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I Bought 5 BROKEN Xbox Series X's From eBay - But Can I Fix Them?!

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I Bought 5 BROKEN Xbox Series X's From eBay - But Can I Fix Them?! The 5 broken Xbox Series X consoles had a variety of issues. A majority of the consoles had power issues including two that wouldn't turn on at all and two that would turn on and then turn right back off. Also, one of the consoles had a issue with nothing showing on the screen.
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  1. TronicsFix


    12 dagen geleden

    SCAMMER ALERT!!! If you see ANYONE posting as me in the comments but isn't verified IT'S NOT ME and they will scam you. I don't sell anything in the comments section EVER. You can tell if it's me commenting because I have a verified account. PLEASE use their contact info to contact them and waste their time. The only way they will stop is if we all fight back.

    • Lordgamer8582


      7 uur geleden

      you try to slide me one? fixed would be nice lol. I cant get it as im a little poor

    • MattyOnMobile


      Dag geleden

      Steve: Warns everybody about impersonators Me: Instantly scrolls through the full comments section in attempt to find one

    • Supreme Verdict

      Supreme Verdict

      2 dagen geleden

      Instruction confirm: Destroy scamers...roger that👿👿👿🔥🔥🔥

    • Clock


      2 dagen geleden

      Do you ever resell the finished product?

    • CoolMario Bros

      CoolMario Bros

      2 dagen geleden

      Okay 👍

  2. Alex Game [HUN]

    Alex Game [HUN]

    4 uur geleden




    4 uur geleden

    this is basically the launch of ps5 and xbox series x summed up

  4. Ingmar Van olffen

    Ingmar Van olffen

    4 uur geleden

    The first one is probably like fully working like i dont get why someone would just sell it

  5. Unknow Wolf 🐺 🐺

    Unknow Wolf 🐺 🐺

    5 uur geleden

    Man wish I had Xbox Series S 💔😭 can't find one My Xbox one S 4 years old

  6. jackgililand


    6 uur geleden

    I really really wish I had gotten into electronics and computers when I was younger..

  7. Jonathan Shepherd

    Jonathan Shepherd

    8 uur geleden

    We need Right to Repair, those fixes were straight forward.

  8. Mr. Petersson

    Mr. Petersson

    8 uur geleden

    Thank you. Very interesting to watch. Can I ask what temperature you use for the solder unit (Hot air station)?

  9. Aero Sam

    Aero Sam

    10 uur geleden

    Fixed or not, it's still *broken* to me

  10. Pheeb Hello

    Pheeb Hello

    13 uur geleden

    Do you reckon the person took one apart, realised he was out of his/her depth and decided to sell them all lol.

  11. Pheeb Hello

    Pheeb Hello

    14 uur geleden

    These sandwiched muiltlayered boards make me sad, seems like now if you have a short... you're fooked.

  12. LilClip


    17 uur geleden

    Xbox one chip @ 15:24

  13. Ray


    18 uur geleden

    I did not expect to hear “finger cheese in the cracks” when I got out of bed this morning.

  14. ajax


    19 uur geleden

    number two were you have part ?

  15. SirChedge


    19 uur geleden

    The perfect of thermal paste is the REAL solution to life.

  16. Nocturnal Toothbrush

    Nocturnal Toothbrush

    Dag geleden

    How are there so many broken consoles already?

  17. Mohammad M

    Mohammad M

    Dag geleden

    even broken series x is better than ps5

  18. Knight Rider

    Knight Rider

    Dag geleden

    "The Seal has been broken here"



    Dag geleden

    seeing faulty power supply issue with this console. I am glad mine is working. I wondering what Xbox has to say about the power supply issue

  20. Alec B

    Alec B

    Dag geleden

    10/10 for introducing the video, and then going right into it. No intro that goes on forever!

  21. im_notrichXD Lel

    im_notrichXD Lel

    Dag geleden

    My Xbox sort of does the same as the first I just have yo click it a few times and it works just fine

  22. BrunoKoob66


    Dag geleden

    Why would anyone sell a broken Xbox Series X instead of making a guarantee claim ???

