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This week I decided to become Kylie Jenner. Unfortunately didn't come with her bank account, but it was still fun! I had Stormi with me and we did some baking, shopping, and a skincare routine of course. Enjoy!
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  1. Violet Vejar

    Violet Vejar

    58 minuten geleden

    so cute

  2. Lauriana Portela

    Lauriana Portela

    Uur geleden

    Lexi I like your hair

  3. N B

    N B

    Uur geleden

    Kylie jenner/ lexi hensler

  4. Aleya Popenhagen

    Aleya Popenhagen

    2 uur geleden

    i love your hair just the way it is.

  5. Lexi Melli

    Lexi Melli

    2 uur geleden

    I love this vid so much it’s an lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. you know it’s ray Love love

    you know it’s ray Love love

    2 uur geleden

    No one I mean no one Lexi you only need one pump *puts three *

  7. Lemonade Daisies

    Lemonade Daisies

    6 uur geleden

    Stormi is one of the twins 😂

  8. MR - 04YJ 828886 Shelter Bay PS

    MR - 04YJ 828886 Shelter Bay PS

    7 uur geleden

    lexi hensler:its natural hidrated. me:there is a full face of makeup you have on.

  9. Mystical Creature

    Mystical Creature

    9 uur geleden

    Lexi R is a true Kylie fan lol when she says where Lexi H is sopposed to be

  10. Thomas Yang

    Thomas Yang

    12 uur geleden

    When you do the intro first I actually like the hair that you cut

  11. Jan Jimenez Sevilla

    Jan Jimenez Sevilla

    13 uur geleden

    We love you

  12. Ali Al Zadjali

    Ali Al Zadjali

    14 uur geleden

    Omg girl your hair so cute Tatum

  13. Josy Silva

    Josy Silva

    14 uur geleden

    I'm cringing so harddddddd!!!!!!

  14. Josy Silva

    Josy Silva

    14 uur geleden

    Kylie Jenner could never

  15. Rakesh Patel

    Rakesh Patel

    15 uur geleden

    This is the best video ever. THE Best

  16. Joisy in Wonderland

    Joisy in Wonderland

    21 uur geleden

    “You really only need one pump ......”😂🤣😅

  17. Cal Hendriks

    Cal Hendriks

    21 uur geleden

    You published this on my b-day

  18. Surender Chawla

    Surender Chawla

    21 uur geleden

    Acting is so good lexi

  19. Eric Mendez

    Eric Mendez

    22 uur geleden


  20. Maximina Muñoz

    Maximina Muñoz

    22 uur geleden

    I love your hair lexi

  21. Adalynn Burton

    Adalynn Burton

    23 uur geleden

    Who thinks Lexi looks like jeenerfor Lopez

  22. Blessed Thompson

    Blessed Thompson

    Dag geleden

    Eeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy the little girl say I wanna do that oooww

