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  1. Eleanor Neale

    Eleanor Neale

    13 dagen geleden

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    • M


      8 uur geleden

      New camera i see !!

    • reza rrezaee

      reza rrezaee

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      @Dark Angel Holz 👍

    • reza rrezaee

      reza rrezaee

      Dag geleden

      @Jayleen Garcia ?

    • Jayleen Garcia

      Jayleen Garcia

      2 dagen geleden

      her name is Isabella Guzman

    • Jayleen Garcia

      Jayleen Garcia

      2 dagen geleden

      can you talk about a murder about this girl that stab her mother in the throat 79 times because her mom was going to sell her to a mafia

  2. Saffa


    14 uur geleden

    I like her accent

  3. Charli grande

    Charli grande

    16 uur geleden

    It’s so scary to know this could happen to anyone

  4. Silvia Sottk

    Silvia Sottk

    16 uur geleden


  5. Kermdoid Rtazi

    Kermdoid Rtazi

    17 uur geleden

    She went to the university I currently attend...and she did the same course I'm doing...

  6. Skyler Richardson

    Skyler Richardson

    17 uur geleden

    do the case of kevin davis !

  7. kwiatpaproci


    19 uur geleden

    Poor girl 😔 I'm from Poland and I've never heard of that even tho I'm very interested in crime stories. So it just feels weird to hear a polish name in the video so suddenly.

  8. Jaz


    21 uur geleden

    please can you do a video about Ted Bundy? :)

  9. Katie Mordan

    Katie Mordan

    22 uur geleden

    please cover Natalee Holloway missing case

  10. Baby Mimi

    Baby Mimi

    22 uur geleden

    Do one in Bodmin

  11. Kirra Louise

    Kirra Louise

    23 uur geleden

    Please do the Peter Stogneff case! He was my uncles best friend and his murder happened in my home town!!

  12. Loui Sims

    Loui Sims

    Dag geleden

    Hey Eleanor can you do the case of Shukri Abdi from Bury as this has been a big case up north and is still on going but the perpetrator admitted to the crime

  13. Minineli


    Dag geleden

    32:13 they could got 25 years or life inprison

  14. Ghetto Schamanin

    Ghetto Schamanin

    Dag geleden

    You are so beautiful! 😍 May I ask you what kind of eyeliner you use?

  15. Mentally Disturbed Wolf Gaming

    Mentally Disturbed Wolf Gaming

    Dag geleden

    Is this Twilight X rated?

  16. Lindsey Straley

    Lindsey Straley

    Dag geleden

    I have a very interesting US case for you to look into! Stephen Peter Morin. He murdered between 4-48 people in 4 years.

  17. Kasey Lynn

    Kasey Lynn

    Dag geleden

    do you know what Corpse looks like

  18. True Crime with Simon

    True Crime with Simon

    Dag geleden

    Hi I love your video's and how well you present them.

  19. Keely Weaver

    Keely Weaver

    Dag geleden

    Can u please do the Daniel morcombe case!!! So interesting!!!

  20. heyysimone


    Dag geleden

    123k as an amount is so random. Like, why not 120 or 125 thousand.

  21. Krissy van Deursen

    Krissy van Deursen

    Dag geleden

    I really love these true crimes videos! I was wondering if you could maybe cover the Dutch case of Nicky Verstappen? It has been huge news lately and I think it would be interesting to make a video on.

  22. Lorna Westwick

    Lorna Westwick

    Dag geleden

    It's scary to think that the person she loved so much killed her. Its scarier to think that is usually the way with most cases.😔

  23. wendy kuiper

    wendy kuiper

    Dag geleden

    You should do the case of nicky verstappen Its a case from 20 years ago in the Netherlands

  24. Syubiased


    Dag geleden

    Hey eleanor are you still doing the sylivia likens case?

  25. Emily Windsor Clive

    Emily Windsor Clive

    Dag geleden

    Can you do the Fred and Rose West Case, it's a really interesting one! xxx

  26. oop


    Dag geleden

    pls talk about the poughkeepsie tapes 🧍‍♀️

  27. angela cumberbatch

    angela cumberbatch

    Dag geleden

    Could you do the murder of Alison shaunessy and the Taylor sisters please. There’s not a lot of videos of the case and I think you would be brilliant covering it 🥰

  28. Bridgette Sandoval

    Bridgette Sandoval

    Dag geleden

    It won’t let me watch this video, it says “ an error occurred, please try again later.” (playback ID 1hQew-GaLIKzUIO-) learn more but no matter what I do it won’t let me watch it. It started messing up when I bought the iPhone 12 Pro Max.. I lobe your videos and I want to watch this one.. 😭😭😭

  29. Sarah Mccullough

    Sarah Mccullough

    Dag geleden

    Can you please cover the story of the tv producer who went missing in 2018 under suspicious circumstances his name was Terrance the family was on dr Phil recently thank you and can I please have a shout out I loved watching you in locked in x

  30. Bethany Lauren Hicks

    Bethany Lauren Hicks

    Dag geleden

    I live in Taunton Somerset and chard is like 8-10 min drive from where I work!!! Really nice to see some local stories!