  23. EatmeDK


    Dag geleden

    uhmmm warranty?

  24. Uziel Gonzalez

    Uziel Gonzalez

    Dag geleden

    Bummer it’s not turning on.. But deep inside he is happy lol

  25. Tribit Fan Opex ツ

    Tribit Fan Opex ツ

    Dag geleden

    D A N K P O D S A E S T E T H I C

  26. Foxtail


    Dag geleden

    The whole Power supply without cover is darn scary.

  27. Jayhawk


    2 dagen geleden

    How do broken Series X find their way onto Ebay this early? They would all be under warranty, right? Do folks from Microsoft repair centers sell them?

  28. Twitch TheYoshiCZE

    Twitch TheYoshiCZE

    2 dagen geleden

    You are a god. Love your videos. They inspire me.

  29. Bodie Jenks

    Bodie Jenks

    2 dagen geleden

    better hope these arent like the 360's where it tells MS if it's booted without the disk or hard drives connected lol. I'm hoping that at least since I had 2 get banned because of it

  30. - Stiegosaurus -

    - Stiegosaurus -

    2 dagen geleden

    "Already has some finger cheese in the grooves" - As he uses his own hand to wipe it. LOL

  31. Byron Ramos

    Byron Ramos

    2 dagen geleden

    “I’m not going to lie that one felt good” 😂😂

  32. Asjad Memoon

    Asjad Memoon

    2 dagen geleden

    22:04 inner peace.

  33. Abdullah Jimmy

    Abdullah Jimmy

    2 dagen geleden

    Right to repair

  34. redrooster303


    2 dagen geleden

    People should also know that the power supplies don't just give you a shock when they're plugged in. They will also give you the same shock when they are unplugged. This is because a lot of power is store in their capacitors.

  35. Michael Marks

    Michael Marks

    2 dagen geleden

    Meanwhile the majority of us can't even get our hands on one. 🙄

  36. Ginj Ninj

    Ginj Ninj

    2 dagen geleden

    I don't understand how these consoles just came out and people have already waxxed their consoles. I have never had any consoles break or stop working. It's like these people toss the consoles around their rooms like a bouncey ball.

  37. Sajjad Abadi

    Sajjad Abadi

    2 dagen geleden

    amazing video! specially fixing number 2!

  38. Harrison Bergeron

    Harrison Bergeron

    2 dagen geleden

    This is why you need to support Louis Rossmann and right to repair. Parts as well as technicians should not be made unavailable.

  39. cire1911th


    2 dagen geleden

    It’s fascinating watching people fix things we don’t have a clue too

  40. mr kat

    mr kat

    2 dagen geleden

    trained youtube professional I wass laughting by butt off😂😂

  41. Steve Ventura

    Steve Ventura

    2 dagen geleden

    Wait can someone explain how did he find these broken consoles? Do they sell them broken?

  42. TinLethax


    2 dagen geleden

    Hey, you can try finding the short by "voltage/current injection" method, I never tried this before but I've seen some folks on youtube inject current into the board and use thermal cam to find the hotspo t.

  43. funkyflights


    2 dagen geleden

    Those are cool little machines …

  44. Deric Medley

    Deric Medley

    2 dagen geleden

    Wonder if he could fix plainrock124’s xbox

  45. Ashpreet Singh Nanda

    Ashpreet Singh Nanda

    2 dagen geleden

    Answer to your thumbnail- Well you should have think that before

  46. Robert


    2 dagen geleden

    Love your videos they are very chill, I like watching when I'm stoned and I'm just sitting there mesmerized lol

  47. Travizzle Mycrt

    Travizzle Mycrt

    2 dagen geleden

    you the man

  48. Dawid Nitecki

    Dawid Nitecki

    3 dagen geleden

    I do not have XBOX nor I am familiar with what he's doing, but I still watch as the best netflix series.

  49. B4NE_117


    3 dagen geleden

    LoL 😂 he tells us to not mess with the power supply and 3 minutes later he touches a hot part on a LIVE power supply 🤔😂😂

    • TronicsFix


      2 dagen geleden

      I did not touch hot part on a live power supply.

