CHUNKZ AND FILLY LOVE TRIANGLE!! | Does The Shoe Fit? Season 4 Episode 2
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Chunkz and Yung Filly are joined by Konan and Harry Pinero for a series of speed dates. Chunkz won over the most girls last season, who will be Season 4's dating king?


  1. Chunkz


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    • dsfssfdfsdsfs scsdcss

      dsfssfdfsdsfs scsdcss

      15 dagen geleden

      Always laughing 😂always singing 🎤🎵 you won't achieve anything in live so pathetic 😃hands down best comedy skit in a song

    • Eric Askew

      Eric Askew

      16 dagen geleden

      Why did Conan sound like gollum saying I can see it 😂

    • A1TooStinky


      20 dagen geleden

    • Hunter 378

      Hunter 378

      21 dag geleden

      ‘Fumbled’? More like ‘humbled’ blad

    • Bliss r6

      Bliss r6

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  2. Taylor Swann

    Taylor Swann

    Uur geleden

    rejects Harry’s sexual advances Filly: THIS IS WHY I LIKE HER. OH MY GOD I LIKE HER SO MUCH .

  3. Ismail Ali

    Ismail Ali

    8 uur geleden

    She's not even leng no more waan naceey 😭😭😂😂😂😂



    Dag geleden

    8:50 I was gonna comment that he said that last episode

  5. Pokzz


    Dag geleden Ghostface600 sends shots at TZGwala and Lucii

  6. highfived


    2 dagen geleden

    She is the hottest black girl I have ever seen

  7. Judd White

    Judd White

    2 dagen geleden

    Harry talks like they Peng tingz

  8. Killmonger


    3 dagen geleden

    The censorship is killing it kmt

  9. S L Palelei

    S L Palelei

    3 dagen geleden

    Every vid they're in hit over a mill

  10. S L Palelei

    S L Palelei

    3 dagen geleden

    Love filly and chunks man

  11. Differentsides


    3 dagen geleden

    Bruh, this one was chaotic af 😭😭🤣

  12. Thabang zaula

    Thabang zaula

    3 dagen geleden

    Does the shoe fit - season 5 - featuring{Michael Dapaah & ManlikeHaks} PLEASE😭😭😭OH and Konz as well... And Harry has to stay.... More girls, more episodes, more laughter....PLEASE.... WHOSE WITH ME (WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE X10)

  13. Sanusi


    4 dagen geleden

    please stop bleeping things out

  14. Nkosi Heshula

    Nkosi Heshula

    4 dagen geleden

    They were so angry when filly was talking nicely with the girl 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  15. Lou Payne

    Lou Payne

    4 dagen geleden

    I've never seen Filly so soft, it's cute haha

  16. Prakeesan Kumar

    Prakeesan Kumar

    5 dagen geleden

    HP is jokes man😂

  17. Steve Mond

    Steve Mond

    5 dagen geleden

    Filly's mad😂

  18. DriveDead12


    6 dagen geleden

    I still wanna know what She said to harry that was Bleeped out

  19. walid ahmed

    walid ahmed

    7 dagen geleden

    what she say at 2:42 ? IM CURIOUS

  20. Minh Luong

    Minh Luong

    7 dagen geleden

    Stop bleeping stuff out !

  21. Meliwethu Sibanda

    Meliwethu Sibanda

    8 dagen geleden

    Filly respec +1000

  22. Freddy 360

    Freddy 360

    8 dagen geleden


  23. Freddy 360

    Freddy 360

    8 dagen geleden


  24. Eva V.O

    Eva V.O

    8 dagen geleden

    3:29 hahaha I love this one

  25. Princess Okooboh

    Princess Okooboh

    8 dagen geleden

    Friends tend to give up the girl their friend loves. Chunkz is no exception.

  26. unknown girl

    unknown girl

    8 dagen geleden

    I feel happy for filly BC he didn't like any girl and he is proper moving n trying with destini and I'm happy to see him like that

  27. unknown girl

    unknown girl

    8 dagen geleden

    Destini should link up with J Lucia from Rap game UK 2020 perfect match !!!! They should do a vid with her and him

  28. issa mirza

    issa mirza

    8 dagen geleden

    She's giving me Kelly Rowland vibes

  29. Sfiso Radebe

    Sfiso Radebe

    9 dagen geleden

    Konan reminds me of Finn from Season 4 & 5 of Misfits

  30. Vladimir Lacko

    Vladimir Lacko

    9 dagen geleden

    The way conan jumped back😂

  31. halht 58

    halht 58

    9 dagen geleden

    “i’ve paid the deposit on the white range already” 😩😩

  32. Ms Lorraine

    Ms Lorraine

    10 dagen geleden

    When it comes to a real one maybe Harry doesn’t have game!!!