  31. Shining Waters

    Shining Waters

    Dag geleden

    Can you do one on #MMIW murdered and missing indigenous women? I’ve asked a couple other creators many times and went unnoticed. Praying you notice 🙏

  32. Playeff


    Dag geleden


  33. Ethan Brenton

    Ethan Brenton

    Dag geleden

    this was posted on my birthday....

  34. Nokutula Banda

    Nokutula Banda

    Dag geleden

  35. origamipein18


    Dag geleden

    Honestly, the UK does need tighter immigration laws. 🙁

  36. moon harleyy

    moon harleyy

    Dag geleden

    i'd be very intrigued if you decided to cover Timmothy Pitzen's case- mom takes son out of school, mom is found dead & son is never seen again. i've always been interested in the case & i'd love to see you do a video.

  37. Will’s UNWILD Vlogs Channel 32

    Will’s UNWILD Vlogs Channel 32

    Dag geleden

    Man leaves his child. Enough said!!

  38. S E M I T A

    S E M I T A

    Dag geleden

    Catherine was beautiful and didn't deserve this, also the man has horrible taste like he chooses a goat over a beautiful, smart girl?

  39. maria montse corona

    maria montse corona

    Dag geleden

    Ahhhhhh idk how I feel about the whole immigration spin.

  40. Aneta Cubelic

    Aneta Cubelic

    Dag geleden

    Catherine’s family are as beautiful souls as she was. Rest in peace ❤️

  41. Aneta Cubelic

    Aneta Cubelic

    Dag geleden

    Unrelated, but I really wanna be your friend. Much love to you, you’re amazing!!

  42. Ms Liz Morg

    Ms Liz Morg

    2 dagen geleden

    Another spook a suggestion I would like to suggest to you is the Gypsy Rose Blancharde case. I don't know if you have heard of it but I watched the ACT TV show that shows what happened to Gypsy and what happened to her mother. I actually finished the ACT within really just two days. I did think I started on Friday and I think I actually saw the first episode Friday but I'm pretty positive it was probably actually Saturday morning. Just beware that well this case is very interesting I'm just warning you now there is something from that case that are something you probably don't want to see in him TV show. Do to how her Ex-Boyfriend manipulated her.

  43. Erin Attfield

    Erin Attfield

    2 dagen geleden

    You are amazing Eleanor!! I watch you every night since I found you. Please cover the Grace Milane story. She was a young UK traveller on her OE to NZ(where I'm from) and she was murdered by her tinder date. He used the defence of 'rough sex' to deny any culpability. Her story gripped out nation and I still think about it all the time. He has had name suppression since it came out and now her dad had sadly passed away.

  44. Leyla Garcia

    Leyla Garcia

    2 dagen geleden

    Hi unrelated but you are my makeup artist idk how you do your makeup its stunning in every single video like- if i could do that id be so happy i hope yoh do tutorials one day love you and your vids

  45. nancy shahada

    nancy shahada

    2 dagen geleden

    I started watching you’re videos about a week ago and i literally cant stop I’m obsesseddd. Such interesting cases I swearrrr and you’re really good at telling and describing them !!!! Binge watching gangggg

  46. *B r e i*

    *B r e i*

    2 dagen geleden

    I looked at the comment to help myself confirm it was the ex-girlfriend but I was wrong. I thought the ex found out he cheated and killed her but, wow...

  47. mo mo

    mo mo

    2 dagen geleden

    do the casey anthony case

  48. Alyssa Grace

    Alyssa Grace

    2 dagen geleden

    What I’ve learnt from these cases is that if someone ever tries to get a life insurance policy out for you, run.

  49. len


    2 dagen geleden

    do y'all ever have that moment where ur listening to one of these true crime stories and ur like "no the killer can't be the partner because xyz" and then the wording shifts in a way that makes u realize that it was definitely without a doubt the victims partner

  50. William brindley

    William brindley

    2 dagen geleden

    Love your videos, you should do a video on Louise turpin and david turpin if you haven't already. Would enjoy that

  51. Shaheda’s Family in UK

    Shaheda’s Family in UK

    2 dagen geleden

    nice video ❤️❤️❤️if you want, you can see my one

  52. Katie Graffunder

    Katie Graffunder

    2 dagen geleden

    okay but like let’s talk about how beautiful Eleanor is 🤩

  53. SYM Studios

    SYM Studios

    2 dagen geleden

    Ginger donny!