  50. Fawx


    3 dagen geleden

    They were released half year ago and already broken wow

  51. NoName


    3 dagen geleden

    Problem on fifth one is board with start button

  52. owo グーチmoshi

    owo グーチmoshi

    3 dagen geleden

    If you have fried Xbox series x that's unfixable. Why not sell the SSD to people that have the series s or use the SSD in the series s



    3 dagen geleden

    Where are you from because I have 4 broken controllers :(

  54. Guadalupe


    3 dagen geleden

    "Finger cheese". Every industry has there neat colloquialisms

  55. Night


    3 dagen geleden

    How do people even break them

  56. Unknown Invictus

    Unknown Invictus

    3 dagen geleden

    Hey, please use the word ´deadly´ or ´can potentially kill you´, when warning about power supplies. The wording you use is not serious enough in my opinion. But thats just my 2 cents.

  57. Erol B.

    Erol B.

    3 dagen geleden

    How do people manage to soil their consoles so quickly...

  58. Santana


    3 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or do the Xbox series x and ps5 not even seem like next gen consoles?

  59. ꧁LD50_ Sκ1llχχ5λ07꧂

    ꧁LD50_ Sκ1llχχ5λ07꧂

    3 dagen geleden

    Is the sound out of sync or is it on my end?

  60. M B

    M B

    3 dagen geleden

    The xbox's owners:🙃

  61. The Pro Gamer

    The Pro Gamer

    3 dagen geleden

    on xbox 1 its just a xbox thing

  62. Fun Gaming Tube

    Fun Gaming Tube

    3 dagen geleden

    Wie schwer es ist , an diese Konsolen zu kommen , ohne Wucher Preise zu zahlen . Und diese Idioten , zerstören sie .

  63. Chief Gstar

    Chief Gstar

    3 dagen geleden

    How are people breaking these already

  64. Andisheh Rastani

    Andisheh Rastani

    3 dagen geleden

    I have a question. These consoles are realesd recently and all of them should have warranty service. Why simply not send them to service center and take back all of them new? There it not works in this mode ?

  65. Bryce Larsen

    Bryce Larsen

    3 dagen geleden

    where can you get the small components he uses to fix them

  66. Herei go hereigo

    Herei go hereigo

    4 dagen geleden

    I fairly certain MS at Xbox watching this to iron out future issues!

  67. Noel Vermillion

    Noel Vermillion

    4 dagen geleden

    It's almost like people don't know what a warranty is 🤣

  68. Igor Timarac

    Igor Timarac

    4 dagen geleden

    You, sir, are an inspiration to all of us created with 0 dexterity.

  69. TheUnproPro


    4 dagen geleden

    Maybe I should buy a broken PS5 lmfao

  70. Dick Jams

    Dick Jams

    4 dagen geleden

    I'll never understand why people ship the batteries

  71. Virtual FPV

    Virtual FPV

    4 dagen geleden

    I have to say that I'm impressed at that number 2 consol fix. That stuff isn't easy to do.

  72. Jay Perez

    Jay Perez

    4 dagen geleden

    3 psu issues from 5 xbox. not good microsoft we are not even a year after release yet...

  73. Adriano Perillo

    Adriano Perillo

    4 dagen geleden

    I was eating a cheesecake when he said "finger cheese" 🤢

  74. Burhan Bootter

    Burhan Bootter

    4 dagen geleden

    "I have bought and broken 5 xbox seriers x. Can I fix them?"

  75. The 9 tails spirit

    The 9 tails spirit

    4 dagen geleden

    I think you actually brought those from Sony.🤣🤣

  76. measter219


    4 dagen geleden

    Awesome vid just curious, how much did those broken consoles cost on ebay?

