Biden Holds First Press Conference, Ted Cruz Refuses to Wear a Mask: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Sen. Ted Cruz refusing to wear a mask when talking to reporters and President Biden holding his first press conference as president.
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Biden Holds First Press Conference, Ted Cruz Refuses to Wear a Mask: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  1. Bhas B

    Bhas B

    Dag geleden

    Seth making excuses for a president with signs of dementia. Danger here of turning satire into propaganda. Don't sell out Seth.

  2. Kate G.

    Kate G.

    2 dagen geleden

    He’s been getting things done instead of yapping

  3. Kate G.

    Kate G.

    2 dagen geleden

    Biden’s been getting things done like getting COVID shots for everyone instead of yapping about it

  4. Pat Lafever

    Pat Lafever

    2 dagen geleden

    Where is Seth Myers?? He’s been gone for two weeks! I’m missing my daily laughs.

  5. Nana


    2 dagen geleden

    Did you forget Biden has been in the Senate for 120 years. You missed that part of the speech.

  6. Nana


    2 dagen geleden

    If they destroy the Republican Party you’ll be out of a job you have nothing else. So sad you feel you have to make money off us.

  7. Greek Town

    Greek Town

    3 dagen geleden

    Please get fired or de platformed.

  8. Altakotumo


    3 dagen geleden

    I love how Seth's go-to impression of Jim Eagle is just Will Forte.

  9. Karen Karapetian

    Karen Karapetian

    3 dagen geleden

    Fox people completely lost it . Do they actually listen to them selvs. And people who listen and believe there bullshit don't have ability analyse simple facts

  10. Luigi Bianco

    Luigi Bianco

    3 dagen geleden

    Why is multiculturalism foisted on EVERY White country and ONLY on White countries? Why aren't ANY White countries permitted to maintain their own race and culture? This is not done to any non-White country. Assimilation and integration are foisted ONLY on White countries. They call this anti-racist, but the end result is the elimination of only one race, the White race. Multiculturalism is a codeword for White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  11. blackhawks1900


    3 dagen geleden

    Why is this Ted even a governor? Singularity of stupidity!

  12. Miss D

    Miss D

    3 dagen geleden

    Foxs News ..should be called Farce News

  13. Miss D

    Miss D

    3 dagen geleden

    Love love love ya Seth & the gang of writers always make me laugh!!

  14. Gary Jeffers

    Gary Jeffers

    3 dagen geleden

    I get it. Jim was just random generic name. But eagle is the symbol of our govternment... America! Not the greatest analogy but not nonsensical like the predecessor was sure to do.

  15. Jaqualyn Taimana Williams

    Jaqualyn Taimana Williams

    3 dagen geleden

    Kia Ora from New Zealand. I just want to thank you Seth for your on-point, cut the crap perspectives that have helped to get me through the Covid lockdowns and to feel really differently about America. Bless x

  16. Jerome FitzRoy

    Jerome FitzRoy

    3 dagen geleden

    Next time I’m coughing I’m not covering my mouth since I’m wearing a mask, funnily the only ones who complain about not covering my mouth when I’m coughing are usually conservatives.

  17. Jerome FitzRoy

    Jerome FitzRoy

    3 dagen geleden

    Republicans really think that they can do whatever evil they want because they are being saved by Jesus.

  18. Zack Attack Joseph

    Zack Attack Joseph

    4 dagen geleden


  19. Eugene Wu

    Eugene Wu

    4 dagen geleden

    American loves older president to run the country.

  20. Teri Lara

    Teri Lara

    4 dagen geleden

    Don't be a ted cruz

  21. COmreuigll C

    COmreuigll C

    4 dagen geleden

    He don't need one he looks Dumb already.

  22. 최진수


    5 dagen geleden

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  23. Sky Queen

    Sky Queen

    5 dagen geleden

    XD omg these fox people XD. At least they are entertaining.

  24. pyrolee17


    5 dagen geleden

    these fox dorks are frigin ghouls!