  54. oatey


    2 dagen geleden

    Omg I literally live in the village next to where this happened the day that it happened we had to be picked up by our Mums and dads and we had to stay in our houses it was strange we also had police EVERYWHERE so glad you covered this love the vids 😀☺️

    • oatey


      2 dagen geleden

      (Edit) sorry I was thinking of another case 😅😕

  55. Rae Weeb

    Rae Weeb

    2 dagen geleden

    What about the Deltona Massacre? One of my family members was killed in this before I was born and their has not been a really good documentary explaining everything that had gone down, it's sad that even people from Deltona in it self don't remember it.

  56. humdrum pelican

    humdrum pelican

    2 dagen geleden

    If you like the small town stories, you should look into the case of Kailee Nicole Clapp. She was a girl that was brutally murdered in McCook Nebraska. The whole case is really really sad

  57. Victoria Davis

    Victoria Davis

    2 dagen geleden

    You should cover the Baseline Killer in Phoenix it’s super interesting serial killer case that actually happened at the same time as another serial shooter in the same area

  58. Moa


    2 dagen geleden

    Can you do a swedish case? there was just one interesting case about a girl named Wilma who was murdered by her boyfriend P.s. i love you so much, i have bing watched your video’s just to see you. I have even looked at all footasylm’s videos just to see you❤️❤️

  59. Emily Mintern

    Emily Mintern

    2 dagen geleden

    Her eyeliner just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I love it

  60. Haylee Hudson

    Haylee Hudson

    2 dagen geleden

    you should do a video on jonbenet ramsey !!!

  61. Courtney Boggett

    Courtney Boggett

    2 dagen geleden

    I’m so glad I’ve found this channel 😁 also just to answer the question about life insurance in the uk. It’s not mandatory to have life insurance in the uk but it’s not uncommon for young people to have life insurance as most mortgage lenders set it as a pre condition to letting you have a mortgage with them. I hope this helps x

  62. DNA P0lymerase

    DNA P0lymerase

    2 dagen geleden

    Hey Eleanor, I was hoping you’d consider this unsolved case. A hiker’s body was found in a campsite dead. Many people came forward with dozens of stories and photos of the man, but no one knew his real name. He hiked the Appalachian trail in 2018 from NY to FL. He remains unidentified thank you for considering

  63. Tasnem Latakia

    Tasnem Latakia

    2 dagen geleden

    Can you talk about the case that the movie Megan is missing was inspired by?

  64. oeq


    2 dagen geleden

    Could you do the FarmVille murders? X

  65. Jade Collins

    Jade Collins

    2 dagen geleden

    My Boyfriend is born and raised in Chard, and lived there when this happened. He remembers so many details of the case, he was friends with her cousin and it really shook the whole town!

  66. raccoonluvit


    2 dagen geleden

    I noticed you haven't read this case, but I find it really interesting and disturbing, and I'd love to hear you cover it because you're always so respectful towards the victims The scream murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart Her murder is a solved one, and inspired by Scream movies

  67. Cosplay.cos01


    2 dagen geleden

    I need you to get a thing on Spotify

  68. SimplyKailyn


    2 dagen geleden

    So I was wondering if you could do the Molly Young and Richie Minton case, it hits close to home, I lived in Jonesboro/Anna Illinois and I lived about 25 to 30 minutes away from where it happened in Carbondale, Illinois (I don't hear a lot of cases that are around that area). That would be amazing thank you!!!

  69. Mike Rosa

    Mike Rosa

    2 dagen geleden

    I love how she gives tiny details about victims and such makes them more human and makes it all the more tragic.

  70. sofia hussein

    sofia hussein

    2 dagen geleden

    Please talk about Shukri Abdi

  71. 김한빈


    2 dagen geleden

    eleanor, please can you do a video about pervis payne? he is an innocent black man on death row for 30+ years, set to be executed by april 2021. he’s also been living with an intellectual disability and there needs to be more people that know his name and fight for his innocence. the website is

  72. Lindsay Bagnall

    Lindsay Bagnall

    2 dagen geleden

    im from australia, love your accent lol

  73. Laisa


    2 dagen geleden

    I LOVE HER EYE COLOUR ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  74. Shelbi Abbott

    Shelbi Abbott

    3 dagen geleden

    You should cover the case that happened in the town I grew up in, Guyton, Georgia. Two young siblings went missing two years apart and then their bodies were found buried in the backyard of the mobile home they lived in (found in 2018). Multiple members of the family were charged this year with murder and details later revealed the abuse that at least one of the children endured before she was killed. The children's names were Mary Crocker and Elwyn Crocker Jr. The father of the children who killed them worked every year as santa clause at our local Walmart. It's a heartbreaking case and can not believe what some people are capable of.

