George Russell Drives The Most Fearsome Circuit In The World: The Nordschleife

The Nordschleife, also known as 'The Green Hell', is one of the most fearsome circuits in the world. Whilst at the Nurburgring for the 2020 Formula 1 Eifel Grand Prix, Williams Racing driver George Russell got the opportunity to test himself on the 21km track behind the wheel of a Mercedes AMG GT R.


  1. SJW Maniac

    SJW Maniac

    7 dagen geleden

    I can't believe that this silly little boy actually is a F1-driver! It's absolutely ridiculous, how amateurisch this guy acts behind the steering wheel of this car. Hey, little boy: this here is a real race track, but not just like one of these shitty virtual driving experience idiocy, like on any other F1 track. Modern Formula 1 today is just motorsport for spoiled little kiddie fuckers... Like "Lance Stroll" and some other guys from "generation spoiled". I don't watch this shit any more, because it's fucking boring! True motorsport happens on a lot of other different places, but certainly not in Formula1! Especially here in Germany, after giving the broadcasting rights only to German pay TV from 2021 season on, this kind of "motorsport" won't have a future in Germany anyway... F1 is done! A series filled with boring and just spoiled little boys drivers like G. Russell, who are constantly whining and complaining in their race cars like annoying Kindergarten kiddies, because the other bad kiddie in the car has touched him on the track, is fucking ridiculous.

  2. Blafard666


    7 dagen geleden

    George needs to make a few laps with Rob Kubica

  3. Jan Saddam

    Jan Saddam

    8 dagen geleden

    Finally faster than Williams! : D And finally at Mercedes!

  4. Hrithik Jeetun

    Hrithik Jeetun

    8 dagen geleden

    If you only heard George friend's laugh you would've thought It's Ben Daly @Tiametmarduk 😂😂😂

  5. Space Martian

    Space Martian

    8 dagen geleden

    Green beast is home

  6. Gseric47


    8 dagen geleden

    George trying to psyche him out XD

  7. Car Workers Garage

    Car Workers Garage

    8 dagen geleden

    should've brought Sabine Schmitz to the party with George

  8. Afrykass


    9 dagen geleden

    This guy is great :)

  9. Ago La

    Ago La

    9 dagen geleden

    as if they were scared driving in a Sportscar when they are actually F1 drivers come on

  10. Matt Hetherington

    Matt Hetherington

    9 dagen geleden

    Stop bleeping the swearing. I'm 40, i can handle it.

  11. DMT Donuts

    DMT Donuts

    9 dagen geleden

    Anything with a mask, i down vote

  12. TimTalksTV


    9 dagen geleden

    My ears are bleeding

  13. Christopher Robin Garrish

    Christopher Robin Garrish

    9 dagen geleden

    Wrong: The best race track in the world is called Holberg Road from Port Hardy to Cape Scott BC 38kms of gravel road, bears, wolves, cougars, and the bits they leave behind.....

  14. Hennessy Faust

    Hennessy Faust

    9 dagen geleden

    i am surprised that a f1 driver does not know / has never driven the nordschleife... what tha actual fck??? how???

  15. Rodolphe Ndessabeka

    Rodolphe Ndessabeka

    9 dagen geleden

    George it's about time you scored some points.



    9 dagen geleden

    Meanwhile Daniel and Esteban struggling to get past 220 km/h on crappy Renault cars with a better track condition.

  17. Blame


    10 dagen geleden

    Come on Russell, N24 is your destiny.

  18. Benjamin v Deventer

    Benjamin v Deventer

    10 dagen geleden

    Every 10 seconds,"wooooooowww"

  19. zFlameHaze


    10 dagen geleden

    Got overtaken by that car yesterday doing a lap on the Nordschleife with my BMW :)

  20. Adam Pasztor

    Adam Pasztor

    10 dagen geleden

    Jimmers prob gettin wet watching the nordschleife laps xD

  21. Albertus Nathan Widjaja

    Albertus Nathan Widjaja

    10 dagen geleden

    and his performance coach just like no u can do ur self

  22. Leo Charles

    Leo Charles

    10 dagen geleden

    Hey George!, it seems like you are getting axed for next year, do you have a twitch or YT channel so I can donate for when you are unemployed?

