among us

pet the crewmate son, he deserves love.
among us dad and among us son do tasks together and support each other like family should.
💭 ICSandwichGuy
from ice cream sandwich comics guy


  1. ThePiter :P

    ThePiter :P

    7 minuten geleden

    And then he gets stabbed in the face.

  2. Infinity Glitches

    Infinity Glitches

    49 minuten geleden

    Y. E. S

  3. Megan Ashley Pangan

    Megan Ashley Pangan

    52 minuten geleden

    this is the video he told me to watch after the super dream video will he be there???

  4. BaniBean


    2 uur geleden

    i can't stop watching this.

  5. DrSqeegy


    2 uur geleden


  6. kimgameryt gamer

    kimgameryt gamer

    2 uur geleden


  7. Monster2239


    4 uur geleden

    That was adorable

  8. Myriam Cordova

    Myriam Cordova

    5 uur geleden

    Why was that so cute ?😂

  9. Aph Meow

    Aph Meow

    5 uur geleden

    ... Why did I think that kid was going to die-

  10. Burst Boys

    Burst Boys

    7 uur geleden

    Make a full vid pls

  11. Le Frog

    Le Frog

    7 uur geleden

    Impostor when their son gets a first kill

  12. Shovel Knight

    Shovel Knight

    8 uur geleden

    Mini blue is a good boi

  13. Koya_The_Tired_Koala


    9 uur geleden

    Whats the song?

  14. Syed Ahsan

    Syed Ahsan

    10 uur geleden

    this is close to what this looks like the link is just more wierd

  15. Doodle Kitty

    Doodle Kitty

    10 uur geleden

    I first read this as ‘Among Us Sandwich’ XD

  16. TheVampireItself


    11 uur geleden


  17. Geodash1457


    11 uur geleden

    Smol lil crewmate

  18. McKenna Weld

    McKenna Weld

    12 uur geleden

    I want to know what this song is called

  19. Lauchens Magicus

    Lauchens Magicus

    12 uur geleden

    Forget the doggos and the froggos, this is the best

  20. Greg Parsons

    Greg Parsons

    12 uur geleden

    Mr Icecream gets the gist of Among Us

  21. Ultra Dubstep Gamer

    Ultra Dubstep Gamer

    13 uur geleden

    Make a ten hour version

  22. Joas VErKAde

    Joas VErKAde

    13 uur geleden

    And now a 10 hour compilation of this

  23. Katherine O'Leary

    Katherine O'Leary

    14 uur geleden

    Pet da tiny crewmate

  24. LivLifeDrawing


    14 uur geleden

    Ha you guys, you guys. His task was to pet his baby duhhhhhhhhhh

  25. abdullah Alzuraiki

    abdullah Alzuraiki

    15 uur geleden

    Plot twist blue is imp ANd is trying to kill him but he cant

  26. Alexandria Carter

    Alexandria Carter

    15 uur geleden

    Time to pet smol crewmate

  27. Keith Young

    Keith Young

    15 uur geleden

    0:04 when you see someone walking there dog across the street.

  28. real kanav

    real kanav

    17 uur geleden

    0:04 mini crewmate cute moments

  29. CocoBean 7

    CocoBean 7

    17 uur geleden

    #ruiningmemes that hand is actually rubbing a pp

  30. Pinkies7Out7Gaming


    18 uur geleden

    Can anyone tell me what the song is? I want to learn it

  31. Happy Duck

    Happy Duck

    19 uur geleden

    he be vibin tho

  32. hell no

    hell no

    20 uur geleden

    I was expecting him to kill him or squash him,luckily he just patted him

  33. GG553


    22 uur geleden

    This video is my pinned tweet on twitter

  34. yousef alsharif

    yousef alsharif

    22 uur geleden


  35. KCIsNotDoingWell


    23 uur geleden


  36. Hebun BATU

    Hebun BATU

    23 uur geleden


  37. Snapple Apples

    Snapple Apples

    23 uur geleden

    this is the only thing that is keeping me sane right now

  38. Connor Fraser

    Connor Fraser

    Dag geleden

    It’s always heartbreaking when you die and your lil buddy just sits there on his own for the rest of the game.

  39. Toasty Breadham

    Toasty Breadham

    Dag geleden

    if i was blue there would be a big SPLAT

  40. Jek Bal

    Jek Bal

    Dag geleden

    Well yes, but actually no.

  41. adoo326


    Dag geleden

    when the imposter is sus! 😳

  42. Albert Fu

    Albert Fu

    Dag geleden


  43. Caleb Pevia

    Caleb Pevia

    Dag geleden

    Then red came and killed blue leaving mini crewmate a orphan

  44. how to be a clutch guy

    how to be a clutch guy

    Dag geleden

    10 hour version pls

  45. Van Ezra

    Van Ezra

    Dag geleden

    *me at 3am:*

  46. Fiddle Sticks

    Fiddle Sticks

    Dag geleden


  47. Noah E

    Noah E

    Dag geleden

    Someone on omegle sent me this when I told them I was depressed. Im so fucking happy rn😂

    • Steven Alexander

      Steven Alexander

      Dag geleden

      omegles great sometimes lmao

  48. A bubblegum pink river

    A bubblegum pink river

    Dag geleden


  49. Ryan Carr

    Ryan Carr

    Dag geleden

    Squishy baby

  50. IiAmBirbiI


    Dag geleden


  51. Gavin Griffiths

    Gavin Griffiths

    Dag geleden


  52. rainqui


    Dag geleden

    first beat : no. second beat : no. third beat : i know this song. fourth beat : don’t do it. god da-

    • Steven Alexander

      Steven Alexander

      Dag geleden

      nvm its mario world end

    • Steven Alexander

      Steven Alexander

      Dag geleden


  53. Kyle's World

    Kyle's World

    Dag geleden

    I like this

  54. CartoonDrawin


    Dag geleden


    • Mr. spicy ice

      Mr. spicy ice

      Dag geleden


  55. Fantasy Worldz

    Fantasy Worldz

    Dag geleden

    I found it

  56. Clay Schultz

    Clay Schultz

    Dag geleden

    This just makes me happy

  57. funtime_Joshua


    Dag geleden

    The captions: you

  58. Wacky Animations

    Wacky Animations

    Dag geleden

    I was half expecting a plot twist at the end where the baby crewmate commit kil

  59. NiceSoot


    Dag geleden

    POV: You're trying to catch blue do someth sus so u could accuse him.