  25. Ghost Shadow

    Ghost Shadow

    5 dagen geleden

    Hahahahaha the Blonde bimbo has found a place to work! Fox the network all trump ex employees will find a place :)



    5 dagen geleden

    Are used to watch the show to get a couple laughs now it feels like you’re pushing something towards me I don’t agree with his mask I don’t agree with his vaccines the chip is the endgame that’s what they got

  27. mandy ware

    mandy ware

    5 dagen geleden

    i was fed up of hearing mcnennys voice who gave her a job mealy mouthed mare............grrrrrrrrrr

  28. L Ron Cupboard

    L Ron Cupboard

    5 dagen geleden


  29. Alistair Marsh

    Alistair Marsh

    5 dagen geleden

    Jo won't do daily press conferences because he's doing stuff. Unlike Trump, who watched 5 hours of right wing news daily before his unhinged rants , then play 18 holes ! .

  30. Love Light

    Love Light

    5 dagen geleden

    Red Rouge aka the wild Texas boar would do well to disquise his appearance + vile breath with a mask. But his priority is to rip, snarl, drool, frighten and offend so, the mask is out of the question. An intentional rut.

  31. Ajax37


    5 dagen geleden

    So wait, you're stating someone who has been vaccinated can spread the virus? Who are you in contact with that the rest of the world doesn't know?

  32. Quinton Gray 14

    Quinton Gray 14

    5 dagen geleden

    Fox: Joe hasn't had a press conference yet Me: Maybe it's because he likes to take his time and not deal with people who attack him and his family when he hasn't been president for a year yet.

  33. Ana Gabriella T

    Ana Gabriella T

    5 dagen geleden

    Seth used to be funny. Now he is just a CCP propagandist. Comedy is dead.

  34. Cort Hofler

    Cort Hofler

    6 dagen geleden

    Oh ! I get it have a press conference when the news is FAKE ??? HEY REPUBLICANS WHICH IS IT ???

  35. Rexroots Kitesurfing

    Rexroots Kitesurfing

    6 dagen geleden

    I hope he never does have a press conference. He is focusing in get rid of covid so that there will be no more deaths.

  36. Rexroots Kitesurfing

    Rexroots Kitesurfing

    6 dagen geleden

    Spreader.......hahaha neighbors snitched on good you have to be to have your neighbor snitch on you?

  37. Andrew McManis

    Andrew McManis

    6 dagen geleden

    Seth Meyers and liberals watched that bit with Ted Cruz and thought Cruz was the asshole? Really! Your hatred clouds your sense of reality lefties

  38. SgtOverload _

    SgtOverload _

    6 dagen geleden

    When i look into the eyes of seth myers i see FEAR... and some amounts of desperation for not hitting puberty more quicker.

  39. cristine storey

    cristine storey

    6 dagen geleden

    You are talking about a mask?? Instead of talking about what he saw at the border?? People stacked together thanks to biden with covid, then they bus them into small towns and leave them there? With no covid tests?? You are not reporting what matters. This program is just a gossipy idiot programne without any real stuff. Just hate partisan idiocy.🤮yuk

  40. Connie Balmer

    Connie Balmer

    6 dagen geleden

    He is d........

  41. Alan Bennett

    Alan Bennett

    6 dagen geleden

    Typical of the heap of garage he is. Couldn't care to hoots about anybody else.

  42. P Enright

    P Enright

    6 dagen geleden

    WoW so the guy decided to do work instead of be a clown for the tv..... It's almost like he is treating this like a real job that is responsible for the country or something.... The Audacity!!!

  43. Alexander Ström

    Alexander Ström

    6 dagen geleden

    Ted Cruz is a treasure. I think he did exactly the right thing

  44. Lee Chu

    Lee Chu

    6 dagen geleden

    Unlike the last guy, Biden is actually working. Stay safe.

  45. OldDragonLady#1 Nunya

    OldDragonLady#1 Nunya

    7 dagen geleden

    They don't know if you can transmit even being vaccinated! He can give it and could get it too! G-d someone fight and win next election against this turd!

  46. jj


    7 dagen geleden

    he is senile can't think to say anything not on his telepromter

  47. GiacomodellaSvezia


    7 dagen geleden

    The only response from Republicans to everything is whine and then whine some more. How can they tolerate themselves?