  75. Pp Puu

    Pp Puu

    3 dagen geleden

    Could you do the rorochan_1999 case?

  76. Elexa Shapiro

    Elexa Shapiro

    3 dagen geleden

    please do the manson murders!!!

  77. Paige Drew

    Paige Drew

    3 dagen geleden

    I’m from Pittsburgh where a woman named Tonee Marie Turner went missing ! I think this case would be perfect for you to cover and it’s about to mark one year since the disappearance !!!

  78. Justin Webber

    Justin Webber

    3 dagen geleden

    That sounds like something my wife would have a go at me for "Why have you washed a single pillowcase, you complete idiot"

  79. micheal jackson

    micheal jackson

    3 dagen geleden

    u should make a podcast !!

  80. micheal jackson

    micheal jackson

    3 dagen geleden

    i haven’t watched you in so long i missed u so much lolz

  81. Debbie Simp

    Debbie Simp

    3 dagen geleden

    Hey guys, so somebody died and we’re gonna talk about their murder, but first, here’s a word from our sponsor, seekers note!

    • Debbie Simp

      Debbie Simp

      3 dagen geleden

      Note it’s a joke, I love eleanor

  82. Amelia Jenkins

    Amelia Jenkins

    3 dagen geleden

    me two abs half minutes in... SOMERSET? BRISTOL? hold on bro no

  83. ComicsBae


    3 dagen geleden

    I did an exchange program at Bath Spa lmao

  84. Cake Lil

    Cake Lil

    3 dagen geleden

    Guys watch mr ballen if you like creepy and strange mythical mysteries that never been solved

  85. 3lian spider

    3lian spider

    3 dagen geleden

    Hi, love your videos ,I just have a case suggestion. There is a famous case in Australia where I'm from. The Matthew Leveson Case was a missing persons case for 10 years and was only confirmed to be a murder a few years ago. Everyone knows who did it but he cannot be convicted because he went to trial and was acquitted. The man who killed Matthew was Michael Atkins his boyfriend. Years after the trial Michael Atkins lead the parents of Matthew Leveson to Mattew's body. Theres also another case in Australia, which is the William Tyrell case but that case remains unsolved. William Tyrell was about 3 years old he has been missing for years now a very sad case.

  86. Coletha Albert

    Coletha Albert

    3 dagen geleden

    Rest in peace Kath 🥀

  87. Coletha Albert

    Coletha Albert

    3 dagen geleden

    Why does Ana look-a like-a man?

  88. Coletha Albert

    Coletha Albert

    3 dagen geleden

    Refel Novach looks like Jordan Klepper 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  89. Ana Uruchurtu

    Ana Uruchurtu

    3 dagen geleden

    well technically, she did spend the rest of her life with him..

  90. Munkastrap4


    4 dagen geleden

    So clear they planned for him to meet someone and get insurance money the whole time. They may have been planning each to keep doing it forever, like black widows, first him then her and so on

  91. MadeOf WaxLarry

    MadeOf WaxLarry

    4 dagen geleden

    Please talk about the Alex Stevens case from Maryland in the US. It’s a crazy story from the small town I’m from!

  92. Emily Bauer

    Emily Bauer

    4 dagen geleden

    you should cover the bianca piper noel case, very fishy, or the Angie Housman case! both are in Missouri

  93. Gus OOO

    Gus OOO

    4 dagen geleden

    WHAT ABOUT MICHELE AVILA????!??!!!!!!!

  94. French Kiss Boutique NZ

    French Kiss Boutique NZ

    4 dagen geleden

    Totally normal to have a life insurance policy if you own a home and have a mortgage.

  95. Beth Thorpe

    Beth Thorpe

    4 dagen geleden

    So todehhs videooooh

  96. Savannah Montes

    Savannah Montes

    4 dagen geleden

    Love your vids..what’s the hair color btw???

  97. Bretlie Hyde

    Bretlie Hyde

    4 dagen geleden

    you should do the jun lin/ luka magnotta case

  98. Lauren Pell

    Lauren Pell

    4 dagen geleden

    PLEASE PLEASE can you cover the 2020 case of the UConn serial killer

  99. faith campbell

    faith campbell

    4 dagen geleden

    If you haven’t does this already, can you PLEASE do Megan is missing!

    • Jamie Alpha Bravo

      Jamie Alpha Bravo

      2 dagen geleden

      Megan is Missing is a movie, not a true case, so there's not much for her to do a video about, beyond a plot summary.

  100. Mykie M3000

    Mykie M3000

    4 dagen geleden

    Can you do Jennifer Cupit, an English murderer. She came into our school for career day with the company "prison me, no way" it's a really interesting story in my opinion