Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered

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Time: The History & Future of Everything - Remastered


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      @Pugsterlife 69 Islam said

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  2. Yangchen Sherpa

    Yangchen Sherpa

    7 minuten geleden

    "The black plague killed every third European in just 6 years" corona be like: meh. I can do better

  3. Yangchen Sherpa

    Yangchen Sherpa

    12 minuten geleden

    "And people made a challenge out of eating bleach. You know, the usual stuff." me: *casually eats bleach while watching video*

  4. Soool


    9 uur geleden

    That ending blew my mind.. I never really thought about the universe having a end date..

  5. James Ruscheinski

    James Ruscheinski

    Dag geleden

    Time is like being on an escalator (present) moving downward (future) while the whole escalator is moved upward (past). The escalator is moving downward (into future) faster than the entire escalator is moved upward (into past) so time always moves forward a little.

  6. Alejandro Medina

    Alejandro Medina

    Dag geleden

    is it possible that in that very distant future, humanity will have become a type 4 civilization and be able to prevent stars from dying out or create their own?

  7. Erin Frostad

    Erin Frostad

    Dag geleden

    My life is too short for 15 second ads

  8. Pubidu Ptabath

    Pubidu Ptabath

    2 dagen geleden

    Oh! you have forgotten to tell very important thing that after 2500 years ago lord buddha born india and teach truth about world and dole of life

  9. Yumn Jame

    Yumn Jame

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    I asked her out, she said no, got with another guy, got married, had two kids, got divorced, became broke, met me again, I asked her out again and still she said no. Now I don't feel anything in this world, and would love to experience everyone in the universe go.

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    Heh cool! 😊

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    Victor Henriquez Auba

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    Stacey Sullivan

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    "Time is precious. Make it count!" tell that to the school, IT'S WASTING MY TIME

  15. Jane Walters

    Jane Walters

    5 dagen geleden

    How to get an existential crisis in a couple of minutes

  16. MinecraftAnimator


    6 dagen geleden

    If I know anything about Futurama it’s that the universe could possibly reboot and start all over again and again and again. Although it could be about ten feet lower than ours.

  17. Nour Boukettaya

    Nour Boukettaya

    6 dagen geleden

    We really need time in a nutshell Who is with me?

  18. hof987rec ;gop'sep

    hof987rec ;gop'sep

    8 dagen geleden

    This is like bill wurtz’s “the history of the world, I guess” but without the creator taking like, 2 pounds of drugs before the recording

  19. Gorosaurus 1968

    Gorosaurus 1968

    8 dagen geleden

    And with the universe this video will be gone

  20. Colt Jackson

    Colt Jackson

    9 dagen geleden

    Celino Jaramillo, the man they talk about at 1:50 died 10 days after they uploaded this video. Not a huge coincidence I suppose seeing how he was 121 at the time, and once you're that old there's always a good chance that tomorrow will be your last day on Earth.

  21. Albertus Nathan Widjaja

    Albertus Nathan Widjaja

    9 dagen geleden

    I N T E R W E B Z

  22. Endermeap


    9 dagen geleden

    2:58: “The first Pyramid gets build” Lol

  23. Auritro


    9 dagen geleden

    Kurtgesat... Kursegats... Kurstegas.. Kurzegatz... Kurzgesagt.. What a hard name to pronounce! What does it even mean anyway?

  24. Auritro


    9 dagen geleden

    Celino Jaramillo died 10 days after this video was released.

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    Chase c

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    Cactus Town

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    thapanit laita online classes

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    i born on 2012

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    Matthew Grant

    10 dagen geleden

    2:26 best theorpist ever B)

  29. YurkoMazailo


    11 dagen geleden

    Прекрасний переклад!

  30. Hong Lo Van

    Hong Lo Van

    11 dagen geleden

    I asked my crush out when I first finished this video and she told me that she had a crush on me as well. We've been together for months now. Thank you, Kurzgesagt for teaching me that time is really precious.❤

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    Killua Gon ig

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    Eduardo Viana

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    Don't redo! Make new ones. So many new stories to tell. You barely scratched sci-fi.

  33. Enrique Pérez Jaimes

    Enrique Pérez Jaimes

    12 dagen geleden

    *Nobody:* *Anthony Fantano, internet's busiest music nerd, at the end of the album review for HEAT DEATH - Nothing Changes Anymore; The Universe is Dead :* 7:00

  34. Truth Finder

    Truth Finder

    13 dagen geleden

    I like how this chanell pretends they can predict the future. You can't. God exists. Your science is fake. Human arrogance thinks it can know all like we are God's. We aren't.

    • Subramani P

      Subramani P

      6 dagen geleden

      Your name and your idea are totally contradicting. Turth finder believes in some dumb shitty stories that god created earth.