  23. Christoffer harmoni dahle

    Christoffer harmoni dahle

    10 dagen geleden

    Pffft this is embarrassing for Russell... he's like a little kid

    • Christoffer harmoni dahle

      Christoffer harmoni dahle

      10 dagen geleden

      Oomg the complaining thru the lap 🤯 this is how it is man. It is rain it is wet it is slippery. Learn the track and learn how to drive. Russell out if f1 please to many youngsters

  24. Jae Le

    Jae Le

    10 dagen geleden

    You can see the fear in the dude next to George's eyes.

  25. Yusuke Hoshi

    Yusuke Hoshi

    10 dagen geleden

    2:43 "That's what she said" (Sorry, had to do it)

  26. O Burger

    O Burger

    10 dagen geleden

    Henlo Rebel Tree

  27. Sébastien Vittel

    Sébastien Vittel

    10 dagen geleden

    This is the 3 time that my Porsche manthey broke down !!! I am 😡

  28. Alex Nordschleife

    Alex Nordschleife

    10 dagen geleden

    Im wondering about that a F1 driver (and Sim Racer) does not know the Northloop.....

  29. Antonis Polymerou

    Antonis Polymerou

    10 dagen geleden

    Thought it was gonna be cool but they did not take off the mask soooo dislike:/

  30. Rian O Luasa

    Rian O Luasa

    10 dagen geleden

    You could say "that's what she said" after most of what they say and have a great laugh

  31. João Pinto

    João Pinto

    11 dagen geleden

    Please, people, don't try that at home!

  32. Saman Khaledian

    Saman Khaledian

    11 dagen geleden

    Oh please raise up the volume of the beeeeeeeeeeeeeep, I think it's low because I'm not completely deaf yet.

  33. oshdust


    11 dagen geleden

    Kubica was faster. And he got more points in F1 ;)

  34. Jabari Williams

    Jabari Williams

    11 dagen geleden


  35. Matas Vinikaitis

    Matas Vinikaitis

    11 dagen geleden

    5:35 Hello rebel tree!

  36. Tom T

    Tom T

    11 dagen geleden

    This vid is super hard and painful to watch.

  37. Akhil


    11 dagen geleden

    Sad thing is George is not racing for Williams for 2021. May you have great future ahead, mate.

  38. MiKE


    11 dagen geleden

    Inhope Russel will get in the Mercedes F1

  39. saberline152


    11 dagen geleden

    "I'd like to go for the track record in the williams" laughs in VW IDR

  40. CH Films

    CH Films

    11 dagen geleden

    George, I am missing an e on that "Nordschleife" mate

  41. Mika


    11 dagen geleden

    The swearing beep is annoyingly loud, could you make it quieter?

  42. Mark Maverick

    Mark Maverick

    12 dagen geleden

    That bleep is so hard

  43. Patte


    12 dagen geleden

    Make the beeeep louder pls

  44. Dluger123


    12 dagen geleden

    Get an old F1 motor from the beginning of the hybrid era to the ring and see what is what

  45. Number One

    Number One

    12 dagen geleden

    Just watched Kimi's Lap..... guess the difference

  46. Travis Ching

    Travis Ching

    12 dagen geleden

    Damn it would have been such a greater video seeing their mouths smiling and laughing.