  48. Keith Wood

    Keith Wood

    7 dagen geleden

    You know what would be really neat is if the entire press core just said ok & then just up & left. A politician without a camera is just a bag of hot air waiting to be released...

  49. Xing Shen

    Xing Shen

    7 dagen geleden

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  50. Johnny Thousand

    Johnny Thousand

    7 dagen geleden

    "If Trump had won a second term - " OK, I'll stop you there O_O

  51. Jund Guy

    Jund Guy

    7 dagen geleden

    So he hit 100mil vaccines 40 days ahead of schedule and his next goal is another 100mil shots in 200 days how's that ambitious? That's actually a lower rate then what the US is currently doing. But its fine we all know Joe isn't the greatest with number that or he's setting the bar so incredibly low for himself it would literally be impossible to fail.

    • Bryan Helton

      Bryan Helton

      6 dagen geleden

      I think you have the stupid.. He said he was gonna try to hit 200mil in his first 100 days. Or in dipshit words double his original goal he had set for the same time frame.

  52. b Silva

    b Silva

    7 dagen geleden

    The opposite journey comprehensively harass because twist pathomorphologically connect sans a jolly shallot. depressed, plucky scorpion

  53. Randy Ward

    Randy Ward

    8 dagen geleden

    Seth, you're just not funny when you're a SJW puppet. Wait, you're rich and white. You have oppressed my people, step down for a POC to take your place.

  54. ba le van ba

    ba le van ba

    8 dagen geleden

    The stimulating chill relatedly steer because witch connolly fail plus a cheerful cone. frequent, divergent open

  55. steve marshall

    steve marshall

    8 dagen geleden

    As a Britisher watching these Fox news clips I am completely amazed at the crude partisanship of them. It's completely obvious that the comments are mere hatchet jobs. I've always been critical of our own politicians as the bunch of cynical self serving Hacks that they are, but the open, bland and badly presented untruths by Ted Cruz et al. are an eye opener.

  56. Søren Olsen

    Søren Olsen

    8 dagen geleden

    "We know that the press famously hates the details" Yeah, cable tv news and debate moderators sure do. "Explain your health care proposal in 60 seconds or less" is some beauty pageant bullshit!

  57. John Potter

    John Potter

    8 dagen geleden

    Let Rand Paul neighbor out of jail to whoop his ass again

  58. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez

    8 dagen geleden

    The zesty bomb neurophysiologically laugh because cub univariately cheer alongside a late age. unnatural, irritating lawyer

  59. Alice Quintana

    Alice Quintana

    8 dagen geleden

    And Trump's daily press conferences were "I am the greatest in history. ME,ME,ME!" Never any info!

  60. yfva123


    8 dagen geleden

    More than 2 millions people watch this idiot ?!! I am only watching because i acidentally played this video

  61. Franklin Ave

    Franklin Ave

    8 dagen geleden

    The CDC and Doctor Fauci say when you're vaccinated you are no longer contagious. Course, don't tell that to the LA teachers. Also Seth, if your face gets pulled any tighter we will see your skull.

  62. Shannon Minor

    Shannon Minor

    8 dagen geleden

    Still a little "too close" to T-rump?? Be your own man. You need to stop placating your boy, T-rump!!

  63. Eddy Hourani

    Eddy Hourani

    8 dagen geleden

    .... sooooooooofunnnny .... Not

  64. Jonathan Doolin

    Jonathan Doolin

    9 dagen geleden

    I can't stand Ted Cruz but I don't know why you're going after him for not wearing a mask at a press conference. Nobody wears a mask at press conferences.

  65. Mountain Boy

    Mountain Boy

    9 dagen geleden

    I think tucker karlson watches Seth Myers 😭

  66. Judi Phillips

    Judi Phillips

    9 dagen geleden

    So what size asshole is Seth Meyers for NOT wearing a mask while bitching about someone else not wearing a mask.

  67. Reija N

    Reija N

    9 dagen geleden

    Is it not common knowledge that you can still make someone else sick even if you have been vaccinated? What a petty little man.