  60. ArtistyPen


    Dag geleden

    among us in a nutshell:

  61. Jazmyn Thrasher

    Jazmyn Thrasher

    Dag geleden

    wut 🙃

  62. PizzagremlinUwU


    Dag geleden

    Lil baby

  63. Keith Young

    Keith Young

    Dag geleden

    0:04 when Santa sees kids

    • zoo ang

      zoo ang

      22 uur geleden

      When i see someone with pet

  64. Terran Time

    Terran Time

    Dag geleden


  65. Garfield :3

    Garfield :3

    Dag geleden

    When your little brother asks you some money

  66. Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

    Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

    Dag geleden

    Who ever LOVES his channel comment something on this but if you don’t do nothing AND LEAVE

  67. Eve lyn

    Eve lyn

    Dag geleden


  68. Gyula Kovács

    Gyula Kovács

    Dag geleden

    For some reason This always makes me laugh

  69. ZSwitch


    Dag geleden

    C r u s h T h e C h i l d

  70. Shadow Angel

    Shadow Angel

    Dag geleden

    when someone is just standing around with their child

  71. Katira Rodríguez

    Katira Rodríguez

    Dag geleden

    dId yOu mAkE tHis me: **trys to find the cute bean in the wild so I can pet it**

  72. Shawn Blowers

    Shawn Blowers

    Dag geleden


  73. Lynette Munn

    Lynette Munn

    Dag geleden

    ok, that was weird but cute

  74. Aaliyah Demko

    Aaliyah Demko

    Dag geleden


  75. skeleton boy DA BEST

    skeleton boy DA BEST

    Dag geleden


  76. Marion Frix

    Marion Frix

    Dag geleden

    Among us: **has many great moments and funny things to say about the game** The players:OMG MINICRUE MATE IS SOOO CUTEE LOL WATCH FUNNI VEDEO

  77. Jaden lee

    Jaden lee

    Dag geleden

    why is it cute?!

  78. olakpasa


    Dag geleden


  79. Just Bob Not Lapis

    Just Bob Not Lapis

    Dag geleden

    Plot twist : blue was the imposter and he was red but turned blue

  80. Brynley Ellsworth

    Brynley Ellsworth

    Dag geleden

    Captions: [Music] you

  81. Catherine Mason

    Catherine Mason

    Dag geleden

    Cute 💙

  82. ObeyTecq


    Dag geleden

    Good thing the hand likes ur cut g, that slap would HURT.

  83. shirt guy

    shirt guy

    Dag geleden

    What is a meme :

  84. Sparkly Curtans

    Sparkly Curtans

    Dag geleden

    That’s every among us video

  85. G Casey

    G Casey

    Dag geleden

    username: Birdwhisker_FireClan

  86. Abraham Kaleab Yemane

    Abraham Kaleab Yemane

    Dag geleden

    Why didnt I hear about this channel before!!!!

  87. Giorgi Achuashvili

    Giorgi Achuashvili

    Dag geleden

    Best video that i have ever seen lol

  88. Bidhan Chandra Yadav

    Bidhan Chandra Yadav

    Dag geleden

    Name of the song????

  89. K T

    K T

    Dag geleden

    What the thumbnail said: causally approach child, firmly grasp child, yeet the child What the video said: causally approach child, pet the child

  90. Sir Render

    Sir Render

    Dag geleden

    I replayed this like 20 times

  91. Nathan


    Dag geleden

    wait are you in the ror2 discord server???? cuz that is everywhere in there

  92. Anonymous Invader

    Anonymous Invader

    Dag geleden

    Me with my younger brother

  93. GalaxyWolfScent


    Dag geleden

    Did you invent this meme?!?! You created a masterpiece

  94. Shpadhy


    Dag geleden

    Me seeing my dog after walking into my house:

  95. Steve's Greatness

    Steve's Greatness

    2 dagen geleden

    This is disturbingly similar to on scratch, which came out months ago... did you copy it?

    • Steven Alexander

      Steven Alexander

      Dag geleden

      @Steve's Greatness i wasnt being sarcastic lmao

    • Steve's Greatness

      Steve's Greatness

      Dag geleden

      @Steven Alexander I didn't accuse, I asked

    • Steven Alexander

      Steven Alexander

      Dag geleden

      bruv this is the internet ofc he copied it

  96. Quin Gale

    Quin Gale

    2 dagen geleden

    Thabmnk you holy one for making this wholesome meme

  97. Pigeon


    2 dagen geleden

    Whats the song

    • Steven Alexander

      Steven Alexander

      Dag geleden

      mario world ending theme

  98. Lma Zayat

    Lma Zayat

    2 dagen geleden

    best video ever

  99. Richmond roy D. Soriano

    Richmond roy D. Soriano

    2 dagen geleden


  100. Telucia Hensley

    Telucia Hensley

    2 dagen geleden

    Why did I know what the music was when I watched it muted..