  47. fabook1


    12 dagen geleden

    "I'm building confidence and I feel like thats a bad idea." Lol

  48. Jack Marston

    Jack Marston

    12 dagen geleden

    It doesn't even look that bad, until you drive it yourself

  49. Vaishnav Chathayil

    Vaishnav Chathayil

    12 dagen geleden

    Imagine Google Assistant or Siri having a personality of George Russell...Would have been amazing😂

  50. Casey Cole

    Casey Cole

    12 dagen geleden

    If williams rumors are true that they want hulk or perez over george I'm gonna rage

  51. Ocelot


    12 dagen geleden

    This is the closest of having a Mercedes seat that he's going to have

  52. CybrSlydr


    12 dagen geleden

    I really love the crop of young drivers in F1 - they're so much more... entertaining... than most of their contemporaries. Lando, George, Charles, etc. They're an absolute hoot to watch.

  53. Rafael Antonio Rodriguez Avecilla

    Rafael Antonio Rodriguez Avecilla

    12 dagen geleden

    Man where was kimi and Antonio

  54. jef bozies

    jef bozies

    12 dagen geleden

    Looks like he finally gets that Mercedes seat

  55. Chin Zan Yang (Student)

    Chin Zan Yang (Student)

    12 dagen geleden

    Beeping needs to be reduced by 15db

  56. ATAG_Flare


    12 dagen geleden


  57. Teguh Prinarwanto

    Teguh Prinarwanto

    12 dagen geleden

    imagine if beside him was Albono... . . . . . GEOOOOOORGE

  58. timtimzi - Cycling and Gaming

    timtimzi - Cycling and Gaming

    12 dagen geleden

    So they don't race this track in F1?

  59. Pedro Silva

    Pedro Silva

    12 dagen geleden

    Next year someone must mix up the schedule and all teams will show up at the same time and we can have the Nordschleife gp

  60. Thomas Muc

    Thomas Muc

    12 dagen geleden

    The Williams wouldn't get close to the track record, neither would any other F1-car.

  61. Auto Addiction

    Auto Addiction

    12 dagen geleden

    "it was slippery as hell out there"... Welcome to the Green Hell!

    • pluvillion


      9 dagen geleden

      I knew I’d see you here!

    • Albertus Nathan Widjaja

      Albertus Nathan Widjaja

      10 dagen geleden

      well that's the nordschleife

    • Polo Stone

      Polo Stone

      11 dagen geleden

      He won't end up in one of your vid, good news for him 😅

    • A M

      A M

      11 dagen geleden

      i love your vids guys

    • G Jantschke

      G Jantschke

      12 dagen geleden

      Also....that's what she said.

  62. theLightpn


    12 dagen geleden

    in my opinion the "piep" sound is to quiet. Make it louder next time.

  63. moonboy247


    12 dagen geleden

    The beeps are way to loud compared to the rest of the audio

  64. Sergio David Buitron

    Sergio David Buitron

    12 dagen geleden

    Sin duda el mejor lugar para disfrutar del automovil

  65. Marc Lohman

    Marc Lohman

    12 dagen geleden

    Please leave out the beeps, I don't mind swearing, because that's what humans do, but leave out the politically correct beeps please....they are annoying, unnecessary and stupid



    12 dagen geleden

    Sky sports looking into george Russell's commentary

  67. Boonatix


    12 dagen geleden

    I love the #beastofthegreenhell that is why I made a custom livery for Assetto Corsa Competizione Racing Simulation... see the preview of it on my channel and download it to drive it yourself!

  68. Brandyn Quigley

    Brandyn Quigley

    12 dagen geleden

    bring the Williams out there 100%

  69. S300BYG


    12 dagen geleden

    hurry up and replace Bottas Georgie, we need you in the quickest car!!

  70. Leon Rambach

    Leon Rambach

    12 dagen geleden

    5:51 YES! I want to see it happening!! Please Williams (or some other F1 team)!

  71. not a channel

    not a channel

    12 dagen geleden

    0:43... sorry what did he say

    • Sashimi Tuga

      Sashimi Tuga

      12 dagen geleden

      He said: "This place is MEGA" I understand your confusion I had to listen to it a bunch of times

  72. Mikeado66


    12 dagen geleden

    You say "what a shame" about the rain but in many ways this is proper Nürburgring weather!