  68. Striker


    9 dagen geleden

    Lamest jokes in the fuxking world

  69. Jake C

    Jake C

    9 dagen geleden

    Ted Cruz was mainly talking about the Biden enforced media blackout at the border. Funny you don't mention that but you focus on this isn't it? The left and the media are perfectly ok with the media being refused the right to see the disaster at the Mexico border, why I wonder? Please try to think America. Imagine the reaction if Trump had a media blackout at the border, Edit: Biden isnt wearing a mask either

  70. S S

    S S

    9 dagen geleden

    Could you imagine getting vaccinated and still having to wear a mask. Science is awesome.

  71. David P.

    David P.

    9 dagen geleden

    Ok but you didn't show what Fauci said to Rand Paul...

  72. Linda Poorman

    Linda Poorman

    9 dagen geleden

    There were/are teachers teaching the immigrating children also

  73. Sheryl Conley

    Sheryl Conley

    9 dagen geleden

    Just another self centered egotistical day in the life of Dread Cruz

  74. Anita Kyota

    Anita Kyota

    9 dagen geleden

    Because he’s actually working instead of listening to himself talk

    • Albert Becerra

      Albert Becerra

      6 dagen geleden

      Good one🤣

  75. shawn thompson

    shawn thompson

    9 dagen geleden

    The nice thing about being a free person is that you have the right to NOT wear a mask. As I don't ... And I'm not sick

    • shawn thompson

      shawn thompson

      5 dagen geleden

      @Grimread lmao , Not wearing pants is completely different than not wearing a mask . 🤣😂🤣😂 You're an idiot . It is unconstitutional to make a healthy person wear a mask . This virus is just a flu . If you have a weak immune system then take precautions so the rest of us can run the world , pay our bills and live as we have . Let the government look after those people . Focus on them and stop shutting everything down . It's really about control and not our health.

    • Grimread


      9 dagen geleden

      And that selfish, entitled mode of thinking is like me saying that I have the right NOT to wear pants and wave my tackle at every mask-less person I see. It states loudly and clearly NOT that you're free but rather that you couldn't care less about anyone else. But two people liked your comment so I guess that makes you Mr. Popular for the day.

  76. Alexis Meneses

    Alexis Meneses

    9 dagen geleden

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  77. Real is Rare of NC

    Real is Rare of NC

    9 dagen geleden

    Yo talk about the actual issue you propagating prelard non of this is funny your cringe af

  78. CalQwax


    9 dagen geleden

    If someone is not wearing a mask I just keep my distance. Da

  79. Happy Haze

    Happy Haze

    9 dagen geleden

    Ted's on the ropes, see. A man who can't take on a man who calls his wife ugly has got to make his man-stand some other how. Ted figured "I'll show my manly pluck by not wearing no mask. 'Sides, look at ma beard and all, ain't that a mask enough for you." No Ted. It isn't. It doesn't hide the fact that you are a massive doofus. Between your left and right ears you have the worlds shortest wind-tunnel.

  80. Dee Mingo

    Dee Mingo

    9 dagen geleden

    He only seems like a kool dude cause of his nostalgic resemblance to bill murray

  81. Wassup


    9 dagen geleden

    I actually used to enjoy this show. Gosh not sure how or why 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  82. Ashlee Brown

    Ashlee Brown

    9 dagen geleden

    Makes me think they are doing all the ridiculous things they accuse the other aside of doing. (About the reading off the teleprompter) like it was too detailed. Sus

  83. craffte


    9 dagen geleden

    Oh Fox news is SOOO George Costanza. "I need a woman with a full head of hair." (strokes baldness)

    • Laydee Intrigue

      Laydee Intrigue

      2 dagen geleden

      Damn, that was such a perfectly great analogy.

  84. SurleyBlaine


    9 dagen geleden

    Guaranteed Fox calls Biden a liar if they fall short of 200 million shots.

  85. Rick Brenner

    Rick Brenner

    9 dagen geleden

    Anyone who voted for Cruz should be shot.