  23. Blessed Thompson

    Blessed Thompson

    Dag geleden

    Eeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy she's sooo cute

  24. Blessed Thompson

    Blessed Thompson

    Dag geleden

    Yes atyy

  25. Blessed Thompson

    Blessed Thompson

    Dag geleden

    How the ogh igi oh divogbob office

  26. Roshada Augustin

    Roshada Augustin

    Dag geleden

    Keeo the change haha

  27. Nathan Y

    Nathan Y

    Dag geleden

    im in love

  28. Kaylie Natalie Mallari

    Kaylie Natalie Mallari

    Dag geleden


  29. Yomaira frias

    Yomaira frias

    Dag geleden

    She be liveing better than us

  30. Hum ans

    Hum ans

    Dag geleden

    That’s kid is fish fam

  31. Itz Lexi

    Itz Lexi

    Dag geleden


  32. Sonam Chuskit

    Sonam Chuskit

    Dag geleden

    Omg she's just so amazing 😍

  33. Vio Nanan

    Vio Nanan

    Dag geleden

    I love your hair

  34. Maddalyn White vlogs

    Maddalyn White vlogs

    Dag geleden

    I love stormi

  35. MetteMarie75


    Dag geleden

    What Lexi

  36. Caralina Muniz

    Caralina Muniz

    Dag geleden

    i love your hair

  37. douae marzak

    douae marzak

    Dag geleden

    9:10 The wig looks good : Amazon 😂

  38. abeeha mateen Rana

    abeeha mateen Rana

    Dag geleden

    Happy new year 🎇🎇🎈🎈 to LEXI HENSLER and everyone 😁😊🙂🙂🙂

  39. Martha Lidia Orellano

    Martha Lidia Orellano

    Dag geleden

    I love your hair

  40. BTS Army

    BTS Army

    Dag geleden

    Lexi i like your hair

  41. Kristel Grogan

    Kristel Grogan

    Dag geleden

    I love you Lexi

  42. miyu takawafari

    miyu takawafari

    Dag geleden

    Lol I cut my hair too

  43. Michael Kanner

    Michael Kanner

    Dag geleden

    I am subscribed

  44. Yassin Koumaneh

    Yassin Koumaneh

    Dag geleden

    The way Lexi R said hi while walking into Starbucks was so cute. Shes so cute!!😍😭😭

  45. Aishath Ayra Jawaad

    Aishath Ayra Jawaad

    Dag geleden

    U sound like ariana grande



    Dag geleden

    Question why did the cupcakes come out of the over with a plate?!😂

  47. Kong Vutha

    Kong Vutha

    Dag geleden

    Love videos 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿😝😄🧡❤️🧡🧡❤️

  48. Sabina Tahirovic

    Sabina Tahirovic

    Dag geleden

    Lexi if you get pregnant we’re here to support you #LexiHenslersquad

  49. Aly PeraltaOrtiz

    Aly PeraltaOrtiz

    Dag geleden

    It was funny when she threw the money and said keep the change

  50. Ryley Langston

    Ryley Langston

    Dag geleden

    Your hair is amazing

  51. Addisonrae Fan

    Addisonrae Fan

    Dag geleden

    Oo it’s Kylie Omg UwU

  52. Life of Ashley song

    Life of Ashley song

    Dag geleden

    omg i litterally thought this was Lexi Riveras channel,cuz the thumbnail,i could not recognize Lexi Hensler

  53. Katelyn Storer

    Katelyn Storer

    Dag geleden

    Lexi Hensler: My face wash you only have to use one pump. Uses at least 3 pumps. XD

  54. Dani Hay

    Dani Hay

    Dag geleden

    I love your hair when it is cute

  55. 725 Kavya Upadhyay

    725 Kavya Upadhyay

    Dag geleden

    I liked them soooo much

  56. Treece Rhoten

    Treece Rhoten

    2 dagen geleden

    i love this its so cute!!!!!

  57. Jordan Graca

    Jordan Graca

    2 dagen geleden

    I love how Lexi/Kylie Jenner said to only use one pump but used 3🙂🙂

  58. Michiela Webb Cullen

    Michiela Webb Cullen

    2 dagen geleden

    Omg, imagine kylie seeing this. Kylie:OMG Stormi:Look it's me

  59. Ragegames


    2 dagen geleden

    I’m soo jealous your hair is AMAZING

  60. Rachael Rutledge

    Rachael Rutledge

    2 dagen geleden

    I love it can I steal it from you?😂😂

  61. Cassie Ellison

    Cassie Ellison

    2 dagen geleden

    You just look like Kylie Jenner

  62. Cassie Ellison

    Cassie Ellison

    2 dagen geleden

    You're hair looks good

  63. SP Officials

    SP Officials

    2 dagen geleden


  64. Milkshake Uwu

    Milkshake Uwu

    2 dagen geleden

    None literally none Lexi h:1 pump *does like more than 3

  65. Kayleigh Morris

    Kayleigh Morris

    2 dagen geleden

    You look crazy 😧

  66. william taylor

    william taylor

    2 dagen geleden

    Haha so funny😂😂

  67. Michelle Kelly

    Michelle Kelly

    2 dagen geleden

    hi lexi im your biggest fan IOVE YOU

  68. Jasmine Hartley

    Jasmine Hartley

    2 dagen geleden

    i love your new hair style

  69. Graham Minchin

    Graham Minchin

    2 dagen geleden

    Your little stormy is so cute ☺️

  70. Skily 24

    Skily 24

    2 dagen geleden

    SHE WAS SO CALM that happens once a year lol

  71. Jaden Chan

    Jaden Chan

    2 dagen geleden

    When little storm threw the money I think Lexi thought she threw the drink like if u agree

  72. Kristen Johnson

    Kristen Johnson

    2 dagen geleden

    I love her hair cut!!!!