  33. Funda - Lunga Tshabalala

    Funda - Lunga Tshabalala

    10 dagen geleden


  34. Alex Kincaid

    Alex Kincaid

    10 dagen geleden

    God damn she too fine and the personality too tho

  35. Gggg Gggg

    Gggg Gggg

    10 dagen geleden

    Nahh bru Harry clocked her character, she went into her date with him to violate him, not to allow him, ngl tho she basically made this episode her scene rather than the boys violating the girls, it was a good change but she did my guy Harry dirty😭😭

  36. Gggg Gggg

    Gggg Gggg

    10 dagen geleden

    Let’s be honest, in the other seasons when a girl was acting reserved, they violated her in the background, but this time filly and chunkz got NERVOUS😭😭

  37. Mahlo Blesings

    Mahlo Blesings

    10 dagen geleden

    Can you uncensor your videos

  38. John-Kennedy Kalu

    John-Kennedy Kalu

    10 dagen geleden

    She ain’t getting a rose 😂

  39. Amira N.

    Amira N.

    10 dagen geleden


  40. Ari _

    Ari _

    11 dagen geleden

    The bleeping ruins it.

  41. CIA


    11 dagen geleden

    Get me on this show still😂

  42. Motsapi Ramatlapeng

    Motsapi Ramatlapeng

    11 dagen geleden

    HP really met his match on this one lmaoo

  43. Craig sievewright

    Craig sievewright

    11 dagen geleden

    What language are these unemployable people speaking please?

  44. Shaynal Vallabh

    Shaynal Vallabh

    12 dagen geleden

    Nobody: Filly: She’s my solar system

  45. Heavenscent


    12 dagen geleden


  46. Frank Volz

    Frank Volz

    12 dagen geleden

    filly is da every guy when they find that one girl

  47. NuradinNF


    12 dagen geleden

    2:43 what did she say😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Vikesh Patel

    Vikesh Patel

    12 dagen geleden

    What was bleeped at 2:41?

  49. Alex Peterson

    Alex Peterson

    12 dagen geleden

    Best series out 😂😂😂😭

  50. Hsshzbbzbz Dhbdbxbz

    Hsshzbbzbz Dhbdbxbz

    12 dagen geleden

    Phillys loyalty is unmatched love the ting but nothing can get between him and chunks



    12 dagen geleden

    Rah destini is from my home country big up st.lucia

  52. DeeKy


    12 dagen geleden

    Naah Konan’s voice @3:29

  53. Michael Mouse

    Michael Mouse

    13 dagen geleden

    If my niggas don't love me the way Filly loves Chunkz, then I don't want it fam

  54. SilentC 13th

    SilentC 13th

    13 dagen geleden

    Man said HB cutss man like sheldon

  55. Hamza jama

    Hamza jama

    13 dagen geleden

    chunkz has kind of lost weight ,good for him

  56. Omar Awan

    Omar Awan

    13 dagen geleden

    Man I gassed for filly

  57. Rea Trin

    Rea Trin

    13 dagen geleden

    Blackaaa my likkkkleee brudaaaa

  58. Vxzor


    13 dagen geleden

    This is the best season yet!

  59. __Last


    13 dagen geleden

    9:56 Fillys face had me creasing

  60. Ebube Uyaebo

    Ebube Uyaebo

    13 dagen geleden

    She said it's forget chunkz Chunkz face🤣🤣🤣

  61. Bricktup


    13 dagen geleden

    what did she say to harry that got bleeped?!?!!?!?!?

  62. Ramona R

    Ramona R

    13 dagen geleden

    Konans face at the end, like he doesn’t care and staring into a producers soul 😂

  63. Reflex_ unitary

    Reflex_ unitary

    13 dagen geleden

    At 2:41 wat did she say

  64. PrettyBrickz tv

    PrettyBrickz tv

    13 dagen geleden

    She’s beautiful ❤️ 🍫🍫 🍫

  65. Isaac Sanders

    Isaac Sanders

    13 dagen geleden

    What's her @ though ?

  66. Aminata Kaba

    Aminata Kaba

    13 dagen geleden

    hes not in a relationship witht his girl and he acting like this.

  67. iambetterKSA


    13 dagen geleden

    What did she say to Harry when they bleeped it??

    • Rico Savage

      Rico Savage

      13 dagen geleden

      Don’t you have a baby mum

  68. popppy mwa

    popppy mwa

    13 dagen geleden

    i honestly love filly his energy killsss meee

  69. Deandre Wilson

    Deandre Wilson

    13 dagen geleden

    What did she say to HP?