  73. Krishna Kireeti Tata

    Krishna Kireeti Tata

    12 dagen geleden

    This track will be awesome in summer

  74. Snowy Shadow

    Snowy Shadow

    12 dagen geleden

    George to George, in Alex voice: "GEORGIIIIEEEE, PLEASE"

  75. Mastur_Grunt


    12 dagen geleden

    2:08 Henlo rebel tree!

  76. Real Tino

    Real Tino

    12 dagen geleden


  77. TGrassF1


    12 dagen geleden

    great vid! Jimmy Broadbent's next video will be "can i beat george russell's nordschleife time in a rocket powered mars rover?"

  78. TenTegens


    12 dagen geleden

    And now comapare it to Kubica's lap

  79. Svenimal


    12 dagen geleden

    2:42 That's what she said.

  80. VideoMediaTv


    12 dagen geleden

    hans device seems abit unnecessary

  81. R. Farrelized

    R. Farrelized

    12 dagen geleden

    Faster than williams car

  82. Primer Haxekage

    Primer Haxekage

    12 dagen geleden

    Alfa Romeo and Williams at the Green Hell: Racing in wet conditions Rain and wet conditions in race day: Imma head out

  83. Mr Spino

    Mr Spino

    12 dagen geleden

    2:43 thats what she said😂

  84. Jeff Wallick

    Jeff Wallick

    12 dagen geleden

    After seeing this, I think it may actually be worth the $100M to make The Nordschleife F1-ready.

  85. R4M_SEVEN S7V7N


    12 dagen geleden

    Could you not put the BEEPs at 200 decibels next time? Thanks!

  86. Adam Christo

    Adam Christo

    12 dagen geleden

    Next year, dry conditions, let’s go! 👊🏽

  87. Big Man

    Big Man

    13 dagen geleden

    This just goes to show how insane the Nordschleife is. You literally have a professional racecar driver pooping his pants.

  88. G tubedude

    G tubedude

    13 dagen geleden

    “WOAH she’s slippery, she’s a bit slippery” thought every man at some point in their life.

  89. Ring Dave

    Ring Dave

    13 dagen geleden

    558 laps; it is better in the dry. 242 with new 718 Boxster S, 286 with new BMW M2 Comp. I do not drive the Ring in the Wet. Not fast, not fun, for someone not wanting to CRASH. " 08.08.19 Spin" fluid spill. Fun with someone else car and money, in the wet.

  90. Tj930


    13 dagen geleden

    Not enough swearing 😉👍

  91. ThatCarGuy


    13 dagen geleden

    Should have taken out an awd E class AMG wagon instead. Might of been able to put down the power a bit better.

  92. Edison Arias

    Edison Arias

    13 dagen geleden

    Now I'm gonna jump to Assetto Corsa and drive that car. Maybe some Project Cars 2 to make it wet

  93. T BZ

    T BZ

    13 dagen geleden

    5:44 I am sure someone could accommodate that wish.

  94. Achim :D

    Achim :D

    13 dagen geleden

    Once formula 1 at the nürburgring Most teams: lets make a Video about the nordschleife Love it

  95. Raf Jolie

    Raf Jolie

    13 dagen geleden

    where is the uncensored version?

  96. Anchor Bait

    Anchor Bait

    13 dagen geleden

    "I have to be alone now" he says getting out of the car. I could say the exact same thing. But I want to be alone after watching that for a completely different reason. " wank wank " Mmmm nap time ;)

  97. kbaran 0105

    kbaran 0105

    13 dagen geleden


  98. revRei


    13 dagen geleden

    Shame it wasn't Claire in the passenger seat.

  99. Mikail Qaisa

    Mikail Qaisa

    13 dagen geleden

    I dunno why but that amg looks faster than SF1000

  100. Lachlan P

    Lachlan P

    13 dagen geleden

    Kubica out qualified him in the m4

    • Naughty Boy

      Naughty Boy

      12 dagen geleden

      He was not riding the ring in rain, right?