  73. Dennis Norris

    Dennis Norris

    2 dagen geleden

    Oh my word what has she gotten in to

  74. Beast Boy

    Beast Boy

    2 dagen geleden

    Lexi with pink hair suddenly reminds me of Felicity smoak when she died her hair pink after Oliver was arrested and she had to go into hiding in the first episodes of the 7th season of Arrow

  75. Vanessa Mcnamara

    Vanessa Mcnamara

    2 dagen geleden

    I just gotta tell u dis like what if i told u a dog had more subs den u

  76. Tasmeem Karim

    Tasmeem Karim

    2 dagen geleden

    me watching the routine: takes a big shat

  77. Madison Corrales

    Madison Corrales

    2 dagen geleden

    o m g girl

  78. Tyrone Tan

    Tyrone Tan

    2 dagen geleden

    You pour that cream with your rings I laugh and I am your biggest fan

  79. Jeff Kertz

    Jeff Kertz

    3 dagen geleden

    The fish man

  80. Raven Rico (Student)

    Raven Rico (Student)

    3 dagen geleden

    How other people bake 2:40 how i bake 2:01

  81. Paige Malone

    Paige Malone

    3 dagen geleden

    I love you so much

  82. Savannah Stile

    Savannah Stile

    3 dagen geleden

    lexi r. love the wig lexi h. from amazon

  83. Ashley Gomez

    Ashley Gomez

    3 dagen geleden

    Happy new year Lexi Hensler🧸

  84. Campbell Beatty

    Campbell Beatty

    3 dagen geleden

    "You only need like one pump" gets 6 pumps!!!!!!

  85. GEM


    3 dagen geleden

    Lexi, you look beautiful no matter what your hair looks like!

  86. Michelle Radtke

    Michelle Radtke

    3 dagen geleden

    Happy new year

  87. Jossaleth Martinez

    Jossaleth Martinez

    3 dagen geleden

    This is so funny haha her Kylie voice is sofunny

  88. achouliapangiota ach

    achouliapangiota ach

    3 dagen geleden

    I like your hair and you

  89. Safa Shah

    Safa Shah

    3 dagen geleden

    When she did her skin care she had air pods on so she can say everything Kyle said in hers

  90. finn ارياناتور

    finn ارياناتور

    3 dagen geleden

    2:20 That's real 100% 😭😂

  91. Juliet Kunz ( Student )

    Juliet Kunz ( Student )

    3 dagen geleden

    lol i wanted the koko k lip kit

  92. Juliet Kunz ( Student )

    Juliet Kunz ( Student )

    3 dagen geleden

    i'm a Kylie fan too

  93. Master Mulan-Pierre

    Master Mulan-Pierre

    3 dagen geleden


  94. Christopher Pevny

    Christopher Pevny

    3 dagen geleden

    How did you make it through 2020

  95. jeïel Theraphim

    jeïel Theraphim

    3 dagen geleden

    Kylie kids is stormi

  96. vanesa nesa

    vanesa nesa

    3 dagen geleden

    Did you cut your hair

  97. Amber and Sophia Toy review!

    Amber and Sophia Toy review!

    3 dagen geleden

    I rate Lexi Hensler 10/10

  98. Nicole Da Silva Mota

    Nicole Da Silva Mota

    3 dagen geleden

    Happy New years sorry if it's on the wrong day

  99. Sunshine Safari

    Sunshine Safari

    3 dagen geleden

    u looked more like kim or kendall than kyle no ofence but it was good

  100. Estefany López

    Estefany López

    3 dagen geleden