    • tiana williams

      tiana williams

      13 dagen geleden

      “Don’t you have a baby mum”

  70. Thando M

    Thando M

    13 dagen geleden

    Filly: who comes to NLcameras to meet a girl Also him: this might be a match made in heaven😂😂😂😂

  71. Arooj Fatima

    Arooj Fatima

    13 dagen geleden

    Man sed forget chunkz 🤣🤣shes dumbb

  72. Zha H

    Zha H

    14 dagen geleden

    Konan is just everything.. 😍 I swear I just wanna take care of that man.

  73. Benjamin Edgerley

    Benjamin Edgerley

    14 dagen geleden

    bro harry could play a character in top boy with ease

  74. milkandhoney


    14 dagen geleden

    Destiny: *talks* Filly: *imagining a whole relationship with her*

  75. Muzza f00za

    Muzza f00za

    14 dagen geleden

    Saying "omg" is blasphemy of Gods name and can land you in hell. Please repent from it. It doesn't matter who you are repentance shall be in order.

    • Samira Ahmed

      Samira Ahmed

      13 dagen geleden

      oh my god fr?😭 god help me😭

  76. Muzza f00za

    Muzza f00za

    14 dagen geleden

    Please repent and turn to Yeshua Christ. if you confess that Yeshua is Lord and believe in your heart he was raised from the dead you will be saved.

    • Id45


      12 dagen geleden

      Shut up

  77. Bismark Cozier

    Bismark Cozier

    14 dagen geleden

    Filly: “If you’ve come on the show to find love, sort yourself out” Filly: 4:35 Filly: 7:35 Filly: 8:35

  78. Clart dem

    Clart dem

    14 dagen geleden

    Did you all realise that all these gal are models or have channels these gal only come on here for a carreeer not gonna lie 😂😂😂😂😂mandem are getting used😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  79. AliyahBxVlogs


    14 dagen geleden

    Finally someone for Filly!!

  80. Ayisha Gordon

    Ayisha Gordon

    14 dagen geleden

    Harry’s Jamaican accent is spot on!!! 😂😂

  81. Tyrone on the throne

    Tyrone on the throne

    15 dagen geleden

    You black boys are all the same.

    • Tyrone on the throne

      Tyrone on the throne

      15 dagen geleden


  82. Kristin Tambongco

    Kristin Tambongco

    15 dagen geleden

    i lost it when he said I wanna get her a white range

  83. Stephen Manjelo

    Stephen Manjelo

    15 dagen geleden

    3:43 facts brother

  84. Fatimah Kaloko

    Fatimah Kaloko

    15 dagen geleden


  85. The Runaway425

    The Runaway425

    15 dagen geleden

    Anyone else wondering if filly and destiny linked up fr?

  86. M Saville

    M Saville

    15 dagen geleden

    What did she say

  87. RHcomps


    15 dagen geleden


  88. Beatrice Alex

    Beatrice Alex

    15 dagen geleden

    Harry is just way too forward lmao, talking bout lips on the first few seconds/mins can be a bit creepy skskskkkk.

  89. Beatrice Alex

    Beatrice Alex

    15 dagen geleden

    Harry is just way too forward lmao, talking bout lips on the first few seconds/mins can be a bit creepy skskskkkk.

  90. Beatrice Alex

    Beatrice Alex

    15 dagen geleden

    My solar system lmaoooo.

  91. Tanaka Chiwara

    Tanaka Chiwara

    15 dagen geleden

    Hanzi forget Chunkz😭😭😭😂😂

  92. Tanaka Chiwara

    Tanaka Chiwara

    15 dagen geleden

    Harry got rinsed😭😭😭😭

  93. Sophia Gibbons

    Sophia Gibbons

    15 dagen geleden

    I wanna buy her a white range 😂

  94. Mohan Azad

    Mohan Azad

    15 dagen geleden

    She already knew who these guys are and came with a agenda. Fair play to her, she's got more followers due to this



    15 dagen geleden

    "Where da fuck was this energy"😂😂😂🤣

  96. Bill Hadam

    Bill Hadam

    16 dagen geleden

    What’s her Instagram

  97. V D

    V D

    16 dagen geleden

    She said don’t you have a girlfriend

  98. Oshpd54


    16 dagen geleden

    She said forget chunks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  99. azeez aminat

    azeez aminat

    16 dagen geleden

    Ngl, when mandem gets together, it always funny as hell

  100. Chidubem Chidolue

    Chidubem Chidolue

    16 dagen geleden

    Harry’s face when Filly came back was priceless. Man was ready to bang him up you know