  86. Nathan Ash

    Nathan Ash

    10 dagen geleden

    The shoeless Long John Silver's customer bit really hit me in a way that I wasn't prepared for because I've seen that exact person and I'm happy to know that they are, in fact, insane for doing that.

  87. northwest Minnesotan

    northwest Minnesotan

    10 dagen geleden

    Stop crying about masks, it's 2021 and here we are living in a bubble. Wake up America!

  88. Jeffrey Schueler

    Jeffrey Schueler

    10 dagen geleden

    The trump strategy wasn't just overpromising and under producing you missed the last step: tell everyone you did a better job than anyone everywhere at any point in history... everyone says so...

  89. S B

    S B

    10 dagen geleden

    Well aren’t vaccinations for not spreading the virus and not getting the virus at the same time why would you want to wear a mask 😷

  90. Ryan Sandmire

    Ryan Sandmire

    10 dagen geleden

    Your platform is a dying breed. Enjoy what time you have left with your poor soft leftist journalism. Why not speak the truth instead of fueling hate? Let’s talk about WHAT Cruz is addressing (which is NOT the virus you dummy) instead of bashing him with blatant hatred (auto zone employee? Really?? This is a legitimate PUBLIC FIGURE). Here’s a challenge, talk about REAL ISSUES, and stop pushing the leftist propaganda to fatten your pockets you sell out.

  91. Martin Dimov

    Martin Dimov

    10 dagen geleden

    So you think press conferences are just for fun? Aren't they supposed to be held so journalists gets some answers to their questions? Anyways, he got his talking points and and they were suspiciously easy on him in comparison to the former president

  92. Clarie Batiezte

    Clarie Batiezte

    10 dagen geleden

    Your non-obsession results! The Geneva Convention has now Declared Joe Bidden’s open boarder inhuman, comparing us to Hitler Describing women and children piled three to six deep on the floor is Inhumane and cruel. Yet you’re only concern is hating Trump and Republicans. The President of MEXICO declared this is Bidden’s fault. Due to Obama and Joe Bidden. While Trump, the guy you love to hate Negotiated with the president of Mexico to partially retrieve jobs Billy-illy Clinton and Obama sent to Mexico leaving middle Americans, who they decided are worthlessness deplorable idiots to starve. But we survived! Only to have Bidden arranging to hike my property tax so high I’ll loose the house and he will stuff illegals in it with me. While you enjoy Hating Trump and all of middle America. Yes buddy your hatred is showing, it’s written on your forehead for all of us to read. You hate middle Americans like all big tech. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! You hate Republican’s for the sake of hating Republicans. I’m renaming you; NANCY. You’re NANCY

  93. Valkyrst


    10 dagen geleden

    He hasn't held a press conference. The horror. Let's sit and chat with people instead of doing work.

  94. Dale Gribble

    Dale Gribble

    10 dagen geleden

    This is propaganda, so “refreshing” to see a president struggle to finish a complete thought while reading from a notebook

    • Warmly Calculated

      Warmly Calculated

      10 dagen geleden

      We just finished 4 years of Donald Trump farting out his brain at every opportunity. We can handle 8 years of Biden.

  95. RGS1970


    10 dagen geleden

    oh what a dumb...I mean, this Biden guy, he can not even control his own dog and that guy is running the USA...HAHAHAHAHAH HERE

  96. Jesse Miranda

    Jesse Miranda

    10 dagen geleden

    The Tin man with out a brain 🧠

  97. Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel Hernandez

    10 dagen geleden

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  98. Manel Colomer

    Manel Colomer

    10 dagen geleden

    “How to be a completely jerk in 10 seconds” by Senator Ted Cruz.

    • kelammo


      7 dagen geleden

      It’s his specialty. When I see him I think about seniors talking about “those greasy, do nothing politicians” & I’m like thanks Texas 🤦🏽‍♀️

  99. Bee Quinn

    Bee Quinn

    10 dagen geleden

    Fox news will hopefully be out of the picture by the time Dominion are finished with them. Fox can't believe Biden who is an educated man can respond to questions with truth unlike their past Trump hero.

  100. Dean Walker

    Dean Walker

    10 dagen geleden

    Seth. Ass 🤡