all i want is tiktok 😩

    • Ireland Riley

      Ireland Riley

      13 dagen geleden


  82. Kelly Pogue

    Kelly Pogue

    13 dagen geleden

    You are adorbs. I love me some social media and I check it often, but living alone, I also use my phone for Hulu and Netflix. It isn’t exactly social media, but it is definitely time wasting when you are bored.

  83. Robin Riley

    Robin Riley

    13 dagen geleden

    Colleen is so sweet. She is loving caring and a great mom to Flynn. Through quarantine she kept me occupied.

  84. Qala Lowe-Ash

    Qala Lowe-Ash

    13 dagen geleden

    this was hilarious had some genuine belly laughs in this 18 min video😂😂

  85. olivia cg

    olivia cg

    13 dagen geleden

    colleen is so amazing and she makes my day so much better.

  86. Kimberly Londono

    Kimberly Londono

    13 dagen geleden

    Finally, a video that got straight to the point.

  87. Rachel J

    Rachel J

    13 dagen geleden

    I feel like NLcameras is defo social media haha

  88. Christopher Applegate

    Christopher Applegate

    13 dagen geleden

    I could NEVER

  89. Hailey Connors

    Hailey Connors

    13 dagen geleden

    Hey just wanted to let you know that you look so beautiful

  90. Alexis Cherrington

    Alexis Cherrington

    13 dagen geleden

    I was watching this and then my weekly stats popped up as a notification and it felt like an insult

  91. Lydia Austin

    Lydia Austin

    13 dagen geleden

    You should not get your news from your social media platforms!!!

  92. Shyamoli Pathak

    Shyamoli Pathak

    13 dagen geleden

    I literally can't stop looking at the heart on her nose, HAS IT ALWAYS BEEN THERE? 😂

  93. Reem Hourani

    Reem Hourani

    13 dagen geleden

    my phone is literally taken away rn LMAO (im on my laptop)

  94. Martyna Kuras

    Martyna Kuras

    13 dagen geleden

    14:10 The heart on your nose is VERY visible here 💖💖

  95. Nicol Wiktoria

    Nicol Wiktoria

    13 dagen geleden

    The thing is... the reason as to why you get anxious when you don’t use social media is because you have problems that you have to face. So when you don’t get to use a distraction (social media), it all comes back up to the surface. The more you distract yourself the harder it gets to face it. It does not help in the long run. But when you do face it over and over again and work on your problems, you’ll become more free and happier in yourself. More at peace. I myself use social media as distraction but this video helped me realise that I have to listen to myself and actually work on myself. It’s not easy but if not now, when? Lots of love, Nicol.

  96. EchoDolly 6

    EchoDolly 6

    13 dagen geleden

    I think everyone can benefit from reducing the amount of time they're looking at their phone but quitting phones altogether isn't for everyone. Social media has its positive points. It's just about keeping a healthy balance....... says me, needing to take my own advice 🤣😬🤣

  97. bima andreand

    bima andreand

    13 dagen geleden

    Just watch tv, whats so bad about being away from social media

  98. Alecza Gabrielle

    Alecza Gabrielle

    13 dagen geleden

    Im just like colleen when watching”No phone for 24 hours” or “No social media for 24 hours” im like”BRO WTHHH HOWWW”

  99. Adinda


    13 dagen geleden

    It's honestly sad how people nowadays will try going off of social media and be like "omg idk what TikToks are trending or what pictures people have posted or what people are saying about yadayadayada" I see the benefits forr people that work online like they have to promote their videos and engage with their audience but u know u don't need to spend hours and hours on it u can still promote ur videos and engage with ur audience without spending ages on it but for normal people that don't work online so have no videos to promote or audience to engage with it's honestly such a huge time waister like instead of caring about other peoples lives care about ur own.

  100. Billy Horrible

    Billy Horrible

    13 dagen geleden