  77. Caydan


    4 dagen geleden


    • Caydan


      4 dagen geleden


  78. SeleDreams


    4 dagen geleden

    ngl by repairing broken ones and reselling them you can get a good amount of money with the shortages

  79. 아뤼형


    4 dagen geleden

    한대도 구하기힘든 엑박을

  80. Samuel Ray

    Samuel Ray

    4 dagen geleden

    My Xbox one thinks it 7:11 pm may 2nd 1980 why does it do this

    • Flam Go

      Flam Go

      2 dagen geleden

      Change date and time settings

  81. Blaze Moorhead

    Blaze Moorhead

    4 dagen geleden

    How do people manage to break them so quickly

  82. Taylor Pierson

    Taylor Pierson

    4 dagen geleden

    The best part when you get battery's with controllers

  83. awesomemercerdude


    5 dagen geleden

    My question is how the hell do you break it in five months?

  84. Christian Ciro

    Christian Ciro

    5 dagen geleden

    I hope you tried XSX number 5's power supply in XSX number 1

  85. Taylor Chassaniol

    Taylor Chassaniol

    5 dagen geleden

    Can't you just take working parts from a different xbox?

  86. Wael Ali

    Wael Ali

    5 dagen geleden

    Nice video, subscribed :)

  87. SHARK YT


    5 dagen geleden

    How are even people able to damage their consoles that fast?

  88. mohamed serhan

    mohamed serhan

    5 dagen geleden

    5hus guy has every xbox a ps 5 in the world

  89. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse

    5 dagen geleden

    I have to compliment Microsoft on the new XBOX. That is SUPER modular and it looks really easy to work on!

  90. FuRy Wazy

    FuRy Wazy

    5 dagen geleden

    When I first got my series x I had the same problem as 1 did but all I had to do was unplug the back and it would work eventually it just stopped tho

  91. SaucyBegger25


    5 dagen geleden

    It seems to me the power supplies just can’t keep up with the constant high power demand. I’m so glad I never got a first gen Xbox series x. I’m sure by the time they are readily available from everywhere they will have a different revision with upgraded power supply’s among other upgrades

  92. Corey Draper

    Corey Draper

    5 dagen geleden

    How do you break your $500 console in a few months. I wish I could get one just to play it let alone break it. :(

  93. c l o t h i n g h a n g e r

    c l o t h i n g h a n g e r

    5 dagen geleden

    I cringe so hard when I see expensive consoles tossed loose into a box and shipped like that

  94. Alex Burton

    Alex Burton

    5 dagen geleden

    There is an issues with some XSX with Instant on feature. Mine had this problem. Just to let you know, you need to leave it on standby over night and see if it Instant on‘s in the morning if you see the Xbox logo start up then you have problems.

  95. Kangamoo


    5 dagen geleden

    It really just needed the perfect amount of thermal paste! 😂

  96. Tech Ninja

    Tech Ninja

    5 dagen geleden

    And this is why the US needs "Right to Repair" bills so we can get schematics and parts from the manufacture.

    • Jay Krishna Kamlekar

      Jay Krishna Kamlekar

      Dag geleden

      @Ben Carey that's a short term problem that won't have any effect in the years to come.

    • Ben Carey

      Ben Carey

      2 dagen geleden

      @Tech Ninja No, I'm a dude trying to buy a goddamn ps5 without paying a scalper.

    • Tech Ninja

      Tech Ninja

      2 dagen geleden

      @Ben Carey you another company rep trying to instill misleading information?

    • Ben Carey

      Ben Carey

      3 dagen geleden

      That would actually suck because they don't even have enough parts now to make them, so if everyone could just get even more parts then they would have even less parts to make more xboxs.

  97. Palle sørensen

    Palle sørensen

    5 dagen geleden

    What about warranty x box and PlayStation five if it is the same issue with a come again and again

  98. warframedeaths


    5 dagen geleden

    Already broke?!

  99. Benjamin Patterson

    Benjamin Patterson

    5 dagen geleden

    I joined your patreon, you sir a genius and I am going to learn as much as I can from you.

  100. Kamil Nowak

    Kamil Nowak

    5 dagen geleden

    Hi TronicsFix, I would like to buy one of your fixed xboxes, will be possible??