    • Subramani P

      Subramani P

      6 dagen geleden


  35. Encilidus Saturn

    Encilidus Saturn

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    Can you tell me about the rs-25 engine

  36. Richard & Leaf's Gacha Life & Transport Videos 2006

    Richard & Leaf's Gacha Life & Transport Videos 2006

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    im ice bear

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    The last part made me just think EVERYTHING IS GONE

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    Kentzo Ar

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    Remastered i think

  39. paul cesar de leoz

    paul cesar de leoz

    14 dagen geleden

    the ticking sound goes off every second of the video. its so satisfying why is no one talking about it

  40. Get Ink

    Get Ink

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    Wait if stars can come from nowhere...we will never run put of stars. AHA I HAVE BROKE KURZGESAGT

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  45. Noah Pacheco

    Noah Pacheco

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    Man, This is really interesting science that makes me confedent.🧠

  46. EnderMarty 191

    EnderMarty 191

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    Begin of the video: this Is the past of human history End: *the universe Is going to die*

  47. Diabetic Jesus

    Diabetic Jesus

    18 dagen geleden

    Time is obscure and stupid. There is no before, later, now, time is at BEST is a string of things that happened, or rather the idea of such.

  48. TheSpeedBridger


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    john bailey

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    johannes rezeq

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    Jeez. Even Kurzgesagt is pressuring me to get a girlfriend.

  51. Rosemarie Norma Nouard

    Rosemarie Norma Nouard

    20 dagen geleden

    When i was 7 I had a book about the Universe and in it it said that in the distant future the sun will swell and kill us all. I remembered going to bed that night and staring at the door, looking at any signs for a bright light that might be the sun coming for us. Since then I’ve had an existential crisis, like “I need to be like Joseph Lister or something, change something, save lives!”. Which just stressed me out, so I’ve stopped. I still have ambitions about my life, but I don’t stress so much anymore. I just want to enjoy life. Also thanks, for encouraging me to ask out my crush. I won’t do it just now but I know the perfect moment, and it’s not so far of in the future. Only a couple of weeks.

  52. bretzel30000


    21 dag geleden

    you have forgotten something: after the last blackhole fizzles out, the Boltzmann brain will appear!

  53. AnImoL


    21 dag geleden

    make. it. count.

  54. Jörmun Gandr

    Jörmun Gandr

    22 dagen geleden

    The Sun is a deadly laser!

  55. Sasha M

    Sasha M

    22 dagen geleden

    kurgenkugl.. as much as i love your videos, this animation is plain stupid. if you waste that much time on childish animations, perhaps you should hire better animators. for example on how it should be done check melodysheep x

  56. Noah Meyer

    Noah Meyer

    23 dagen geleden


  57. Rizki Ramadhan

    Rizki Ramadhan

    23 dagen geleden

    People on the internet didn't make a challenge to eat bleach..only the Americans did. EDIT: We know what happened before the Big Bang. God was alone.

  58. Vihaan Shandilya

    Vihaan Shandilya

    24 dagen geleden

    What about temples in India It's even more old



    24 dagen geleden

    What if the universe was infinite? Meaning, what if it never had a beginning and never had an end? What if it is like a circle? No beginning no end.



    24 dagen geleden

    Make it count.

  61. Ethan Iles

    Ethan Iles

    26 dagen geleden

    daing it i dont have won

  62. Gamer Bloop

    Gamer Bloop

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    Dude... You just killed the universe😱

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    Mathias Reiersen

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  64. Kenettt Roberto Falcon Gomez

    Kenettt Roberto Falcon Gomez

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    Nigah Tamanna

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      Veron Holli

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      I am looking for a while ago.

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    Lance Ricafort

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  75. Soul Mechanics

    Soul Mechanics

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  76. Soul Mechanics

    Soul Mechanics

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    We started our story at the first second. We haven't quite reached the span of minutes just yet.. our channel has only been going for a couple years or so.

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    Rosalynn Chenault

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    you do amasing stuff

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    Jayne Taylor

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    Whats Not Is

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    hooly sheet

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    Fathima Fidha Moyikkal

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    celino jaramillo died 10 days after this video was uploaded

  85. Jevil


    Maand geleden

    I always feel so scary when I click Kurzgesagt's existential crysis videos

  86. NATOcanmanipulateyourthoughts andemotions

    NATOcanmanipulateyourthoughts andemotions

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    but we have to deal with the "smart elite", who are nothing else than brainlets that waste all of our time so we are not able to enjoy ourselves.

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    Orion Smith

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    • Slaith Playz

      Slaith Playz

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      I think its a super massive black hole

  90. Fortune


    Maand geleden

    Ok I will make count



    Maand geleden

    I keep being confused like if we live around a black hole which last a very long time will we be able to survive long enough until another big bang

  92. L1zziebear The Music Freak

    L1zziebear The Music Freak

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    I just realized there has been ticking in the background of the entire video-

  93. J Zorzella

    J Zorzella

    Maand geleden

    I think the universe is infinitely vast and beyond anything humans will ever be able to comprehend. I think that it will always find a way to replenish itself or even start over

  94. Alexzander King

    Alexzander King

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    Chris Smid

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    Wait ALL suns will die? I thought new ones were constantly forming through the universe

    • Daniel Moreira

      Daniel Moreira

      Maand geleden

      They are still forming but hydrogen is not infinite, eventually every star will drain it out until there's not hydrogen anymore. When this happens stars will no longer be formed

  96. Jessica Zhou

    Jessica Zhou

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    This is why I don't watch these future videos Read more

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    I don't know about you guys, but I felt relief when I heard that the entire universe will die. What gives me anxiety is that I might die one day and the universe will just continue without me! :(

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    Hoang Tung Nguyen

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